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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 18, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeBeatrice Fairfax says older people should be Happy in their churches a week or two ago i sat in Church one sunday morning listening to the minister talk about the Church s youth program. January he said was youth month in the Church and he listed a full and varied schedule of events which were to be held by and for the boys and girls during this month. It was a stimulating and inspiring plan and made one glad that so much was being done to help the Young people in their development both As individuals and As useful members of the Community. At the same time i could not help wondering How much of the same Type of thought and Effort was being put by that needs should be met. But Church into activities for those so far As i have been Able to in the congregation who could j discover the churches As a whole not by any stretch of the imag-1 lag behind these other groups people talk about youth be ing a time of difficult adjust ments and often loneliness but it seems to me the adjustments older people have to make Are far More difficult for the Young ones have their whole lives be fore them while for us the time grows Short. Must that Short time be spent in loneliness and the feeling that you Are no longer Worth sadly enough i think there is much truth in what this woman says. There is of course a rap idly growing awareness in medi Cal psychological and Allied Fields that older people have Georgia educator wants counties to own school buses Indian Cusco dons face difficult role in Korea Atlanta Georgia education department official said today that the state could save a million dollars a year through county ownership of school buses. Claude Purcell administrative director of the education department said the average county owned bus operated cheaper than privately owned buses for the last fiscal year. There is no uniform system of school bus operation in Georgia in some sections counties own the buses in others privately their own special needs and that owned buses Are contracted for. Purcell said we Don t want to try to Force nation qualify for the youth group. Specifically i mean men in this awareness. There Are Community inspired Hobby clubs and women beyond say the age for Golden age citizens in Sev of 50, whose need for cities across the country guidance and a feeling of How Many churches have useful is no less than that of j similar organizations i would youth just because it is differ ent. Like to know. Moreover hobbies Are largely a matter of merely putting in time in an interesting Way and i thought of these older peo ple because so Many of them people of a11 Ages the y feel their Nurches Are Anci Filer a longer interested in them. ,.ls to n All the emphasis in our time but to have something to by John h. Martin ins foreign director the Indian troops appointed to be custodians of the prisoners of War in Korea must be a harassed lot these to get out from under their difficult role. The decision of their govern ment to turn Over All a Trepa treated prisoners most of them anti communist to their orig Inal captors offers a Way out. The Transfer is scheduled wednesday korean time which is 14 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time. Then the u. N. Command in receiving anti red prisoners will declare them civilians As of Midnight Friday. Indian troops under the air ministry probes Elba jetliner crash Rome civil Avia Tion minister Alan Lennox Boyd arrived Here Early today and went immediately to the Island of Elba for a personal investigation of the crash Jan. 10 of the British Comet jetliner. Lennon Boyd also was to at tend the funeral services there today for 10 of the 35 persons who died in the crash of the big Airliner into the tyrrhenian sea off the West italian coast. In a second ceremony today Flowers were to be dropped on sea where the plane plunged v v q t vol i uric Biel. Wilt a Tulc jul Cut county ownership of buses l Between Elba and the Island of we strongly state and county funds Forrea last year to supervise school bus operation totalled prisoners of War in the Demill recommend had one strike them when they arrived in to the i lne admiralty an last year As compared j zone. Overseas airways Boac plane 714 the i r South korean officials had Novi in Vlf bounced yesterday Lour warships restaurant operator fined in City court a Kings orc negro restaurant operator and one of his employees received fines in City court Mon Day on charges growing out of a fight which took place in the restaurant saturday night. Acting judge Joseph Pectal imposed a Fine against the restaurant