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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 12, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 837 17 Are you mentally Alert and Able to avoid a probable Acci Dent Kingsport times vol. Al no. 8 phone Circle 6-8121 Kingsport Tenn., tuesday Jan. 12, 1954 10 pages five cents the weather Clear skies tonight continued Windy and becoming colder with Low of 5-10. Wednesday Clear Windy and cold with High around 20. Yesterday s High temperature 33, last night s Low 18, noon Reading 22. A t t cold follows snowstorm blanketing East Mercury skids Intro cities As flurries end wrecks on icy roads kill 40 highways in Region cleared from press dispatches. Bitter cold loll wed one of thei worst Snow storms in which blanketed the Northeast Section of the country sunday and monday. More Snow and cold were in store throughout the Eastern United states the Weatherman said tuesday although Clearing skies were predicted for Tennes see. In the Tri cities area the Snow except in scattered Flur Ries stopped monday afternoon. The dropped to a Low of 19 monday night the City Lilter Plant reported the noon temperature tuesday As still 10 degrees below freezing or 22. Low temperatures Between 5 and 10 degrees Are expected to night in the Vicinity and the Outlook is for another cold Day wednesday. Area highways have been cleared of monday s Snow and Are generally in Good condition Kingsport s division 5 of the Tennessee Highway patrol re ported this morning. Sections of the nearby Mountain roads Are. Icy in spots the the said but Are passable. No accidents reported around Kingsport were directly attrib paraplegics ousted paraplegics Charles Somerville left and John Marshon Are pictured in Memphis Tenn., after being put out of Kennedy veterans Hospital in Cleveland Ohio for ninety Days. Kennedy Hospital manager or. Hugh Prather said the vets were turned out because they left the Hospital earlier this week without permission. The vets will be readmitted in the event they should become emergency cases. . Former pow describes Camp As Man eat Man Kansas City Kas. Former prisoner of War charged used to the weather but else by the army with murdering two fellow gis in a North korean where in the nation it was a Camp has so Bingly described relations in the compound As Man unions attack Ike s proposals for labor Law congressmen threaten to rewrite program of farm Price props from press dispatches Washington organized labor today fired verbal salvos at president Eisenhower s 14 Point program for changes in the Taft Hartley labor act. The general reaction of the Union leaders was that the pres ident s recommendations would leave the Law As unpalatable to them As it is now or make it worse although they mixed in a few Small words of Praise for some of the proposals. The chief target of criticism was the president s suggestion that where the question of a strike arose the worker should have an Opportunity to express his free Choice by secret ballot held under government aus this was interpreted As put Ting new and formidable Teeth into the Law instead of relaxing it As labor has insisted should be done. Liaison meeting thursday opens Tennessee Seaman peace old he is Hill feud victim Nashville Tennessee merchant Seaman claiming he s the victim of a Mountain winged his Way Home face charges the ambush Ward today to stemming from i shooting of a sheriff s wife last summer. Willard m. Frogge 30, was due to arrive Here by plane this afternoon from san Francisco where he was released from fed eral custody under Bond of them in automobile mishaps traced to the Snow and ice which blocked major highways. Adding to the death toll were sledding mishaps and heart at tacks suffered As Many persons bucked the Snow and sleet afoot or tried to shovel it. Today this was the state by state death toll Washington d. C., area Maryland 2 Pennsylvania 16 see Snow Page 2 yesterday. He was arrested last thurs Day on a Federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution on a charge of assault with intent to commit murder at Jamestown Tenn. Meanwhile Fentress county sheriff Clayton u p c h u r c a whose wife the Seaman is charged with shooting was in route to san Francisco to re turn to Jamestown for trial. Upchurch left Jamestown Sun Clay night with extradition papers and probably still is unaware his Quarry is in route Here. Frogge and his brother Milton Are charged with trying to kill mrs. Upchurch last june. Milton s trial slated for today at Jamestown May be continued because of the Sher Iff s absence. A third brother