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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 18, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee8 monday january 18, 1954, Kingsport times sex i vows he will fight to keep Possession of son of Board probes Nashville crash which killed three Nashville term. One of a thousand things could sent Back his have caused the said estranged wife m Germany. London ins an Ameri can sex i declared grimly to Day that he will fight with everything i be got to prevent the six year old son he kid naked the head of the u. S. Air Force a b-26 near Here saturday after noon which killed All three occupants. Excessive icing on the aircraft could possibly have been a major contributing Factor said col. Bert Carleton chairman of the Board yesterday. The ill fated Craft left Shaw air Force base Sumpter s. C., Early saturday afternoon for Stewart air Force base about 15 Miles from Here. The plane struck Harry Hillers 36 year old would do everything legally pos sible to bring his american born child Jimmy Back to the United states. It had t been for a 90 minute delay at London Airport yesterday he mused unhappily i would be Landing Back in the Good old u. S. A. With my boy right killers estranged wife Hanna accused her husband of kid baby it s cold Little ahead of the season this department store in it. Worth tex., decorated one of its windows with a Cool looking mannequin. Also looking Cool and not liking it is Earl j. Roberts one of the Many texans suffering from the unusual below freezing temperatures. Fateful decisions rest on outcome of big four conference in Berlin what is going to happen at Powers might be disposed to con the big four conference which starts in Berlin next week what will those talks Between the rus Sian and Western foreign minis ters mean for the Fate of Ger Many Europe and perhaps the world what will the West offer Russia what will the soviet objectives be at the conference is either Side really seeking agreement on the unification of Germany at this time or do both sides have something else in mind these questions concerning what promises to be one of the most fateful Diplo Matic conferences since world War ii Are dealt with in a series of four articles by Kingsbury Smith european general Man Ager of International news service beginning herewith. In the following first article Smith who will cover the Berlin con Sider favourably some arrange ment for the military neutralization of Germany would be the willingness of Russia to restore political Freedom to Eastern Europe withdraw All soviet Mili tary forces within the Borders of the soviet Union and accept an effective International sys tem for the reduction and control of All types of armaments. There Are no indications that Russia s new rulers Are prepared at this time to make such far reaching concessions for a last ing peace in Europe. Therefore the Western Diplo Mats think it is virtually a fore gone conclusion that no Basic settlement of the German prob Lem will be achieved at the Ber Lin conference. In addition to the formal big four conference table Ference describes what will be at stake in these talks s Sluco 1jlu111 11c1g, j. Jolt Lii a us. The ground about three Miles the boy and swore out do Berry Field Here abduction warrant last sat a residence with flames and i sturday. Hillers denied this causing injury to an occupant of the he House. The three killed were 2nd it. Maurice m. Sanders 24, Pilot Aberdeen s. D. Airman first ass Benjamin r. Cash jr., 27, Crew member Bahama islands and airman second class James c. Wells 22, Crew member Huntington w. A. Mrs. Lewis Huggins 40, was injured but was reported in satisfactory condition today at a Hospital Here. The Pilot had by Berry Field Tower to make an instrument approach to Stewart air Force base. Berry Field handles All instrument letdown land Ings for both Fields. Murder hearing resumes today in new new Orleans ins the murder trial of restaurateur James l. Cooper charged with beating and strangling his Beautiful socialite wife Diddie 29, resumes today in a new or leans courtroom. During the first week of the trial witnesses testified that Cooper owner of the court of the two Sisters in the French Quarter of the City abused his wife Star of a television show called a Date with the state said it will continue presenting circumstantial Evi Dence against the Dapper new Orleans Playboy Edward j. Haggerty jr., first assistant District attorney in struggle. No ruling was made on the custody of the he declared. I was t doing anything illegal when i brought him out of Ger Many. My wife deserted me last april and took the boy to Ger Many. All i have done is to get he boy Back and try to take aim. Home with discus charge of the Case said the Case retired behind their traditional policy of silence. Jimmy remained in custody at j the police station while his slight dark father embarked on his Mission to London. Hillers disclosed that the British authorities were holding his pass port even though no charge had been lodged against him. Asked if he thought the pass port had been seized to prevent him from leaving the country Hillers replied Are you crazy do you think i would leave without my since saturday when killers wife obtained the warrant the sex i and his son have become the target of attention or. Thei part of two governments. J while a court was in Progress in Germany Hillers was allowed to visit Jimmy three times a