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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1959, Page 1

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 15, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeWho be Orfo Don t know will Hurt them Kingsport times traffic in 59 City county a Tatum in urto vol. Oliy no. 11 Kingsport tenn., thursday january 20 five Cenajko is safer lao Iti Driver. May alter for reunification assure West germans of . Stand by John m. Hightower Washington 11v-the United slates has reassured West Germany that it is standing the time being Al the policy of seeking German reunification through free All German elections. Official statements however did not Rule out the possibility of future revision of this policy. The West German government of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer sought More information after Secretary of slate John Foster Dulles told a news conference that free elections were the natural method but not the Only possible Way of niergir.? the two parts of Germany into a single nation again. This was interpreted As meaning that the stand Lor free elections might be modified if some other practical Avenue to unification opened up in Prospect love negotiations with the soviet Union. It is understood that various new ideas relating to the German problem Are under discussion in the slate department even though All in the end could be discarded. West German ambassador wll Helm Grewe and Herbert Siltmann. Top ranking emissary from the German for eign office conferred with Dulles for an hour wednes Day. Grewe then issued this statement saying thai it had Dulles full approval the Secretary reaffirmed that it is the policy of Hie United states government to seek re unification of Germany through free state department press officer Lincoln White also is sued a statement saying there is no change. In United slates position of support for free elections As the Best and most logical method of achieving a True and workable reunification of the soviets Are advocating a German settlement which would demilitarized and isolate that nation As a Buffer zone in Central Europe. As Dulles had done earlier. President Eisenhower denounced the soviet plan wednesday and called it an exercise in the germans arc too Strong and Active a people to accept such a status he indicated. But he offered the soviets any Assurance any material moves to show that there is no danger from these German people and they should t insist on isolating republicans Ike ready for demo attacks plan greeting guest speaker soviet Deputy Premier Anastas Mikoyan left shakes hands with or. Gabriel 11auoe, chairman of the finance committee of the manufacturers Trust company at reception in Wal corf Astoria last a polio Lolax night. In Center is Mohammed Alt Currim Chagla Indian ambassador to the . Mikoyan was principal speaker at dinner Given by the eco nomic club of new York. Mikoyan makes russian big impression Ivy Thomas r. Whitney new Vork a that Gnyla gasped the Veteran West coast reporter there was that one Little kid with a big red base Ball Cap in the whole crowd. This Mikoyan no More gets out the door than he spots and goes right Over to Pat on the head. A the cameras went off at the scene had taken place at Torino s restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard in los Angeles. to Detroit an exhausted reporter at the a Long Day Sank into his chair it the office if Mickey Mantle could Only have the Lees this Guy Hus got he must have walked 10 Miles today through a those Auto plants. And he s 63 years old at the Lincoln electric co. Plant in Cleveland Mikoyan slopped to Chat with a worker who spoke a bit of russian. Atter a Brief but cordial Exchange Mikoyan extended his hand to give a warm clasp and said and please do re member to give my very Best wishes to your father and at a news conference at the ambassador hotel in los. Angeles a correspondent asked a ticklish question How is it that you have managed to survive through four governments of the soviet Union when others have fast Avila answers without a Flicker of an eyelash Mikoyan reply did t i say before that i thought i was fortunate All these anal dozens of other incidents illustrate one fad about Anastis i. Mikoyan. He lakes to political campaigning like a Duck to water. He has a Gill for doing exactly the right thing at the right time in order to win Over his audience or grab the stage. He loves being in the limelight. And he does t mind an Uphill struggle. The Mikoyan technique includes humor frankness reasonableness a warmly human approach and unperturbed solidity in the face of open hostility. The weather u rom v. S. N Esthrr Murrau Altro Cubics air peril Kjor Sporl Nanri Vicinity mostly Cloudy Nanri my no tills afternoon Rall Rorri Rii Owers und Husli Llic up scr. Sos. Much colder in till lit with ii Phi ruin in mini in Snow Ilner Kcf. Low in the Middle 30s. Friday Consold Ranbir cloudiness Windy cold with Liciu Morf tour inc inc any. A Lii around 30. Outlook for slur dry. Partly Cloudy Lofner Nurt continued cold. Holch yrs crony. 