Frogge was killed in Battle at Jamestown last Janu ily. Ary in which the sheriff was wounded. William Frogge a fourth brother goes on trial at Livingston next month on a charge of assault with intent to murder the sheriff As a result of the gunfire. Willard s Bond was posted Here by Jared Maddux attorney rep resenting o. O. Frogge father of the Brothers. After his release Frogge told san Francisco newsmen that he was innocent. I and my brother did not i shoot the sheriff s the s Seaman added. He biased Bis George troubles on a feud Between his a gun family and the Upchurch fam symbolic retraction of perfidy charge by commies expected different Story. Eat Man More than 40 persons were Rothwell b. Floyd 28, six foot two Inch negro from Chicago killed in the snowstorm most broke Down and sobbed out that description while testifying at a on his petition for a writ of Hareas Corpus in u. S. District court at Kansas City yesterday. Floyd who was released in the Exchange of prisoners last a gust is now being held in fort Leavenworth disciplinary bar Racks. He is seeking a release on the a grounds he was a civilian and posse of not a Soldier when the army a 500-Man posse searches area killer Hunt Avalanche kills 100 in Austria Lexington miss Motorist s tip sent a officers and armed Farmers to a new area today in the Hunt for de Noel a 28-year-old negro who killed three White men. John Harthcock of Jackson told Highway patrolmen last night he saw a negro armed with a Rifle standing beside a state Highway 10 Miles East of Vienna Austria of More this Central Mississippi town. Al democrats some Republican re write president Eisenhower s program of flexible farm Price supports. The program which went to Congress yesterday was backed staunchly by Republican leaders. There was some gop opposition however and some suggestions for changes. If democrats could Muster most of their members As seemed Likely they would need Only a few gop votes in the closely divided Congress to re Tain the rigid High level Price see Ike Page 2 solons devise gop leadership v Washington leaders of both parties agreed pushed one fellow prisoner off a i today to a formula which gives Cliff and killed another i by republicans a numerical Majori a. Go faces murder charge 4 accused in death of French Soldier j Pitburg Germany meanwhile Balky con ression three american airmen were rested him oct. 28, 1953. The army wants him to face a court martial on charges he charged with murder today in he fatal beating Jan. 2 of a French Soldier in the French zone. The u. S. Air Force said a fourth airman was charged with being an accessory after the fact. The four airmen were identified by the air Force As airman 3-c Thurman g. Holcomb 20, big Stone Gap va., murder. Staff sgt. Frank e. Puckett 22, Banner Elk n. C., murder. Than 100 persons Are dead or missing in a major Avalanche a dozen squads of patrolmen and sheriffs deputies raced to disaster in the Vor Arlberg Region the scene eight Miles from an area combed by 500 men yester Day. Harthcock s tip led posse leaders to believe Noel had broken out of the encircled area claimed at least 23 dead and 44 sunday night and was trying to of Austria police at Bregenz re potted today. The toll was announced As Ether vast Snow slides throughout Central Europe s Mountainland missing. Police said that More than 50 of the victims of the Vor Arlberg disaster were missing in the Vil Lage of Blons. The avalanches blocked the Small Putzbach River and Many of the missing May have drowned. The other 5p persons listed As dead or missing were from scattered villages in Vor Arlberg prov , police said. The reports indicated that the sudden Ava get out of the Vicinity. I was driving Back to Jack Harthcock told a reporter at the Secene when i saw two negroes standing at the Side of the Highway. I thought one of them tried to Flag the officers picked up second negro whom they thei did not identify and after question ing him said they believed Harthcock had seen Noel. Noel Lias been the object of a widespread Hunt by 500 men w v Toj vow Lanches May add a Sedes shootings that began saturday night at a coun Holder Jug his head under a water faucet. Floyd also is accused of hit Superior officer mistreat fellow. Prisoners and steal ing from other pos. The army said 200 repatriated prisoners gave statements concerning Floyd at the time they were released by the communists. In opposing Floyd s plea it. Col. Howard s. Levie fort Leavenworth judge advocate said he was Given two 30-Day leaves after reporting to fort Sheridan 111., and was arrested by the army while he was