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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 14, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee Culm time twi 1 Corr i a the j k Ovir i rat Psi ails on 0.? l St 1 any Loibl year b it. R Iii Hal Boyle s column new Yolk a Kur Iii Bai Jara Bra. At in i Oil to thai form to claim an exemption a Kerr sri Rel jars on Runor flute Morr thin Hilf of ii renal Kef use sir vice offices copies. Re Check exemptions claimed when your income tax third of 12 chapters by k1chahu a. Mullen s written fur aka service flier a arc two Good Ria soils Why it pays to be careful in claiming on your tax return. First. If you Overlook a Ingul exemption you Are losing n deduction which is Worth Sim Cucu 111 the lowest tax bracket. And second the interim Revenue service keeps it close Check on exemptions. Ii you claim one to which you Iverc not entitled you lire Likely to be by an inquiry i of he Lux people. The official instructions con Kiln n Hal of persons other limn your children who can be claimed us exemptions provided they meet the tests described therein. The support test one of Lac tests in Usu so called support tills test ii poll with one exception to nil dependents except your Wile or Lusbi my thus you cannot claim your child or any Oiler person except join husband or wife is in unless you or your Wile if a joint return la filed Futini Liml Ovici half such person s support in urls 1958. The one exc Callon to Lam Aupper test will be described below Nuci the hand Long multiple support to determine whether you Anvi furnished Over half the Cost o support for r dependent Dpi rent 1958, you must first figure out i Lotnel Cost of supporting he de pendent. Cost of includes Bonvil lodging col Lilor education Mictl Leal cure recreation and the like what is the Cost of dependent living in the Lii Miny ionic lid Surv inc for in cry took the ims Ollun hint i support Huluc of was on the expenses incurred in in Nonit the House. The service. 1101 that lodging u measured y its fair rental value. Ii the dependent lives with inc . Household expenses arc equally among All mein Ersol the household. Hie lax Nyer s contributions arc Glrst no Llyd to his own support. Sex Ess is ills to uie do code us s support. Suppose your dependent had an Perallon in december 1958 which of paid for in 1059. You would out the Cost of me operation As Art of the support of the depend it in 1058. Multiple. Support agreement where several persons together onto Bulc More Ian half Pic sup of in other Hirson who other c qualifies is n dependent of i of them but in one alone contributes Over Hull they May Ca i m in a Vlay 1. I irrow a i put Here la hard Tiaa i a to for ral the of outdoor lit of Wolfjr i i. Would be Allol the worst problems of the a a photo Swa. Barbara is Michw 1 Sidn 1. Value endless Wal log. Iii Olvi d. J you Cau t just sit Down and do you Lisco m Job by yourself As a Painter a oleic. You re a train ing. You have to your sell Lor the hours on thy Camerius. A licit be or you la need Uki cd to allow any one of them t claim the exemption. However lie inuit a hic Cou irl Fulcd Over 10 per cell lilo support mid Ull others who contributed Over 10 per cent must Iii u statement not 10 Culm an exemption Lor the same person in thai your. These Tutu Nevils. Must be not Alicd to Tho re turn of the person club Ming inc exemption. In Enid Devon us 1ms it simple Orni Lor inc required statement or you Chi Duiho up your own. The la a imbue service Lonn is called mull Plo support agr Nicot form 2120" and May be of Lul cd it Uny in Ceniu Llev Cuc of Loco. Sun rules Anil dividends. Every bit Olem Ray you is the daughter of the noted i , nor Ilijin icel Geddes. Allsho Zirli Dai barn enjoys Lully Slie Eccl i u a Roadway has one blk Over movk1 mar. A Mase Star unlike a film Star privacy Uhr sin her Duy s Voik. People duri l i jobber her. "1 like Elliut. Alter u show. 1 like lust Home und live my o in Illo i like la put on .1 cum uru Jalc pall shoes find brew lie. The tie ulcer is in the healer. On Don t have to take it Home Ullh i Surbara who is Hazel eyed und Uleu halved. Likes to dies.1 ally in a skirt und close lilting she continued. You have to wait for so Many people. You have to wait Lor the playwright. The producer the director and the family scrapbook they crave n Spile of apparent evidence .0 inc con mry Amor can youths diner to Lii Ivo Hie opportunely of link his on More Reul responsibility