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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 16, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Friday Jan. 16, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Or. Pit Bubo j w Effeil. General hunger w. J caul Lafr editor Al a. Bank Ltd . Editor Ajo Al t Uirt it a trim. Unc Apon. Iran member anointed Southern Kew paper the audit Bureau circulation an Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and tin aug cited Preis entitled to for publication All new Olipa Tew credited co it not Otoe wlm credited in per and Tea local Newt published Berean entered at Ottliee in Etta port. Tano., u second Elan mall Mattar october 21 ism under Iha act March National advertising representatives. A banned k inc. With Olf Lei in hew York. Chicago Detroit Atlanta at. Lou i. Karuri City ism Anielli and Pran Claro subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week 40c. Today s Bible thought and the chief Captain answered with a great sum obtained i this Freedom. And Paul said but i was free the times daily tonic do you wish to be free then above All things love god love your neighbor love one another love the common weal then you will have True startling words it will not be surprising if the speech delivered by . Paul f. Douglass before the Kingsport rotary club has far reach ing repercussions that will touch people in High places. In fact it would be sur prising if it did not. The position that . Douglass holds precludes the idea that his words should be taken lightly. He is an eminent Man he has been when he talks about the korean situation he is talking about something familiar to him and his words Are Worth listening to. And when his words constitute a serious charge against the u. And the unit is something to be startled about. Such a speech cannot be confined to the Small number who attended the luncheon. What doctor Douglass told his Audi. Ence very definitely constitutes a charge against representatives the United states and the in in Korea. If he is quoted correctly and everyone seems to agree his words he said the move ment to oust syn Man Rhee As president South Korea and substitute a coalition government headed by one Chang was engineered by reds and supported by representatives the american ment and the in. He said the plan failed because the people rallied to the support . Rhee. This would seem to be a statement that would be interest to the congressional committees interested in investigating reds in government. Or. Douglass does not become specific As to who these representatives Are. Con Gress would certainly like to know. The american people would like to know. Doc Tor Douglass is an important enough a Man to warrant an official follow up his Story and his Story is certainly grave enough to warrant such investigation. If it can be shown that representatives this government were actually trying to Settle the War by a coalition government that would be the same As a surrender to the reds and if it can be shown that these representatives were carrying out policies decided upon by Washington that would Call for drastic action. However there is something to remember. Or. Douglass was and perhaps is the Legal adviser . Rhee and there fore his words Are not those an impartial observer. He was and is an interested party. There is a question whether the doctor in saying there was and unsupported plot to get rid Rhee was saying something which he could prove produce evidence whether he was Only expressing an opinion which however Strong his Pri vate convictions was Only an opinion As far As any investigatory body could accept. We have a feeling that if he is called to talk to a congressional committee under oath . Douglass will be some what less definite than he was before the rotarians. We have a feeling that the doctor May have said a Little More than he intended and May even feel with perfect honesty that he has been misquoted misunderstood. We have a feeling that it will turn out that it was certain peo ple rather than representatives the u. And in who were favouring chang.1 but we would say that doctor Doug lass speech cannot be ignored. He either implied too much said too Little. If ii is True that representatives the unite d states and the United nations were complacent to the reds and would bring peace by surrender the american people would like to know it and like to know the names these people. The country should hear More from doctor Douglass. If any nut tries to shoot me i la take the pistol away from him ram it Down his Throat and pull the Harry s. Tru Man. There is definite need for More and continued publicity disasters to keep the pub Lic aware the hazards and the need for enforcing building codes National standards and fire Laws. Bureau mines official g. M. Kintz. If we could get pupils to stretch themselves in learning