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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 14, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee Die president b ready for Battle hear America 9 by new York i of sex the on a was wac us s Prtt Tot message to there is no doubt that the dominant Congress pleased neither the liberals nor note of the president s message was Stltt . And this is w for the and inc of working toward a balanced budget. Or. Eison very recon that it contained Many Hotop k it be known a. Things that the liberals must have liked that he was lol in principle to and that the conservatives must have m of the domes lie that the liked. In other words the president said favor that no doubt Lold i Many things that displeased each Side the coils motive senators who object to u me picture that has been by pleasing the other. That is the Way paternal sin in government. But Al the by a Schui Ogist and the liberals and conservatives Are about ump r lat he each other. Would Noi favor spending for non Essen Ink a the speech did not sound like the Mes uni if they were Guod. _ Sage of a Man who was tired of fighting ii could be done with Turc. James reveals that a s for what he thinks is right. 11 was do Oul unbalancing the budget and thai we slivered with the vigor of a Man who has no doubt displeased inc liberals who deeply dissatisfied with Tomc As his full strength and with the insistence Pavc no fears of deficit spending us All. Mol of a Man who is sure of his position and or. Eisenhower already in Bud graces dares anyone to disagree with him. The 01 southerners because of the Lille Hock president made his usual quota of verbal business did nol help himself there by stumbles and fumbles but there was his forthright declaration Hal he be thai to Hutcha in in America nothing fumbling nor stumbling about iced in the principle of civil rights for mule by Mure than six reports prove she the thoughts he was expressing. All citizens and he believed even More neither Stromer nor Aro it was interesting that the president in the Nice silly of every Public servant himself said Hal the decision about a upholding the supreme court As the in the Sim proper nations is in the hands of Congress Terr Etc of the Consoli Luton. Bul he did which holds inc purse so rings. At one not pussyfoot. Point when he said the president should on inc whole the president s message have the Power to Velo separate items of was a fighting message. Ii indicates Hal an appropriation Bill he jokingly pointed president Eisenhower knows what he out thai he realized this same rcom wants and knows wind he thinks is Good my idalion had been made regularly by for the country. He is nol conservative in Oiler pics ideals without gelling any order to please conservatives or Liberal where. But right there he was pointing to please liberals. The idea Hal or. Manber of amazons is Par cent wire to tend m o doing0 con min that women Tault Llucy air w0111. An i munition always bus and Money s of course that comes with such an lire or ii dollars mid inn i Iune and Mac s window w. F. Mac Luck f for any Century. There can be no doubt however that the american woman is pampered. She i Iii Mure luxury More More Leisure and Moro men Alp uni her Wedgwood dishes Richt thine. The president was saying is no different than he was Early in his other race of females in b h j history. To wll ims All this got her More Lime to rend and hear Aboul Oul to the members of the Congress Hal Eisenhower is More conservative or More it was their responsibility and Hal 11 Liberal than he has been arc charges that was Congress which inc people should one Side or inc other is always making hold accountable for failure to do the but his if test message incl calms Ihal he keeping up if h the Joneses draw Torson in of Eccl "1 am showing you How to bal political career when he said "1 am Lih Ance the budget. If you do nol balance Cral when 11 comes to human values and it in fact by your Allons you can sex when ii comes to economic Plain Hal to inc new senators switched Over on closure Rule Eliut i Washington insiders who watched the hot mid crucial vote to letter to sen. Paul Douglas of till Nold prior to the election Rulles. It does t mean much but it become n irad Minark. It Nown Rani mini pc Roll inc a Canalo to adopt new ing the Douglas land Lor end lib docs l really help the South bul null nut i t1.1 in Len 11. in of Mieia. Without studying it. Senator Dirksen developed these trails As a College debater at univ Crilly of Minnesota Law school. To worked his Way living Wilh an older mar ried sister. I his father died when the boy was five. And his Mother raised half a youngsters. They grew vegetables which the boys sold to help sup port the family. He Coli Slid in world War i As n private. He served in inc balloon corps and in to old Arl Illery with n months overseas lie was promoted to lieutenant in the Field. Because he spoke German he slaved overseas a year after the Armp Locc. When he Ramc Home in uniform Afler everyone else was demobilized he ally acted Alle lion. A couple of business ventures did l turn Oul too Well. Bul they got him a snarl in politics As ally councilman. Afler 16 years in inc House of representatives. 