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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 15, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee20 thursday Jan. 15, 1953 Kingsport times patrol continued from Page 1 quire ments for patrol appoint ments. General order number four deals with personnel and includes the following items inspector James t. Gill car Thage is dismissed and the appointment of Paul Lilly Knox Trille a former member of the patrol As acting inspector is announced. Office of chief of the Highway patrol is abolished and those duties will be assumed personally by the commissioner of safety in the interest of strict disciplinary control As Well As 3ch interest of Economy of administration. The office of assistant in Spector of the patrol is abolished. The incumbent John t. Fields of Nashville is reduced to ser Geant and will be reassigned. Reduction of the number of patrol districts is reduced from eight to five. To accomplish this in the interest of Economy and efficient administration the Fol lowing changes Are effective to Day and others will follow the Kingsport District and death notices Walker h. Stuffle Walker h. Stuffle 80, one of this Section s oldest residents died at 3 . Wednesday at the farm Home in the Vermont Sec Tion on Bloomingdale Road where he was born. Or. Stuffle As a lifelong Fanner had threshed wheat and Cut Timber Over much of the area that is now Kingsport with a Yoke of oxen pulling his thresh ing and logging equipment from place to place Over the marshy ground. His wife died december 7, 1951. Surviving Are four sons Mckinley Sid Emmett and Bruce Stuffle All of the Vermont Community eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren. One grandson Billy Stuffle is in the army stationed in Austria and another Sneed recently re turned from a tour of duty in Korea. Funeral will be at 2 . Fri Day at Vermont methodist Church conducted by the Rev. Frank c. Mason the Rev. W. R. Dillon and the Rev. J. P. Little. Burial will be in the Stuffle Douglass the Knoxville District Are con family cemetery sol dated. Cap. John Davis of pallbearers will be Cliff Clay Kingsport is dismissed. Capt. Man Carl Sneed Hugh Harkle George Burdette of Knoxville Road Jim Wilcox Kemp pier will assume for the time being son j. Hap Wolfe c. B. Miller command of both districts. The Cooksville District is consolidated with the Chattanooga District. Capt. Dick Webb of Chattanooga will assume and Vernon Miller. The body will be returned to the Home at 5 . Thursday from Hamlett Dobson funeral Home. Ligand of Boht districts. Capt. Joe Mand of both districts. Capt. Joe to lieutenant. The Nashville District is consolidated with the Lawrenceburg District. Capt. Gregg o rear of g. Hammond Glade Spring a. I. G. Hammond 55, of Glade Spring died of a heart attack in Washington wednesday. He had Lawrenceburg will assume Heen Hospital Mand of both districts. Capt. L. A. Mayfield of Clarksville is reduced to sergeant and will be transferred. It. G. Fite of Nashville is dismissed. Dimes fund Campaign Kingsport s 750 parking meters have gone to work for the March of dimes according to City survivors include her husband manager d. W. Moulton. All Hershel Carter nine sons dimes dropped in the meters j Emory of Richmond a. Mon during the remainder of Janu Roe Clyde Johnny and Garnet a by the March of dimes month Jall of Rye Cove Howard Kings be turned Over to the fight against polio. In Baltimore for an examination and was returning Home at the time of the attack. Surviving his widow mrs. Leona Glade Mckee Spring Hammond of one son Bob Hammond also of Glade Spring one daughter mrs. Carl Garri son Alexandria a. One brother Omer Hammond of Stonega one sister mrs. W. Haynes of Kingsport. Mrs. Evalyn Carter Rye Cove a. Spa mrs. Evalyn Carter 77, died at 10 . Wednesday at her Home Here. As usual dimes will not Actu ate the meters which Are adapted for a diet of Nickels and pennies so they cannot Pur Chase parking space. They can however according to or. Moul ton buy patient care for polio victims and contribute to the search for a preventative for the dread crippling disease. The City government has chosen this method of lending its support to the March of the City manager said and we sincerely Hope that very person parking his car in Kingsport during january drop that extra dime in will the meter along with his Nickel or port Claude Bastian a. And Barney Carter Wharton w. A. Two Sisters mrs. Ann Mcnew Mabe. Va., and mrs. Jack Miller Rye Cove 28 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Funeral will be at Home at 11 . Friday with the Rev. Nath King officiating. Burial will be in the family cemetery. Spies continued from Page 1 ural Zed in this country Early in 