the Way they do in athletic con tests i m sure we would have the atomic age behind us in no o., High school teacher Alton Yarian. Merry go round Hollywood by Drew Pearson Man who picked Cleve land industrialist George m. Humphrey to be Secretary the Treasury was Gen. Lucius Clay now head Continental can one Eisenhower s closest friends. Clay incidentally probably has had More to do with picking Ike s Cabinet than any other one member the Eisenhower brain Trust. Clay got to know Humphrey in Germany in 1948 when the new Secretary the Treasury was appointed head a committee to advise the dismantling German factories. In the Spring 1948, Gen. George Marshall then Secretary state had ruled that Dis mantling German Industry would have to continue. However Gen. Clay then top com Mander in Germany disagreed got a com Mittee businessmen appointed to study the matter and in the fall 1948 Marshall was completely reversed. Humphrey s report recommending the re Tention key German factories was largely responsible for the reversal. The fact that a Man favouring German Industry now sits in a key spot in the Eisenhower Cabinet is not going to make it any easier to swing the French Over toward an arms treaty with Germany. And this treaty is to be one Eisenhower s biggest european objectives. Humphrey s Empire however Humphrey s most important Imas Secretary the Treasury will be Domestic not foreign problems. And Here Are. Some the factors in his life which May in fluence his thinking. Here is the lineup the Humphrey Empire the companies which he is either chairman president director a. A. Hanna co. Hanna Furnace co. Susquehanna Anthracite corp. Eastern steamship co. La belie steamship co Virginia steamship co. Jefferson Coal co. National steel co. Donner Hanna cake corp. Great lakes steel corp. Bierton steel National City Bank Cleve land Industrial Rayon. Also Lake Erie harbours inc. Phelps Dodge National steel products Oak Hill Supply co. Bierton Coal co. Hanna Ore mining co. Hanna exploration co. Michigan steel corp. Midwest steel Hanna Coal and Ore North Western Hanna fuel co. Tri county lands co. National mines corp. Pittsburgh consolidation Coal Coal and Ore investment co. Canada and Dominion sugar Ltd. Consumers Ore co. Iron Ore co. Of Canada. Also Ohio and Western Penna Dock co. Lower Lake Dock co. Morton Ore co. Ozark Ore co. Douglas mining co. Northern Iron Ore mines Ltd. Western Copper and mining Western Ore co. With this background so similar to that the late Andrew w. Mellon the new Secretary the Treasury might be expected to follow Mellon s policy engineering Rich tax Bene fits to business with no corresponding benefits to lower bracket taxpayers. Tax and spend however at sea Island Georgia where general Clay his Friend Sidney Weinberg and other business leaders gathered when Eisen Hower was picking much his Cabinet at near by Augusta some significant confidential observations were made. They were that if business fails to bring a stable Economy to the nation under Eisenhower a business administration will go out Power after four years not to come Back again for years and years. Therefore it was concluded there must be no depression under Eisenhower there must be continued spending there must be up to a Point continued High taxes. The democratic theory tax and spend spend and tax could not be terminated too abruptly it was argued. With this philosophy in mind therefore Here Are some predictions the tax and fiscal policies which the new Secretary the treas Ury will follow predictions Humphrey tax prediction there will be no abrupt reduction taxes unless Congress takes the initiative and runs with the Ball. Humphrey is a careful planner likes to look Well ahead does t believe a tax Bill can be written until the Bud get is fixed. How can you fix the total tax Bill until you know How much Money you re going to spend he reasons. The Topsy Turvy methods Congress May upset this course. Already his scouts have taken soundings which indicate trouble. However Humphrey s advisers will fix a Gen eral target letting the excess profits tax expire automatically next june and schedule lower bracket tax reduction for next fall when consumer buying May be Low and the Economy May need a shot in the Arm to head off re cession. Interest rates within the next six months the the Treasury w411 have to refinance billions government Loans. Hitherto these have been done with 90-Day and Short term notes. Humphrey is almost cer Tain to switch to Long term Loans and to do this i predict he will raise interest rates go Vvncent Bonds to As much As 3 per cent. This will make Money tight tend toward deflation. It will also put Banks in better shape but business May be hard up for expansion capital. Planned. To follow Bernie Baruch s advice and keep wage Price material controls As standbys in Case Emer gency. However Humphrey s scouts figure Congress