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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 15, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeOcoy Renwu by Law subs for Pilj. Washington Vav pm mid its Iran ill Lor . Was tit Daescu a i s Yawo Tiarle. Lei Elisec i Allsbu de to the fact Ibal Gix ii in plans Cisco Ai Drace i. Las in Cwi Rol Over the cee3g-ic-rced to withdraw pc cause i an Tut a for Lilus. Larger facilities is flux i. Is co -6 30 in is c k d Byrd Ciecura ice Bas awarded a Rautbart lost. Clair Brothers construction co Here for a i Liru Cale Teris Aadi Una u Sulphur Springs school. The a firm was awarded a s23.6w contract for a two class room and Library addition to Lamari i school. The Board deferred action on iwo classroom addition to Gray school for which Reuten Bali Wright of Kingsport was the apparent Low bidder of bids for the Sulphur Springs addition previously had been reject cd and about three months ago. N we of Mortko a-7 p to. Arms a i my Var a is Tola i r i u ibid in i Lilc Aad twin . I Hoo i tf-3 5-12 Cam audit Wium a Rubota screen i Miln auditorium p id. Macce class in auditorium was t fat 4 v cd a Soi c. Silgel Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Maclaine pc Cin Basco Martha Hyer Arthur Kennedy feature times today a showing today plus Tom Jerry cartoon hear Tom still child u that Casip it my dec entry Komi the Phy Rachmi Nanoff with the Kingsport symphony orchestra saturday january 17 . Robinson Junior High adults students 75c in Sam Mumm also Colok cartoons Chase a crooked Shadow on the same program Hawkins a Fth also 2 color cartoons heart fund of the Kilies poit Henri Assoc a mrs. W. R. Lion leaders attending the recent annul in heart fund organizational Laughon. Meeting in Johnson City Are irom left to right a i-1. Sutton Pyle Frank mag Laullon and mrs. Me wednesday night was final act for lbs to show Pursuit now three channels of i i music including stereo have been added to the Cable you con Hove this music 24 hours doily for three full Yeon for the Cost of one stereo i i record for Complete information phone the Gable office i 6-8851 c f i e Center cd 6-6131 Robert e Korni 001 e Center cd 5-1091 radio and to programs As released by responsible Tor changes in programs wept wept pm 1400 me. A div char10tte Hometown service wherever you drive three Miles or three thou Sand there s always one of s the state farm agents 3 i or claim representatives nearby. Y ii pop to know ton Slot farm agent i state farm Mutual automobile insurance company Horh of Floc Blooml Ngtai Lull lilt 4 05 i 00 Plovc suf in tonne women m Nuat. Pepper vim a Kwh Iii to cd alter Noor news 5 o clock Shado Tec Naco Terra i news new sports Parade Merkel report to do incr Muslo news Ona Alghi land parm Cwi Job clinic one Narhi stand wort5 of masters new of worm excl maps botel Lila g 30 c 40 g 45 7-30 8 co flow my Little met role verdict is Youri brighter Day secret storm Eilf of neg he rascals club Huck lab by in find our miss or Volta Esso reporter Wealch Ranii Doug Jeff s Collie Amos Andy december Hilrie yance.7 Derringer Zane Grey Thiro playhouse to Lutts news sports final the i Loarce 20e Cagney Slyn off Date 11 id news news Rollo or s-1u Ninnor farm Roundup gloom Chrict b 25 Pas Lort study gloom i air news Chaser scoreboard 8 00 8m5 b 33 10 .00 la of 11 to 12 00 12 30 1 00 1 .00 Tecsi pattern read Long program calling Capi Kangaroo news Amer can history Susle -1 married Joan Arthur Godfrey i love Lucy Tor Dollar love 01 Lile search tomorrow Gulch in Light Betty pc Czor As world Turni Jimmy Dean 5-00 5 15 sea 5-55 t .20 t-30 7-35 8 00 wk1n 1320kc. Nig top trn High Lila top ten news t weather boo Elc blues news help Hills Bis top ten news pc weather pops review -5len off sign on Wake up time Wake up time news Kluh lights Wake up time Wake up time news 4 we Allier Toast pc Ociee Toast pc Coffee news Hughl Kilili Toast t Cohen the Chapel hour -now5 t weather you re Al your Best anywhere you Gol turn to Monotone a latest Eye Glass hear in Aid for Pood looks smooth Henring slim trim in Miles for both my and women Only eyeglass rearing Aid Ullh exclusive ave Lavilo Mittic in limn con Rolt to to turn sudden loud noises for your listening pleasure also Lii est thick a was styles for those Nho Don t Werni glasses come in site and hear Monotone of Kingsport come in phone or write. Dem of to Allan m by lanced Hearne. Room no. H Sobel Chi Circle. 