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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 13, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee18 wednesday Jan. King sport times Gumc unveils first Turbine Auto official severely injured in test " Detroit ins near Phoenix Ariz. Pm motors corporation took the j spokesmen said the firebird has wraps off the u. S. Automobile not been tested for Speed Industry s first Gas Turbine car today and disclosed that last. Oct. 11 it nearly took the life a pm vice president in a test run. Charles l. Mccuen general manager the pm research laboratories was injured severely when the car with its 370 horsepower whirl fire Turbo pow engine rolled Over at the proving grounds in Milford Mich. Announcement was the first admission that it is the same car the 61-year-old executive was testing at the time the Accident. Known As the xp-21 firebird and resembling a Jet fighter wheels the experimental single seat Auto will be shown publicly Lor the first time at the pm Motoyama 1954 opening in new York s Waldorf Astoria Jan. 21. Mccuen now fully recovered from his injuries said the cat was built solely to determine test was made the ground he whether this Type Power is the firebird. It is in two sections feasible for automotive use. Gasi Fier which closely reset pm president Harlow h. Cur Bles a Small Jet engine and a tace who announced the fire Power Section consisting a Bird said the car is purely Turbine transmission and experimental vehicle and is not rear Axle gears intended for Highway use. You air entering the engine is compressed to More than three pressed the utmost sympathy holds two local offices in Mathews county. Mrs. Emma Lee s. Mathews in letters woman protests seating Delegate to a. Assembly Richmond the seating Del. John Warren Cooke Mathews at today s opening ses Sion the 1954 general Assem Bly Virginia was protested tuesday by a former woman refused to estimate its top the House. The pro Locaty. At the time Mccuen s Acci Dent it was reported that the car was being driven Well Over 100 Miles an hour. This however was denied by general motors. Saying that the firebird is a Laboratory wheels built Only for the proving ground and test Curtice added possibly this is a development along a we May not wish to go so far As passenger Automo Biles Are concerned. The tremendous Power and Speed potentials Gas turbines Are Well known by engineers. However we Are not trying to develop either overwhelming horsepower tremendous speeds in this test car. Rather we Are trying to determine whether the Turbine can be harnessed to give efficient and economical performance in the Low and Normal automotive driving the whirl fire Turbo Power unit is installed in the rear Ike Durkin agreed 8 Points labor proposals sent Congress by James Marlow Washington Eisenhower lost his first labor Pilot when Secretary labor Martin p. Durkin head the Al plumbers Union went Over the Side and rowed ashore. When Durkin quit last sep tember he said he had worked White for months with White House to House aides changes which the speaker e. Blackburn Moore and president could ask Congress to House clerk e. Griffith Dodson make in the Taft Hartley la said it was a violation the bract. State Constitution for Cooke to serve in the session because he was a Deputy clerk the Mathews circuit court and clerk the Mathews county school Board. Neither the county jobs is an elected one. Dodson said he would turn the letter Over to the chairman the general Assembly s demo cratic caucus. The chairman the caucus John Warren Cooke Mathews. Dean expresses utmost sympathy for 21 turncoat Columbus a. Maj. He from said he had agreement the White House 19 to find better ways safeguard ing Union welfare funds. Durkin suggested Small employers be Al and . Norman h. Jones 413 Lowed to waive the right to Par Cherokee st., at Hych Jan. 6, tic Pate in the fund handling. Proposals but that the White House then backed out. Eisen Hower than denied breaking his word to any associate. On monday Eisenhower prob ably with the help his new Secretary labor James Mitchell sent to Congress suggested changes which have been described As totalling 14. Actually in some paragraphs his message several ideas were expressed suggested. An examination the 19 changes Durkin talked about and the ones just offered by Eisenhower show the Durkin version and the Eisenhower message parallel each other in eight cases Eisenhower offered three ideas not mentioned by Durkin Durkin had eight suggestions ignored by Eisenhower three Eisen new arrivals