will junk everything except Skeleton controls whether Eisenhower likes it not. Therefore they advise against having the new president ask for More than he can get. The goal will be Skeleton controls Over strategic materials. St. Lawrence Seaway the new Secretary the Treasury was the first steel Man to see that the u. Was running out Iron Ore therefore would have to import Ore from abroad. Accordingly he acquired most the Rich Ore deposits Labrador. If Ore is to reach the great lakes area in the future the St. Lawrence Seaway is essential and Humphrey will be a prime mover in pushing it. Washington pipeline some the democrats Are talking about a hearing for Eisenhower s new attorney Gen eral Herb Brownell before they confirm him. They want to question him about Lucky Luciano s sudden release from jail by the Dewey administration. Senator Taft who hates Brownell is not discouraging the democrats. Reason for Secretary defense Lovett s Rush to kill the grand jury action against the Oil companies is so it will not Embarrass Eisen Hower. Ike received a lot contributions from the Oil companies and might not want to drop the court action senator Mccarthy played the Roulette wheels and the crap tables at the Caribe Hilton hotel in san Juan during the Christmas holidays. One night he won at crap the next night is 700, but later lost at Roulette. This unjustified Hope for a Maginot line in the sky is dangerous enough but it is not As dangerous As a loss Faith in our ability to maintain our superiority Over our air Force vice chief staff Gen. Nathan Twining. By Erskine Johnson Hollywood sively yours Kathryn Grayson s True Bell tones will be heard for the first time the screen in the Grace Moore and More than one music critic she s predicting will be bowled Over. It s not a new Grayson voice but a new recording method. One Kathryn s quarrels with Mem was the music depart ment s system separating voice from orchestra by Burlap Flats. But Here at says Kathryn i m being recorded faithfully for the first time. It s a voice that very few people have heard. Mem s Way re cording killed my tones. Why there were some people who did t think i did my own Stag ing the Tyrone Power and Linda Christian insiders vow Are talk ing Over the divorce question their Nassau Holiday. Linda saw to Only twice during his Road tour in John Brown s Classy stripper Lili St. Cyr and her Hubby Are sounding screechy notes in their marriage. Jimmy Stewart s taking trom Bone lessons for the life Story Bondsman Glenn Miller which Aaron Rosenberg will produce at a i. Glenn s widow it now can be told vetoed every Hollywood treatment her until a i came up with an accept Able idea. Down for count Jack Dempsey has thrown in the sponge his Hopes for a movie based his life. Both Fox and Howard Hughes were anxious to make the film Jack told me at Giro s but Jack Kearns wanted nothing less than and my life Story can t be made without using Jack As a character. It would t be the Story without in 1-t "5v the estranged Henry Clives have hit a property settlement Snag. Aquanetta wants to keep the two Homes Given to her by the artist but he s telling Law yers that she renounced the High t to them by walking out their marriage. Eye popping Hollywood mar Quee Marilyn Monroe in Monkey business with the Lusty in Spike Jones and Helen Gray co Are among the Patch up squad who Are trying to help Polly ber Gen and Jerome Courtland reconcile but the Outlook for a Happy ending is Bleak. Inside reason Why a i shelved its completed Willie and Joe in the Navy script is that Bill Mauldin who created the characters in his. Book up demanded for every series Flicker made by the studio. Frank Sinatra will be re tested by Columbia for the role Maggio in from Here to Eter it s a toss up Between Frankie boy and Harvey Lem Beck. Pretty Daria Massey the teen aged Starlet in the Iron mis suffered deep lacerations her face in an Auto Accident but plastic surgeons say there will be no facial scars. The band Ages will be removed in a month. Go West sister it s Jim Dandy with Rosemary Clooney if her sister Betty ends up with a movie contract. They started out As a sister team but Betty s still in Detroit doing to. Says Rosemary really we Don t sing too much he Gene Stanley Stoni Panato have set the wed Ding Date for april 13. She played Gre gory Peck s first sweetie in the snows Kili Lew Ayres off the screen for three years May sign for Dono Van s pals Are looking for the final chapter in the Dick Haymes a Whf Feato get rid first step to health Washington calling every for eign office in every capital the consequence Winston Church ill s visit to America Are being appraised in terms what he did did not achieve. Did he establish even before the new administration was installed in Washington the kind Friendly understanding with president elect Eisenhower that made for personal government Between Heads