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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 14, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . New . The line three Bright stars in the Wuth East at . An from left to right aint Tak. Alnham. And my Taka. The form the Belt Orion which 1 Bruf test the constellations. All Tolmei Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 10 Kingsport tenn., wednesday Jan. 14, 1953 40 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy not so cold. Low about 33 tonight. Yesterday s High 53, last night s Low 26, noon Reading 39. Mystery spies Are hunted by Fri agents i m i Truman predicts Prosperity for fmostof1953f warns falling farm prices bad Omen would keep controls Washington up Prei Dent Truman today predicted j continued Prosperity for most 1953 but warned that falling farm prices Are a bad Omen. In his annual economic re port to Congress . Truman and his three Man Council economic advisers forecast reasonably stable prices full employment and increases in per Sonal income wages and business earnings this year. But the Council said a deflationary trend might set in late in 1953 if business adopts a gloomy Outlook the future the new Republican administration makes Sharp changes in the present government policies. Two Council members warned that a continued Sag in farm in come and reduced defense spend ing could throw the nation into a recession by 1955 unless Busi Ness and government take preventive Steps. The report said civilian de Mand for goods services must be increased by at least a year for the next three years to take up the Slack from decreased defense spending. It expressed Confidence that this can be done if business men stimulate sales by cutting prices and taking smaller profits. The Council is composed Leon h. Keyserling chairman Robert c. Turner and John d. Clark. Clark dissented the possibility a recession in 1955. He said that planned government expenditures will support a fully employed if business slows he victims in a traffic pile up Highway 11-w near Blountville wednesday morning were a trailer truckload sheep some which can be seen in the foreground the photo above left. Three persons were injured and three automobiles and the truck damaged when the Large vehicle plunged off the Highway and overturned colliding with the three cars in its path. Arrows indicate the two automobiles involved in the Accident. Both cars were sideswiped by the trailer truck. Times news photos by Gretchen Whisnant sabres Down. 8 migs in Korea Seoul a Sabre one and damaged three. Global strategy studied by gop Ike Calls in foreign policy defense chiefs said the policies adopted Dur ing the past 20 years should bring about an Early reversal the downward trend As they did in 1949, without any additional action by both . Truman and the Council said it is too Early to Cut the government s strongest weapons against a re cession. The Council recommended that the tax cuts now scheduled to take place by dec. 31 be postponed until a year two from now when they May be needed to support . Truman and the Council destroyed at least eight russian built Mig iss today in the big Gest air Battle in North korean skies since september. Washington up american Battle casualties in Korea now total an in crease 191 Over last week s additional claims one prob Able and six damaged Are Pend new York fit president ing confirmation. Elect Eisenhower called in the the air Force also said eight new administration s National red warplanes were damaged. Defense and foreign policy chiefs the air Battles came after u. Strategy con super forts and fighter bombers smashed Home two More trip pm. Jarair wcc1v a report the defense depart Hammer blows against the key communist transport Center at sin Anju. The one two assault marked the sixth straight Day a relentless drive to Knock out a main red Supply route from Manchuria to the Frozen front. The sustained air blows apparently stung the red fighters into ment said today. The total includes death wounded missing captured and previously reported miss ing but returned to military control. The u. S. Fifth air Force said Allied pilots bagged eight the red warplanes probably de new red purge May reach High arrest 9 doctors part soviet turmoil Washington u. S. Of also urged Congress to retain i facials said today Russia s a 3 persons Hurt in 4-Way crash cattle sheep killed As big truck three autos collide at Blountville Blountville spectacular four Way collision involve Ference Secundy against the ing a big trailer truck loaded with farm animals and three other threat communism. Automobiles near Here Highway 11-w Early wednesday left asked to attend the session j three persons injured and destroyed 12 head sheep and cattle were Charles e Wilson Secre the Accident occurred at . About Miles West tary defense designate John poster Dulles who will be Secre tary state Harold e. Stassen action after six Days relative quiet in Mig Alley deep in North see War Page 18 chosen to head the Mutual Security Agency and Gen. Walter Bedell Smith who will be under Secretary state and who now is chief the Central