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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 13, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Moon Rue wednesday . New Moon morning Star Saturn res uni at . And due South . Was the Mont Distant known before the invention d the Telescope. It is million Miles from the Earth tonight. All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 9 Kingsport Tenn., tuesday Jan. 1.3, 1953 12 pages five cents the Wear Fer continued mild weather Low tonight about 33. Cloudy p o s s i b 1 e rain wednesday yesterday s High 45, last night s Low 23, non Reading 39. Russia warned on hokkaido lawyer says Oil suit offer is blackmail Standard shuns Compromise on antitrust suits Federal Trade chief Calls for probe of propaganda by firms Washington Justice department offer to Compromise its antitrust action against an alleged International Oil Cartel bogged Down today amid hot words pointing to almost certain rejection. One major prospective defend ant Standard Oil of new Jersey turned Down the offer and thus apparently killed Hopes of com Promise since the government of Fer was made on condition that All of the companies concerned accept it. I Arthur h. Dean Standard ago without arms and Torney called the proposition he s Baxter of Tampa fla., is All and who would t be he is setting out on the biggest adventure of his Young get the legs and arms that nature forgot. He was born 14 cold and outrageous blackmail and said his company would have no part in it. At the same time Stephen j. Spingarn chairman of the fed eral Trade commission called for congressional investigation of the Oil companies including what he described As the propaganda Campaign of vilification they Are waging against their own government in 67 foreign Spingarn a Democrat con tended that any backing Down by the u. S. Government would play directly into the hands of soviet interests abroad. The Justice department said it was keeping open for the companies concerned to come in and Compromise the no one talked very hopefully about this happening after the action by Standard of new Jersey. A Stormy session Between atty. Gen. Mcgranery and Oil com Pany lawyers yesterday included a government suggestion that the companies let him know by see Oil Cartel Page e to new trial opens for Remington former economist is charged with perjury new York second perjury trial of William a. Remington charged with falsely de Nying he gave government secrets to a soviet spy courier was scheduled to Start today after months of delay. The Federal court trial was expected to get under Way with out further defense or prosecution motions which have led to postponement several times since last april. Remington s new trial is based on an indictment containing five counts allegedly committed while he was on the wit Ness stand at his previous seven week trial Here just two years ago. Remington 35, former a year department of Commerce he is going to Wilming ton del., for the first phase of treatment. A wire photo missing plane 40 dead found on Utah Border ground party wading hip deep Snow toward scene none survived7 Logan Utah ground party wallowed through hip deep rep r. D Harrison of be Snow today toward bodies of 391 Braska getting the cantan men and a woman who Kerous River under the Bridge is a ask million to move River backs oxbridge Washington up two Republican congressmen were bound and determined today to shove the Missouri River under a Bridge even if it costs taxpayers the idea is there is no Point having a perfectly Good Bridge linking Onawa la., and Decatur neb., if there is no River to run under it. Narcotic addict fined in court admitted addict is fined for drunkenness a 61-year-old Johnson City Man who police testified was an admitted received a wash., that he was on course killed wednesday when their c 46 transport smashed into a Wasatch Mountain Cliff along the Utah Idaho Border. The dead included 37 gis from states along the Southeast Atlantic Seaboard who had sur Vived Tours of duty in Korea and were flying Home for discharge. With them was a Crew of three including a stewardess. The army had chartered the plane from associated air transport co., san Antonio Tex. J the civil air patrol major who j first spotted the wreckage scribed it As a Heap of a pair of air Force Para medics who dropped near the wreck age of the twin engine Curtis commando reported by radio that death apparently was in Stant for those aboard in the crash and fire that left Only a Tail Section jutting out from a Cliff As a recognizable aircraft part. Pilot Lawrence Crawford of san Antonio had radioed three hours after leaving Seattle transportation rep. Ben f. Jensen of Iowa predicted con Gress will understand and