week. Saturday his wife claimed he took the boy out and failed to return. An International search be Gan but Hillers managed to slip out of Germany and get to England. A British policeman spotted the pair at London air port. The father was Reading a Magazine and the son. Dressed in a red playsuit was clutching some clockwork toys. The elder Hillers did not say How he managed to escape Hillers drove into London Early from Germany but he said he today to launch a. All out lost 30 pounds during the to prevent Jimmy from five months of the custody suit being returned to Stuttgart. In Stuttgart. He had spent the night at the British police said today that Small Hariington police station they Are waiting for guidance where he and the boy were taken from the Home office on Jim after they were stopped from boarding a u. plane at London Airport. Scotland Yard agents said there were no charges against Hillers and added that they had taken the boy into custody at the request of Stuttgart author a spokesman explained Jimmy is simply being held on instructions of the Stuttgart police in connection with a guardianship dispute. Both eliminating the need for 400 bags with a saving of 47 cents per hundredweight under the old bag method. Loaded in one hour it saves considerable manpower hours. It is loaded and unloaded of Gravity. The tank is elevated filled from the front and the fio in discharged from the Cor. Knowland predicts gome Hunters bag Senate passage of Seaway Bill Washington sir Strazz a Swissa is Antelope burst into tears Jambo says pretty our four Hunter-ruide.5 draw Iii Young Beverly Putnam from names of the they ties. Africa in the following Story. It Means hello in swahili. And from that Point the Leader of a 14-member All female safari into the from married in the St. Lawrence Seaway Bill will j n Job scandinavian air 1 apr inns he _. United states. Last april lers 27-year-old wife returned the Senate night. California perhaps by _ gop Jeader. To Germany with the child and said that to Date he sees no Hillers followed. I evidence of an organized fill after an attempted reconciliation failed he began court action in Germany to obtain Legal custody of the boy. Jimmy and his Are last week Hillers said he bedded Down comfortably at wanted Jimmy to grow up in the Harlington United states so he could have the Scotland Yard authorities the same opportunities As other after giving this Bare outline by Kingsbury Smith Berlin ins Germany s destiny the Fate of Europe and perhaps of the world will be at stake in the momentous talks due to Start in Berlin next Mon Day Between the foreign minis ters of the United states great Britain France and Russia. Aus a we have shown plenty of of t there will be in por Tummy and great motive for formal and highly secret talks the murder charge against Between the Western foreign ministers and soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov. These conversations will be on both a bilateral and joint basis. Sometimes Dulles will talk alone with Molotov. Sometimes British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden even if no agreement is Janet French foreign minister reached on the Basic Issue of Georges Bidault will talk alone Germany this in itself will Mark with the soviet Diplomat. At oth a development of vital times they All will Confer to Haggerty hinted in his open ing statement to the jury that a former girl Friend of Cooper heard the restaurateur make a virtual Oral confession of the murder to the prosecutor said the girl is Yvonne Evers 23, who has a record of police charges for Tance for the future of Europe. Failure to reach agreement on a German settlement will mean in effect that Germany is to re main divided indefinitely be tween East and West and the cold War will continue in Europe. It also will mean that Western Germany is Likely to be brought in one form or another into Allied Security system. Jether. These talks May cover world problems in general. They May include discussion of president Eisenhower s proposal for an atomic Pool the question of peace in indo China settlement of the korean problem the con which the u. S. Might eventually be Dis posed to recognize communist delayed Romance London ins and played together As kids in their sep Arate ways after they grew up. Both had longhand Happy mar ried lives before their mate died. The other Day William Bart Lett 83, married mrs. Harriet Mulley 82. The major Issue at the big and the development of Buster against the 105-million Dollar project. Knowland s optimistic prediction on the outcome of the cur rent Senate debate was borne out by another Republican s estimate that the legislation would lines in new on to Tell How she and the other women Are making out on the would take with them from a hat. We were up at six into Hunt ing cars and across the Veldt in different directions. We saw giraffes zebras wildebeest Elands Emma a and Many other animals. We drove up close to the game and then stalked them. Adventure which began in new j from 150 Yards. My Kongo i was York Wek. Of the first kills. I5y Beverly Putnam this afternoon i made my Sec Juma Tano Tanganyika East once Francolin a colourful Africa delayed african Partridge with a .22, Jambo the Camp with its lights Shin i have shot my first ing across the Veldt was a Wel a 240-Pound Kongo i a Large come sight after a hard Day of african Ante Hunting. Tonight we had Kongo i dinner. And we had a Timae Inai extremely ugly african Ante