Intel the conference was arranged after Eisenhower decided yester Day to Send Dulles and Stassen to Europe at the end this two weeks after i the president elect takes office next an the spot Survey problems facing the North Atlantic treaty organization. They also will size up future requirements for u. S. Economic Aid for Western Europe under the program Stassen will head. The decision that Dulles and Morse slapped Down hard by gop senators Washington we senator Morse ind Ore today held Only a forlorn Chance regaining the two key Senate committee Stafe was m shortly before the Conlu Blountville. The injured treated at Kings Mountain Hospital in Bristol were Stanley Helsley jr., 20, Edinburg va., Driver the sheep and cattle Laden truck Roy Reed 38, route 2, Bluff City and a. F. Widman 57, 8302 Lynwood Road Philadel phia a. Hospital attendants said Hel Sley was admitted to the Hospital for observation and possible in jury to the right leg. Reed was discharged from the Hospital after treatment for abrasions the left Index Finger and Small lacerations both hands and face. Widman was examined at the Hospital for trauma to the left thigh and was also Dis charged. According to corp. Hugh Kyle Jaynes the Tennessee High Way patrol the trailer truck House considers Browning probe Senate passes two Sullivan measures a charge attempts Kostea secret data from . Sealed indictments Are handed Down after army officers testify Washington up feb. Agents launched a Hunt today for mystery suspects in a top secret spy investigation that some sources said might hit major proportions. The Roundup got underway after a Federal grand jury handed Down a sealed indictment charging various persons with trying to slip u. S. Defense ses crets to a foreign the Justice department re fused to comment the action in any Way the grounds National Security was one spokesman said it was very unfortunate the Story had to come out at this time. The hush hush indictment was i returned tuesday after nearly a i dozen High ranking army offi 1 cers testified before the jury and Federal judge Alexander Holt Jozoff. In presenting the Case to the jurors Justice department attorneys Harold d. Kowlsky and Oran h. Waterman submitted a letter authorization revealing some vague details in the Case. The department is informed various the letter said unlawfully obtained information respecting the National de according to the letter the department had reason to information would be used to the injury the United states Nashville the House today was expected to consider the Clement backed and Senate approved Resolution calling for a sweeping probe the administration out going gov. Gordon Browning. Nashville up g v. Elect Frank Clement s forces won a 77 to 13 Victory in the land to the advantage a for posts he lost by bolting the re be Delore me conc tnel952pres. Sion two Days Eisenhower plunged Over an embankment at standby Price and wage con rest a group top flight identical election conferences with his full Cabinet the Side the Highway and tools. But they differed some i doctors mostly jews May be j _ _. And other top officials the overturned. Three other cars the Speed the first step in a soviet purge Oregon senator was beat see Ike gop Page 18 j see wreck pare 18 present controls. Striking at highly placed Politi in 7 yesterday when he i Cal figures appealed to the full Senate from the decision the conference mrs Truman favored a go Cal figures slow policy decontrol. The whether such a purge will de Council recommended Lfting controls As fast As is safely the Council also recommended Extension the Tariff cutting reciprocal Trade agreements Zelop and whether it will reach men around Premier Stalin is speculative but experts Here would not be surprised if that happened. They assume a Strug All gop senators to bump him the Law which expires june 30, for Power Over Stalin s sue without crippling qua Ifica i Cessor has Long been going . it said increased foreign i they expect further mos cow emphasis the anti jew ish aspects the arrest. Some officials questioned whether this might eventually involve l. M. Kaganovich a member the old politburo and still one the inner Circle. Some importance was attached also to soviet radio criticism the Security police for having failed to turn up evidence the alleged crimes the nine Doc tors sooner. This led to Specula Tion Over whether the secret police might be in for a purge which could conceivably involve l. P. Beria another Man who has been close to stalin1 for several years. Beria is assumed to have some kind responsibility for Trade is vital to Long run u. S. See Prosperity Page 18 Mcmillan Oil leases probed s. C. Demo welcomes action wants test Washington up rep. John l. Mcmillan today welcomed a grand jury investigation he illegally leased and Gas lands to the secret he gave up nominal direction its operations several years ago. Moscow announced yesterday the arrest the nine doctors charges being responsible for the deaths two top rus-1 Sian leaders Andrei a. Zhdanov a leading politburo member and Alexander Scherbakov head the chief political administration the soviet army. Zhdanov