vote russians arrest nine terrorist doctors in plot reds charge jewish Bourgeois group set up by agents of . By Henry Shapiro up staff correspondent Moscow up a terrorist group of most of them jews have been arrested for plotting against the lives of so Viet military leaders and for re funds to put the big Stream in j a possibility in the deaths of two place by 1955. Rop ranking communist party the army engineers who built officials it was announced to the Span in 1946 said confidently the River would run under it. But it never did. A miscalculation Here or there it seems. By the time the Bridge Day. Press and radio reports said nine doctors had been arrested As members of an International was jewish Bourgeois nationalist or built the unpredictable Missouri j a animation which was set up by had swung off on a different course and was not to be lured economist was february 1951, charge that he swore before a convicted in on a perjury lied when he Federal grand jury that he never had been a communist party member. In the fall of 1951, the u. S. Circuit court of appeals Here upset the verdict and ordered a new trial. The government then obtained the new indictment on which he now is to be tried. Armed posse Hunting Ohio sheriff slayers West Union o. By armed men in three states combed the Hills near Here with bloodhounds today seeking two gunmen who shot and killed Adams county sheriff Ben k. Perry 68, yesterday. The Only witness to the shoot ing told How the sheriff was killed yesterday when he stopped two men to question them about a farm House robbery near Here last week. The pair fled in the sheriff s car and abandoned it about 12 Miles Southeast of Here where Fine in City court tuesday on a Public drunkenness charge. Detective j. M. Broyles who assisted in the Man said he saw no evidence that the defendant had been drinking liquor but that he seemed to be very drunk when arrested on a downtown Street Corner around monday. Some Small bottles a hypodermic Needle a Medicine drop per and an empty fuzz Pill Box were found in the Man s posses Sion Broyles said. The defendant told the court he had taken some sleeping pills the night before and said that they caused him to have some kind of a however he admitted using narcotics on other occasions. Judge Lacy West dismissed illegal parking in the Only other Case tried during the ses Sce court 6 a Short labels Seattle tragedy inexcusable Washington Short a to today termed in excusable the crash of an air Force c124 Globe master which killed 87 persons in aviation s worst Accident near Seattle dec. 20. He made the statement As the House armed services commit tee recalled Gen. Hoyt s. Van Denberg and other top air Force officials to. Continue a probe of seven military accidents which claimed 234 live in november and december. Another 55 persons were killed in two other military accidents in the far East during that period. Short to be chairman of the committee said the oversight of crewmen was mainly responsible for the inexcusable Globe master crash. He told a reporter Means the air Force has to tighten up its training air Force officials testified last week that the Globe master crashed because of locked controls designed to hold the plane against surface winds when on the ground. The Pilot they said ultimate responsibility for Mak ing sure they Are unlocked be fore the Takeoff. This also is part of the flight Engineer s Job and the co Pilot is in position to see if they have been released they added. Vicar plans a spree Needham Market England of England vicar Hargrave Thomas 64, who says everyone is entitled to a Binge once in a is planning a Beer and Barbecue spree for his Parish on Coronation Day next june. Let s have a vicar his truck when he saw the sheriff Thomas said. There s nothing struggling with the two men. Very sinful in the search entered. For the gunmen is sole witness to the shooting was Williaim White a Farmer who said he was driving by in flying Southeast at feet. The plane was heading North West 180 degrees off course when it struck at an Altitude Tif see lost plane Page 6 air Force hits red rail Center fresh troops moved in by chinese reds Seoul u. S. 5th air Force hurled a crushing plane strike against communist rail facilities deep in Northwest Korea today. It was the seventh hammering blow on the red life line in five Days. U. S. Sabre jets flying protective cover downed two communist Mig iss probably destroyed that the death penalty is unduly now the stubborn As see Bridge Page 6 Truman in last week As chief Rosenberg Case one of his last problems Washington Truman began his last week in the House Busy Ever and by eleventh hour problems ranging from Oil to atom spies. In an atmosphere of mild con fusion around his office