still on leave. Lend helping hand Rome men picked up a taxi recently in Northern Italy to carry it past a Snowdrift to a Clear stretch of Road. The car s passenger an expectant Mother. To on All committees. The agreement was considered a Victory for republicans but gop floor Leader William Knowland said it was worked out amicably in conference with democratic floor Leader Lyndon Johnson. The formula adds two seats to both the Senate Post office and Public works committees. It boosts from 18 to 21 the num ber of Senate republicans who May have assignments to three instead of the usual two committees. Senate democrats hold lawyer reveals arc rejects bid for the Fri Washington ins a Charlotte n. C., attorney Dis closed today that he was a Volunteer undercover Fri agent in the communist party for nearly four and one half years. Ralph Clayton Clontz jr., told the subversive activities control India joins commies in 3-to-2 balloting Panmunjom ins the Neutral repatriation commission with India voting on the Side of communist Poland and Board that he was personally i today Defeated tutored and indoctrinated by a swedish motion to free All Junius Luv Scales whom Korea War prisoners As identifies As chairman of the communist party in North and South Carolina. He also testified that he was awarded a scholarship at the Jefferson school of science in new York City because of a recommendation by Scales. Board chairman Thomas j. Airman 2-c Don g. Wells 22, Herbert is conducting hearings Keavy ky., murder and acres j to determine if the Jefferson Sory after the fact. Airman Chester e. Huff jr., 22, Glen Dale w. Va., accessory after the fact. The French Soldier Louis Piazza 21, of Villa rust died in a French Hospital in Trier 10 hours after he was beaten. The charges allege that hol comb and Puckett assaulted the French Soldier and Wells drove them off in a car afterwards. Congressmen to get 3-dimension weather Washington government has installed new 3d maps to Tell a congressmen everything about the weather except How political winds Are blowing in his Home town. A dedication service was scheduled today for the elaborate Multi coloured weather maps just off the floor of the House and Senate. Ing three committee assignments Snow or Shine two weather Bureau experts show Tion s worst Snow disaster. Only three years ago More than 124 people were buried alive in a similar catastrophe. The Snow slides severed communications and isolated hundreds of villages. Rising temperatures were melting the Snow bringing threats of More avalanches. The slides dealt death and destruction through picture Post card villages in the austrian Tyrol the bavarian Alps North Ern Italy and Switzerland. Thousands of foreign tourists and Winter sports fans were Iso lated. Harry won t attack Man in White House new York Harry s. Truman who knows about the u. S. Presidency first hand says no one will Ever hear me attack the Man who holds that he has troubles enough with out a former president criticizing Truman says. It s a Man killing he made his comment in a speech yesterday at a meeting of the radio and television executives society. By store. Sheriff Richard Byrd said he believed Noel was a mental Case. He told his wife he was go ing to kill five or six White men and then commit suicide that we d never take him Byrd said. Mother faces charge of making child steal fort Lauderdale Fla. Ins a fort Lauderdale Mother is awaiting a hearing to Day on charges that she forced strike her 13-year-old daughter to steal remain at three. Knowland said the formula will prevent tie voting in committees. The problem of How to Divide up the committees Politi Cally arose from the fact that while republicans have responsibility organization of the Senate they number Only 47 to the democrats 48 and the one Independent. Sen. Wayne Morse Oregon. Up at 9 a. M. Every Day to fill the big Glass panels with red yellow White and Green symbols which portray the weather from Mexico to Canada it takes them three hours but when they Are through a con Gressman can Tell the tempera Ture in his Home wind direction precipitation atmospheric pressure and so on. Civilians on Jan. 23. Switzerland the other Mem ber of the five nation body Vot by Kobert Pennell Seoul allies to Day accepted a red bid for b Liaison meeting in Panmunjom to discuss the communist re quest that the Korea preliminary peace talks be resumed. An Allied note proposed that a Liaison representative from each Side meet at 11 . Thursday 8 . Wednesday in Stead of 11 . Wednesday As the communists had asked. Deputy negotiator Kenneth Young who sent the