died in 1948 and see soviets Page 18 charges Federal Oil Utah. The South Carolina Democrat said he wants a court test be cause his attorneys assured him there was no Law barring con Gressmen from taking out an Oil the Justice department ordered the investigation yesterday said Mcmillan leased the land in spite a Federal Law against congressmen making contracts with the government. A violation is a this Demeanour and carries a Fine. Mcmillan who admitted he never struck Oil said he paid to lease acres Utah land just like anyone the Interior department cancelled it for technical violation the criminal code. The lawmaker argued that the department erroneously Classi fied the lease As involving water rights. He Saih so far As he knew there is no Law saying Congress men cannot enter Tive bidding for Oil rights As he from an overheated stove. Dam armed services group taken by an in after prec dented written ballot Morse gave up a fight to retain his old labor committee assign ment. His Only Hope now is in a Resolution which he himself introduced to increase the size the two committees by two Mem Bers each one spot to go to Morse and the other to a Republican. This Resolution was shunted to the rules committee where it could rest for the remainder the session. A Morse supporter sen. Humphrey wanted the Senate to instruct the committee to report Back for a vote by tomorrow but his Effort failed. B-50 super fortress crash kills 12 airmen in Calif. Inquiry launched first House test vote Senate approved Resolution to investigate outgoing gov. Gor Don Browning s administration. The vote a proposed amendment to test legality the memorial hotel lease buy the Senate without debate passed and sent to the House a Resolution for the legislature to recess from Friday Jan. 16 to 11 . Feb. 16. Following through a Campaign pledge the governor elect Clement forces yesterday fought off efforts to attach Crip pling amendments and won sen ate approval their Resolution. The motion would set up a nine member committee four senators and five representatives to investigate the purchasing and Highway departments and also look into the controversial Pur Chase the memorial hotel at Nashville by the state. The probe will Likely begin i see Assembly Page 18 eign department attorneys got Holtzoff to Mark the indictment secret so As not to tip off the suspects before the Fri has Chance to arrest them. There was some speculation that the suspects Are not big names. But it was believed they figure in a communist espionage apparatus sponsored by Russia one its satellites. The investigation was disclose see spies Page 18 Philadelphia hit Bystran Sithat All transportation out violence flares Gridley Calif. Up air Force investigators were their Way Here today to look for the failure that caused a b-50 super fortress to crash killing 12 crewmen. Officials were being sent out from Wright Patterson air Force base Dayton o., to conduct the investigation. The strategic air command plane a routine navigational flight out Castle fab Merced Calif., crashed in a flooded Rice Field 12 Miles West Here tues Day. Sen. Jenner new rules i it s entire Crew 12 men died chairman told a newsman he i bodies the men were being had no plans to take up to a funeral Home at Resolution immediately and did nearby Marysville Calif names see Morse Page 18 i the victims were withheld pending notification next Kin. I the b-50, a modified version the wartime b-29, was a training Mission Over the Sacra into Valley with three other super forts. It was not in communication with any Airfield at the time the Accident and air Force officials said that made it impossible to ascertain immediately the cause the crash. The huge to the ground a ranch about one mile from a Highway run Ning Between Gridley and Colusa. The Impact the crash buried the plane in mud up to its Wing roots. The air Force said All aboard apparently died instantly. Big Stone Gap fire big Stone Gap a. The vow club and auxiliary Pavilion at pleasure Island Here was extensively damaged by fire which broke out at . Wednesday. C. R. Pannell head the big Stone fire department Savici a11 Interior furnishings along with All club records and some Money and checks were destroyed in the Blaze which he said resulted did. Age was estimated at virus influenza strikes wide Section nation from press dispatches attacks virus influenza and other respiratory diseases spreading rapidly to the Slushy Winter weather kept one University and at least 50 secondary and elementary schools closed across the nation today. A combination influenza and virus infections has reached epidemic proportions the director the Memphis and Shelby county health department re ported. Or. L. M. Graves called the widespread outbreak pretty be hospitals were overflowing and the waiting rooms Busy doctors were jammed. House Calls out the question except in emergencies. There were 555 patients to 534-bed Baptist Hospital. Other Hospi tals reported similar conditions. Schools however continued to operate despite an estimated 20 per cent absenteeism. A virus outbreak at Green Castle ind., at least 230 persons in 24 