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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 13, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeWednesday Jan. 13, 1954 k1ngsport times wins ism j. Rankin left above has been named a member of International business machines corporation s 1953 one Hundred per cent club. Above or. Rankin receives congratulations from j. W. Hinchcliff ism manager in Kings port. Or. Rankin qualified for this High Honor by exceeding 100 per cent of his assigned quota in the Sale of electric Type writers and time recording equipment. This is the sixth year thai or. Rankin has qualified in the one Hundred per cent club. Boyle s by Hal Boyle new York Are getting almost As scarce As larks at the North pole. Not bathroom tenors. Ways the villain and never gets to kiss the Soprano. The Tenor does. He is the the sopranos Are getting pleasanter too to kiss every year. In airy Btl the audiences require More now than in the old Days. Opera tenors Are in Short sup ply. It s got some of them Wor the entire world today ried. In there Are Only 10 tenors who can sing major dramatic roles with said Ramon Vinay a former baritone who became a Tenor by Accident rather than intent. As a result we have to travel like mad and we Are getting they not Only expect you to be Able to sing. You must also act and look the Vinay who starred in the wagnerian festival at Bayreuth Germany now travels up to 000 Miles a year in America and Europe. He keeps apartments Here and in Milan but lives most of the year in hotel rooms. Tired. And some of us Are Many people know ing voice Strain. To feel at Home in a notel this May not appear much of Loon he said but Homo is a a tragedy to the average Man state of mind you just have to who ordinarily does t list How to make yourself ors As among the Earth s major comfortable by toting along a blessings but when a few top need Cine Ball which he blithely tenors go hoarse it is a real bounces against the Wall when blow to the world of serious music. Some fellow has to hit All exercise. He some times also packs a five foot Tel those High notes and kiss the is one of his dying Soprano or How can the opera go on becomes Bobo denies agreement reached in divorce suit new York ins Bobo Rockefeller who Only five Days ago was declared to have agreed to a five and one half million Dollar settlement to Grant her estranged husband Winthrop an amicable divorce said flatly today that nothing has been settled. I Haven t even thought about Nie totalling two and one half million dollars and another Mil lion plus in various fringe benefits including a income or alternately another in Trust. She indicated at the time commenting on reports that she and it in t As easy As it looks. Before a new production we rehearse for about three said Vinay who keeps in shape weight lifting. And believe me five hours on the state of the metropolitan opera is like 12 hours on the Dock. It s like pushing a Street car 20 blocks. You come Home and drop All tenors Are unusual but even among his fellow tenors Vinay is a standout. He is a big Bear like Man who looks like Luis Firpo the former South i american heavyweight Boxer. Vinay was born in Chile raised in France and started his Ca reer pushing a Broom in a mex Ico City department store. He also worked As a travelling sales Man and a Medicine Box manufacturer before he settled Down As a baritone in a Small mexican touring opera company. One bored he sets it up by the hotel window and scans the stars. Special Sale at Sterchi s was demanding a ten million night the regular Tenor refused Dollar settlement that the two i to go on. Vinay cleared his a divorce the one time Cin millions for herself was enough Throat Sang the role Derella Bride of the Oil heir told i but she wanted to make sure Learned he was a natural Tenor. International news service. For that her son got everything she i like it he said emphasis she added Felt Wafi coming to him. 1 smiling. The baritone is Al nothing has been drawn up. Nothing has been signed. My lawyers Haven t even sat Down to write anything. We re still there was no immediate com ment from Rockefeller s attorneys but i. N. S. Learned that agreement by Bobo to a Friendly divorce was an integral part of the settlement pact which Bobo first signed last oct. 1, then repudiated and Only last Friday supposedly re accepted. Although she made no direct reference to it Bobo obviously was upset by the statement made on Friday by Winthrop Rockefeller s counsel to the effect that she had now met or. Rockefeller s this statement by Rockefeller attorney Edwin e. Dunaway in Little Rock ark., win now lives came after Bobo had sent a letter through her lawyer saying she accepted the oct. 1 agreement in Prin Ciple providing earlier objections she had raised were taken care of. According to Bobo in oblique reference to the headlines which announced last Friday s Settle she is unhappy about All this million Dollar talk in the it upsets she said is cause it upsets my child win Throp Paul he heard about it in school and i m trying to give him a Normal Bobo indicated her belief that despite his youth Littie Winnie cannot help but be affected by what she referred to As All this Money and she does t like it. She declined to say whether she had decided where and How to file for a divorce should an agreement finally be reached. I can t answer any questions about she said. My at Torney will make All the state her now attorney Leo c. Fen who Only recently re placed the noted lawyer Louis r a in due negotiations was not available Early today for comment. Under the terms of the apparent settlement announced Friday Bobo was to receive two million dollars Cash for her self plus Trust funds for win mrs. Stanley g. Peterson of Minneapolis will serve As chairman of Republican women workshop which will hold a two Day session at the Kingsport inn beginning Fri Day. College president lasts schools in Seles methods Cincinnati up the presi Dent of a Small methodist col lege in South Carolina criticized schools for Selling higher Educa Tion to prospective students like a High pressure Salesman hawking vacuum cleaners. P. Pendleton Gaines of of Ford College in Spartanburg s. C., told the National association of methodist schools and colleges that College recruiting methods Are vicious impractical and the association s annual meeting was attended by presi dents and other officials of 