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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 7, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee Top candidate v for Premier in the hews Dol s stainless new York upi1 s eel co of in frown the elec ror dec. Tiny. Paris of be London sir 1- Sui suburb Al sport Wheatie plus 2 cartoons s to a. A . R. Of Alij. Will be Al Koi Fossit ions i cd Oki sir Ducr. L Milwaukee. A Pidi Lac. 1c. Has Bari. Chi appropriate in or Milch de Decd when m Premie Dor flac co. 10 caul a 1ms headed Powers 1 Lar i Exi cled to pc Oiler vex a Viji if a Joe at 19 few. Up j 2.m5-wo Tun. A rom last Livi iday Cui ailed opera r.-Ja-. He anic Riou in of steel cd. This would be a a rate of r com capacity. Mike ism Sun work on the 49-sur Hap. Oil the team pipes lie key m i i i m r i1 Finni de and uie Lead 11 be bar. Nii Iny a ilium or will Baisi is Jackson. Mi.-. j bad today or Young-1 cml Noui live Iro Mulars who received the Iipp gaullist parly the Union cred Nidgel Mitos for Christmas. Or a new Republic which claims police ruled the vehicles an majority. J be furnish cd with Litener pm Meir former Premin Antoine Pii a ant May Only by of cried by ii-1, do Gaui to s Init scr. Is denied Drivers at Leasi id years i in move up to a minister of slate Job Wilh coordinating control of All financial and economic affairs. Mam ice coup de Murville 55 year old professional Diplomat american if player Cor probably will remain is Oiel ii Krous Gussie Morin. Today pro Mii Imei. Posed Vyrl coloured Wirs As the of Pillert 10 May in the Essory the woman Tennis player j i a inc Are turnier Premier Pic should Wear in 1939. Erre i flip Lin. As minister of mule i Ehi Iai s1. I in Allers Albany . Lui l in france1. Oversea Community j for Nilon Booklet Jusi if leased Mitre Miraux minister of Mulej shows that not one of 58 senators Ovi a Selim i till ural h j assemblymen in the new Pierre Oil Aumai. A professional York state lists of i ill a rant. Us army i Misler. Ice Pullim As o age. Ues1c.ner suggests wigs London Teddy fining who designed the Lacto p am Lex that won headline for Ihl Iii May Migit at new re Kitay i h. Hen Are Ollie i is of newly human club near Sullivan of Milt is Kirin leu to re run Mel a son Conkin. Ill Cir Vice president i1a11hy my fair lady of film Dom the hew loll Lipond in color by the my fail lady con Possis see it at popular prices i now at the strand Snow Aisiks link Cyl it. Ple Mirul .1 Al thu Wal i Kil Conkin. John iiovk11, Krikl s claw Koltaj h . More Ili Nii 111 Pel Mil of Hie Jyh i Lle Sotis comm Lili to to 1 Vili in prisons Lor violating Ilif Inisi Iliin lion Law in Ifon were ii pen Lars. Tales of Hoffmann Mihi by in an Effort to bring better motion pictures to King port King port Are proud to sponsor this Fine film. i unit Jav anal a film an Oklun cartoons weather will be a Wynn in u Long Gill from the Mississippi id the Atlantic while ii will be. Cooler in the. North Ern and Central Plains and the Rocky Mountain san los. Snow or rain is in the urea from the chiral lakes in Hie i i Milf const is Well As in the North Wisl and in the Ruckles. Or Vanams a Clements mkt irm the feature 1 Lex Iii any Ti-1.1 Anil now showing now three channels of i i music including stereo have been added to the Cable you can have this music 24 hours daily for i ret full years for Coil of one stereo i i record for Complete information phone the Gable office go 6-8851 radio and to programs As ill Cisco by responsible or changes in pro Ramn wept wept pm 1400 3-30 4 00 a Siar woman in Iio Uil you nit news in Aller Norjen Nevii 5 o clock Shado a acc Naan Terrace Hometown service a Wrever you drive is three Miles or Oliree thou 3 Sand there s always one of 5 the state farm arnts for claim representatives 6 nearby. E ii Tail to know Tot stole form state att Mobile insurance Homo obey Bloomin Gwo it lieu f 7- to 7-3h 7-30 new spam per bib mkt. Report dinner music Sec ppm to . For Nimlos a a one Karhl Slind f Furni news Job clinic one Niphol stand