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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 14, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDays City county 839 19 when making turns at Street intersections do you yield right of Way to pedestrians Kingsport times vol. Al no. 10 phone Circle 6-8121 Kingsport term., thursday Jan. 14, 1954 24 pages five cents the weather considerable cloudiness to night but warmer with occasional rain Low around 40, Fri Day Cloudy and Milder with High in Middle 40s. Yesterday s High last night s Low 16, noon Reading 32. Trace of sleet. India will return pos to captors fire destroys Gate City business houses downtown Blaze sweeps through 5 establishments 3 fire departments Battle flames in near Zero weather Gate of the ruins of two structures that housed five businesses consumed by fire last night expressed lavish Praise today on three fire departments and the town s comparatively new water system. Filter Plant operator Echol Mcclelland said Gallons of water were used in the Blaze. He continued pumping from p. M. Until a. M. The fire was the first major test of the water Plant and Mcclelland said the pumps could have kept Pace with a fire that might have lasted throughout the night and used the maximum of Gallons a Day. Early Sandidge operator of a grocery across the Street from the fire scene today said he standing at his Cash Register when he saw the first glow of a fire in the rear of the Western Auto store at 7 p. M. By the flames shot up 30 feet High As the Kingsport fire department and the Community fire department truck from Lynn Garden arrived to join the Gate City volunteers. If the Kingsport fire departments had not got Here when they did the whole Block would have Sandidge said. Others voiced the same feeling. John w. Bush restaurant operator in the burned out Bush and Ward place said the fire came Ike asks solons to put 10 million on Security Roll would up minimum for social Security taxation to Gate City photographer Frank Creasy climbed the icy roof ruins of the Winegar building to get this picture of the Interior of the burned out Western Auto Supply Bush and Ward restaurant. The rear of cinder Block is seen Here housing the restaurant at the right and the Auto Supply store. Near the Center is seen an open Freezer in the restaurant and on the other Side of the Chimney an Oil Heater and a Safe. Other pictures of last night s fire May be seen on Page 21. Oil Tanker sinks big 4 ministers hit in Harbor crash 6 crewmen injured in new York mishap new York ins a fully loaded Oil Tanker and a Vertex list collided in con new York City s East River today and the Tanker Sank in about 15 act. Beall told a newsman he was not planning a filibuster against the navigation project but he asserted when we have enough votes to kill the Meas-1 tug. Six crewmen of the Tanker the f. A. Verdon were injured. The collision apparently occurred after a mix up in signals Between the two vessels police i said. I ame into his business like a q it had been pushed by Lief the fire started in a storage room of the Western Auto store see fire Page 2 Solon opposes Seaway project Washington ins sen. Glenn Beall red declared today he will try to talk to death the proposed 105 million Dollar St. Lawrence Seaway pro Snag on meeting site Berlin big four foreign ministers conference bumped into a deadlock Days before the Parley was due to Start. Unable to agree on Sites in Berlin for the Parley Allied and russian representatives asked their Home governments what to do. A state department spokesman in Washington said the United e 16 die As plan crashes in Rome Rome persons were killed today when a four engined Philippines airline plane caught fire exploded and crashed in an open Field in a densely populated Rome suburb near Ciampino Airport. At least three americans were among the dead. An unconfirmed report later said that an american army plane by Marvin l. Abbo Smith Washington Eisenhower today proposed bringing 10 million More Ameri cans under social Security in creasing benefits All along the line and raising to the amount of income subject to so Cial Security taxes. In a special message to con Gress the president said the average Benefit payment to re tired workers is now a month with a minimum of and a maximum of for social Security to fulfil i its purpose of helping to combat destitution these benefits Are too Eisenhower said. Both the maximum and mini mum should be increased he said but proposed no figures. A formula on that will be presented later by Secretary of welfare Hobby he told the legislators. Boosting to the amount of income subject to social Security taxes As Eisenhower pro posed would mean an immedi ate a year tax increase for workers earning that much or More. Employers payrolls would also be increased that amount for each worker in the a year bracket or above. At first of income is taxed. The rate this Brownell backs president s plan on u. S. Reds says Justice dept. Working on plan to outlaw party Washington Ney general Herbert Browneil or. Believes that president Eisenhower s proposal to strip convicted u. S. Communists of their citizenship is a constructive crashed near Ostia 15 Miles Balky prisoners return to Camps next wednesday Effort to open talks hits Snag As reds refuse to Back Down from press dispatches Panmunjom India notified the Allied and