the outgoing president is cleaning out his desk dispatching dozens of Farewell letters and shaking hands with a steady Stream of Well wishers. But All the time right to the end of his administration he must make decisions which no one but a president May make. One particularly vexing one is the Rosenberg Case. Sometime Between now and next tuesday noon when his term expires he May have to de convicted and Ethel american intelligence agents. The doctors confessed killing Andrei a. Zhdanov the founder of the communist International organization and Alexander s. Scherbakov another communist party Leader and administration head through false diagnoses the announce ment said. The physicians tried to kill marshal of the soviet Union Al expander m. Vasilevsky and. Other military leaders including mar Shal Leonid a. Godorov com Mander of the soviet armies in Finland in world War ii mar Shal Ivan Konev Fprmer com Mander of soviet ground forces one time chief of the general staff Gen. S. M. Shtepenko and Admiral p. , Deputy naval minister it was said. Radio said All the arrested men proved to be paid agents of a foreign intelligence. A majority of the doctors were said to be connected with the see terrorists Page 6 Einstein pleads for Rosenbergs scientist requests commuted sentence pen pals Rodger Bates 18-year-old English lad greets his pretty american pen pal Joan Chamblin with a hug and a handshake As they meet at Jackson miss., for the first time to Climax two years of letter writing. Bates a native of Middlesex England joined the u. S. Marine corps to be near the 16-year-old Sumner miss., High school Junior. Blushing by both said it s too Early to talk about Romance. Patronage Row pops up anew Over pc Job Washington up Dent elect Eisenhower s latest attempt to make peace with re publican senators the Patron age Issue already has run into Camp proposes Browning probe Resolution offered in Tenn. Senate _ _ Nashville Tennes Learned today. See Senate today received a Reso a dispute is boiling up setting up a thorough in who gets the chairmanship of1 of of the. Administration the Federal Power commission of outgoing gov. Gordon Brown an Agency with vast regulatory cide whether the atomic spies Julius Princeton n. Campaign urging clemency for the Rosenbergs has been sparked by communists. Protests have come from other sources too one and damaged another the air Force said. The fighter bombers streamed North in morning and afternoon raids of 220 planes each Only a few hours after b29 super forts plastered the area with 100 tons of bombs in a night strike. Biggest news on the ground front was that two fresh chinese communist moved into the line on the Western front. Intelli gence officers said there was no indication of any new red offensive in that area however. They said one badly mauled Chi Nese army was being pulled out of the line. The warplanes piled rubble atop rubble in their pulverizing attack on a Bridge Complex North of sin Anju. The Bridges Span the Chongchol River and form a severe. Famed scientist Albert Einstein announced at Princeton n. J., yesterday that he had writ ten Truman that my conscience compels me to urge you to com mute the death sentences the Rosenbergs Appeal for executive clemency was filed sat urday. Justice department Par Don attorneys began studying records of the Case yesterday. Their recommendation May or May not be ready for Truman before he leaves office. The expectation in official Cir cles is that the president will de cide for against commuting the death sentences if he has time to weigh the question on the basis of the Justice depart ment report. Otherwise the Deci Sion will be left to president elect Eisenhower. Federal judge Samuel Kauf bottleneck in the Supply line i Man has granted a stay in the which funnels red War equip execution of the Rosenbergs ment from Manchuria and China originally scheduled for tonight southward to the front. See Twumasi Page 6 Albert Einstein has appealed to president Truman to commute the death sentences of convicted atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. In a one paragraph letter to the president Einstein said yesterday my conscience compels me to urge you to commute the death sentences of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. This Appeal to you is prompted by the same reasons which were set Forth so convincingly by my distinguished col league Harold c. Urey in his letter Jan. 5, 1953, to the new York in his letter Urey criticized grossly unequal punishment Given the husband and wife spy team in View of lighter sentences handed other members of the ring. Urey also attacked the government s evidence against the Rosenbergs. The Rosenbergs have appealed to or. Truman to save them with executive