43 it his Moraln 35. Temperatures or sir Wilaj Tod 11 . 4 mind Lyhl 12 noon Hui 1 1 . M 2 . 2 . 4b 3 . 3 . 45 4 n in. 4 . 47 5 a in. 5 . 47 6 . 6 . 4" 1 . 7 . 46 8 . 8 . 45 9 . P . 43 10 pm. Of . 47 j . 11 . Precipitation Ian 34 Nils month. Pc Clelta Lon ills Yrne. .71. Today s skies jambs l. New York up the spectacular touch and go visit of so Viet Deputy Premier Anastas i. Mikoyan to new York City neared in end today Wlllie another rugged schedule on the Agenda for the soviet Union s top Russia s 03-year-old Deputy pre Mier was billed to Lour the head quarters of the United nations scene of Many a soviet Velo where he was to be interviewed at noon and to Allend a reception Elliis evening at the Council on for eign relations before departing from Pennsylvania station at mid night for Washington to see presi Dent Eisenhower. But whal else Mikoyan will do during tile Day. Nobody knows. To Llic dismay of the of police guarding film. There is no a Ellini where lie will suddenly decide to to. Since arriving in new York worker Dies of in Accident Memphis 34-year-old worker died night of injuries received in the collapse of i partially built rail tend overpass near suburban Arlington. Travis Crawford of Beech Ull Lff tcjjn., died of Chest injuries in a Memphis Hospital. Crawford was one of a workmen injured tuesday when lie caved in. Put string them and a. Tangled inns of fresh con Crete a Eccl and limbers to the track 25 feet a claw. of those Hurt still arc under Hospital treat ment. The cause of the collapse has not been determined by stale Highway department investigators. E has been gelling More mileage Lan almost any visiting dignitary Ishin memory. Dines with Bankers in the past 24 hours Mikoyan As matched wits and exchanged lews with some of America s est capitalistic brains at a ban get o the economic club at the Valdorf Astoria hotel. Mid sipped Ameri an made Vodka with 16 prominent lushness political leaders at the ionic of sex gov. Averell Harri Nan former . Ambassador to Russia. With Wall Street tankers on the 50th floor of a i Lancial District skyscraper. Mucy s department store where he looked at a very Hing from Kitchen pots to Frozen meats and seemed especially Cap Iva led by synthetics and modern uru iture. Under the personal supervision of police commissioner Stephen p. Kennedy new York s finest it on a great show protecting Mikoyan everywhere he went. Wailing sirens and chugging to or cycles have become a familiar sight in Manhattan. Makes Trade plea no disturbing incidents have Narrod Mikoyan s visit although pickets in Llic Wall Street District carried placards Reading Bank ers lock the safes Mikoyan is and cops Here is your Chance to catch world s no. 1 Bank in Bis contacts with merchants industrialists and Bankers. Mikoy do voted his Selling ability to spreading Good will and better feeling for the soviet Union. His Demeanour is smiling suave and ingratiating. Spanking before prominent citizens at the economic club Din Ner wednesday night Mikoyan made a plea Lor increased Trade Between the United Stales and the soviet Union. He Cal did this coun try by saying that today businessmen have to hire a group of lawyers to find out what they can and can t sell by Edwin b. Haak1nson Washington a presi Dent Eisenhower and top a club Lincun spokesmen appeared ready today with n lighting defense of the administration s space mis Sile and Security Prosi runs. Key leaders in the new and heavily democratic Congress Al ready have promised searching and critical Inlo Al phases of the Eisenhower defense policies and programs. Invited investigation vice1 president Richard m. Nix on has indirectly invited such an investigation and cd pressed to Fel Low republicans Confidence thai the programs will stand up Undi the scrutiny. Both the president and the nov. Republican Senate Leader Evert m. Dirksen of Illinois dec net the program publicly wednesday Eisenhower told a Valiona press club luncheon that this country had made remarkable Progress in the Field of Long Range missiles Aslo the soviet s accomplish cents in this Field lie .s.ild, if we did not believe that they were 5omewhat head in certain phases we would indeed be a Little stupid because they have been working