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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 18, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee10 monday january 18, 1954, Kingsport times five firms producing vaccine for polio treatment next Spring by John Geiger new York National foundation for infantile paralysis announced today that five huge pharmaceutical firms Are now turning out huge batches of the polio vaccine to be tried on nearly one million american school children next Spring. The firms will make the trial vaccine without profit the foun Dation said and All the vaccine material will go directly to foun Dation researchers for their crucial mass Experiment to de Termine whether the crippling disease has been conquered. The vaccine produced by the five companies is the Type developed by or. Jonas e. Salk of the University of Pittsburgh and tested successfully on More than 600 human volunteers last year. Beginning next month it will be Given to second Grade school children in selected communities throughout the nation with the approval of parents and local health agencies. By comparing the Date of polio the vaccinated children with the num Ber of cases among a vaccinated youngsters in the same or other communities during next sum Mer s seasonal polio epidemics the foundation Hopes to gain proof of its effectiveness but a final answer probably will not be ready until 1955. The five vaccine producing triple checked for safety by the pharmaceutical firms or. Salk and the u. S. Public health serv ice the foundation said the Cost of the trials an Esti mated will by March of dimes fun rods. Fri captive put in solitary at okla. Prison Mangrum okla. Ins Chester Lee Davenport 31, one of the Fri s most wanted men who was captured in California last week was placed in solitary confinement today at the Gran Ite City reformatory in Man Grum okla. The action was taken by Pris on officials following his unsuccessful attempt to escape yesterday from l. H. Lindsay offi Cial records officer of the okla homa state prison system who was returning Davenport from san Francisco. Lindsay who was with his wife in their car said Davenport tried to overpower him and grab his pistol. In the struggle three shots were fired. Two residents of Vernon tex., near where the incident took place heard the firms Are Cutter laboratories of shots and ran to the car. Berkeley Calif., Eli Lilly and they were Salty Price and Indianapolis Parke Davis co., Jack Attaway who were Hunting. Putnam Moore co., a they helped Lindsay subdue the Detroit division of Allied laboratories Indianapolis and Wyeth Labora tories Philadelphia. The new vaccine is made by growing live polio viruses in test tubes filled with Small bits of living Monkey tissue then killing the viruses with a chemical formaldehyde in a Complex procedure. This chemical "inactlvation1 removes the virus disease producing Power but leaves it free when it is injected into a human prisoner and take him to the Vernon jail where he was turned Over to sheriff Edgar Marshall of the Oklahoma reformatory. Davenport then was driven to the Granite City prison and put in solitary confinement. The prisoner serving a 25-year sentence for armed robbery had City port to Ida blames untamed Hubby for wrecking her marriage by Bob Thomas Hollywood up looking Back on the wreckage of her third marriage Ida Lupino sighed i guess he Waist did t want to be there was no other she said. He just did t want to be settled Down. It s too bad. I feel sorry for him. He May feel that Way now but wait until he gets a Little older. Hell feel awfully lonely. Hell wish he had someone to hold on she was speaking about her Aid Fob the fight against members of the Moose club which operates the March of dimes Booth on Broad st., each saturday Are shown pinning a Lapel Button on one of the contributors. Pictured from left to right Are Shelby Smoot Emmitt Collins and Rex Leo Nard. The 1954 March of dimes drive will close at the end of january. Times news photo by l. T. Kesterson letter mix up irks newlywed couples los Angeles inquiries from couples with new marriage licenses Are being explained this Way by the marriage License Bureau the Bureau has been enclosing to. U to with licenses it issues a treas estranged husband Howard department letter urging Leach couple to buy savings Bonds in a recent mix up however the Bureau received a bundle of Treasury department letters in tended for new parents. These were enclosed with the licenses without being read. They said in part dear parents please accept our wan nest congratulations on the birth of your child Burley centers begin last week of season sales is the fellow who played Sam Spade on the radio. One Day he fliers walk away unhurt 2-car collision after Nightmare Accident Oakland Calif. Pilot and co Pilot of a non scheduled airline walked unhurt from the battered remains of their plane at the Oakland air port sunday after one of the strangest and most complicated accidents in aviation history. Just about everything in the Book happened to them. Pilot Paul la Prade of Miami and co Pilot Grant Dick tured in Dixon Calif., while milking his cow. His capture was credited to a to stimulate the production of veterinarian r. J. Cobble who antibodies the bloodstream substances that give immunity to saw the recent International news Story and picture concern ing Davenport in the Vallejo polio. Today s announcement said news chronicle and told author most of the live polio virus will cities the most wanted Man was be grown by the Connaught employed on a Dixon farm. Medical research laboratories of Toronto Canada also on a non profit basis and shipped to the five american firms for Chemi Cal processing. Each child participating in the trials will receive three shots of the vaccine Over a