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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 12, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday Jan. 12, 1954___________ Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwards. Jr., publisher Ana it Peru Minan Ben Haden assistant publisher and asst. General manager w. J. Mauu if. Editor Ellis by Klej. Editor 330-33 e. Market Street la Ripon. Merry go round letter to editor associated press news service International news service p p member of the associated presi. Southern Rev paper publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation. An Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press of exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All Newi dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in Tali Aper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Ost Ollice in Klinsport. Tenn As second class mall matter. October 27. My. Under the act of March National advertising representatives Shannon stay. Inc., with of faces in new York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta St. Louis. Kansas City los angelas and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought Howbeit in the business of the ambassadors of the princes of Babylon who sent unto him to enquire of the wonder that was done in the land god left him to try him that he might know All that was in his ii Chron. The times daily tonic there will be no Christian but will have a Gethsemane but every praying Christian will find that there is no Gethsemane without its t. Binney. An Odd idea the proposal that the democratic party county organization give up the primary and go Back to the convention method of selecting candidates for the various county offices is a most Surpris ing one. It is surprising because it comes at a time when there has been a great Public outcry to do away with the convention even at the National level for the selection of a presidential candidate. And it comes at a time when there is agitation within the Republican party for a primary to select county office candidates instead of by convention even though a somewhat better Case for the convention can be made out for the county . Why discard the primary Why go Back to the convention what advantages does the latter offer we suppose there Are reasons but on the face of things the Only apparent reason is one that appeals More to professional politicians than to the voters. It would seem Only the organization can Bene fit by such a step. The truth is that if a candidate for office wants to be selected by the convention method he had better be in the Good graces of those who steer the convention. The convention is made up of delegates each with a Leader. The possibilities that enough of these delegates May be in somebody s pocket to assure that the nomination goes where that somebody wants cannot be ignored we need not labor the Point. Nominating by convention can result very easily in a Man being named who would never be selected by the rank and file of the party. What makes a Man a Good candidate to the political leaders May not be a Good candidate to the peo ple. Vice versa the primary method which gives a Man a Chance to go to the peo ple May Well give the party a candidate that to the inner Powers is Persona non grata. We have seen that happen. Or. O Dell s idea May have reasons behind it which we do not understand but it is doubtful if the people will like it. Pay raise senator Knowland of California says that even if he had to run for his Senate seat this year he would still vote for an increase in the salaries of congressmen. It will be interesting to see How Many members of Congress for whom running this year is not an if but a Stern Neces sity will act As or. Knowland says he would act. Whether congressmen should have a raise and a big one hardly seems to be a question. Everybody seems to agree that the congressman who does his Job Well is Worth More. Everybody is agreed that members of Congress Are forced to live a sort of double life maintaining two Homes and do a lot of travelling. The trouble is so Many people say yes they deserve More but. What s the but the but is that in an Era when con Gress is asked to economize As much As possible raising their own pay seems a Peculiar thing to do even though it can i be demonstrated that the total sum in solved would be Only in the neighbor Hood of five million dollars comparatively a drop in the bucket. No Congress Man wants to have to take time telling his constituents Why he voted himself a raise. But jobs should pay what they Are relatively Worth and in this Day of fifty cent dollars the present Cash valuation of a seat in Congress does not compare with the earning capacity of such a Man in private employ. Of course it is True that a sizable percentage of members of Congress Are not dependent on their i. Salaries. Many have financial interest in private business which gives them an income but again this has nothing to by Drew Pearson after president Eisenhower finished his state of the Union speech to the joint session of Congress he was greeted by Mamie who had watched him from the House gallery. What have you got queried Ike pointing to some papers in Mamie s hand. Of it s just a copy of your speech. Every one in the gallery was Given a she re plied. Said the president if i d known that they already had my speech up Here on the Hill i would t have bothered to come up Here to read Burton Holmes Nixon vice president Nixon assured democratic senators in an off the record meeting the other evening that South korean president syn Man Rhee will not Start War again in Korea. I am not worried about Rhee using aggressive the vice president said commenting upon Rhee s threat to renew the korean War on Jan. 27. He will make a lot of fuss but he will cooperate with the United Nixon spoke affectionately of the wrinkled Little South korean Leader with the Apple seed eyes and Pooh poohed the notion that Rhee in t Strong in his own country. Syn Man Rhee is South he declared. Don t think for a