117 institutions related to the Church. It was one of a series of conventions held in conjunction with the association of Ameri can colleges which opens its sessions tonight. The Selling of a College Edu cation to the typical High school senior approaches the commercialism of soap or vacuum cleaner Pendleton declared. He also urged the educators to take sides in what he termed the great debate Over Public schools. It is High time for every Church educator to stand up and be counted in the current controversy Between pragmatism and traditional intellectualism now raging in our Public he said. They Are in danger of succumbing to the insidious Poison of life adjust ment democratic living educational philosophy and All the other Mambo jumbo hocus pocus jargon of the professional Gaines said the Church col Leges must Bridge the Gulf be tween knowledge and science on the one hand and morality and human behaviour on the Kingsport today wednesday civic Waadt Orlum wrestling in main . Chess club in Corner room. Junior Alfh gymnasium Pyle King is. Optimist Lone Star grocery vib Robinson trans Fer Washington gymnasium whined grocery is. Garden Orlu Poston grocery Vii. Sullivan k. K. Frank l. Cloud Retreat ten Center recreation Center activities Douglass recreation Center basketball practice game room activity 3q. Thursday civic auditorium basketball games in main auditorium Klug sport press is. W 8. Greece Model City is. Kingsport press Mead is. Sam Bray s dance class in game room. Violin class in club rooms 4 and 5. Boy scout committee in Comer room Junior Hafk gymnasium Dobyns Taylor Vij Kingsport Oil Munal clinic is. Mead girls Buck s Frozen custard . Shorty s Washington gymnasium first presbyterian is. Blues Broad Street methodist is. Reds Koay Nook is Broad Street methodist Beta Vii. Vermont Frank l. Clours recreation Center recreation Center activities. recreation Center school activity Friday civic auditor Sun teen party in club rooms 4 and 5. Whish Englon gymnasium boys club is Moose Leduc Dobyns Taylor is Fly stunt Latimer Looney is come Jon Paulk Roberts signs is Allm Junior High Ermir slum walled grocery is. Gam a Garden Grill . Sullivan k. K. Douglass recreation Center game room activity adult s night. Frank a Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activities. Saturday civic auditorium basketball games in main auditorium. Preliminary game Atlanta peaches ill Olsi is City league leaders Square dance in game room. Birthday party in club Robins Art exhibit or. Lounge. Frank a Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activities. Douglass recreation Center game room activity Kings out inn thursday Civ Hans luncheon noon club room. Jaycees dinner 6 p.m., club room. Friday kiwanis luncheon noon club room. Republican workshop luncheon in ural room. Republican workshop. Banquet evening club room. Saturday Republican workshop meeting All Day. Warehouse Blaze destroys tobacco m Fayetteville Fayetteville term. Al Miles swept through two to Bacco Laden warehouses Here last night destroying about pounds of Burley and causing an estimated loss of two firemen were injured when the roof of one warehouse Carolina College plans farm meet Raleigh n. Carolina state College officials announced monday that the National Industry research conference of the farm equip ment Institute will be held on the Raleigh Campus in april. This will be the second time the conference has been staged in the South the first time hav ing been at Auburn ala., in 1946. G. W. Giles head of the department of agricultural Engi Neering at state College Coin men Ted collapsed. The fire fanned by North wind for a time threat a it the decision of the Institute a brisk to hold its 1954 conference in North Carolina is significant it is indicative of the greater in Enen to spread to a nearby flour t t that manufacturers Mill and the City stockyards. Milc Illery Are taking. Additional firemen from As far of As Huntsville ala., brought the Blaze under control after battling Tor several hours in sub freezing temperatures. The injured firemen were w. K. Foster and Robert Gunter both of Fayetteville. Foster was burned while Gunter was Over come by smoke and suffered a broken leg. Both were reported in Good condition today. The fire apparently began in the Lincoln Loose Leaf Ware-1 House and swept southward to the farm s Burley the last sales in each warehouse had been scheduled for today. A third warehouse escaped damage. Problems pertaining to farm mechanization in the the conference will be held april 28-30. Get 2 prints for the Price of one on new Plena color film see your nearest Lustre one dealer or dial Circle 5-4b50 v doctors tests 90% of piles pain relieved without surgery i Job Case tier Case of simple Pite. Bleeding slopped reduced cracking healed piles shrunk with out surgery thanks to amazing Pazo ointment in 9 cases out of 10, pain was Stop rpt or materially reduced Pazo acts to lubricate relieve itching inst mlle. Hundreds of doctors prescribe it in tubes also modern get Relief i City building hit seasonal Low last month Kingsport building activity dropped to its usual seasonal Low in december when six City per were issued for construction expected to Cost building official Simon k. Jones listed them in a monthly report As one business building three residences and two residential remodelling projects two of the new Homes will have five rooms each and the other five and one half rooms. Jones also listed 50 electric three fuel Oil and three plumbing permits issued in december fees from All four sources to tales dial cd 5-5551 313 Cherokee St. Mixes on or off the stove dial operated mixes easier faster better from washing pc Fotoes to High Speed beating. 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Heavy Dufy Mo-120 Volf acc molar detachable lightweight Tor on or off Fiove stirring 9 full powered Finger tip control speeds mixing head stands anywhere a automatic beater re from Broad Street less at gleaming White enamel stand with adjustable turn table 2 Nickel Chrome 2 mixing bowls Juicer Reamer Trainer bowl Complete recipe Book 16 piece Green luncheon set the South s largest Home phone cd 5-5184 Fate lots of shoes for Only 2.00 a pair. All Sale shoes Are re marked for Sale. New shoes last thursday three Friday saturday Days grouped and re priced of Coo 00 Good sizes urn Ort 206 e. Center Circle 8-960

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