Sherry Gail Williams daughter . And . Breman e. Wil Liams 344 Sewanee ave., at hols ton Valley Community Hospital Jan. 9, weighing 7 pounds ounces. Jack Leonard Jones son . Weighing 7 pounds 8% ounces. Bobbie Jean Shaw daughter . And . Robert Shaw 508 Eastman st., at Hych Jan. 8, weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces. Sharon Elaine Smith Daugh Ter . And . John w. Smith jr., Gate City route 4, at Hych Jan. 11, weighing 7 pounds 8% ounces. Betty Kathryn Brickey Daugh Ter mr., and . Hairm Thomas Brickey Kingsport route 5, at Hych Jan. 12, weigh ing 6 3 ounces. Burnita Hope Barnette Daugh won t be Able to buy jul i. Us ciu1c Zuj Vul v. In addition to the Tesu All and a half times the 21 american gis who Milford the ear has been before it goes into to stick with the Corn b. J. Estep above has retired from duties As payroll clerk for the Stonega Coke and Coal company after almost 36 years service. He first joined the company in 1918, and worked at Spda Keokee Der by and Durbar. In 1935 he returned to the Roda office and remained there until his retirement. Or. And . Estep plan to make their Home in Kingsport. Ter . And . Eugene bar Nette Kingsport route 5, Hych Jan. 10, weighing pounds 2 ounces. Dennis Ray Barker son . And . Chester Barker Clinch expensive advice Wilber neb. Up . Don Minne asked sheriff John Tesar How to find her two miss ing dogs and he suggested she enlist the Aid kids by offering a soda As a Reward. In a Short while 20 boys rounded up the strays each claiming to have spotted the dogs first. The Only solution was buying 20 sodas. The inside dope Carbondale 111. Up there la be a Good reason if the 402 women students in a South Ern Illinois dormitory get better grades than their fellow Stu dents. The girls have been inviting their professors to dinner to ask them for tips the bes1 methods studying for and writing examinations. First have her shot new York. Passing a photograph shop is Brooklyn take a double look a at a sign in the window 4 your Frami port va., at Hych Jan. 10 weighing 10 pounds ounces out at the pm desert proving Williams claims opposition greater from gop Congress Washington ins sen. John j. Williams a Del said today his investigation tax scandals in past administrations has been More difficult in a gop kerosene fuelled combustion i musts in Korea Chambers burners. Gen Dean Sald in Columbus the kerosene is sprayed night the burners where combustion it i m often asked what about Section where the Speed is con trolled in virtually the same manner As the automatic drive selector a conventional car. Pm engineers said that one the Gas Turbine s major draw backs still to be overcome is its High consumption fuel. They also said that the engine presents a number problems Congress than it was under the new to the automotive Industry. Democrats. Maximum Power the engine takes place continuously after 21 american soldiers who spark lights the mixture for Don t want to come Back i starting. The hot Gas the utmost sympathy for the Turbine wheel the Power them i know the pressure they r c t the lawmaker told a he has been running into some consumes 20 times As much air As the production Piston engine. Handicaps in the tip the compressor Rotor controlled Congress that he faster than the Speed not encounter when democrats were in command. Key to the problem he said sound. One the advantages is that the whirl fire Power Plant and has been the Senate unit weigh about one third committee s refusal to give him that a conventional Piston the same sub Commilee and drive. It also takes he had when democrats con trolled the group. Chairman Eugene Millikin r up much less space in the car fitting into an area 63 inches Long 26 inches deep and 32 Colo was willing last year to let inches wide. Williams head a subcommittee j the Radical aircraft styling but refused to let him firebird includes a Needle to decide what he should make nose Delta wings swept Back Public the Senate floor. Along the rear half the body Williams walked at this since a vertical Tail Fin and a plastic his method in the past had to investigate the basis Over the Driver s cock were under and the persuasion the general who is visiting it. Benning until Friday urged the teaching a deeper under standing american principles As a solution to the problem americans who Don t want to come Home. He added that not one the 21 americans who turned communist had Many advantages in this documents tossed into Duke s car Wellington n. Z. Wednes Day accompanying the Duke Edinburgh were startled momentarily today when a Man broke