operator for fighting totalling against the second defendant for fighting and Public drunkenness. The cafe owner said the fight ensued when he tried to make his employee leave the restaurant because he was disturbing other patrons. In his testimony the employee maintained his employer hit him with a bottle because he asked for payment of some Back wages. In other cases the judge imposed three fines for pub Lic drunkenness one Fine for making an illegal turn at Broad and Market streets one Fine for illegal parking and one Bond for blocking traffic. Forfeitures on the docket in Kingsport times monday january 18, 1954 7 Hope of single looks More forlorn in w. Europe would try to raise the British ure 1 air tvs Manaol Niani. Eluded one Bone for drunk seen is to me that the Church has no real interest in you when you Are no longer Young. You Are taken for granted no longer considered people Worth serious attention. Of if there Are Money Rais ing projects afoot you Are remembered All right. When they Woi Sci some contribution to make that others regard As be worthwhile. I would be very grateful if readers of this column would with the previous year. S. C. Ike backers Call meeting to decide future Columbia s. C. Ins South Carolina independents who backed president Eisen Hower in 1952 have called a stand of fall meeting at co Lumbia tomorrow to decide their future. Write Ancl Tell me what if any ocl. Thing is being done in the chairman Douglas Mckay sr., this meeting is highly in churches of their respective a portent alld upon its proceed communities for men and win probably. Depend the want a new building or a pay in in their fifties sixties and on perpetuation in this state of an ment is due on the mortgage perhaps i under estimate the organization whose for the old one or they of churches which win be to Good put in a Kuchen or buy Newi As interested in their older Mem ment on state and a ailment for the Young people s Bers As they Are in the younger j b is to equipment Lor ens Young people so activities they Hunt you up. But ones. Does t anyone care or even i shall wait with interest for know that older people need information any of you can feel wanted for themselves As Send me on this most human Well As for their Money land Vita subject. Week s club events monday town and country Garden club ., at the Home of mrs Roscoe h. Ritchie 586 by Morningdale Road. League of women voters cof fee klatch with mrs. Paul Hen Derson 1421 Watauga St., 8 Notify hostess if you plan to at tend by calling Circle 5-5255. Miller Peery Pat I Ance Union 2 ., Kingsport utilities. I Westview Pat 2 In school cafeteria. Notice change in dates this month Only. Clouds Bend Circle With mrs. Nancy Cardwell 2033 Berry St. Thursday Cassity a pcs ., with St. Dominic s Pat Gus Howard. Mckay is stepping Down As chairman of the organization As Are two other officers who guided the group during the presidential election. The inde Pendents polled votes for the Republican nominee under an Independent caption on the 1952 ballot. That was within votes of carrying the state. Mckay who has been sharply critical of attorney general Brownell s Brief on Public school segregation filed before the u. S. Supreme court commented it would be useless to con tend that we Are Happy Over certain National developments. However although there is threatened to attack them even before they arrived. The Indian government under prime minis Ter Jawaharlal Nehru the fore most asian was accused of being pro communist. This charge of course is denied by Nehru. The Indian troops themselves apparently did not expect too much trouble when they arrived. They thought that perhaps at times they would have to use their Lathis or wooden staffs to keep order among the prisoners. Instead they got mixed up in prisoner riots and to use their guns suited among the anti communists. The hatred of the anti communist prisoners directed not Only at the chinese and North korean communists but also at members of the polish czech Neutral commission members caused the gun play. The indians seemed to be puzzled by this outburst As if they had been cornered by a Situa Tion not included in their terms of reference As custodian troops the head of the Indian troops in Korea general Thimayya was the first Indian to command a brigade. He won the Distin. Gushed service order in Burma i and is a product of the spit and and in an Effort to determine the cause of the crash. Adm. Lord Mountbatten British com Mander in chief in the Mediterranean will supervise the Salvage attempt. A fishing boat at the crash scene yesterday fished up a piece of the plane wreckage in its nets. With it were five checks of each made out to one of the crash victims