1943. Verber 31, served As a second lieutenant in the u. S. Army during world War ii and was a member of a military Intel he explained that a few dimes Are deposited every week by mis after the War he was pm key republicans split wage Price controls Capehart Wolcott differ on need for economic controls Washington key republicans disagreed today Over whether to give the incoming Eisenhower administration standby Power to control prices and wages. Chairman Capehart of or sources began Olling in Rhee the Senate banking committee continued from Page 1 waiting for the presidency to be handed to him or. Douglass said. Emergency tactics employed by Rhee to combat the forces work ing against him included the declaration of martial Law and wholesale arrest of members of the hostile National Assembly or. Douglass pointed out. Rhee suggested that Wear rest enough members so that a quorum would t be present to elect or. Douglass said. Against the advice of his Legal Counselor an estimated 41 Mem Bers of the National Assembly were arrested and imprisoned under the authority of martial Law he said. When repercussions from in governments churches and oth ordered a few members re leased. Before the situation was re solved by the calling of a National election by the National Assembly in August and Rhee s re election by a Large popular vote the 77-year-old president had barely escaped assassination. According to or. Douglass s version of the assassination at tempt Rhee escaped death while speaking at a mass meeting when the would be killer s gun failed to fire. He said the would be Assassin had been sitting near the presi Dent and had taken the gun from under his hat. Later the National Assembly Man who gave the would be As Sassin the gun apologized to Rhee or. Douglass said. Or. Douglass said an attempted coup by Chang in which he hoped to establish himself As head of the government by pub Lic proclamation failed when an army doctor encountered the korean As he tried to leave the Hospital. He added that the doctor was later relieved of his duty at the Hospital for doing his or. Douglass gave associated press reporters in Korea a share of credit in solving the political situation. He said the a boys came up with a suggestion to dissolve the National Assembly and hold a National plebiscite for the presi Dency. When Rhee declared martial Law during the political Campaign the problem of what con said he favored enactment of standby controls to operate for the duration of the korean but chairman Wolcott r Mich of the House banking committee in a separate inter View said such Powers Are not needed and would swing like a sword Over the head of the two banking committees handle economic controls Bills in Congress. This conflict developed in the Wake of president Truman s final major message to Page annual economic report from the president and his three Man Council of economic advisors. Republican congressmen generally thrust aside most of tru Man s parting report and said they look for president elect Eisenhower to guide the nation to a stable Prosperity not based on but democrats who specialize in economic affairs praised the report and said gop economic policies of the past 2d years if put into effect now would pitch the country into an economic tailspin. On controls most republicans and Many democrats said they expect wage Price curbs to die no later than april 30, when the present controls Law expires. Thus the big question was whether Legal machinery should be provided for restoring controls should a spurt of inflation threaten the Economy. First customer of Kingsport s new Little store was b. O. Brown of 1117 Cherry Street. Rosa Mead is at the counter checking Brown s purchases. A record breaking crowd attended the grand opening of the store with cars filling the ample parking lot in front of the store As Well As the extra lot provided. Times news photo by Gretchen Whisnant Clement continued from Page 1 afford to produce men and material for War we can afford to produce for he put Tennessee into the Pic Ture by saying America cannot be the Leader she could be other Wise unless she has the moral and the spiritual Power and the economic benefits which Tennes see can and should Clement said a yardstick by which his work As governor could be judged would be among other things that men who try and fail Are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed. He said also that ideals Are like will not succeed in touching them with our hands but we choose them As our guides. The inaugural ceremony Fol Lowed a Church service. Clement was to install his Cabinet this afternoon and to attend an in influenza continued from Page 1 ing infections Florida Tenner hats continued from Page 1 and tails for the