through the shrubbery outside Wellington s National Art gallery and hurled bounced a study is under Way a sheaf . Documents into the conflicts Between state and fed Duke s car. Eral jurisdiction. Durkin Sug the incident occurred As theige sted clarification state and Here Are the eight parallel proposals neither an employer nor a Union has to negotiate any thing during the life a con tract unless the contract itself provides for a re opening. Employers in casual temporary industries should be free to enter into rehiring agreements with unions. Unions should be relieved responsibility for unauthorized acts their individual Mem Bers. Under the present Law the National labor relations Board must ask for an injunction against a secondary Boycott but this should be discretionary with the Board. Secondary Boycotts should be permitted in certain cases As when an employer does Farmed out work for a struck employer. Checkoff Union dues could continue until revoked in writ ing by an employee. Requirements for a Union s filing information its finances should be simplified. Eisenhower urged clarification the Law so states won t be. Deprived any rights to Deal with state emergencies and an vandalism costly Charlottesville a. Road sign vandalism in Virginia is costing the taxpayers a year the Virginia Council Highway investigation and re search says. Unhinged thief Martinsburg w. A. Up Robinson woke up one morning to find the hinges re moved from her front door. Everything else was in its place. Husband Queen Elizabeth ii was about to enter the car to return to new zealand s gov committee which let him operate is considerably larger than the his own. Exhaust pipe a conventional tips from private informants. He the exhaust outlet resembles Ern ment House following an and was backed up by a finance sub-1the Tailbone a Jet plane. to scientists at the Gal Lery i the Queen was not with the Duke. The documents landed in the Lap an Querry already inside the car. The Tosser the papers was arrested and taken to a local police station. Terse statements officials indicated that the the senator stressed that his engine due to the Large volume new difficulties Are no reflect air that is swallowed digested Tion the Treasury depart ment which he said would give him the same status he had under the democrats. Williams 1951 tax fraud charges led to a 1 will scale House investigation the internal Revenue Bureau and conviction several Truman administration tax officials. J As an example his present difficulties Williams pointed Toi his charge the Senate floor yesterday that the last administration coddled a dangerous criminal by not prosecuting him for tax evasion. The senator alleged that a tax leniency had been granted to Frank Cammarata now a1 Michigan convict. He said that Youngstown o., police files list Cammarata As a brother in Law. Of the notorious Pete Licavoli. Reputed head the Detroit purple outbreak typhoid fever is controlled it. Campbell by. A threatened outbreak typhoid fever in the it. Campbell area apparently has been brought in a Der control medical authorities say. J it. Campbell officers and health departments Mont Gomery county tenn., and Christian county ky., have taken precautionary measures and say they expect to pinpoint the source the disease in a few Days. Seven persons were admitted to the Post Hospital with the Dis ease last week when eight near by food handling places were declared off limits to military personnel. Four additional cases have been admitted since and a a Lith entered a Hopkinsville hos Pital. Man has reached Peak evolution Emory University a. New York physiologist today termed present Day Man the ultimate development in evolution. Or. Homer Smith professor physiology at new York univer sity said at Emory University that further evolution Man is. Virtually explained where there is Cross Breed ing you Don t have and expelled from the engine. Extraction Power Neces sary to drive the Gasi Fier com Pressor results in a reduction both temperature and pressure the Gas by the time it emerges from the exhaust. Documents involved Cal no Politi Federal jurisdiction this was the overlap Eisenhower asked Power to Tell fact finding boards in National emergency strike threats to make recommendations a Settle ment. Durkin expressed Hope that by this time the president could make some suggestions National emergencies. Eisenhower urged that employers As Well As Union leaders be required to take an anti communist oath. Durkin urged abolishing the oath entirely. 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