mrs. Dor Othy Beecher Baker of Lima Ohio. In driving four Bonds for Public Bonds drunkenness two for speeding two Washington invisible children allowed hang outside the Confer ence room door when the big four foreign ministers meet in Berlin Jan. 25. Not one of the one Side the United states Dulles Britain s Eden prance s Bidault and on the other Side Russia s any a babe in the thorny Woods of East West relations. They have dealt with each other Many times before in Many ways. Neither the allies nor the rus sians can have any illusions about what they re up against and perhaps not much Hope for any Progress through talking. All of them nevertheless May Well be self conscious when they meet. For this conference is the re sult of multiple pressures from the people of the world expressed or implied upon their leaders to make some Effort toward sure Russia for concessions that he soviets seem determined never to yield by reason or peaceful persuasion. Bonds for speeding and 14 Bonds Boac meanwhile sent special Security investigations to Beirut Karachi Pakistan and Singa Points where the plane landed in route to Rome. Boac said the possibility of sabotage cannot be overlooked and that careful examination of its comets grounded after the disaster off Elba had produced no evidence structural weak Ness. Bristol woman is slightly Hurt in 2-car crash of each for illegal parking. One person forfeited a Bond for 18 meter violations and one illegal parking violation. Fourteen other Bonds for me Ter violations were forfeited. Big negro school to open Appalachia a Ames Bland memorial coloured High school at big Stone Gap is now completed and will be opened the next semester. High school students of Central High school in Appalachia will be transferred to the new High school. Or. J. J. Kelly superintendent of Wise county schools announced the change will be made Jan. 22, and classes will Start monday. C. H. Shorter is principal and teacher of mathematics mrs. Peace beside the unimaginative Reliance upon weapons. In Stalin s later years thanks Grace Ruth French Rexall h. Carnes phys Murphy English miss h. Taylor teacher of now favorite Kingsport theatres strand dim. C mostly to him the West and Russia were not on speaking terms. Face to face that is. If they talked at All it was across continents in interviews and in speeches or through ambassadors or notes. When Malenkos succeeded Stalin and mumbled about peace j the allies saw a Chance to show the rest of the world they at least would like to break the ice. They peppered Moscow with re quests for a conference. That Molotov agreed to go to Berlin is probably due More to concern about How Russia would look if he refused than Hope or desire for peace or any willing Ness to yield an Inch. For that matter there s no sign the West will yield either at Berlin. What Russia apparently fears most in Western Europe is a single european including France and a reared West Germany and backed by the United states and Britain. Russia has psychological As Well As military reasons. So Long Western Europe has not de nothing like it before the Robe technicolor first picture in cinemascope shows at be inter Circle 5-5671 from the never before filmed Jungles of matto Gro sol strange world Novelty news Cal education and social science a two car collision at Sullivan Deloris Morris librarian a cited to set up the its sunday h. Zander chemistry and people can retain the luxury of polish school of the British Mili tary. Afternoon caused injuries to a 71-year-old Bristol woman who Harry Stallard to speak on value of remedial education in Circle 11 of first presbyterian Hobby club With mrs. C. R. Routh 1341 Watauga Bethel presbyterian Church Church 8 In the ladies at As follows 2, with Loi mrs. Lyle Staten 3225 Bristol Blue Ridge Garden club 8 Hwy. 5, with mrs. Charles sine ., with mrs. Raymond a. 3223 Magnolia. St., mrs. I. F. Cox co hostess. Three youths held in Ohio for break ins Steadman 1305 Bristol Hwy. Sunshine class of first Chris Tian Church With mrs. Wesley Sluss 1529 King s Road. Town and country Garden club at ., with mrs. Ros Coe Ritchie 586 by Morningdale Road. Parent education committee of Pat panel discussion ., in Dobyns Bennett Audi-1 mrs. Ross n. Robinson 1517 Bel thorium. Moderator c. K. Koff Meade . Man. Lloyd e. Fish of it guest Holston Institute Pat participant. Tuesday Virginia club luncheon 1 ., with mrs. E. A. Hoge 1109 watered. Hostesses mrs. B. K. Bright and mrs. L. L. Highsmith. Garden Guild 8 With mrs. Carl a. Noessier Ridge line drive with mrs. William Thayer King i Ley said late last night. Three Kingsport youths were being held in a Xenia Ohio jail sunday on charges of breaking into a service station Sullivan