tuesday night see Indiana Southern Illinois j inaugural Ball was something Iowa and the upper great lakes else area reported Large numbers of Correct of isaid Milton Stem present head Tiu cases. J of an old establishment which in those areas military instal has rented and sold formal at lations were generally ordering tire Here since the Days of presi inoculations for servicemen. All i Dent William Howard Taft. But men at Selfridge air Force then he s the person who will be base in Michigan were getting vaccine staring today. The Homburg Stein said is or. L. M. Graves proper for Wear with the Tuxedo tenn., and Shelby county j dinner jacket. White tie and tails health commissioner said an outbreak of epidemic proportions has affected More than of Shelby county s students. Dozens of schools were closed most of them in Texas and Oklahoma. Aug ural reception and dance to night. Call every time for top that is if you want to be really correctly moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. Assembly continued from Paf e 1 Gress to turn Down any plan to turn the Tennessee Valley. Authority Over to private interests. In response to a report a to a Transfer is being considered in Washington the local Resolution said such a move would destroy the to a As a Public Agency serv ing All the people and it a vehicle for private the Senate adopted a Resolution naming state Highway 134 from Gill term., to the Georgia line in Honor of j. E. Clouse sr., of Whiteside. Senators also approved a move by sen. Sterling Roberts d Kingston and others to create a committee to review state text books to eliminate socialistic and communistic propaganda from the texts. Other Bills introduced in the Senate include a measure by sen. E. B. Bowles allowing taxpayers to pay under protest then sue to recover with out waiting issuance of a Dis Tress warrant. Another would provide for forfeiture of to arresting officers by Drivers arrested after driving licenses has been revoked. Legislation introduced in the House yesterday included Bills to Amend sections of the code dealing with counter actions by rep. Hewitt Tomlin Jackson prohibit the Sale or discharge of fireworks in Tennessee except at Public exhibitions exclude charitable organizations from paying local Beer tax another bringing stiffer penalties for Drunken driving and a third giving a monthly teachers who rave reached the age of 75 and who have taught for. At least 25 years. Cherokee Monument co. W. Center it Shelby its. In Arlen for Nett direct Aid . All and Mitt Lal iced. Clay e. Both. Owner near clip Hall statute a martial Law and How to the Truman report cautioned enforce it arose or. Douglass against premature lifting of con said. There was t a single tools. It cited rapid Price rises m arguing that on martial Law in or. Standby Powers Are needed in Douglass said. So Rhee decided these tense times to enforce it in his own Way. He ordered everyone to be in bed by 9 . This displeased the military but it was . For Rhee who was always in bed an hour and a half when nine o clock came or. Douglass described As Sim ple the Home life of the presi Dent and his wife. He painted a picture of a Little White haired korean a graduate of Harvard and Columbia dressed in Ameri can clothes puttering about his More broadly the sounded this theme document prospects Are Bright for unparalleled Prosperity throughout 1953 but the country faces one of its most serious threats of depression when defense spending tapers off next year. House democrats embroidered that idea today with Advance blame on republicans for any economic dip. They said prudent planning along the economic lines of the Truman Nistra of Korea. But if the republicans carry for Many years an observer of out what they be been preaching Oriental affairs from afar or. I f or the past 20 years it would be i a Hort p Fertile t3an Cit Ansia Douglass went to Korea about a year ago to serve in the War of take Tut that the Revenue loved As an interrogator for the fort. Uld loud cot War crimes commission in Nur j born in Corinth n. T., in 1904, papers know Enberg Germany or Douglass holds degrees from recently he has been living Wesleyan University and the of Cincinnati. under the g. I. Bill of studied at Chicago University said rep. Spence d who was chairman of the banking committee in the last Congress. The Theca Joe Flatt Kingsport March of dimes chairman has expressed the sincere appreciation of the National foundation for infantile paralysis for this worthy gesture and announced that j. De Harville of the Kingsport Jaycees has been appointed chairman of a committee to apply explanatory placards to each parking meter for the drive. It is easy for Kingsport people to make their Vitri buttons to the i rights at the University Vienna. Of land the University of Berlin he served for 11 years As pres Ponger. 