Hunting. Tom be approved by a rnai Gin of at difficult moment i Tongue for Cli in j least 10 Senate votes. Another Hunter who sen. George Aiken rvs burst tears at came 50 Miles from his Camp to Ader in for the sea the of dead beast. A folding bed because he our trek into the Bush fallen through his. Jowell a colourful reception at we Are comfortable despite the fact that hyenas Are howling All Leader Way told a reporter he was counting on Between 50 and 55 votes for the Bill with about 41 against it. That people Here Tell me is Usu said i believe ,.pkprvpf, Fol. Dino kind of reception Knowland there Are sufficient votes to pass support for the Seaway from two widely separated Points the Rocky Mountain area and Mas ally reserved for visiting Diplo four conference in respect to Germany will be whether a uni fied German nation is to have the right to join the Western allies if it wishes to do so or whether it is to be neutralized militarily. It is considered highly improbable in Allied diplomatic circles that Russia will acquiesce to the Western position that a unified first sign of it will come in these Germany must be free to decide private talks rather than at the what it wishes to do in conference meetings to foreign policy. In return for Western accept on the other hand no Prospect Tance of the military neutralize 1s seen of the big three Western Tion of Germany Allied Diplo foreign ministers and especially u. S. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles agreeing to the military neutralization of Ger Many. The Only possible grounds on which it is thought the Western free elections. 3. Withdrawal of russian Mili tary forces from Eastern Europe but not abandonment of soviet political domination of the Satel Lite states. 4. Calling off the indo chinese conflict and assurances that Russia would not support in any Way a resumption of communist hostilities in Korea. While these might prove tempting offers to a Good Many members of the French Parlia a ment they Are not Likely even if made to be accepted by Dulles Mats believe Molotov will be pre or Eden. And West German East West Trade. Many Western diplomats be Lieve that these private talks will prove far More important than the formal conference discussions for which the Berlin meeting was arranged. They believe that if there is to be any Progress at Berlin the Washington believed it paid to advertise news from y773 is what John Gambier. Of Cleveland Oruo is look my at and this copy of the Maryland journal and Baltimore Adver Tiser is an extraordinary the Issue dated july 15, 1773 carries an and written by George Washington it is said that be had 20 000 acres of land on the Ohio and grand Kathawa Rivers and that he would listen to any proposal for leasing them upon moderate terms allowing a certain number of years rent free the paper yellow and Brittle was found along with other old papers in a trash barrel. It has tour pages still very readable except for the frayed edges. Mats. We had an immediate problem of Khaki out fittings for the trip into the Jungle. Hats were the biggest problem. But we finally Johnson a Colo abandoned his opposition to the project and said he would vote for it while sen. John f. Kennedy first member of his state s con Gressional delegation to reverse a traditional stand came out for the project. Sen. Leverett Saltonstall r mass is to make his position Clear in a Senate speech Ihus week but Republican friends Able helmet. S. J. Perel Nian. The and writer was the last Man we saw before leaving Nai i night not More than 300 feet from Camp. Bridge Span Falls Kentucky River pa1ntsville, by. Work on a Bridge that was nullified in less Robi. He viewed our whole Ven i than a minute yesterday when lure so optically. Pet him to vote against the sea Meni to ulc West near the shores Way As he has in the past. Lake Mayara at an Altitude the Loc moot Center Span fell after a hard Day s debris washed Down Aci Oss mostly dirt roads through i Stream by uie Lvisa Fork Northern Tanganyika Wear caused uie scaffolding to col Rived at the Camp site workmen had Strug night. The Camp is in a great Jed Fol. Flours to Brace it against in the Shadow of an Escarp-1 Thomas says goodnight kiss cures marital trouble Knowland said he thought a vote on the Seaway could be reached by thursday night. Opponents of the legislation the most vocal of whom so far have been Maryland s two re publican senators j. Glenn Beall and John m. Butler apparently have Given up any thought of trying to talk the Bill to 3 Florida men face charges of mail fraud Jacksonville Fla. Ins three men including a Candi Date for the u. S. Senate in 1952, face trial today in Jacksonville by Emily Belser until recently Danny was one pared to offer Chancellor Konrad Adenauer Al 1. Soviet participation in pres ready has warned that a Neutral ident Eisenhower s proposed atomic Pool. 2. Acceptance of the Western plans for a unified Germany on sized Germany would in a very Short time become totally de pendent on soviet Russia and degenerate into a satellite state. Hollywood ins come of the thousands of show people Dian Danny Thomas had a Sim whose trunk is their Home. But pie cure for wobbly marriages Dob male kiss your wife Good Danny should know he s been married to the same Gal for 18 years we have a he boasted to kiss each other goodnight every no matter How hot an argument we be had. And we Haven t missed a kiss since our wedding Day. It s been pretty Tough some times but we