for Many Cid Mir or ent work in this Field on the Long missile was started Only something like four years about the time Eisenhower was Castro orders trials executions be resumed for Batista followers would fight whole world re Leader says speaking Dirksen replied in the Senate to sen. Slu Aii Symington who said monday the administration is trying to Lull pc pie into a state of complacency not justified by the Symington was Secretary of the air Force under former president Truman and Haj been a frequent critic of defense policies. Dirksen suggested that Symington or some other Truman administration spokesman should admit publicly. That for six years while our missile programs were virtually nonexistent the Sovie program was going Forward Ful tills accounted for ony la be Hind the soviets Dirksen contended. He quoted statements of or Werner von by aun Grinan Bon army missiles expert to support that con ont on. Six sailors die i truck wreck Pensacola Fla. Up Stop sign Vlola lion was blamed i Day for a iwo Ruck Coll Sio which left six sailors dead an two others in critical condition. The Highway patrol Navy carry All vehicle run 11 Stop at about 50 Miles a hour wednesday before slammed into a tractor trailer loaded with canned Orange juice. The truck Driver escaped injury and a ninth Sailor was reported in Good condition. The Navy truck was resuming a working party at barn Field in Foley. Ala., to its Home base in nearby Whiting fired the crash Oraivej it Chr. Inter i by ii acis l. Mccarthy Havana firing squads were Active throughout Cuba at Trawn again today but authorities in Havana said to no. 1 War criminal of the Batista regime temporarily had escaped revolutionary Justice the Lenorls said Gen. Us nolo Cantillo Hall born Hosp for an Nanri Ulm for Slom cd ulcers. Fidel in Sorn hns a Luscri of a Troub Lynross Foi a lowing sex president fule Encl Alstn and his principal Bench in to Fopp. At the same Lime Llic govern Lent announced the first step to Yards demobilization of. The civil an army which broke the Mil Ary and presented Cuba with its first citizen Presl-1 ent in six years. Trial and execution of War Irlam nals was reported inter unwed throughout most of Cuba wednes div 19 morn were ecu Gri by firing squads wednes a morning. Today the trials and executions resumed and Castro pledged they Vouri continue until the last of he Batista assassins arc shot. Several thousand sur Jewls Are in nil 60q of them in Havana. Among the Golf taken to Cabana was , who at Emp led personal peacemaking negotiations with Castro a few flays Ballista s flight and who headed a Short lived Junta Arno Iier Llic first ordered to fact1 is firing squad today former army capt. Isidore Lopez whose trial and conviction was witnessed monday by a up correspondent at the town of Colon in Matanzas province. Capt. Julio Cuba Plano. Colon commandant of the Fidel Castro forces said with apologies earner amen would be barred from the execution on orders from highe Headquarters. But he added that All new Semi were Welcome to additional trial under his command. A govern ment spokesman in Havana Indi a similar pattern would up ply during the trials of Coo imprisoned in Cabana fortress in Havana and the additional thoth a Phol fax Montague with dejectedly with his hand on his head at a witness table in the court of appeals in St. Louis is Charles k. Montague. In front of arc two bottles of pills which his attorney claims police refused to Lei take during questioning in connection with the sadistic slaying of his wife. Montague s Hareas Corpus hearing was resumed today and he was put in temporary custody of a menial Hospital. De Gaulle Debre outline program to parliament by Harvey Hudson Paris Charles de Gaulle opened the first nation Al Assembly of the fifth Republic today with n pledge to work toward a political solution in Algeria through Universal suffrage. De Gaulle s generalized Mes Sage read to the Assembly by its Presl Dent Jacques Chaban Del Mas clearly implied More elections or referendums in Tho Trou bled North african territory where1 a rebellion has raged for four years a prerequisite to too expression of Universal suffrage de Gaulle said was the pacification and eco Noble transformation of Algeria. Following de Nulle s Brief speech newly named Premier Michel Debre presented to packed chamber the program of his new program supporting the Western Alliance but clearly demanding a bigger voice for France. I Tho deputies stood while Chapati Delmas rend a Gaulle s statement. Do Gaulle called for Bly to put aside the that. Weakened. He old fourth Republic and finally about a rigorous putting in order of necessary in All which touch