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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 13, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday Jim. 13, 1953 Kingsport times a Independent democratic newspaper awry go round letter to editor c. P. Edna i it. Pae mtr w. J. Editor j w win a Mimi my tatty Ellin Bank tet by Mutt de Tow harm strut. Cd upon. Rawi my Tiv Aix waited you Tetra Uwi Papiri Publ Ben association and the audit Bureau at Ulm Culatto an Laden indent Dino Cratt nov paper dual Libet neb blur noon saturday and Auoe lated u an glued to Ini for publication of All twi dispatcher or tilted in n or oot Otner Tot credited u thai and Alk. Local published herein entered at Post Tolice to alb sport. A second Elm mall Matur october 17 1m4. Under the act of Marcu National adder Tilini Shannos inc. With offices in pm Vort Cuicio Detroit Atlanta by. Louie. Kantar City Lof Nielen and Frau Claro subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday ont week. 40c. Today s Bible thought and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee saying this is the Way walk be in it when be turn to the right hand and when be turn to the times daily tonic determine that the thing can and shall be done and then we shall find the Ham Lincoln. Nation wide primaries Reform of the presidential election system is in the air. It has been in the air for several years of course but the last presidential Campaign the primaries and the conventions sort of condensed the shadowy thinking and the present Congress is going to see a determined Effort to get something done. There is much More Public interest in the matter because in the opinion of Many a Man on the Street the convention at least the democratic convention did not follow the will of the people. And television giving millions a Chance to attend the Conven Tion left a popular opinion that this is a bad Way to pick a presidential candidate. There Are three Points about which there is proposed reformation. One is the method of making a nomination. An other is the method of counting the elec toral vote. The third is the question of succession if a president Dies in office. There have been several proposals made in the past but the new Congress already has two and May have More. It is noted that senator Kefauver has made a proposal and senator Smathers an other. Of the three subjects it is the first which commands most Public interest. There is a popular demand that the convention be either abolished or radically reformed. It is interesting to note in passing that a great Deal of complaint comes from people who were supporters of senator Kefauver and the charge is made that Only by political deals was he kept from the nomination. But of course senator Kefauver himself did his Best to make a Deal with or. Harriman of new York to get the nomination. However what is of interest now is the proposal to have nation wide primaries. The idea is very popular. Or. Kefauver proposes nation wide primaries and so does or. Smathers. But in speaking of his proposal senator Kefauver says his amendment is general in nature and leaves the details to be worked out by later congressional and senator Smathers in presenting his amendments says i have not gone into detail on these proposals. Obviously there Are Many technical aspects regarding them but i do not feel this is the time nor the place to go into a Long discussion of these but when is the time and place How Are we to know whether the idea is practical unless there is discussion of just what is proposed we cannot help being reminded of the mouse who proposed to All the mice assembled that a Bell should be put upon the cat and a lot of Raice thought what a splendid until somebody said How Are you going to do actually the proposal to select party nominees by nation wide primaries has a great Many possibilities and some of them Are not Good. There cannot even be intelligent discussion until the proposers get More specific and Tell us How their plan would work. There Are a Good Many questions that Are raised at once. There Are a lot of difficulties and we would like to know How the reformers proposed to get around them. For instance would the Law require primaries for every party or just the two parties presently called major if a third party Rose like the progressive party or the states rights party would they be required to have nation wide primaries if in a major party primary there were six or seven candidates and the vote was so divided that nobody has anything like a majority would a Man whom perhaps 65 per cent did not want even As a second Choice get the nomination and would the decision go by Overall popular vote or by states electoral vote would the convention be abolished completely or would the delegates simply go to the convention instructed to support the Choice of the people in their state and if the latter was the Case what would happen if no candidate could command a majority of the convention