clemency. Pend ing action by the president they were granted a stay of execution but remain in the death House at new York s sing sing prison. Powers Over Oil and natural pipelines and other Power facilities. Involved Tiff Are sen. Frank Carlson a Kant Eisenhower s strongest allies in the Senate and gov. Sherman Adams the president elect s j chief White House assistant. Carlson is backing Jeff Robertson Kansas state corporation commissioner for the year pc Post. Adams is under stood to be supporting Nelson Lee Smith onetime Dartmouth College professor and a member of the Power commission since 1943. Smith at one time listed himself As a Republican and As. Such was appointed to the Power Board in 1943 by the late presi the Resolution offered by sen. Jim Camp marked a positive step toward an inquiry into the. Browning regime prom ised by nov elect Frank Clement during the gubernatorial Campaign. A nine Man joint committee was authorized by the Resolution to probe Browning s Purchase of the memorial hotel in Nashville and to investigate activities of the state Highway department and the state purchasing department. The Resolution touched off considerable discussion. The opposition to it was led by sen. Carl Hardin of Nashville. The committee would be authorized to summon witnesses Dent Roosevelt. But More recent-1 and investigate activities of other by he has described himself in state departments under Powers his official biography As a Politi. Granted by a 1931 act. Cal Independent. It would be composed of five while the difference Between members of the House and four american aircraft 1 to , a is a fun my to i Ai in Carlson and Adams cannot be set gop jobs Page 6 Morse a bumper off major Coto mittens Washington the con Ference of Republican senators today bumped sen. Wayne Morse ind Ore off his two major committee assignments. The gop senators decided to take All of the eight majority places on the armed services committee and All of the seven majority places on the labor committee. The result was to Knock Morse off both coveted spots. The conference gave sen. Cooperr by the eighth majority Post on armed services. The conference also completed the assignment of All 48 gop senators to their committee jobs. All committee chairman ships were awarded strictly on seniority and things went about As expected in the other listings. Gen. Ike s new govern ment team ready to policy discussed new York it was a discussion of the want to Call them that ahead of elect Eisenhower resumed top secret policy talks with key men in his new administration today and one of them a future Cabi net member said the team will be All ready to with Only one week remain ing before his inauguration As the 34th president Eisenhower set up an Agenda for speedy executive action the Distant the republicans move into Eisenhower spent almost five hours monday with 22 members of his Hiff command. Press Secretary James e. Hagerty gave newsmen Only a Bare statement on what was discussed at these Cret meeting. J Ture duties of the administration i our he said. And Domestic if you want to add Hagerty said. Gov. Douglas Mckay of Ore gon who will be Secretary of the Interior came away Well Satis fled with the first major meet ing of gop administration Lead ers. The team will be All ready to he said. Another future Cabinet Mem Ber who asked to remain Anonymous said we walked in and while we were eating our oysters on the half Shell the president elect stood up and outlined for us the real topics or problems if you then he threw the meeting open for discussion and each Man took his patronage an important item in the two Day meeting of Eisen Hower and his administration leaders. Eisenhower monday assured shortly after the conference the three top gop senators was adjourned Eisenhower re turned to his Morningside drive residence but the nine men named to the Cabinet met Mon Day night to re appraise results of their first big meeting which was scheduled to resume today the Cabinet members confided to friends that the continuing conferences were concerned Pri Marily with what to do one of the first and most Deli Cate problems facing the new administration was the question of groups. However that he would follow traditional procedure and Clear All Federal appointments in and Vance with interested members of the House or Senate. Whereas the initial meeting of the key party members with Eisenhower was in the form of a general Assembly in the big Din ing Hall off the lobby of the hotel the conferences today were expected to be conducted through most of the Day in Small senators. In the House a Bill was offered to establish a state motor Pool to be made up of All passenger vehicles owned by the state. It would empower the governor to