red commands in Korea today it will return All a repatriated War prisoners to their respective captors next wednesday and warned against any one sided release of the Cap West of Rome. I lives witnesses said the Pilot of the u Gell k s Thimayya told Philippines plane on a regular Boul sides the pos will Manila London run and on move cd out of the Neutral zone Beirut Lebanon Rome leg of the beginning three Days before the flight deliberately headed for Jan. 23 deadline the allies say the open Field to avoid crashing ule truce stipulates for their lib in the Homes and apartment ration. Buildings surrounding it. The american built dec plane was seen to catch fire in the two right engines and then explode just before it plunged to Earth with a Roar. Washington Matthew b. Ridgway said to that i. Gen. Thimayya s plan for returning korean prisoners of War to their Woge increase for Congress judges sought Tymn t3j-if-k no p f in Mer list was the Beth coaster owned by the Bethlehem steel co., and the Tanker was owned by Ira s. Bushey co., inc., of Brooklyn. Police reported the Tanker had taken on of fuel Oil at the american Oil co. Dock in Carteret n. J., and was bound up the River for West Haven Conn. The Beth coaster was headed Down Stream. School transit said his speech against the project will continue All Day and into after that he said other senators will make known their the Maryland lawmaker made his comments As the Senate opened its second Day of debate on the measure which the Eisenhower administration has called essential to National de sense. Chairman Alexander Wiley collide injuring five Miami Beach ins five persons Are in Miami Beach s St. Francis Hospital today As the result of a crash Between two buses which injured 18 peo ple. Here that the russians were Menic preparing to torpedo the been per cent on worker and employer. The president set Forth a six Point program for improve of Security sys ing. Despite the glum Outlook 1. Expansion of insurance Protection to about 10 million More people not presently change in plans of u. S. Secre j Ciu Tjing self employed Farmers there was indication of any tary of St tote Dulles to arrive Here Jan. 22 for pre conference talks with British foreign Sec mend a pay in crease for members of Congress and Federal judges. A reliable this is the created by Congress last year will propose when its recommendations Are submitted to the White House Friday morning. Whether the increases will go into effect depends upon con Gress. The legislators would have to pass a Bill making the salary raises and there is doubt they would increase their own pay in an election year. House speaker Joseph w. Mar tin jr., r mass., declined to predict the outcome in Congress but other members said privately they Are fearful of the voters rotary French Anthony foreign Eden and minister i Georges Bidault. Reports from the East indicated soviet for eign minister v. M. Molotov still is expected Jan. 23. A senior Allied official Here said the past week s four meet Ings of Berlin commandants of the four Powers involved 37 hours of wrangling and were a waste of the state department spokes Man in Washington charged the russians with employing hag gling and dilatory tactics on procedural Points but expressed Hope this would not stand in the Way of this very Sec talks Page 2 for wis of the Senate foreign relations committee supporting the military importance of the project declared that National defense factors make it All the More urgent that we join with Canada so that we have some control Over the under the proposed plan the u. S. And Canada would jointly establish the Seaway set rates for shipping and regulate its operations. Wiley warned this May be the last Chance for the u. S. To participate in the project and obtain a voice in its operation because Canada is going ahead on its own if the u. S. Backs out. Hawkins co. Radio stations approved Washington spa the Federal communications com Mission today approved construction of two radio stations in Hawkins county. Those meeting the approval of the acc Are twin cities broadcasting company on 1260 pc of Church Hill and the Rogersville broadcasting company on 1370 pc in Rogersville. Neither company could be contacted thursday morning on the dates actual construction will be started the wreck occurred yesterday at Miami Beach when a school bus owned by the Lear Day school rammed into the rear of a Miami Beach transit bus. There were no children or passengers in the school bus but Many More farm workers and Domestic workers doctors Den making this statement last witnesses said that bits of the on Jan. 20 might have Silver coloured plane were hurled serious hundreds of feet into the air torn bodies were thrown a thu Sand Yards. I officials refused to reveal immediately the passenger list taut a list found in the wreckage in a eluded the names of two amen see crash Page 2 Ridgway also told the sen ate foreign relations Cotmil be that the joint chiefs of staff see no evidence of an intention by tie chinese communists to renew the korean War. Night Brownell also disclosed that the Justice acting at or. Eisenhower s re quest is studying proposals to outlaw the communist party. Asked for comment on Abc s report from the White House about the review Brownell said he would t have any opinions until the study is completed. Fri director a Edgard Hoover Scott