votes these Are practical questions. Much has been said and written about the politicking at the democratic Conven an 1 convention simply waiting until or Truman up and de. Note this is the first of a series of Washington merry go round columns in which Drew Pearson diagnoses the Eisenhower Cabinet today s brass ring goes to new Secre tary of the Treasury George m. Humphrey by Drew Pearson Man who will collect your taxes in the Eisenhower administration who will partially determine How much those taxes Are and who will have a major voice in the question of inflation deflation Loans to Europe and borrowings at Home is a modest unpublicized businessman from Cleveland Ohio. To George m. Humphrey the hew Secretary of the Treasury is chairman of seven big corporations president of three and on the Board of directors of 34. They total assets of As much As the National budget prior to the Roosevelt administration. Looking Over or. Record and his prospective colleagues in the Cabinet you come to this conclusion Gen. Eisenhower has picked a conservative businessman s Cabinet but he has picked the first team. The general calibre of his appointees is far ahead of other gop administrations under Hoover Coolidge Harding. And if a conserva Tive government does not survive in this coun try it will not be because Eisenhower has picked second raters. He is definitely going to Bat with the first team. And the next four years under it will be among the most important in recent history. They will also be extremely watch. Big holding company the new Secretary of the Treasury typifies the first team. With almost no fanfare he has built up one of the bigger holding corporations of the nation. The m. A. Hanna company which he Heads controls the biggest Coal com Pany in the world steamship companies steel Mills Rayon factories vast Ore deposits a sugar company and one of the biggest Banks in Cleveland. This background has the advantage of bringing great ability to government but it also puts a Cabinet member under constant fire for possible favors to his own far Flung companies. In the past three weeks for instance two companies owned by the future Secretary of the Treasury received tax write offs of More than one tax write off was on an Iron Ore project in Dickinson county Michigan on which the Hanna Coal adore co. Got a 75 per cent tax amortization on a investment. The other was a 70 per cent write off on 000 to the Hanna Coal and Ore co. In Douglas county Ore., for Ferro Nickel facilities. Fortunately for or. Humphrey these tax concessions were granted by a democratic administration. But later when he becomes Secretary of the Treasury and when his Many companies and their subsidiaries come up for government benefits As is inevitable the situation May prove embarrassing. This is one reason Why senator Byrd of Vir Ginia no critic of either Eisenhower or big business wants to question Ike s Cabinet offi cers regarding their enterprises and get a rec Ord of their investments. Second Andy Mellon no one quite like Humphrey has sat in the Cabinet since the. Days of Andrew w. Mellon. Born in Michigan 63 years ago Humphrey be Gan life As a Small town Michigan lawyer came to Cleveland where he joined the m. A. Hanna company founded by the sometimes political Boss who was the Power behind president Mckinley. At that time the Hanna company was primarily engaged in hauling Ore Down from the mesabi Range in great lakes Ore boats and delivering it to the steel companies of Ohio and Pennsyl Vania. Humphrey however saw no reason Why his company should not process the Ore As Well As deliver it so just before the depression he put together the National steel company. There could t have been a worse time to Start a new steel company. Nevertheless National steel not Only weathered the storm Bel Ter than any other steel company but was generally admitted to have been Ablest Man aged. About this time it became apparent that George Humphrey had an extraordinary gift for judgment. In fact some of his competitors claimed it was a gift of prophecy. During the depression for instance the most profitable part of the average steel com Pany was the tin plate division. And National steel of All the steel companies had the greatest percentage of tin plate capacity. Humphrey had built the company with the ten plate shortage in mind. The steel Industry also woke up to find that their biggest customer was the Detroit Auto Mobile Industry. But they also woke up to find that Humphrey was ahead of them. He right in Detroit for that purpose. Another example at the height of the Era period the steel companies decided in their Era code to limit the building of open Hearth furnaces to the number already started by each company. They did t want More furnaces built. But after the code had been adopted other steel companies discovered that Humphrey had predicted this would happen and already had Laid Down enough new Hearth capacity to last National steel for the next