39, first entered the United states As a Seaman in february 1940, obtained naturalization and enlisted in the u. S. Army in june 1943. He also worked at one time ident of american University in Washington d. C. Or. Is an ordained methodist minister an attorney a former newspaper reporter and a former member of the saturdays at the Street solicitation Center manned by the Mem Bers of the Moose states has ascertained that cd let Tih to a ctn after. The War for the War i legislature of Vermont. Crimes commission and -like1 while in Kingsport he is Par Verber has been attending the tic Pating in a methodist train University of Vienna under g. I ing school. He was introduced to rights. I rotarians by the Rev. E. E. Wiley the state department pastor of Broad the following note to the soviet methodist Church embassy l the government of the unit Street said and now it will be con Yuri v. Novkov second Secre lenient to give throughout the embassy Nasen aged in activities incompatible his status As an accredited diplomatic official. M3tic therefore this government is ill Luj impelled to declare or. Novikov continued from Page 1 Britain s High commissioner in Germany sir Ivone Kirkpatrick ordered the arrests under a Law empowering occupation authorities to act against threats to the Security of the allies. Those arrested included or. Werner Naumann former state Secretary in or. Joseph Goebbels propaganda ministry who was nominated in Hitler s will to succeed Goebbels As Reich propaganda minister. Or. Gustav Scheel formerly Reich student Leader and one time Gau Leiter of Salzburg aus Tria who was nominated in hit Ler s will for the Post of Reich Rifi Nister of culture. Herr Zimmermann former is elite guard brigade Leader and economic official connected with the administration of con7 cent ration Camps. Spaghetti is not made from flour but from a coarser grind of wheat. Persona Nan grata. The embassy is requested to make arrange ments for his immediate Depar Ture from the United Persona non grata in Diplo Matic language Means personally unacceptable. When a Diplomat has been so labelled a country has no Choice except to recall him. Flowers Backer Bros. Phone 2200 Charlemont and Watanna us. Day it night Flower orders telegraphed compare our prices and terms b. F. V. Dikler Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Fan 2. Forced draft fail 3. Safety switch 4. Automatic controls 5. Oil tank installed Complete Only per month no Down months to Pat Southern Sheet Metal works 3m e. Ssh Luttan St. At Rora Points phone 135 special Coal furnaces priced from s2m to in i 5 or . Tettl tii Liitt with fms ss.5m . Oil floor Furnace top Dollar Loans hwr.e-, c Hal i r to e. Markci pm. Groseclose Flowers for All occasions phone 6 All Arreace Oneala f through on two Way radio system we can Bare at your service in a matter of inmates. 24-Honr service. Call 2863 safety cabs Moskin s mid Winter j a dress every dress in Stock is included new styles new colors new patterns i a sizes dresses always sold of 7.98 9.98 10.98 137 Broad save much b.19 Kingsport to stir. 1 save on the Kingsport times or Kingsport news final deadline january 31st renewals or new subscriptions read it daily if features in the sunday Magazine Section there Are features for the entire family As Well As favourites that appear daily. Comics a full Page each Day of top comics and on Sun Day the largest coloured comic Section in this area. Spot news from the associated press United press and Nea conies Complete world National and state news. Our staff reports All local and area news. If farm news an entire Page devoted each week to news of interest to Farmers. Daily there Are Market reports and Many timely articles. If editorial Frank discussions of important affairs plus columns by Drew Pearson Walter Winchell or. George Crane and Many other nationally known writers. Morning Kingsport news delivered to your mail Box on Day of publication six Days a week morning Kingsport news evening Kingsport times just think one whole year. Daily and sun., Only or one whole year. Daily Only 8.50 club rate of 3 subscribers or More daily and sunday per year daily Only 8.00 per year this offer expires january 31st, 1953 Don t delay ported with and Money Kingsport times news Kingsport Tim Imam p.o.box911 enclosed is my remittance of f far kcw8. Times year Dally us floods daily Only . Town or Post office Check new was Wal times news j Date of expiration Good Only on . To town my vow Vomm Yuvi Carrier delivery Serrioz la not Nutak Taud not responsible for Cash sent by Sims Sitra. Remember the deadline january 31st

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