county Constable Howard hens throughout his Long months was treated at Holston Valley in Korea he must often have Community Hospital and Dis lamented events which shoved missed. Him into the present situation of being a whipping boy in the Tim mrs. Mary Cox 219 Vann East West struggle St. Bristol was treated for hrs proud la in the lacerations of the Scalp and be up shop proudly m Trie bruises of the forehead. She was released after treatment. City policeman r. W. Mills investigated the collision. Two Virginia men were treated at the Hospital for injuries suffered when a tire blew out on their car and ran off the Road near Duffield. The victims Roger Delph 32, big Stone Gap and George tin Dell 33, of Duffield both were treated for minor head injuries sind released. Comprising the Camp for his troops and the compounds for the prisoners of War. Soon he was involved in Only what he had read about the ferocity of the opposing communist anti communist prisoners. Privately he has said that he and his men on the commission Are indifferent to whether the prisoners go North or South that they Are Neutral in keeping with official orders. Physics. Baseball brainstorms Wichita Kan. Of Ray Dumont head of the National baseball Congress has a brainstorm. He intends to construct a museum devoted to sandlot baseball. The new Ven Ture will be called the National baseball Congress foundation. When completed the museum will include historic photos publications equipment and Docu ments pertaining to sandlot baseball. Profits from the annual National tournament will be used for the expansion and maintenance of the museum. It s a Good idea to begin plan in charge of the program. Hensley said Ohio Law officers i he had Troubl not Only Vrlin Ning Early for landscape needs the communist negotiators at Lathis Way you twill avoid the Dar 1 With mrs. W. L. Templin Ridge Fields mrs. R. H. Hasek mrs John r. Todd mrs. Sam Miller and mrs. Clyde Groseclose assisting. Mrs. Ella Dixon executive Secretary of Kingsport red Cross chapter guest speaker. Members note change in time. Lynn Garden hoc 1 At Lynn Garden Baptist Church. Glen Alpine methodist Church circles will meet at As follows 1, with mrs. J. B. Cox Sullivan gardens 2, with mrs. Charles Hamblin Springdale 3, with mrs. Sam Steadman sul Livan gardens. Paauw Benefit Bridge Canasta party at Kingsport utilities auditorium at 8 Reservations May be made with mrs. George Rodgers Circle 6-4815. Tickets will be available at the door. Circle 5 of Road pres contemporary Book club with identified the youths As Vernon d. Webb ?.7, Orbin Laney jr., 19, and Jack Lawson 18, All of Kingsport. The youths had broken into the service station Friday night and had been captured Early saturday Hensley said. Firemen douse Oil stove fire City firemen monday morning were called to extinguish a Blaze in a flooded Oil stove at 109 East Charlemont fire department re ports showed. Occupant of the House was listed As Raymond Miller. The firemen said damage was largely confined to the stove. The fire was reported at ., and the firemen returned by Terian Church 8 ., mrs. Robert Bierbaum with hic staff House 19, mrs. Cliff bos Well co hostess. Dickson Pat Cake walk after a Short business meeting with proceeds going to the March of dimes. Public invited. A pcs of Morrison Chapel With mrs. Paul Carroll. Bethel presbyterian Church circles at As follows 3, with mrs. George Carr 2225 fort Henry drive 4, with mrs. John Hull 2457 Millye Street. Cedar Grove improvement league At school Sunnyside Pat Wednesday Glen Alpine methodist Church Circle 4 with mrs. Alden Fulker son Christian temper Executive Board meeting Friday medical doctors wives club At Ridge Fields country club mrs. W. E. Schribner Host Ess mrs. F. B. O Connell mrs. John Powers mrs. Julian Wil Liams assisting. Flower lovers club elects new officers new officers were elected for the Flower lovers Garden club monday evening at the Home of mrs. T. C. Fritz 1533 Bright Ridge drive. They include mrs. Sum mers Lyle president mrs. J. Baily vice president mrs. James j l. Williams Secretary mrs. A., d. Roper jr., corresponding Secretary mrs. M. B. Knowles treasurer and mrs. William bean Library and scrap Book chairman. After a business meeting mrs. N. A. Steadman presented the program. Nineteen members and two guests mrs. W. C. Fritz and mrs. William g. Shaffer were present the hard Way but with the u. N. Command. Maybe some Day his official re ports to Nehru in new Delhi will be revealed. They should make interesting Reading from the standpoint of a of course. Remove transparent tape from wallpaper slowly so As not to damage the paper. To the station at . Get 2 prints for the Price of one on new Plena Golor film