state through much world War ii that is the key question. The answer in the View those close to the new president is in the negative. The talks Between the two readers were Friendly warm based their working relation ship in the War and their Post War participation in the North Atlantic treaty organization. But Eisenhower s inclination was to keep them this level. When the prime minister brought up specific problems the incoming president gently but firmly spoke the need to route such discussion through the appropriate departments. His Long military background gives Eisenhower a Strong sense the importance channels authority and the need to stay within those channels. This could in no Way be described As ii Rebuff to Churchill. But nevertheless the tone was unmistakable. On the grave problem the Middle East and in particular Iran Churchill did most his marriage. Dick failed to show up for the holidays As Nora assured everyone he would. She made the rounds All the Holiday parties Solo with a Date. Humphrey Bogart and Nick Ray Hope to get together for a film titled round a National Magazine predicts that 25 cinerama Heaters will open in 1953____and still the autobiographies come. Now it s the life Story Lauritz Melchior with Stephen Longstreet penning the danish Tenor history. Barbara Stanwyck s starter at a i was title switched from Stopover to you belong to then Barbara reminded she had already made a film titled you belong to now the studio is Back to talking with John Foster Dulles who is to be Secretary state in the new Cabinet. They talked about every phase the pro longed iranian crisis. The talks included consideration a Price formula under which great Brit Ain would be perhaps through the International loss British properties in Iran. No hint has been forthcoming As to whether any Broad agree ment was reached. New efforts to negotiate a settlement Are now going in Iran in one More attempt to end a stalemate that has lasted nearly two years. There is guarded optimism that the three Way talks Between London Washington and the ran will finally bring about a settlement. Those Here who have been close to the controversy Are increasingly the belief that there is no place in Iran today for the British. They have agreed to one Compromise after another but always about six months too late. By the time they had come around reluctantly to one proposal resent ment inflamed by communist propaganda and moslem fanaticism had made acceptance such a proposal impossible. American prestige has suffered along with that the British and the question today is whether a solution worked out with United states will be accept Able in Iran. A complication has been the anti Cartel suit filed by the department Justice in washing ton. Even some government officials who formerly took the Liberal line endorsing anti Trust action against the planned operations great corporations in dividing markets and assign ing territories have stood Back in this instance awed by the truly frightening implications the Oil picture at Home and abroad. They have been aware that such a suit with its Nevi s33 Side glances last night your boy Friend talked a Good half hour about food i he getting ready to Dod the the expression Limey asap plied to the British and particularly to British sailors has an interesting origin. Years ago Many sailors in the British Navy and merchant Marine had to be at sea for Many months at a time during which they were often completely deprived fresh fruits and vege tables. As a result Many suffered from a disease known As scurvy. Someone discovered that if a sufficient Quantity limes Lemons was carried Board ship and the sailors made to suck these at reasonably frequent intervals scurvy became far less frequent. Hence the name it is course known now that scurvy is brought by an insufficient Supply Vitamin a ascorbic acid in the diet. It can be prevented consequently by Citrus fruits which contain Large quantities this Vitamin. The Vitamin is also present in Green vegetables fresh fruit juices tomatoes some Root vege tables and in Small amounts in milk. The disease can be avoided by including enough these foods in the diet. Scurvy comes slowly. Loss weight a feeling weakness vague pains in the legs and paleness the skin Are typical. Soon the Gums begin to become swollen and spongy and bleed easily when brushed rubbed. The changes in the Gums May become so bad that the Teeth loosen and fall out. If Vitamin c remains away from the diet for a Long time the Bone the jaw can actually decay. The breath becomes foul and the Tongue swollen and red. Bleeding under the mucous Mem table disclosures would further stir fierce jealousies and suspicions not merely in Iran but in the whole Middle East. Middle East Oil is vital to Western Europe both in peace and War. When the great Brit ish refinery in Iran was shut Down the Oil lost was made