note revealed that the american Liaison official will discuss with his red counterpart the communist perfidy charge which precipitated the breakup of the preliminary talks in mid december. Young told newsmen it is pos sible the Panmunjom prelim Inary Parley will be resumed with a symbolic retraction of the red charge against America Washington observers expressed belief the reds will agree to some formula to get the Panmunjom talks under Way again j before the big four foreign ministers conference starts in Berlin Jan. 25. It was Felt this would give Russia added arguments for an expected demand that red Chi a be included in a big five con Ference on world tensions. Special ambassador Arthur h. Dean broke off the preparatory peace negotiations when the communists accused the u. S. Of perfidy in connection with South Korea s release of anti red War prisoners last june. Before flying Back to America police guard waterfront As Ila threatens strike school is a communist front As alleged by the Justice depart ment and therefore should be required to Register its officers with the government. Joe May expand red spy Hunting Washington Mccarthy a wis said today his Senate investigations subcommittee May Divide forces and run separate simultaneous searches for communist and non communist skullduggery. He said a plans to Start to Morrow secret hearings launch ing an investigation of alleged graft and corruption in govern ment spending in Alaska. He has declined to give details or to name witnesses in Advance. But he did say the inquiry has no overtones at this Point of communist still planned but with no Date set he Sais Are further hearings in his search for evi7 Dence of communist infiltration of Industrial plants in new York state which hold government de sense contracts. He said he or some other member of the All Republican subcommittee May sit As a one Man subcommittee at Albany Schenectady Syracuse or Buffalo n. Y., and perhaps in All four cities to Complete that phase of inquiry. He mentioned a possibility of moving these hearings to Washington. He had presided at hearings in Buffalo late last year and recessed with an announcement he would re i turn to reopen them. 2 koreans sentenced de with Sweden to endorse leaving Young in Korea As his Deputy negotiator Dean had declared that red withdrawal of the perfidy charge would be the Price of renewing the pan Niu Nom talks. It was reported a Compromise was under consideration where by the communist accusation May be expunged from the min utes of the talks thus saving face for the reds who would not have to retract the charge. The report was not confirmed. However Young intimated that such a Compromise formula was in the offing he said there might be a change in the situation which represents a he told correspondents that Allied position that the Stice requires release of the in repatriated pos and their re version to civilian status immediately after Midnight Jan. 22. The explosive prisoner release problem thus remained unsolved As the communist command summoned the joint Allied red military armistice commission to a possible showdown meeting on the question tomorrow. Following the 3-to-2 defeat of the Resolution another proposal was Laid before the Neutral repatriation body by its Indian chairman it. Gen. K. S. Thi Mayya. An Indian spokesman who told tents. Observers speculated that the Indian motion probably Calls for the return of All a repatriated pos at Midnight Jan. 22 to the Side which had captured hem originally. Priest faces death by cancer without fear Parsons Kan. Con Sider it a privilege to die of can new York ins police guards were tripled today along the waterfront As the trouble wracked International longshoremen s association threat ened to tie up the Harbor in a mrs. Margaret Jordan who is also known As Jean Litz is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. that the daughter stole some bed sheets from a store while her Mother stood by. An inspection of the woman s car turned up a radio a Man s Robe towels and dresses. Was found in the Glove Compart ment. The Ila was expected to order the port wide shutdown in pro test against a decision of the regional office of the National labor relations Board delaying the results of a recent bargaining election. Charles t. Douds regional Norb director recommended immediate hearings on charges that the two Day voting was held in an atmosphere of or the girl is being held in Theng Aniced fear violence and in youth jail at fort Lauderdale. the full labor Board in Wash revealed that hoodlums wearing in ton Likely will accept the