than it ices la permitted by parents and Iii chars. At Lens this real rcspon3ioility is what we need Nln Iri our burdens is what study of boy my Jurls sponsored by hit Doy and Lorl Sebuls recently Raven Sci perhaps one of the reasons Ilia we adults ii Sollon this is relate to the fuel that All Loo Oflyn wlm to Ali Lilc Otas 1 actually an mad without re turd to Iho interest the youngster involved and Plai cd by us in such u Way that incr is Little Opportunity for him to b on ills own in any real Ana in the Currier Days of our com Fry there seem to have been Moi Raul jobs that wore , the tusks around the House in Mil on inc farm that a Cdcil to b done did t nut done in Law ii younger of the Inell. Look hold. Today in arc arts icel of these jobs yet Thero arc still such Respo Bill Les. Our Lask is one Oliden them. Hell jobs Sueh As decide what sure of a the Limi ily Siml it.1, the Mujar Lully and keep Tii inc Molly Iliili Inetal Are sex mules of such Public. But there a one wonderful thing about acting. It never really bores Barbara is a who isn1 sure just where she lives. She her husband Wei door Lewis the stage director have a 60-acre Arm in Putnam county new York a 100-Acrc farm in count Del Vav. Ireland and right they Are dwelling in a Small House on the East Side in Manhattan. In this menage Urey have two daughters three turtles two Ham stars. A miniature marmoset Mon key two Golden retrievers a a dog two cars and ?0 fish. By the Lime i gel them All be in the said Barbara it s Lime to Start preparing them d out Albuquerque n. M. D. P. Lamb Rel estimates he los about in earthworms the someone opened i irrigation Ditc and flooded the plot where he was growing them for fishermen. 227 is. Cd 7-7141 Ward Slot l h v yur St Etoi tin May 15th what s Best to do for achy feverish distress of colds and flu no need to take expensive combination drugs 1 or i , narc he fan Lull Relief from fiend Asheh pain nil ache ii of Colda Nihil Llu have found Ilon l Neil nope Nuivo Liin Orini or Edolly Clori inti. All they need in pure Hal u Al. aspirin in m Ilia cd Ruitu of Nilli Riib who Vul tried Lunn null saves Infin of. Ion. Only for 100 . Why any Munro id Usu beat for he. Ilo Hoph aspirin. Moto mid Iii Oil doctors nit Saylie Doh t give adult medicines to children and Kioto Ilo Clon be Armin pair Kwh Lien Ductor hip Rovil solely Cip Javor. Acc Ralo out Ai Norica o Nobi Ienir Rirl. Jowl i Tor Cli Lulion in Riipi Otid by Lioio limn any other Mill Callini for a i final reduction men s Florsheim shoes discontinued styles selected from our regular Stock Cap Moc Plain toe Wing tips Black Brown Black and Grey Brown and Tan broken ranges of sizes and widths Reg. To 24.95 99 13 discontinued style group men s Edwin shoes Reg. To 1.2.95 men s shoe floor 7.99 Alligator calf walkers smartest fashion to carry you Comfort ably through a Busy Day softest leather on a Broad walking Heel crafted for Good fit flexibility with cushioned ease under your Arch Black Brown Honey with a Gold buckle. Layaway Sale buy now pay in May other selections also Sale priced Sale combination sea King boat motor and trailer. Reg. 546 Here s what you get 11 Auu Lep Clu Monum runabout 5-hp. It Lux Fli Hini motor 750-lb. Load Iraq Ltd All Thrett Guarani Ltd by Wardi 490 45 Down sea King 12 he Quick Star ln9 Economy. Full gears Hill. Sea King 25 he for Small boats Row so additional 5% Purchase of an sea King combination. Sale sea King to Frame trailer Load rated at 750 ibs. Carrill Boll up to 16-11. 1000-lb. Save 25 it rotary Mower was 74.95 great performance big savings husky 2 Tagini front tide discharge self Loring handle Here s a rotary to make Lawn care a cinch adjustable Cut Ling height free Leaf mulches you get rugged construction and an extra Low Price special Purchase giant step saving 25" rotary usually 89.95 save hours of toil. 1 convenient lever on handle controls engine staggered inset wheels Cut Imo Otti trim close Al sides. Don l Misi out. See it at wards Down holds till May 15th a buy now save on this 19" deluxe rotary Mower streamlined styling with Rug ged 2v4 he . Easy height Adjui men to Lone Muffler. Self storing handle. 21" rotary was 68 save on this deluxe 22-Inch rotary Garden Tiller Best All round Tiller in its desk Aii Touna ii Iii in us _. 1 o self propelled no pushing i in for Gar Light weight Dens Flower Beds. K. 136.w ladies1 shoe floor buy now save pay the balance in May

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