six week period. Before that happens every ounce of the material will be of Hollywood fla., took off calmly enough from Ogden Utah on a military air transport com Mand flight in a c-46 owned by the american Export and import company. But they had to go on instruments in the Stormy night just Kings port today monday civic Andl Loretum basketball games in main auditorium Cpl. Press is City Mead is kit. Press girls i Sam Bray s is w. B. Dance class in game room birthday party in club rooms violin class in club rooms 4 and 5 great books in lounge american legion in Corner room Jan Lor Holch gymnasium shorty s is Munal clinic is Model City Bucks Frozen custard is Washington gymnasium blues is bad. Is. Reds is 1st Kozy Nook is Beta is Garden do cuss recreation Center game room activities -4 basketball game midget is Frank l. Clond recreation Center recreation Center activities tuesday civic auditorium chamber of Commerce banquet in main auditorium was bin it on gymnasium Fly saints Moose boys. Club is bad. St. Methodist Junior High gymnasium Fyie King is Sunshine Gro. Optimist is Robinson transier Sils Don class recreation Center game room basketball game Frank Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activity wednesday civic auditorium wrestling in main auditorium troop 53 in game room Shower party in club room chess club in Corner room Washington gymnasium Latimer Looney a Alpha Roberts signs is Junior High gymnasium Pyle King is Lone Star Compton Faulk is Sunshine Gro. Don lass recreation Center game room activity -4 15-9 30 basketball practice Frank l. Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activities thursday civic auditorium basketball games in main auditorium Mead to kit. Munal clinic is kit. Press w. B. Greene is shorty s 9 00 dance class in game room Daniel Boone boat club in club booms i 3, and 3 Young Republican club in club rooms 4 and 5 violin class in Corner room Junior Hith gymnasium kit. Oil is Bucks fro. Custard Mead is Model City Sam Bray s is b 00 gymnasium bad. St. Methodist is 1st presbyterian reds is blues bad. St. Methodist is wilted Gro. Is Poston recreation Center school activity Frank l. Cloud recreation Center children s activities Friday civic auditorium Shower party in club rooms Washington gymnasium Moose Lodge Vahl Yard. St. Methodist is Latimer loony is Roberta signs is in Nisi High gymnasium Nook is waited Beta is bad. St. Douglass recreation Center game room basketball Frank l. Cloud recreation Center Square . Saturday civic Vagabond Kings basketball game in main auditorium Frank l. Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activities Don Flash recreation Center basketball game Kingsport inn monday . Club Roo Allis . Com Merce room tuesday Lions club luncheon noon Clu Lions club Rood Meade corp. 25 year be Vlco . Club to Laurel rooms Dale Carnegie wednesday luncheon noon club room safety dinner . Cju room thursday cd Van club luncheon noon Clu room Southern states cooperative meeting in Commerce room lunch at noon. Jaycees club room luncheon noon Laurel polio foundation seeks vaccine for 500rooo kids new York National foundation for infantile paralysis says it Hopes to have enough trial polio vaccine for at least second Grade school Chil Dren before june 1. Basil o Connor the foundation president adds that sufficient vaccine possibly May be produced by june to inoculate Many As a million children. However he says that no Polie vaccine will be available st28 falter. It alternately conked Eisenhower on firm footing with Shoemakers Boston Eisenhower and his wife Are on a firm footing with the shoe Industry. Among the most shoe conscious folks Ever to occupy the White leather and shoes Industry publication said sunday night. Both have a sense of foot Ward fashion and a substantial shoe the president about 18 then revved up to extreme is and Mamie has Many speeds leather and shoes estimated aft the erratic flight continued a peek in White House closets. Until they reached Travis air Force base Northeast of san Francisco. But minutes before they were to land a 40-mile-an hour Cross wind and Low visibility made it inadvisable to set Down the heavily Laden and crippled plane. They headed out Over the Bay it credits the president s Long military career for his careful treatment of shoes. No one can Ever expect to find him with a Hole in his shoe As happened to Adlai Ste the article said. And Ike is just As unlikely to turn up wearing for Oakland and several minutes shoes if added later the Pilot was circling Over atty Gen Herbert and that it will be 1955 before it can be demonstrated whether or not the substance is the vaccine is that developed by or. Jonas e. Salk of the University of Pittsburgh. The trials Are to Start next month in coun ties throughout the nation the counties have not yet been named. Britain plans use of nuclear Power London British gov rement report says that within 0 years nuclear Energy May to vide about a fourth of Brit Lin s estimated Power needs. The 100-Page report entitled Brittain s atom factories was made Public yesterday. It was written by Kenneth Jay 44, principal scientific officer at the in Harwell atom research Plant. Jay said nuclear fuel might be developed in the next two dec Ades to produce As much elec Rocity As 20 million tons of Coal. This is the amount which Brit Ain s Coal production is expected the water at 400 feet coming in to land. The coughing motor suddenly spluttered and died. At the same instant the ship struck a weather front and was hurled toward the water in a Down Drift. The plane smacked the water but at that instant the dead engine jolted to life. It roared at High Speed and Prade poured on the coals to gain Elevation. A Quick look showed that the Impact had torn away

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