upon our National de Gaulle said the Assembly was to get its first Chance to discuss government policies after months of. De Gaulle s one Man Rule before Debre Calls for a his pro the Constitution of the new fifth Republic does not require Jarl la Centary approval of de. Bre s new government. He ached used the session to hear his pro Gram out of politeness and sought the. Confidence vote Only As a mat Ter of principle. There was Debre s program being rejected since a big majority of deputies were elected As de. Gaulle supporters. And the Cabinet could be overthrown Only if a majority of the had agreed in. Advance on a new Premier. The Assembly had Niet briefly last Mouth to elect officers no further political discussions will be allowed until the regular three month Spring session begins in april. Us Sands awaiting revolutionary jus Tice in other cities. The trials and executions were interrupted briefly to permit authorities to make their trial procedures uniform. The trials and executions were resumed on orders of Fidel Cas Tro who said his revolutionary government would continue them inexorably. He told a newsman in the lobby Sun sri today tomorrow Moon sri Lamarro Fri i quasi or visit up planets . . To m. Friday four Bills Are ready for legislature action Nashville two Mas i organization urls to Clear the Way for Cabinet Brief Sessio during wednesday s Ion with the announce appointments by of committee assignments Ford Ellington were expected Loi the Ellington administration reach the governor s desk Lod Yaj floor leaders Ucic named chair As the legislature continued Lisl Man and vice chairman of pre inaugural Lull. The Bills came up passage in the . One measure would remove the 60-year age limit for the slate adjutant general. The other would eliminate the requirement that i influential Calendar committees for final i these commit Ces determine which Bills will be called to the floor each Day Lor action. Sens. Waller h. Haynes win Chester and Richard Moore. New born. Became chairman and vice the slate insurance and respectively of the up my about nine Miles Northwest of Phi Iscola. Traffic was held up for about 30 my nulls while the Mountain of canned Juico was cleared away. Killed in the air Man Willym m. Ham mond. 18. Of Florida Park. N. A airman apprentice Michael g. Mcmahon. 18. Madison. Wis. Airman apr Clicc Frederick e. Bates. 18. Pasadena. My store keeper 2c Richard j. . 20. Driver of the Navy vehicle. Silver Soring. My. Airman Adpar Clicc Darcey t. Parrilla. 18. my and airman apprentice Thomas j. Ragsdale. 18. Gas City. Into. Airman apr Colic Clores i Trent in Kansas t o. An-1 airman Thomas Ilni Lcy. 13 St. Tiki is War in Ron Dilican. In a oort air non Chester b. Sul Rii so. 18. In Leronn. In. Roberl Kratli 30, Kin Wood. Calif., Driver of Llic troc Lor Traller. So id lie saw the carry All approaching the Slop sign Bill the hold Hilton there had by ii no order to suspend the trials or executions and that his govern ment would the whole world if it hns to 10 Nelc out Justice to the Batista orders judge cited for contempt of court Montgomery Ala. A u. S. Disc. Judge Frank m. John-1 son or. Today ordered circuit judge George c. Wallace cited for criminal contempt of court for failure to comply with an order to produce voter registration rec ords Lor the civil rights commis Sion. Justice department attorneys were directed by Johnson to Institute contempt proceedings As soon As possible. Johnson s action came after the commission reported in was Able in inspect registration records in Harbour and Bullock counties do what ii. Called dilatory tactics used by Wallace. In turning he records Over to grand juries in the two counties instead of to he commission. The Federal judge ruled that Al though inc purpose of his order to Wallace to produce the records was carried out when the grand juries allowed Federal agents to look at Ihm the 39-year-old Ala Bama judge must answer for his defiant action. Grand juries of Barbour and Bullock counties which Wallace hurriedly empanelled this week and to which he gave the records made Iho files available for inspection. Wallace told the jurors they could do what they wanted to with the records. Johnson in full control As demos move ahead with party programs by Jack Bali Washington api sen. Lyn commissioner have live years experience As a general insurance spent. Both Bills cleared he go the same a sign without difficulty. I in rats in the House. Per chamber s Calendar commit tee. Reps. James Woodbury. And William l. Barry. Were to i Ellen Lon has tabbed Hilton but Knur senators introduced a Bill when i Fau try weren t. I tried to put on my brakes but it wan ton