1933 to 1949, to had to resign because his eyes went bad. Resting his eyes he look up again Only this time it was Flowers. He s a Rose now. Resuming to Washington after his election to inc Senate in 1950. The senator and mrs. Dirksen got a Little country place in nearby port Republic. My. Where he had no Telephone and could get some rest. Today s thought neither shall be profane my holy name but i will be hallowed among the children of Israel i am the lord which of allow the times daily tonic the Devil templs men through their ambition their cupidity or their Appe Tite until he comes to the profane swear Otter or Horn he clutches without any re Mann. Me la novelist i Tun i Jarahs n i j u fac the mail is her life now we assertion Thiu she practice yoga in Colwin a . Just Hope Sho lives Unell Christmas. Talc in Lac House i Charil her ill Ono of her Brothers i no at Mart that miss Hurst the other Day did you Ever dream inns exaggerated slightly. I did and von were in heaven i did. I exercise every morning bul i did nol know icy were culled yoga exercises. Certainly nol for a Long Lime have i to was a time in my life when i could accomplish a the dreamed 1 was an Angel Goldsboro n. C. Marlon where iwo fuel Lanks dropped from an plot jul Flag Hlor plane Plum mrs. 3. Asks for a discussion of the difference Between German a sneeze or cough will carry Hie virus into he air where it Side glances is generally understood she says that there arc More bad effects from German measles than from the of her Lypp. In is unfortunate that Icse two diseases have names which Are so Ucli alike. Both Are almost certainly caused by viruses but the viruses Are different and in do you want to clean out the basement or shall we invite the Spitlis Over for the body to build resistance to the other. By and Large measles is prob ably a More serious disease than German measles. This statement must be Quali fied however because a Molly or who acquires German measles during inc first three months of a pregnancy is More Likely bit not certain to have a child born with a congenital defect than a Mother who docs not have this disease Al Hal Slack of pregnancy. Measles is not inc simple mild disease which so Many people seem to believe. While in is True that most people who have it recover without serious complications this is nol always the Case. In fact Inci c Are Many years when More youngsters die from measles Ian from polio and ills was Siruc before inc develop ment of the polio vaccine. Measles also often causes serious complications such As Bronchopneumonia or bronchitis. Even when mild the 500.000 or so who have Man secs each year arc kept out of school or other activity for que Lac some Lime. The eyes. Loo. Should be protect cd during the Early acute phase of the disease to avoid complications. The cause of measles is a virus. This Liny living organism is pres ent in inc secretions of the in ouch and nose during the in Rel few Days when it person is coming Down Wilh inc disease. Mild and a Lull permit the body to build resistance. I was greatly intrigued by recent report indicating thai the virus causing measles is remark ably like the virus which causes distemper in dogs and cats. The research study suggests Hal there is a common chemical Cle Mcnol in the two viruses. However there arc no records of a person developing measles from con acl Wilh an a n 1 m a 1 having distemper or the other Way around. Around. Tills makes measles especially con Lalous even before the skin rash appears. 11 is diff cull to avoid exposure once an outbreak of measles has stalled in a school Barracks or similar situation. It u does occur one has to consider inc use of o subs acc known As immune or acc lion with one docs nol stimulate Gamma globulin. If this is Given a i just the Reghl Lime to a Young scr 11 lends to make the disease ouf our Way i wanted you to see i put his clothes Way Back 60 he p have n to get up to get them amp now h6 Pushe the Bep to them Why mothers get 6kav

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