decade. Then nominating Stevenson because or. Truman told them to. This is unfair to or. Truman. Actually the convention demonstrated that neither or. Russell nor or. Kefauver could possibly com Mand a majority because neither was the second Choice of anybody. But or. Stevenson was the second Choice of a great Many delegates and we believe that he was the second Choice of Many supporters of Kefauver and Russell. He was the candidate of Truman Only to the extent that or. Truman Felt the party had a better Chance of winning with Stevenson than they had with anybody else. But he never was Truman s kind of candidate As he so fully proved. The conventions were not As bad As they were painted. There is reason to be Lieve that if every single state had held a primary and the people had instructed their delegates to vote for a particular candidate the first ballot would fave seen the vote pretty thoroughly scattered. If there had been no Way to com Promise or Deal if you prefer the term the delegates would have been sitting there yet. Anyway before we commit ourselves to changing the system we ought to know just what the change entails. Editor Kingsport tunes i dear sir i just got through Reading a Magazine and in it said the blood of a pretty Southern housewife May have a tved the life of a grizzled Leatherneck. Why does every paper and mag Azine write about the leather neck do people Back Home think the Leatherneck is Only one doing the fighting Over Here in Korea if so Why Don t they Send the army Home every paper and Magazine we get has in it the Leatherneck does this and the Leatherneck does that. Do the newspapers and magazines think the wider likes to read that All the time i think the army should get some credit for something they do. What do you think pvt. James t. Blackard in Korea. Hollywood by Erskine Johnson behind the screen Victor mature does t know How the Rumor germinated but he s denying that he s bored with his career As a movie profile King or has any notion about quitting the sound stages. Big shoulders Vic has three More years to go on his Fox contract and quips Why would i want to leave pictures anyhow it s the biggest Racket in the world. I get a Bonus the end of every big one that drives everybody at the Stu Dio crazy when it s mentioned in print. Nope i la stick to acting. If the Public has t caught up with me yet Why should i Vic s co starring with Marl Blanchard at a i in Prince of his first turban and scimitar opera since the Shang Hai gesture in 1941. In those Days he was tagged As Holly Wood s Beautiful hunk of Man but it s been a Coon s age since Vic s heard the term. I was Able to shuck it off in the he says. I came out after five years with a Good ree. Pro and was accepted As a real surgery or Medicine Washington calling by Marquis Childs if the Crosby could work it out so can the writings younger sister Barbara turns Singer in Mem s dangerous when but Margaret Whit ing does t have to worry be because i m trying to sing As unlike her As Barbara said. There could be a similar Ity but i try to go the other Way. I Haven t let Margaret coach me either. I Don t want it said that i sing like the most Junior Whiting started off her film career like a roman Candle in Fox s Junior miss in 1945, then sputtered out until Ida Lupino gave her a Small role in beware my now Barbara s All smiles about her role in dangerous when it s the biggest break a girl could no Retreat it happened with Jimmy Cag Ney and Edward g. Robinson in years past and now Warner Bros Are hoping it will happen with Frank Lovejoy. Frank who showed he had the stardom stuff As a Tough Guy in i was a communist for the is carrying the Star Burden in the system after 4 series of nothing to shout about roles and is saying ill do the Best i can. Star Dom s a territory there s very Little Retreat from. Just like the bows you Don t deserve you get the raps you Don t Piper Laurie wants it known that she did t kick up a fuss about co starring with Tony cur tis in the Golden Blade and that she had nothing to do with Rock Hudson sharing honors with her in Tony s place. Pouted Piper i never knew Tony was being considered for the picture. It was my impression about a year ago that it was being written especially for me. I Haven t seen Tony for months. I have nothing against him and i Don t think he has anything against me. As for Janet Leigh i m Friendly with her. I think she s a Beautiful and Clever girl. I Don t Washington although Only a few Days remain to the expiring administration a new commission has been appointed to determine the final disposition of one of the most troubling loyalty cases with significance for the future As Well As the past. That is the Case of John Carter Vincent of the state depart rent s foreign service whose dismissal on the ground of reasonable doubt of his loyalty was recommended by the top loyalty review Board. The new effect a new supreme court of loyalty to consider this one Case made up of men of knowl Edge