up by increased production from other Middle East sources largely american controlled. This Oil had to be paid for with dollars out the Aid supplied by Amer Ica to Western european nations. Contrary to previous impressions experts have now con firmed that an Oil pipe line could be built by the russians Over the 600 Miles much it mountainous from the Caspian sea to the heart the great Iran Ian Oil treasure. This could be done in 18 months. Somewhat the same feeling about British stubbornness in defending a position virtually lost applies to the situation in Egypt. There americans had far More to do with helping major general Mohammed Naguib to Power than has been told. They see their efforts to help build a Strong Middle ground government endangered by lengthy negotiations Over the politics the Sudan and other issues. Dulles it can be said with authority will go to Europe Early in the Spring before he makes the reported trip to Asia. One his objectives will be to try to smooth out the frustrating differences that stand in the Way a common Western approach to what Are in the last analysis matters life and death for the West. He will talk with All the Lead ing policy makers and certainly with Britain s prime minister. But the signals Are clearly set for negotiation through the channels diplomacy. Eisen Hower has no belief in the magic the personal equation. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe Winston Churchill finds it Amadag to think millions people see his face television. Amazing but a very self satisfying thought no doubt. It seems that we cannot pos Sibly have amt until we get rid the draft and we cannot pos Sibly get rid the draft until we Are sure we will get amt. You would hardly expect pearls Wisdom from a Hollywood Glamour Gal but when Yvonne de Carlo said there was no such thing As love at first sight just attraction at first time she really was talking like a smart girl. According to report the Brit ish regard president Truman As one the great presidents the United states. Which recalls the old song you Don t know Nelly like i wonder How Many american presidents our British friends know anything about after All the Nice things the British said him perhaps president Truman will make an extended visit Over there. But maybe he had better leave Well enough alone and not push his Luck. Douglas Lehman Neely Murray Morse Magnuson Pastore that s the civil rights air Force. Soon they la hit the runways and climb into the sky they la say we got to pass the Bills and also Tell us Why. They la speech Ify tremendous they la argue and they la rave but you might think since they can t win their breath they ought to save. The cards Are stacked against them it s hopeless and they know it. But they Are All for civil rights and it s necessary to show it. So do not think they re wasting time they know what they Are doing. For by their speeches loud and Long certain votes they re wooing. Two congressmen want to move the Missouri River so it will run under a Nice hew Bridge which got itself built in the wrong place. There you have a couple congressmen in the wrong place. In Knoxville people Are drop Ping dimes in the five cent Park ing meters All dimes going to the March dimes. Since idea. The fellow to feel sorry for is the russian who works for a red newspaper. What a life. The thing to wonder about is How this country Ever managed to survive All these years with out All the reforms which according to messes. Humphrey and Lehman Are imperative if the country is not to be ruins within the next ten years. Senator Watkins says he recognize William Dwyer the Street. It s said a lot the former mayor s friends feel the same Way. The russians produce five times As Many planes As the u. S., says a russian. That is probably just a plane lie. By Edwin p Jordan . Brane the Mouth is common. Gradually the skin becomes More dry and rough. Swelling around the Ankles is common the heart pal pirates and its beat becomes More feeble and irregular mental depression is characteristic. These symptoms come with advanced scurvy and Are not seen so often now that we know How they can be pre vented. Wounds heal poorly in mild forms there May be Only inconspicuous signs such As poor Healing wounds a ten Dency to certain infectious Dis eases easy bleeding when Cut and increased susceptibility to ulcers the stomach. This Type scurvy can be Dis covered Only by making chemical examinations the blood urine for ascorbic acid. When insufficient quantities Are found the condition can be remedied readily by supplying More Vitamin c in the diet. To Day scurvy at least the severe variety is a vanishing disease in All countries whose inhabitants eat a reasonably balanced diet. Out our Way All he v has to co 1 is err up am1 60 machine it s furlough Ain t it c whom iou p love to Uve forever

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