see tour nearest Lus Ireine dealer or dial Circle 5-4850 tonight Rock Hudson balt to gods country in technicolor Burl Lancaster As that gentleman from Savannah a. S majesty o Keefe features Tom and Jerry color cartoon world news Taylor 1 Gate City a. 3 dimensions Georji Holn Teierle. M was 3d Stooge spooks compare our prices and terms 50.000 . Winkler Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Circulating fan 2. Forced draft fan 3. Safety switch 4. Automatic controls installed Complete Only Par month Teil for Nancei for in or 6 room Homos. Int Altos. Priced from to s350 Coal furnaces . Oil floor Furnace special Witk and in till no Down payment 36 months to Pax Southern Sheet Metal works 334 e. Sullivan St. Dial Circle 5-4241 cold sufferers Don t suffer discomforts of colds get Quick Relief with Stanback test Stanback against any preparation you be Ever used see How Quick Relief Comet snap Bach with. Stanback tablets or powders Fox today Gregory Peck Ava Gardner Susan Hayward last minute Rush for supplies which so often causes delay and a Shorter planting season. Moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Snows of Kilimanjaro in technicolor ii to a i go to to scoutmaster Clifton Webb it costs nothing Fob a safety Check Bear automotive safety service front end repair Brake service alignment balancing 114 Shelby St. Dial Circle 6-0551 offset printing Procesa letters bulletins year books Letler cads Etc plate embossing stenographic services phone answering service business services 12-1 Commerce dial Circle 5-1371 hoping they won t have to make that decision with the sacrifices it implies. They remain divided As to whether they should and open to promises dangled by Moscow if they Don t. And the longer Western Europe is divided on the single idea its old enmities and rivalries stay alive the better the Chance for the local communist parties to make Hay from within. Further Western Europe fully armed and realizing its strength would be in a position to pros ten men one girls and 120 terror taut Miles color by technicolor last of the comanches 5-1671 George o Brien and the 3 stooges Gold raiders no. 12 son of Geronimo comedy and cartoon Why pay More Goodu s headache powders for fast Safe courteous service Gilliam cabs sol 5-3171 Back of Union bus terminal. To treasure always. A distinctive photograph by dial cd 5-5551 313 Cherokee St. If you want to save on Youb insurance the place to save is Dougherty Bollor insurance Agency 101 Broad Street Auto Loans refinancing finance at Home with 336 e. Center Oman a Circle 5-5108 Kingsport drive in theatre Greeneville Hwy. Of. Area at on i go to William Holden Kotsala y cd met Lii Ond introducing Johnny Stewart first show starts at Anyone coming by Can see Complete show. Color cartoon radio programs wept wept pm a. 1400 pc. 98.5 me. 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Melody time Roundup time music and March time siesta serenade Frederick news Abc serenade Crane guest Star 2 45-Houseworit harmonics bans Hart news Abc can be Beautiful Abc of life Abc Young s family Abc melodies wife Abc Dallas Abc Younk Widder Brown Abc woman in my House Abc o clock Shadow Jones Abc pays to be married a Btu schedule monday Superman kit Carson Spollito at uru Abc reporter studio Weatherman studio vespers Beaton Studlo Douglas Edwards Obsi Como Obsi 00 Burns Allen lbs of Pirc Slonic a but love Lucy Obsi buttons lbs one in Psi and sports studio the weather Btu lot theater lbs carnival Story Painter studio Autry Cecil Campbell on Parade reporter studio etude of House of music Edwards Obsi detective of America Story Smith studio Obsi see it now Obsi and Esporti stud of 11 10 Whit the will bar studio show 12 15 -81m Oil tit win 1320 pc Mon Dai the Bough a Bidawi . On news for to Day Salij wac up Elmo 5105-ap news and tempera Lurt up time up Elmo two news Pavo Itei sports Parade for Tho Day temp end top a news merry go round musical merry co round Ella movie mystery column time and bandstand shop be announced news parly party party party Arnold s sons for d News sons time music bar local and review review news Jamboree Jamboree Tennessee Jamboree dates mid Jamboree Tennessee Jamboree Boogie and blues boo iric and blues news. Weather and sport Oil Wuhl to monday on news matinee Wax works Hall varieties Falls hour Bunny Herb news report Weatherman Christophers Hall varieties music makers Hall varieties Hall varieties and Al Shine n Andy love Lucy tabs 714 one lbs one lbs and sign of networks monday january is evening for 15 riddles or. Rpt 15 sports no discussion Obi sports a Abc Eart newscast by no news and Nowa and no family Cuba nows and Aba news and. 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