moment that Rhee does t have those people behind the vice president was the Only Republican at a private democratic gathering held at the Home of his neighbor senator Estes Kefauver. The get together was the Tennessee crime Buster As the outgrowth of a neighbourly Chat about a Christmas motor Bike that the Kefauver kids had let the Nixon youngsters ride. Kefauver is the most popular papa in the acknowledged Nixon be cause he bought his kids a Bike with a motor on standing in front of the Kefauver fireplace Nixon pointed out his travels on a map of Asia and gave a detailed country by country report. He warned in Advance however that he would present no conclusions. If i express any he explained it is always attributed to the Strong for Chiang at one Point when he was giving a flattering report on another Asiatic Strong Man Chiang Kai Shek the vice president was challenged by senator Russ Long of Louisi Ana. A Miracle has been performed in for Nixon claimed. Chiang Kai Shek has Well equipped ready to go Are you sure of that interrupted Lon. I am a member of the armed services committee. At the last briefing i at tended the figure was Given As less than 000 troops and some of them did t even have that s the figure that is batted around. I did t count Nixon replied impatiently. He acknowledged that Chiang Kai Shek could not invade the chinese Mainland with out u. S. Sea and air support. However he claimed that Formosa has been transformed into a Model government which he described As sort of a world capital to the millions of chinese outside of Nixon was slightly less flattering in his opinion of India s Leader Pandit Nehru though the vice president acknowledged he was impressed with Nehru s ability and Satis fied Nehru is anti communist. The observed Nixon is that Nehru in t realistic in his policy of Neutral ism. There in t anything in India that can Stop communism from taking Nixon s most optimistic report was on Turkey which he described As the strongest link in our Eastern defense Chain. Crucial indo China Nixon replied that the other countries Don t have the and acknowledged that they Are a Long Way from measuring up to Turkey in strength. Probably the biggest drawback he suggested was the Lack of native leaders. For example he praised prime minister Sastram Djojo of Indonesia As a great but complained that he stood alone. After my conference with reported Nixon i asked who else should i talk he said just me Nixon blamed the dutch and French for not training native leaders in their former colonies. The British trained natives for civil leadership but unfortunately the dutch and the French did he said. Of All the far Eastern countries the vice president Laid most stress on Indochina and indicated that the Eisenhower administration considers Indochina the key to our Asiatic policy because of its strategic rubber and tin. This led West Virginia s senator Harley Kil Gore to suggest that we bring pressure on the european nations to curb the International cartels and fix a fair policy so Indochina will get some of the profit and Benefit from its rubber and tin production. I am not qualified to go into Nixon brushed aside the suggestion. On the whole the democrats came away favourably impressed with the vice president s Mission. One senator described him As a mental blotter1 who stopped up everything he saw and heard. Editor times news Kingsport Tenn. Dear sir some very impressive arguments against Fluor dating our water Supply Are now circulating in town. I have seen some of this material and it has made me think that maybe we should go a Little slower. It appears to me As if your paper and a Well organized led by a paid Public official Are trying to push it Down our throats. When research men from Yale Harvard m. I. T., California tech., University of Arizona and Many More accredited schools come out against it and when after seven years Only two per cent of the water supplies in our country have started using it i think we should hear the other Side. W. Ii. Begley 245 new Street Hollywood by Erskine Johnson the laugh Parade Johnny Weissmuller told it on the set of Jungle during filming of Mlo Gambo in Africa Clark Gable Ava Gardner and members of the Mem troupe had n big party one night with dancing singing and lots of Bubble water. The sounds of the revelry reached the ears of an african native who it is said turned to a fellow Savage jangled his nose ring nervously and whispered the Whites Are restless to for Dolores costello s recent a Perance on a to show reminded me of the time she was handed a huge bottle of christening Champagne to break across the Bow of Hubby John Barrymore s new yacht. Dolores protested but John it s too heavy. I m afraid i can t do go urged. John just imagine you re hitting later Barrymore winced she imagined a1. Right. She darn near wrecked the a while in England Lou costello discovered there s nothing More Loyal than British audiences. Once the British take a performer to their hearts they never forget him As Long As he lives. In a British music Hall Lou heard an old agent s wheezy singing inspire deafening applause. But he s not very Lou whispered to a British Friend. I said the Friend. But you should have heard him 20. Years costly toppers during shooting of a Burns and Allen Tel comedy Bea Ben Aderet called George s attention to a front Page news item stat ing that soviet women were complaining about the styles of state made hats. I d to see any govern ment make my said Gra de who is Hollywood s Cham Pion Bonnet buyer and thinks nothing of paying and up wards for a fancy lid. I d like to see govern ment pay your hat Bill snorted George. An indignant Starlet rushed into fur designer Al Teitelbaum s Beverly Hills Salon. I m checking up in my boy she said. Tell me is there any such thing As never heard of shrugged Al. Ill fix roared the Star let. Ill throw that suede coat he gave me right Back in his a boar was needed for a Hunt ing scene in the kiss and the sword and prop Man Ernie Graber was stumped. Where in the he said can i find a stuffed director Bill