always made the Grade. That goodnight smack in t guaranteed to Stop the argument but it sure Waters Down now he has a steady Job male ing like daddy on to. Rented of feet. When we arrived we were welcomed by Murielle Allen wife of the famous Hunter. Bunny Allen who organized the Camp site crisis. Had they succeeded Restora Tion of the Greentown Bridge would have been nearly completed in three or four Days the Span fell april 8, killing Burtis Wicker 32, of Greenup Driver of a trailer truck with a staffed with 32 natives including Bulldozer aboard. It was thought room boys Cooks skinners drive ithe Blade of the Bulldozer struck ers gun bearers and mess toys a Slee upright and caused a Viall sire members of the Mambo Bra lion that collapsed the tribe because the kikuyu tribes Bridge. Men usually used on safari Are no one was Hurt when the Sec Tion fell yesterday taut dam age estimated at the Bridge on the outskirts of Paintsville carries traffic on Kentucky 40 to and beyond into West Virginia. It is the Only East West Road in the not now employed. The kikuyu is the tribe from which the Man Man terrorists of East Africa have been enlisted. Monday to drove to the top of the escarpment 550 feet above the Camp site and lunched on the Crater of Ngorn Goro Volcano immediate area. Serengeti Park. I a 10-mile Detour across a one that night we had cocktails Way Bridge was made necessary under a Thorn tree outside our tent and Sis Lyman of Hono enc Harges offing the mail to Lulu my Roommate entertained defraud. The defendants Are John Booth of Miami Republican candidate for the Senate in the last election Hardy Joseph Owens inne time he la who at present is serving time at 10nown k is would t Raiford prison for embezzlement said when i and John l. Cogdill an attorney said Neni. Said when the Bridge first fell nine months ago. The Detour Road in poor condition has been overcrowded by miners and oth with a ukulele. Tuesday the Hunt began with ices using it to get to work. Tried to Correct them they just thought i was rehearsing a new routine but he grinned puffing out his fatherly Chest i m teaching them a strap is Good for something besides holding up a pair of the Blac haired comedian admitted he has few real Domestic difficulties. Most of our he said Start because for Only one another on television. They both get a Little jealous sometimes but it s never any thing serious. How could it be m such an ugly Mug who s oing to make passes at Danny related a television incident which occurs on his make room for daddy show Over Abc. The to wife Jean Hagen she s real Beautiful see just like1 a. Date with an old flame. He s handsome and personable but my wife is quite a Gal. She takes a look at that perfect profile and says huh my husband s nose would make two of that s what i Call real Loy he he laughed. Danny s wife Rosemary is j thinks i m an easy prey for ill one of his wives. He has Moocher. But i Don t really be Lieve there Are such people. When i help somebody my wife Calls me a. Sucker but when somebody else dishes out help they re called train kills Hunter trapped on trestle St. Charlesmo. Men and a boy on a Hunting trip were crossing a Railroad trestle yesterday when a freight so far the likeable beak and get for Bambi a pet Deer and her Duchess this Means lots of fun for the Frank j. Northey superintendents of Cabins at Clear Creek state Park near Brookville a. The Young Doe survived the recent Hunting season and is lat tuning up on daily meals provided by the Northy family. Nosed Danny has t mixed x up his two big Happy families. But i never he laughed just when i might lose my he has a girl and a boy on to and two boys and a girl in real life. Gave Owens Legal assistance As attorneys but did not know of his activities. All three were accused of Tak ing Money from mrs. Kathryn Fisler of Easton pa., after prom Ising to invest it for her. A Sec Ond count accuses them of defrauding Miami contractor x. G. Nichols of polio harness kills publicity youngster Council Bluffs Iowa Tommy Smith 15, of Council who was used this year in local March of dimes Campaign publicity strangled Sun Day in a pol o harness. Smith was killed when he be came entangled in a harness used to strengthen his polio j weakened Back Muscles. He was the son of or. And mrs. Heber Smith. His Mother found him in his bedroom and fire Rescue squad an bore Down on them. They bedroom adore Rescue squad Mortorf men and a doctor tiled vainly started to run. Fred Limberg 43, jumped to safety As he approached the end of the 80-foot-Long trestle. His son Jack 11, climbed Over the Side Clung to a support and after the train had passed Slid 25 feet to the ground. The third Hunter Gene Calla Nan 31, apparently tripped As he fled before the train. He was killed. For an hour to revive him. Tommy was stricken with polio in july 1952, and still was receiving treatment for his leg and Back Muscles. His bout with polio had been told earlier this month in literature in connection with the annual National foundation of infantile paralysis Campaign for polio funds. Taking no Acuna or los Angeles calil., takes precautions and alter looking at his Friend it s easy to sea Why. Sniffy rame roaring into the Acuna borne just two Stepi ahead of the family dog causing Bobby s Mother dad and two Sisters to take Refuge. After careful investigation Bobby found the Skunk had been deprived of his artillery and adopted

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