Ila Campaign buttons recommendations which would result in a two month delay in naming the Winner of the elec Tion. Waterfront circles interpreted the move As preliminary to an order to invalidate the balloting. Capt. William v. Bradley presi Dent of the Ila predicted his Union would strike if the election was set aside. The Norb recommendations were hailed As a Victory by the new Al Ila which filed charges of intimidation and Vio Lence against the old Ila immediately after the voting dec. 22 23. The investigation by the Norb for betraying Dean ened longshoremen with bodily harm and loss of their jobs in Seoul tuesday to less they voted for the old Union. The Ila led the new Al Union to in a count of unchallenged b allots. Although Douds recommended that of the challenged votes be counted he said this probably will be held up until the Board ruled on the objections to the balloting. Outbreaks of violence marked the waterfront balloting last month As the Ila made a break with the Al to join ranks with the Cio. The name of Union Leader John l. Lewis has Long been linked with the Ila efforts to break from the Al Union. Rean was sentenced to death and another to life imprisonment today by District court for betraying maj. Gen. William f. Dean into communist Captivity in 1950. The government prosecutor had demanded five years imprisonment for each Ori charges of unlawful the judge however sentenced Choe Chong Bong to death and Han Doo Kyoo to life imprisonment on charges of communist collaboration under the National emergency wartime Law. Court officials said the judge could give heavier penalty than demanded. The Rev. Julius Busse uttered these words from his bed at mercy Hospital Here and explained you see with cancer you have time to prepare for death. With something like a heart attack you go too quickly to make your final smiling but speaking matter of factly the 46-year-old Cath Olic priest said yesterday in an interview i Welcome death is no stranger to the priest an army chaplain five years. He served with the 7th division in world War ii. It in t the certainty of death that men he said. It is the uncertainty of death. The soldiers i saw die weren t fright ened any longer after they knew for sure they were going to after his service in the army he was a Rector at Louisville ky., and Detroit. Ike sends Congress state appointments Washington Eisenhower sent to the Senate yesterday the nominations of three tennesseans Given recess appointments during the recent congressional recess. They Are Fred Elledge jr., Nashville nominated to be u. S. Attorney for Middle Tennessee John o. Anderson Silver Point u. S. Marshal for Middle Tennessee and Frank Quarles Jefferson City u. S. Marshal for East ten Nessee. It is resumed would touch any part of the tension Laden question of freeing untre Patriate War prisoners. He said he assumed ambassador Dean is ready to return to Korea if the preparatory peace negotiations Are renewed. Young a state department expert on the far East told news men in Seoul tuesday night that he had sent his message to the reds through the secretariat of the joint Allied communist Mil itary armistice commission in Panmunjom at 4 . Monday. He said he had received from Washington a cabled authorization of his reply Only a few min utes before he submitted the letter to the armistice commis Sion for delivery to the communists. The note was addressed to i Sok Bok and Huang Hua chief North korean and red chinese delegates to the suspended preliminary negotiations for the setting up of a political peace conference. Young said the american Liaison representative who will meet with a communist official had see Korea Page 2 so lunar tables John Aloin Knight the Chiule of eol Unar period., a printed below has been taken from John Alden Knight i Solo Nab tables plan your Day. That you will be Al thing in Good territory or Hunting in Rood corer during then Tine. It you to find the port that each Day a. To offer the major period Are noun in boldface Type Adeee be tin at the Lime shown and Lait for an hour and a half or two hour thereafter the minor shown in regular Type Are of Mew Hal Shorter duration Meier Miner Date. Day january 12 tuesday 13 wednesday 14 thursday 16 Friday 16 saturday 17 sunday . 8 of. . Lid Lake stages Wala Thirft Lake level tuesday feet Low South hoi b ton 111.2 feet Low boons 30 feel Low Henry feel Low Chero Kee feet Low. Today s skies Moonset wednesday pull Moon nud to my 2-23 m prominent Tun lire Uio bran Hucht in the Aries. Shr Ltd nearer Uit Moon ton Clit

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