Castle shrugged that s easy. On the program at any testimonial in it film writer to producer can Washington pipeline our changing world Washington Catling Washington never per haps has there been such a Well organized and Well staged Effort by an administration and its president to pull a party to Gether behind a program in con Gress As we witnessed in the past several Days preceding opening of the second pre election ses Sion of the 83rd Congress. Undoubtedly it did some Good. But it is obvious already that this Congers is about like most others especially those of the recent hard years of War cold War and frustration namely that it is shot through with differences not Only Between the two major parties but within them. Some disagreements affect policy on Basic issues both Domestic and foreign. It clearly will require Strong leadership from the White House and patience and tolerance by leaders in Congress of both Par ties to establish a line of policy that will hold the initiative which president Eisenhower said in his annual message to con Gress now is ours and that of our ".3 i sell you a producer Don t be silly. I be had a plot for years. And Don t forget Ilka Chase s first movie role in years in a i s Johnny dark recalls an incident involving Ilka and Natalie Schafer Back in the Days when Ilka replaced her As mrs. Louis Cawhern. Natalie sent Ilka a Box of Call ing cards engraved mrs. Louis with the cards a note read perhaps you can use these. I won t be needing them any since divorcing both Ilka and Natalie Cawhern has his own Pri vate gag. He sends them wires on opening nights Reading be Good tonight. Remember you were once a it a Spencer Tracy s relaxed act ing style is credited to Ethel Barrymore by her brother the famous Lionel. Says Lionel Ethel and Spencer once worked in a play together. Spencer was a youngster and full of fire. One night Ethel took him aside and said Spencer what s the matter you re working yourself up to a nervous breakdown. Re lax kid relax so Spencer re Lionel tells it and he s done nothing else since. He owes everything to i allies of the free world in the struggle with communism. be watched also Are the Clouds threatening an economic set Back whether you Call it a re adjustment a recession or a de pression for the free world de pends so much on our economic stability. The president recognized the dangers in his Assur ances that whatever is necessary to preserve our economic stability will be done. Some indication of the differences within Congress that must somehow be compromised could be seen in the reaction of its members to the president s an Nual message. They found com plete unanimity on Only one subject which was detestation of communism. This was expressed and with Hurrah and deafening applause twice within a few seconds when the president advocated that anyone convicted of conspiring to overthrow our government be deprived of citizenship and its privileges forever thereafter. It had the earmarks of a manufactured Issue. But whether of such character or not it was pounced upon joyously by Mem Bers of House and Senate in their joint session. This was one thing upon which they could agree unanimously in a troubled and confused world. So in effect they heaved a sigh of Relief of such exuberance that it almost literally Shook the rafters. It offered a tremendous escape from All the frustrations and problems Many of them grow ing from the struggle Between the free world and International communism which the president listed in his message on the state of our Union and the state of the world. Taxes is among them of course. Trouble with Congress on that score was forecast in the cold reception to the president s recommendation that excise tax reductions due automatically on april 1, affecting automobiles gasoline liquor and tobacco not be permitted to go into effect and likewise that reductions due on the same Date in the Corpora Tion tax rate also not go into effect. It would take an act of Congress to continue these taxes As they Are now. The silent treatment the presi by Thomas 1. Stokes Dent got on taxes continued through his discussion of the farm problem indicating difficulty on his proposal for flexible instead of fixed Price supports. Trouble also on Taft Hartley la Bor Law revision currently predicted appeared to be confirmed when the president was applauded for his statement that it is a basically sound Law and got Only silence when he suggested changes sought by labor. Previously republicans had a Chance to applaud and did so most happily when the pres ident recited accomplishments for which his administration claims credit among them the end of the korean War and cuts of some billions in the final Truman budget. He was heartily applauded too when he re stated continuation of Aid to Chiang Kai Shek. Complete silence greeted his recommendation that we share certain knowledge of the tactical use of our nuclear weapons with our allies. Democrats enjoyed the presi Dent s Espousal of a number of social welfare measures most of them leftovers from the Roose velt Truman regime and quipped gaily in the lobbies after the president s speech especially when there was a Republican in hearing that the Eisenhower program was new Cealish and fair Cealish and democratic the hyperbole was carried so far As one jocular observation that the Eisenhower message was written by Eugene v. Debs. That came from an elderly democratic wag who can remember Back to the socialist Leader of a past generation. Democratic applause was pre on various social Wel fare measures mentioned including social Security expansion strengthened and Broad ened unemployment compensation extensions of coverage of the minimum wage Law a government guarantee through re insurance of private and non profit health insurance enter Prises to permit such to give broader Protection to Many More families than is possible now. This indicated that perhaps the president will have to rely upon democrats heavily if any of these measures Are enacted. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe the great reconciliation has taken place. Harry Truman and Drew Pearson Are palsy Walsy again. The fellow said that it takes a Miracle to make the lion and the Lamb lie together. In this country it does not take a Miracle it just takes a political Campaign. Or. Truman wants the republicans turned out of washing ton. Or. P. Wants likewise. So an Alliance is natural. The new pals went on to to explain to the people that Harry never did use that expression about a red herring in the Al Ger Hiss Case. It seems that somebody else said it and Harry just agreed with the general idea and that s How it All happened. It might be that or. Truman is not Well advised to raise the subject at All and remind peo ple about it. It s better to let sleeping dogs and sleeping red Herrings lie. Of course or. Truman once said that or. Pearson was a you know what but that is now forgiven. Undoubtedly Harry can Clear that up by showing that he was misquoted maybe what or. Truman said was that Drew Pearson was a wizard at finding out secrets and some body pointed out that wizard was frequently the son of a Witch and that is How the whole misunderstanding arose. now that or. Truman has made friends with the sex you know what he should look around and see if there Are not some other old enemies it would be Wise to Patch things up with. There is that other Harry Byrd of Virginia whose wings Harry t tried hard to clip. But the Vir Ginia mockingbird is now Peck ing at Eisenhower As he used to do at Truman. So Harry t should Tell the Byrd he is sorry for the mean things that he said about him and that he tried to put Salt on his Tail. A. The natural Truman philosophy should be an enemy of the administration is a Friend of mine. Now with the dial system work ing we can Telephone with ease but we re going to miss the hello girl with her musical number when you try to get a number and your party fails to answer who will Tell you and sweetly add would you like me to try again How often has she heard some ranter fuss when he picked up phone because the girl did t answer i Stanter As if she were waiting on him alone. How often have people blamed the Rirl for breaking their nightly slum ber because some foolish person gave the operator the wrong number of science it is wonderful and Progress it is Fine. But something will be missing when it s an automatic line. And so while we Welcome dials with Jim Davis let us say this we hate to say goodbye to the hello girl whose voice we Are going to miss. Dealing with seven digits is going to be very on id its. Lets Hope they do not put the dial system in Wistful Vista. It would be terrible if Fibber found Myrt was put out of a Job educating children is an Edu cation itself for adults. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances the most powerful u. S. Senator Democrat of Georgia told friends last week i did t like attorney general Brown Ell s remarks about president Truman though i knew he was just playing politics. But governor Dewey s speech in Hartford really got under my skin. Why that Little in t even fit to Shine the shoes of a demo Idaho s Republican senator Herman Welker has never spoken to Montana s demo cratic senator Mike Mansfield since he came to Washington. From Mansfield s viewpoint the feeling is Mutual. Democrat Sam Rayburn s Only regret during his 72nd birth Day party was that he could t find room for an old fashioned dance with his shoes off. Attorney general Brownell recently called All the government s top Security officers to a meeting at the National archives building warned them that the meeting was highly secret. Under no circumstances were they to talk to any Newspaperman. Here s the probable reason Why he did t any leaks. Do with the value of a Job in terms of Money. One thing we do not believe. We do not believe that raising the salary will raise the intelligence level of Congress. We won t get better men that Way. The pay of congressmen should be set by what is fair and comparable. An in crease seems to be indicated. R. U. January safes Are such wonderful saving i a always broke for two teen aged boys have recently written that instead of being troubled with overweight they Are abnormally Skinny and would like to add some pounds. In general being overweight is much More of a health problem than being underweight. There Are some however who could profit health Wise As Well As in appearance by putting on some weight. In the absence of any definite disease responsible for Abnor Mal thinness nearly everyone even teen aged youngsters can put on weight if they go about it in the right Way. Perhaps the easiest Way to discuss it is to explain a Little about the nature of the problem. The human body operates like a machine for which food fuel is converted into Energy and used up in physical and mental activity. There Are therefore two ways to gain weight one to Cut Down on the activity output or exercise and the other to in crease the food intake or simply eat More. The fuel intake can be in creased in several ways. One of them is to choose the foods which have the highest Energy or calorie value since can be changed into weight As Well As into work. The starches or carbohydrates and fats Supply More Energy and have More effect on weight than proteins do. Balance must be maintained in the diet however. It is not to Cut out the fruits vege tables meat milk and eggs which Supply substances which help to maintain Good health particularly for those still grow ing. Another thing which can be done besides choosing the right diet is to eat More at each meal the amount eaten is largely a matter of habit and the stomach can be trained to hold More by gradually increasing the amount eaten at each meal. One Good Way to do this is to eat until the appetite is satisfied and then take a few More mouthfuls. Ouf our Way who s the refrigerator v piling up soup f because you re i too la7y to set a bi6ger. Pish j listen when that Scease cools do a jug6liu act with it for. You Call me when its Cool. Who mothers get Grav

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