experience and unquestioned integrity. The chairman is America s greatest Jurist judge Learned hand now re tired As a judge of the United states circuit court of appeals in new York. Judge hand s whole career could stand As a kind of Chart of the meaning of Freedom and truth. One of the members is John Mccloy a Republican former High commissioner to Germany and recently named to head the Chase National Bank in new York. Both men Are said to have been reluctant to serve Mccloy with the special reason that he is taking on a new and demanding assignment As presi Dent of one of the largest Finan Cial institutions in the country. Their reluctance was above All on the score of whether such failure of China policy. This is a commission could at this late a fear expressed by the Ameri particularly care what people Are saying or thinking. If they in Sist on creating a feud Between us there s nothing i can Nick Stuart a top Star in the Days when Heaters were Adver Tising All talking is Back again in Hollywood after an absence of 15 years to pick up the career he left behind. I got mixed up in the band business and i be been on the Road All this going Gray at the temples Nick confided. A year ago i decided i wanted to Settle. Down with my family in one spot. I want to be known strictly As an actor from now the former husband of sue Carol now mrs. Alan Ladd landed in two of the Congo and Black Hawk in his comeback Effort and recently signed a contract with Romer Grey to Star in to westerns. Date perform a useful service. The members of the commission who include besides the two Al ready named three Veteran diplomats of Long service in Republican administrations Are now Reading the record in the Case. This consists primarily of two documents first the report of the state department s loyalty review Board which cleared Vincent and second the report of the panel of the top review Board. To read these documents care fully and critically is in itself a sizable task. Then the members of the commission must meet and try to reach a decision. Conceivably this could happen be fore january 20 and president Truman could take the action dismiss Vin cent in Accord with the top Board s finding to permit him to retire and thereby retain his right to a pension after 27 years in the foreign service or to re Tain him in Active status. But if the task cannot be completed within this time then the commission must report to a new president and a new Secretary of state. This possibility seemed to Mccloy Likely to make the work of the commission wholly academic. For this reason my cloy talked with the Secretary of state designate John Foster Dulles. Dulles said that he could pot agree in Advance to be bound by the findings of such a com Mission. He could scarcely have replied otherwise. Yet Mccloy had the impression that the re port to be made by the Coninis Sion would have great weight with the new Secretary. What makes this Case so important is the fact that Vincent is being punished for what in Hindsight May seem to have been errors of judgment and appraisal in connection with the can foreign service association the men and women in the Field responsible for reporting on the state of the world. If they cannot report honestly what they see and hear then their function is meaning less. An editorial in the for eign service journal says whatever the ultimate result no american or foreigner Friend or foe should be left under an illusion that the United states government tries to exculpate it self for failures in China by seeking out individual scape goats. Vincent s appraisal of the strength of the chinese communists and the weakness of the chinese nationalists May have been mistaken. This observer is not a specialist and he doubts that Short of the longer perspective of history when All the facts Are in there is anyone who can pass a final objective judg ment. The important Point is that no real evidence has been brought out to show that Vincent was motivated by anything other than a desire to do his duty As a servant of the american government in a difficult position. The top review Board did not claim to have any such evidence in its finding of reasonable doubt. A word should be said about judge hand s willingness to undertake this unpopular task. He will be 81 at the end of this month and entitled to the peace of retirement. Certainly he owes the democratic administration nothing since the Glar ing failure to name him to the supreme court during the past two decades is one of the sins of omission and commission that have made the court what it is today. Here is a citizen who does his duty no matter How exacting and unpleasant that duty May be. Mac s window by w j pfc Acuff the world s worst and silliest a mlle a Ai nervous u a a new congressman from Idaho la mrs. Jack Pfost. Sounds like she would be a Cool cow Tomer. Tilt looks like the republicans gave senator Morse the inde pendent a kick in dependence. It May. Be Good economics but it