appoint a director to patrol the Pool and it set up a appropriation for the balance of the present biennium. The _ measure sponsored by rep Hoyt Bryson would exclude vehicles owned by the University state colleges and the Highway patrol. Another House proposal would provide for establishing Home Rule government by any City desiring to do so. The Home Rule idea which would give parities much closer control Over their own activities is one of matters which will be t n up by a limited constitute Al convention Here next april. Hep. M. A Johnson who sponsored the Bill said there has been considerable sentiment in his Section for such see Assembly Page 6 top brass on visit of area War plants a delegation of top govern ment officials arrived at Tri cities Airport this afternoon to inspect War plants in East ten Nessee. Three designated members of president elect Eisenhower s Cabinet were among the top ranking officials making the inspection tour. They were Harold e. Talbott Secretary of air Robert t. B. Stevens Secretary of the army and Robert b. An Derson Secretary of the Navy. The three members of Eisen Hower s Cabinet arrived at this afternoon two hours later Japan declares foreign planes willbe downed Blunt warning Given by minister . Backs Jap position tok3to bluntly warned Russia today that if any More soviet warplanes Fly Over Japan they May be shot Down by the u. S. Air Force. American leaders Here said the United states would cooperate. Japan issued the warning in a Public statement referring Only to the foreign Power concerned but the reference to rus Sia was obvious. In recent months Many for eign planes believed to be rus Sia have flown Over hokkaido Japart s northernmost Island. A spokesman for the far East command said Gen. Mark w. Clark has issued instructions to appropriate commanders to take All measures to prevent further the spokesman said the statement issued today by the japanese government has the full concurrence of u. S. Ambassador Murphy and general the government statement said violations of our territorial air Over hokkaido have of late become increasingly frequent and that Japan will put an end to them with the cooperation of the United states Security forces stationed in Mitsuo Tanaka foreign office spokesman said in a press con Ference that we cannot Tell what Complete measures will be taken. Sometimes we try to Force the invading air planes out of our Domain sometimes if necessary we will order them to but he said when they Don t follow we will use Force. We will shoot them Tanaka said the violations by a country he refused to identify As Russia have occurred with increasing frequency since Japan regained her sovereignty last summer. Lately he said the intruding planes have been flying deeper into Japan and the government has no recourse but to consider the flights intentional. Tanaka did say the planes had been coming from the direction of soviet controlled territory and had flown Over Japan "20 to 30 he said the warning to the foreign Power dated from to Day and that it might be Correct of assume that in the future All american aircraft on patrol Over hokkaido will be armed and see warning Page 6 Georgia prison escapees sought e. Tenn. Alarm is spread for two men Knoxville authorities in East Tennessee searched today for two fugitives from a Georgia prison gang who were believed to have fled in a battered Black 1949 Force Sedan. The alarm spread from Dalton ga., where the prisoners had been held to Chattanooga and Knoxville for police to be on the Lookout for the men Woodrow Slaton 34, and John f. Thomas 24, both White. A police report received Here said the men were thought to have escaped in a 1949 Black Ford Sedan with both sides dam aged. The car bore Georgia License k-2176, the report said. Slaton was described As being 5 feet 8 inches tall weighing 165 pounds and having Brown eyes and dark complexion. Thomas is 5 feet 7 inches tall weighs 170 pounds and has Light hair and a Ruddy complexion. So lunar tables men in Lohf. So Ijnar table pm your Jim n Good territory or fall of ,00? Gurtej time. If wort 1 pan that men Daj major period a. Of. Up. Begin at the. Lira. Quwwn and is i. No or thereafter the minor per Lodi. In duration than an earlier plane that car j ried a group of High naval officers. The naval officers included rear . T. S. Combs chief of naval Bureau of aeronautics rear . H. Sides director of guided missiles. Office of chef of naval operations and three other officers. Tuesday wednesday thursday 18 Friday 11 a turd sunday Elmr 4 05 5 10 6 15 7 15 i id i m _ motor io.-j5 135 ii m j40 645 40 ims 35 25 Lake stages wat Sugii level tuesday. 1.ss5.j feet s. Holston. 1.673.1 Boot. 1.338.3 Cherokee

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