5-Wii by Villiani kwa1.i new York i docs nay night lbs to folded us one hour show. Pursuit a punishment that its the crime. An adventure series inn Chad curly ills season Pursuit failed on one important count it Sim ply did not entertain. Many critics of television be Monn Llic tact that the medium in Lils Primc hours fails to educate Flo inform but it seems to me to is open to a More serious indict ment the great majority of it entertainments Are not very enter with a few honorable exceptions prime time to is largely a Shantytown. Pursuit might have plugged one Gap in the schedule the need Foi a sharply paced and crackly one hour thriller. But there Neve seemed to be any great guiding intelligence behind the show it special wept pm broadcast thursday Jan. 15th. . Tom still plays Chopin and Debussy tapes from recent Kingsport orchestra concerts will be heard. Toast i Toast Coffee coffees hug limits Toast k Coffee news Winther tons col tee a lpns were Pei cry tiny it tried to each enfeebled script by it with n layer of Lars lure in the customers. Wednesday no Lifs closer was alter typical. It was a Corpse Lase of mediocrity peppered with Dia ague into which a. Couple of of ice Lac actors Michael Rennie and nip torn were poured and mowed to fend for themselves. 31, f course did t work out. There is n lesson in the Holdup f Pursuit and it is a very graspable one. It is that the hat is lavished on stars my rat Nore profitably be spent on writ Good writers who Aren t work is in the medium right now. I am not Ink lip about the Cuil Knors and Hemingway who Pavc probably priced items Clec out of the to Arena. T do sue Gest though that the to program Viers Wake up to the fact that w possess a number of Fine Lames like Saul Bellow Bernar v . Steel hour but the play Dai him Ous was a odder air piece. Elections Are Bis to this week Richard Boone of mixed up in one inst satyr a on lbs to s have gun will travel and wednesday neg he Gene Barry messed around Ullh one on s by to s Bat Masterson. The Chi Imil swim lbs to Uny turn its monthly hour series Conquest into a half hour weekly affair. There s a Good Chance Abc to will shift us Friday night Sll cry Queen show from the West Insl to the East coast i so Lucre 11 probably be a replacement or George Nader who plays the title role and who Lias Oiler com ill meals in Hollywood. Word has leaked out that Bernstein of Abc s omnibus has von a Sylv Nln award for his in Leal contribution to to it la be noun cd in a week or so. Trio Abc to cops and robbers show naked City Hart us Manhattan of ices filled Over the past week end. Abc to s rough riders Vilch will soon undergo formal changes had us lease renewed pro Isikli september. I irks Levy producer of lbs to s december Bride will play a bit role in the feb. 12 episode he wants his Mother who is bed Ridden in Philadelphia to gel a look at him. The Cut off duty for Milton Berle on Abc to ills Seii son is May 4. Fredric March will Host Abc to s Hamlet Abc to tape the Gian Carlo Mono Ltd opera Maria Golovin on Jan. 4 for use on a two hour col Orcas this Spring. A Malamud Jean Stafford j. Powers immediately mind Olio Aren t working the to Field. I suggest Hal they might even be overpaid to coax them in. Competent actors Are available by the scores. Good writers How Ever arc not. It s lust possible that the cockeyed economics of to Are partly responsible for the anaemia of its entertainments. Short shots Viveca Lindfors and Torin Thatcher weighed in Wilh solid performances on lbs Wise supervisors approve payment toward Airport flue trouble we have tue answer Shur Flo draft inducer installed at flue guaranteed to work or no charge Southern Sheet Metal works 334 e. Sullivan i 5-1241 ?-35 3 -20 8 4b 9 00 d -05 10 00 11 00 1 Oft 12 00 1 co 3 30 Las j of 3 of Ulo Oro Timir news news kept Crlin Ditl Tina. Ernie shot Meulli term news u Tolfe serenade Nawf my Tnie Slort news Hanri Riand Newi new. Lunch cod Mulc news lunch cod music news Melody fair news Doii am Che Ono mans a mlle a ctn let novt a Albi in Toner woman id inuit r i n o attention. Adva Neci Mailo ten chars Nice raid Mifko motive 6. 6 3" 6 35 6 i. ".00 1 30 8 00 x 30 b to p 30 11.00 12 22 4i 8 30 6 5j b of ll-00 11 .55 12-00 12 a 12-29 12 30 1 29 2 -00 2 15 2-29 2-30 2.45 2.55 .1 no 3.Iii 3 2p 3 10 3 m 4 in 4 4 up Toast coffer Toast pc Collee news weather obituary column Hll Parade 5wap shop Renbo ill Parade news a Caincr Public service 1-111 Parade news help Nellt Dahl to the he blk -nct.