Lale. Ali arc was Aoi Ains i could he said. Don b. Johnson id taxi lie id a taut today on the Senate party with Johnson in full command As majority Leader. Democrats parcelled oui Luicir committee As Slyn Nants wednesday. Republicans arc expected to have their assignment completed in time Lor approval by the Senate on Satur Day. That would permit Organiza Tion of individual committees next i week. Is in Gss -. Pitch Loa in Sou Hrar to 10 much bal Chlor Tiern. Rosr . I ail slant Nerti comp Irrl Kin import times ily Mallcy a her now stale safety commission for the adjutant general s Post. Butler will be 61 in May the governor elect has not indicated who he will name insurance commissioner. Both to lower Hie age of i us i uni tin. I f in from 21 to Ouy Jet airliners an Are Sinrat Sipics of new Hampshire. Chairman of lir gop policy com . Won Senate a of Cal Arcles of the houses completed their Isaila tin. 18 years. Tile sponsors were Sens. T. M. Cou Urr. Knoxville Charles Eblon. Lenoir City Allen o Brien. Springfield and Thomas Beyers. Important Rimini Isaccs Amli democrats added i cd Anirina to Iii party ratios to Troup included sea -. A arcs Linin who supported his successful Effort Elliis week to com Promise the tight Over the sen ate s filibuster Rule. One of these. Sen. Robert c. Borci of West Virginia. Rot two major com mulch places on appropriation and banking an Al Noil unprecedented attainment for a freshman. Thomas j. of Connecticut and Gale my arc of Wyoming who supported Johnson s Compromise also Drew appropriations Coin Milter assignments. The appropriations committee which handles All of the Money Bills was enlarged to 21 members ii orc than n fourth of the son ale s loin of h3. Dunno costs added of the Alan Bible Atlanta up ii crib air lines announced wednesday night i conform wild the in Cuil Nepf Nevada esies Kefauver of ten democrats and 3 Republican in Cusce. A. S. Mike Monr Oncy of Johnson s of Liis Oklahoma and John Sec Nils of it will borrow co million members appeared to re-1 Mississippi. Of Purchase 16 Jet airliners. Ward some of the democratic i sen. Frank Church of Idaho. A new Jersey. .1 Strong Johnson Backer won a coveted place on the foreign re la Lions committee. Other party vacancies on that group were filled by Sens. Albert Gore of ten Nessee and Frank Lausche of Ohio. Sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy of Minnesota formerly a member of the House ways and Means com Miller won a place on the tax handling finance committee. Mccarthy opposed Johnson s rules Compromise. Sen. R. Vance Hart pc of Indiana who backed John son and sen. Herman Talmadge of Georgia also won places on this committee. Three Siron supporters of Orand cd labor were assigned .1 new members of Tho labor com they were Joseph s. Clarkjr. Of Pennsylvania Jen Olnas Randolph of West Virginia and Harrison a. Williams or. Of in strike by the associated press the nation s largest strike involving International Hai Vesler co. Workers appeared near an end today but a forecast of widespread walkouts in the 611 Industry darkened the labor picture negotiators for the Harvester. Company and the striking United Auto workers have reached an agreement on a three year con tract. The Union s Harvester Couitt cil meets Friday to vote on the terms and ratification appeared Likely ending the costly two month strike. The walkout involved the big farm implement firm s 25 Factor ies Transfer Points and depots. On the debit Side of the labor news 0. A. Knight president the Oil chemical and atomic workers with a membership of 105.000 in the Oil Industry said widespread strikes arc Likely to develop Early next week. Knight s prediction came As fed eral mediators in Kansas City re ported no Progress in contract talks Between the Sinclair Oil co. And the Union representing of ils workers strike notices which expire at Midnight saturday have been filed with Sinclair and most of the 600 individual Oil plants with which the Union has contracts. The Sinclair contract is the Only one negotiated on n nationwide basis in the Oil Industry by the Union but it usually sets the Patr Tern for other contracts on a Plant by Plant basis. The Union has asked for a wage hike of 25 cents an hour or 21 cents an hour plus fringe benefits. Sinclair has not offered a wage increase. Tho average wage now is an hour. In other labor disputes the no lion s longest strike involves 13. 000 employees in seven Plant no lie Pittsburgh plate class Federal mediators air a Philadelphia with of the company and the Tolciss and Ceramic workers Union in cd forms to end the which started last oct. 0,

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