won t be very food politics if the first business of the Republican Congress is to reduce taxes for business but not for individuals. How or. Humphrey would ring the changes on that one to prove the top had no care for the common Man Abraham Lincoln commented on the Large number of the poor whom god had made but it was several administrations later that a politician happened to think of the corollary and they All have when Johnny was asked what the words publicans and sinners meant he the two political parties. And was Johnny Ever right t5r the states a lighters fight was to keep the democratic party from becoming the demagogic party. Politicians like to say that patronage is really a pain be cause every time they give a Man a Job they make one Friend and ten enemies. But look How their feathers get ruffled it they a not get the right to hand out jobs to when the senator is a woman would you Call it patronage in Stead of patronage with the governor having the pardoning Power you might expect our new governor to exer Cise it a great Deal considering his name. Will prank Clement come to be known As Clement Frank if the speeches of Adlai Steven son Are to be published in Book form. The sooner the better sales that is. It Stevenson s speeches will be just As Good ten years from now As they Are today but of interest to considerably less people. A will the publishers manage to get into the printed word those dramatic Little pauses Between words that Adial used so effectively it May be True As we Are told that England has less crime than the United states because Over there the criminal gets Swift Justice and Rio nonsense. But the professor Nunn May Case seems to prove that Britain can be unusually easy on some kind of criminals. The professor who tried to sell out his country went to jail for a few months and thereby paid for his crime. He must t be hounded and bothered. No doubt if he gets the Chance hell do the same thing Over again but if he does he will no doubt be sent Back to jail for a few More months. The British theory is crime and punishment rather than crime and prevention. Politicians raise a great Deal of Money by having one Hun dred Dollar a plate dinners and everyone who wants to prove his party loyalty attends. That gives with an idea. Why could not Money be raised this Way for a great Charity doctor says Edwin . Side glances i m so glad Terry has found a sociable boy own age to pal around in this column vitamins a and d will be discussed together both because they have Many features in common and because they Are primarily of interest to children since most grownups get what they need of these Vita mins with rare exceptions without giving them any special thought. Lack of enough Vitamin a May cause Eye difficulties. The first symptom of Eye trouble of this kind is night blindness. Inability to see Well in a dim Light caused by deficiency of Vitamin a is cured promptly by giving extra doses of this Vitamin. There Are other kinds of poor night vision which do not re Spond to such treatment of course. Therefore the claim that Vitamin a will Aid Drivers of automobiles and Lessen their chances of having accidents at night is not warranted. Vitamin a is also supposed to be helpful in the treatment of certain kinds of skin callouses but Only when they Are caused by a Lack of this Vitamin in the diet. Vitamin a is not considered to be helpful in the prevention of influenza colds or other infections. Likewise the claim that Tak ing enough Vitamin a will pre vent the formation of kidney stones is probably not justified. It is present in liver oils of Sev eral fish in butter cheese egg Yolk and Many vegetables. The term Vitamin a is applied to at least two substances which Are known to Aid in the proper use by the body of Calcium and phosphorus. Consequently this Vitamin is recognized As a specific method of treating certain conditions in which Calcium is not properly used. These conditions Are rickets a kind of Bone softening in Chil Dren infantile Tetany and prob ably some other conditions in which there is abnormal use of Calcium and phosphorus. Vitamins help Teeth there is reason to believe that Vitamin d also plays an important part in tooth formation but it is doubtful that this sub stance is the Only important ele ment in the prevention of such diseases of the Teeth As caries. This Vitamin is also present in almost exactly the same foods As Vitamin a. In children particularly combinations of Vitamin a and d Are frequently Given during the Winter months with the purpose of improving Bone and tooth for mation. This is particularly important in Winter because in Northern climates at least the Sun is less powerful and the skin of Chil Dren is less exposed to the aun. At such times therefore the Vitamin d which is formed by exposing the skin to sunlight May be insufficient to Supply the necessary amounts. Out our Way drag feet new look do think hell for

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