works of Maseru Newi of world if and Hie world Octra people Funo me line lie lies news Date Moo Rollo Riep of tech aim on Olom a Btu Chariotte irn Floana r 3 00 a Youri Day storm in Nuriu Linle mar pub file wild Rill Hifton miss a Rooks Esso or Porter run due Cdr card Pursuit Hunt r Efti plot millionaire b-30-l be got r secret if of liitle Rynn news final Hiis fool Lyhl apr scale Ura Falc off Tecsi put litre Carilna program Carolina calling can. Kachroo Moraln Kewi Ufa Hcrman american history sum ail her a Godfrey i love top Del liar of la Gul Riino Lichtl or try As world Tjerna Jimmy win 320kc. top ten Hiff Liis top 4 wet Lite 4 k Alnea 4-2fl-setrs help Hills top ten Ai Walher of Oleir of on up Tami he Hlili of Sims Neffs it weather b.15 a to 10-00 11.00 12.00 12 15 Jacc l lir music 21iik h. Hrnry a lilt Rhnny 1 i Chaser study Chaser Chaser a pts Chaser i of errs Worlat Bdl l Alci Ider gloom Cilby p hmm Tenn enl 5hi pro to cell to for fail Dell Verj scr to dial i Jimmy Pepper s Texas steer a mlle Diltz in 1 n Tirrit lie a still Rob 3 i. -1 City Knox be on 1950 Iseball tucs Tex Gross e vib in horse Rolkin be no at nil. Urge t. Injured in. For expert to repair service dial i Cherokee boat co. Brooks Circle a Slinn Road i my Truo Slort 11 bandstand Murlo Mumo Trabka clan let a Fig to Greenville s. A 3-on Raav if in line Ali car i to in Roii for a i hirer Woody finn 1 ii i Fri Vorter . P. Tial. In i Wlos to ashes due me clock Vou tru l Voo Popeye tic urls pm Len will Cut Walher vane show Ritmo Lilli show p a Harriet by mind Sharfn 11 .10 Dunic Llor Dixie porn ail Eib show Pray crr Jn-mornl7ic hour or Slan 11 fun Pav in court 31.3fi-fci.or Lla Yei a Pla hse. Of a lips me coct Wuhl to Johnson City in.30 11.on Man junk pc co fee the chips news h tout h Colfelt Trail pc in Lei a prs pc Colte Kwa it Walher news i weather -oblluir.7 column hit Pundt Swap shop Ringo Public service at your tit any Hurt you Gol turn to idol okie i a alts inc ulily for Bood looks at Nooth of slim 1 rim Lam pm for Bulli men and women Only Eye Liin Aid with excl Ulvi ave volume con Irollo soften Midden loud no Lars for your Helen link ple Murf. Alio Beylea Tor Thoie Monotone of kinc3sport a Fame in or Wrell Freb Al in a lubed hair enl. Rim in. K ii Villi Carol. .viii1 special notice announce men t m bark in i or wee her Hil Pard of Mil Parade Scoll cry. Lamb. News a gospel 5onp Tami Sony Tami Jamboree weather Jam Horn top High lib 1.30-bid top tent Walher trip ten 2-2b-news ?.trp ill top ten k Tnp ten top ten top trn k Wear bar of View of Cyb to Bristol Home improvement company 952 e. Sullivan Street cd 5-6103 fiberglas blown insulation Pilcher Onnet storm windows Ceramic tile terrazzo floors Reynolds aluminium awnings Cha financed no Down payment representatives Tan alos Clet cd 5-h48 . Short i 5-263z we Ore now taking inventory of our Gigantic Stock of Home furnishings and getting ready for our an Guara Stykki pm or cleaned and s Cut rate n t _ t la nil 9 on 8 a a Raip or my co Iii 11 to 13 in it lit i ten today is Ourn from Roni Quern for a Day Qumy f nor -i.oonr? tune a u of Dyrck r porn of thru of lurch Blip i it. A Rulli Cioff f. Kef t a 7 70 Winpon 1 Aln k i ism 9 in Milton p 10 by a Larson in in this a Unur i in a spor s final 11 f aah in to Alan Fili color iff Lodai Morni ii Dato l t in Tonia p. F e no Tea in no do sch re i id in Hinl ii do p a if re 11 1? Oil tit Houslin 12 in a but to i or 3 .1a a t 1 our .1 in from in l in ouf i fir a Nual january clearance come in now for Choice selections insurance Servick or Ornis a non cd Lockhart insurance Agency b Syreal 0. R. Ioor Trylch men build relieve. Tension v5 our program mry idea i steam rooms fwed19m mass of. Open Senci or Kyle Mem car Kingsport athletic club inc. E. Si., cd j-8071 remember. Buy Good furniture at big savings Here convenient credit terms arranged to suit your budget Baylor Nelms furniture co Kin sport s largest furniture store 125-131 Broad Street cd 5-4159

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