officers go for suspect v Man wanted in theft held at Lexington told the House in. American committee activities March 25, 1947, that he was t unalterably opposed to ban Ning the communist party but he had doubts As to its he pointed out that such a move might drive the communists underground and make their surveillance More difficult. Brownell hailed the presi Dent s plan to deny citizenship Ern ment bus a sound lists lawyers architects persons convicted of conspire count ants and other self pm p overthrow the u. S. Gov played professional people e members of state and local re Sec Ike Page 2 new Snow stalls Alpine Rescue Vienna ins new heavy snowfalls prevented american and Swiss helicopter Rescue operations today in Western aus Ria where an estimated 200 per reaction if they pass the Bill. Gye for business senators and members of the House now receive annually plus a expense Al Lowance. The recommendations Are said to include an increase from the present yearly to for Federal District judges. Presumably corresponding action will be proposed for appeals court judges who now get he transit bus was knocked 811 and associate supreme court get onto a Lawn. Justices who Are paid Denver ins Nice looking Nice talking Young gentleman who rented a furnished Home it Englewood colo., for is being sought today by authorities. His rent is not delinquent. But police said the Man sold All the furnishings in the Bouse for and that the Check has already cleared the Bank. Baby Dies As parents refuse doctor s help Chicago up an 8-Clay old boy died Early today Sev eral hours after his Young parents had refused on religious grounds to permit Doc tors to give him a blood transfusion. The parents had been summoned into family court today on a petition to declare them unfit parents and make their infant a Ward of the court. The parents Thomas Grzyb 20, and his wife Barbara 18, yesterday refused to sign a waiver which would have permitted an immediate family court hearing on the question of legally forcing a transfusion. Both Are members of the Jehovah s witnesses religious sect. The Case was brought to the court s attention by or. Her Man n. Bundesen Board of health president after he was informed of the child s Condi Tion by officials at St. An Thony s Hospital and the baby s physician or. Isadore Lerner. Or. Lerner said the couple s son Thomas jr., had needed a transfusion since birth. He said last night the baby had been in a state of Shock since an operation for an abdominal obstruction tuesday. The baby is getting weaker by the or. Lerner said last night. I almost got on my Knees begging the parents to allow a blood transfusion. The Best we Are doing now is with transfusions of but the baby died Early to Day at the Hospital. The Par wits were not there an offi Cial said. If the baby Dies that is god s the Young Mother had said As she and her Hus band refused to allow the transfusion. I have no fear. The blood won t make any Dif Ference. I am not going to hand him Over to the court until i have to. The judge does t care what s in the sister Mary Michael of the Hospital s paediatric Section said she had told the Young couple yesterday their baby s life de Pended on a blood transfusion. She added but the father told me our belief won t allow it. It s better to have a dead baby without the blood a living baby with the transfusion " the parents had contended the injection of blood into the is the same As eating blood which they claim is for Bidden by the Bible. Meanwhile the first attempt to revive the suspended negotiations for a Korea peace Confer ence came to naught today when the communists refused to talk about Back tracking on their perfidy charge against the United states. Liaison representatives of both sides agreed however to make another try tomorrow when they will meet again in Panmunjom at 11 . 8 . Thursday u. S. State department Wolfi Gate City a. Spa. Kenneth Young said the officers from the Scott might continue for a sheriff s office were expected or leave thursday afternoon for the communists proposed that Lexington va., to take in Cus Tody a Gate City Man alleged to have beaten and robbed a cab Driver Here. Sylvester Spivey told officers he had been robbed of in Cash and a .25 Caliper pistol. John d. Miller 35, arrested about 4 a. M. Wednesday in a cab near Lexington had about on the talks to set up a peace con Ference resume saturday and flatly refused to discuss conditions for reopening the discus Sions. The reds also turned Down a u. N. Suggestion that the Liaison meetings be secret. U. S. Envoy Arthur h. Dean broke off the preliminary talks to accused the United states of conniving with South Korea in sons were killed or injured in White death avalanches. Rescue workers digging in the hardest hit area the Walser Tal Valley rescued three persons who had been buried alive under Alpine snowfalls for More than to Days. Two girls had been juried 55 hours and a Farmer 53 hours. The latest official Interior ministry report listed 110 per sons killed 20 missing and 89 injured in Austria alone. Thirty nine More bodies were discovered in the Village of Blons. Switzerland counted ten dead and there were other smaller casualty lists in Southern Ger Many and Switzerland. An austrian spokesman stressed that the new heavy snowfalls May result in new Avalanche disasters. The education minis try appealed to All