-s, Hil Parade news Lii Rhelta Hll Parade -5cou qty. Jamb. News pc weather Gas pc song time gospel song Der Naivs gospel Sony time Triin. Jam Burch news. A Calliper Tenn. Lair top ten Bip top ten news pc die top ten dip ton ten news Helph Lichts rec top ten dec top ten ncw5 it Oral her hip top ten top trn i a tar i Mirl or null a null or in a 1 30 i 35 . .v3fl-Fiorn or i for a Raj 9 15 p 30 in co ii p1 11 in 12 in 12 10 12 i Ftp 1 05 i 15 to a Cimon pump eco dec ski Lon i Lar Der Cmor Pirido Hawk a Zann orm the Ter 90 it David it of. Sorn Oil Niimi sikh on Warrn frn a a re porn Dow Niloff Zuncic Hank Tol or time 1 Lucy Titi Lair n Lily Starrh Myrhl ens jul shot Jop Eim Crenn Al Turai i 5 top t in file top ten incan weather Hou Cir it blues Loo pc a. Dine-1 new Hinl splits top ten Gyb to Bristol r or Malone from i Csc 4 00-Ciuccn a Ocy 4 co univ Mir Loonry run s up Crinan i of Ponce a min c "5 colonel g "0 erf of c--15 Mac Whistler Home improvement company 952 e. Sullivan Street cd 5-g103 fiberglas blown insulation liable Pitcher Orange storm windows Ceramic tile terrazzo floors Reynolds aluminium awnings Cha financed t o payment representatives i aul muscle cd 5-1118 11. S. Short cd 5-zg32 Uon l re fall to fur do Lucre service Illel cd 5-1577 Jimmy Pepper s Texas steer a mlle nil Dell Vert Surv err cling of 8 co 8 30 in 00 b 30 10 00 11 no 11-10 m 15 12 30 6.15 lir Lawman it could no you raiders Ernie Ford you Del your life a tire 5-Ncvf final 5-Spori? Al nil inv slur of Nimat cuio7 Tysl full can div Linn 7 10 today t. Loral no 11 10 in Curt 10 in Rutht it 11 fit the prior Mirr nor 13 of tar Tor 1 Ria hons or Conie or Yon men lose weight Guild Muscles Kali car. Tension our or pram Complete gym room3 swed Iii Mashatt Oiin Nihil in i if Dinsler Velill or anrim1 n -311 kv1.i manat l Kingsport athletic club inc. 20115 w. I Maricl St., i 5-8071 untold Story behind the wests strangest legend the Story of a boy s fierce his courage and of an adventure that flamed to a Climax that violent Day at the Little big Horn Disney Psi in m ibis s. Few Wra starts Friday Wise supervisors approved payment of More than on the Cumberland Airport project it their regular meeting Here tues Day. That was the balance of the amount appropriated for the years 1958 and 1953. The total amount appropriated was the last of the appropriation approved for Paymen was a Resolution was passed request ing that the stale pay the alcoholic beverage control fund quarterly rather than annually which is now the policy. The Money Over the state on a per capita basis amounts to about of Wise comity. Officials sold some other coun ties and owns in the stale hav made similar request to the state doctor c. E. Swecker of Wise has been employed on a temper Ary basis As Cumy jail physician he replaces or. N. P. Hicks Ali died recently. 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Own your share of american business Mecar Lewico. 228 St. Kentucky news Frankfort by. and Forstel ii need a iwo Day meeting Widnes a designed to promote closer Deral Slius cooperation to help and owners. An estimated 243.000 persons own p5 per cent of Ken Lucky s Forest land. Or Harlan by. In Caius to seven towns Cut off temporarily when four f r e i g i t ars derailed near Here tuesday ight have been restored. Service Vas disrupted Between Harlan Benham Lynch Hazard Pike Cumberland and whales Surg. Lexington. By. F East Ern Sute Hospital will set up an it patient service designed to re Duce its population. Included in e plans for a therapy program which would permit a aliens spend nights it Home and Days the Hospital. Louisville by. Tolje Kentucky negro journal believed to be the first which lists current achievement. Of negroes in Ken Tucky has been published Here. Francfort by. Sen. We Riel p. Van Hoose of Tutor key will seek the Republican nomination for Railroad commissioner in the third District comprising 44 Eastern Kentucky counties. A a. Api Rob Ert g. Breeding mayor of Moll cello and president of the Peoples tale Bank died at Home tues Day night. He was 69. Harlan. By. The Mur Der cases of Deputy sheriffs Dan Hall 53, and his son. Francis Hall. 19. Were continued to the March term of Harl i circuit court. They arc charged in Ilir fatal Shooli last fall of Arthur Wynn 1c, at Verda. Paducah. By. Official will spend s7.900 for a preliminary appraisal of a unlucky utile pics co. Power system Here. They want to find out if it i Casio la to buy the facilities. Kun s franchise expires in March. Louisville. By. Or Bruce Hoblik Cluj has Indica Lod he still favors a statewide vehicle inspection system instead of a. Pilot project in Louisville. He said he doubled the assertion that i a by slim would Calculi on elsewhere in Kentucky if tried Here first. By. Lection of n jury continued today in the murder trial of Mack Oli ver 20. Charged with Llic fatal shooting of Conley Potter last no vember. About 135 prospective jurors were examined wednesday and eight were chosen. 1 Dionici is Iii a car. Sent me your free Book let. Investment name address ally Harlan. Executive director of Ilic Kentucky regional planning i Sion says Eastern Kentucky would not Benefit greatly from Naid to do Pressor Arcas now before Congress. John d. Who Sunn of Hazard said the measure is Pri Marily Lor Urban areas

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