hours and forced Depauw University to close for seven Days. The University tuesday advised its Stu dents to get away from the Cam pus fast. The mid Winter flu attacks were also keeping Many workers away from their jobs in hard hit states like Texas Colorado mis Souri new Mexico Oklahoma Nebraska and Southern Illinois. The infections were generally mild and not considered danger Ous but they left their victims miserable with nausea head aches bodily weakness and respiratory disturbances. Many the ill persons were jamming hospitals and still More waited out the attacks to their Beds at Home. Public ordered closed tuesday because the infections included 20 to Oklahoma 13 in Texas four in Iowa and two in new Mexico. One parochial school closed in Karf Sas see epidemic Paf e 18 picked by i wearing galoshes against the Campus slush. President James b. Conant Harvard univer sity looks Over special edition Harvard Crimson at Cam Bridge mass., telling his being named Eisenhower s u. S. High commissioner for Ger Many. Or. Conant 59, started at Harvard As a chemistry instructor in has been president for the past 20 years. A wire photo casualty was dying brother Seoul a Young u. S. Army medic treated his first combat casualty in Korea recently without at first realizing the dying Soldier was his twin brother. Pvt. Irwin Rietz 21, Rock is land 111., did not recognize his twin until he and two other sol Diers lifted the brother Edwin into a litter jeep. Edwin died later at an Aid station. Irwin treated Edwin in Tito elected first yugoslav president Belgrade Yugoslavia Premier marshal Tito was elected communist Yugoslavia s first president today by parliament acting under a new Constitution. The wartime partisan Leader promised in an acceptance speech to step up industrialization and improve living stand services newspaper at the u. S. Shallow Trench just one year to the Day from the time the twins entered the service. The surviving twin was taken off the line and will accompany the body his brother Home. The Story was carried today in t was Philadelphia up _ Vio Lence broke out today As rebellious transit workers accusing Union Boss Michael j. Quill a sell went strike and left persons without bus trolley subway transportation. Two striking trolley car opera tors were beaten one them critically by three youths who engaged them in an argument a Street Corner a few hours after the strike halted Public transportation in the City at one minute after Midnight. Thomas v. Cassidy 25-year old operator a one Man trolley was taken to Germantown Hospital with a possible Skull fracture and other injuries. An other transit company employee. James Loftus 26, was bruised and Cut. Most residents complained the Union s rejection an offer by the Philadelphia transportation co. Which would have Cost the Public a seventh fare in crease in five years and the Sec Ond in less than a month. Ards. Tito who has headed the government since the defeat and 40th division. The Young medic said he was withdrawal nazi forces in so Busy treating the wounded 1944, was the Only candidate. He will Wield about the same Powers under his new title As he did formerly. His election set up a steady j at a time like he said chant hero Tito inside the i rolled him the medic Soldier that he did not recognize him immediately. You do not have time to Wor i by about whom you Are treating parliament building. Approximately persons outside took up the chant in a Thunder ing Roar. Cannon boomed a 21 gun Salute. Tito s election came As a Cli Max an Uphill struggle which began when he was a teen age communist in his native Croatia at a time when Yugoslavia was divided and largely under aus Tro hungarian domination. He was born Josyp Broz peasant heritage and assumed the name Tito As a guerrilla Leader against the German in vaders. Related ripped open his shirt and exposed a Small wound in his As Irwin started to apply a Bandage the wounded Man raised his head and moaned. Irwin not looking up from his work said take it easy buddy you Are going to be All Irwin got is first look at his patient s face when he and two other soldiers lifted the wounded Man into an evacuation litter jeep. I said Irwin that i had done everything possible for him the Hill so i followed him Down in another jeep. The latest went into increase which Jan. 3, raised fares to 15 cents for a single ride with the first Transfer costing three cents and additional trans fers one cent each. Most the City s workers managed to get to their jobs some foot others hitchhiking others using car pools and trucks furnished by employers. So lunar tables Ald cd. Elf by a 8olcnar tables plan tour Dan m Usu you will be Ruhai in food Tair Torr Honono in Rood Dunn to Gnei. It too to find the but met Tatj he to major period to than a bold Jet then by fun u us urn., town us Lut for u hour mat a Nail two Houn thereafter the minor town in regular Trpe. Are we Elliat Borter duration. Do Batten tto Acard Jan Arr Date 14 wednesday 15 thursday is Friday 17 saturday it sunday . . Tuer 740 m Lake stages Lake Levels wednesday at Boone 10m 4

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