persons not to ski in the dangerous mountains. Lincoln Community wins state contest Nashville combi nation of planning working and playing together has enabled the 87 families in Lincoln county s Bellview Community to take top honors in the state Community improvement con test. A plaque and a Banner were presented to the Middle Tennes see Community last night by e. C., Mcreynolds associate director of the University of ten Nessee Extension service. Other area winners competing for state honors were Sweeden s Cove Marion county lower East Tennessee representative Range Carter county East ten Nessee Winner and Tibbs Hay Wood county West Tennessee entry. Him when arrested by author if peo. 12 when the communists ties there. Spivey said he took Miller his Home in the West end of the release of Ami com Lumiste korean War prisoners. In formal notes the Indian custodial chief advised the two commands the prisoners will be Given Back to them As captured Riili tary As civil ians. He said if either Side wants to alter the pos status by Restor ing their civilian ship or no of them in any other Man Ner it would require the sane Jon of a political peace con Ference unless both sides agree to alternative Thimayya warned that any unilateral action in freeing or otherwise disposing of the prisoners would violate India s interpretation of the korean armistice pact. In his letter to Gen. John e. Hull supreme United nations commander Thimayya pointed out that the come Home sex Sec India Page 2 tie Saia. We Sulu in ii Usu these leaders in the City about 8 p. M. Tuesday and stopped in front of the conspiracy to the Public View. They Are the ones who Are residence when the Batuick ing the most damage and sheriff Salyers said he was Are the ones who should that Virginia Highway clearly stripped of their authorities arrested him zen ship. The main objective is to demonstrate to the that he is being held in jail at Lexington a. He was apparently in flight and had used that a person who joins or engages knowingly in a cabs before he was Cap Monist conspiracy has authorities reported finding something that is Akin to on the accused Man. Son and should not be Able to go along any longer As an a cab Driver who was attacked had said that he was ican citizen asked about criticism of of Cash and a .25 see reds Page pistol. A warrant charging will by Force has been Issue i Man commits he was to have been sent for some time wednesday after sheriff Salyers said. With outboard told officers that he had parked his cab when he was and beaten into Union Norwalk Calif. Death of Shannon Wagner sheriff said a passer by was listed by deputies today the attack and rushed to suicide by outboard victim s Home where he Wagner was found in his police. Witnesses told the rage under a Tarpaulin in a county sheriff that the resting on a wooden horse. Rushed from the scene duties said a length of a taxicab. Hose led to the exhaust of was treated a a hos boat s outboard for Scalp wounds. Balky hampers Detroit ins Wayne thormities on a fugitive warrant _ _ Tui Oinoch he county prosecutor Gerald k. O Brien recommended adjournments today in court proceedings against two suspects in the six year old shooting of Cio president Walter Reuther. He said delays were Neces sary because of the refusal of the state s key witness voluntarily to Cross the International Boundary at. Windsor ont. The witness Donald Ritchie 33, surrendered to authorities yesterday at Preston ont., first waived extradition to the United states but later walked at the a Hea. Is scheduled Jan. 21. He is Heid by Canadian a it was Ritchie who linked four persons to the 1948 at tempt on Reuther s life. One was an Uncle Clarence Jacobs whom Ritchie called the Trig German the assailant who actually fired the Shotgun blast which permanently Crip pled Reuther. Jacobs was to appear today for an extradition hearing at Windsor but o Brien indicated he would ask an adjournment. Also slated for adjournment was the circuit court Examina Tion today of 35-year-old Carl Renda who according to Ritchie was the payoff Man in the Reuther shooting. The to open three new posts in state Nashville com missioner w. W. Luttrell says Highway patrol offices will he established soon in Monteagle Gainesboro and Erwin. Two patrolmen will be assigned to each locality lie added. So lunar tables my John Alden Knight the schedule of so lunar periods printed below been taken from John Alden enl Cal n so lunar Tailes. Plan your Dayo so that you will be Fuhing in Cood territory or Bull uni in Cood corer during Tulless times. If you wish to find the Bent sport that each Day Bis to offer the major Perlon Are of shown in boldface Lypa these begin at uie shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter the minor per Lodi. Shown in regular Type of somewhat Shorter duration. Date Day minor major minor major january . . H thursday bind 15 tilday 2mo 16 saturday 17 sunt Iov 4-40 Lake stages Wolf Luffa luxe level thursday. 102.2 fek Low South Hollon. 113.b feet Low bronc 28.8 feet Low tort Henry 4.4 feet Low Char Toltec. 82.8 feet Low. Today s skies Sunset . Moons Friday . The total cell pc or Tho Mot coming Mon Day night will be visible Here. It in of us same series tin the dec Llano in january 1936 that web Vijh Taje i Rouwho us moist of world except North bout Amer left

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