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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 7, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKingsport times 12 thursday Jan. 7, 1954 message continued from Page 1 lion dollars in the new fiscal year. This would indicate a budget of around 67 billion Dol Lars and a deficit of four or five billions. The president repeated his re quest denied by Congress last summer for a. Increase in the National debt ceiling to permit continued red Ink spending. Foreign Aid military and technical Aid to our allies will be continued but economic assist _ Ance can be he will however ask Congress to continue present economic Aid pro Grams in Korea and a few other critical or. Eisenhower also warned that the free world can no longer afford the arbitrary restraints on Trade partially to blame for the continuing need Lor american dollars abroad. And its Al lies have and will maintain a massive capability to strike Back against any new communist aggression. He will ask Congress for authority to share information on tactical use of atomic weapons with our allies. While determined to atomic Power to serve the usages of peace we take into full account our great and growing number of nuclear weapons and the most effective Means of us ing them against an aggressor if they Are needed to preserve our or. Eisenhower also noted that the air Force and Navy Are receiving heavy emphasis 1 in the new military budget which accents Airpower and atomic weapons. Foreign Are pre pared to meet any renewal of armed aggression in he will ask Congress to authorize continued material assistance to hasten the successful conclusion of the War in Indochina. We will continue military and economic Aid to nationalist China and maintain our bases in Okinawa indefinitely. Or. Eisenhower stressed the importance of the formation of the Long delayed european army and said nato will remain the base for our policy in Western Europe As far ahead As we can agriculture the farm pro Gram he will Send to Congress next monday will guard against any abrupt downward change in Price supports but have enough flexibility to discourage production of crops flood ing the Market. He proposed that huge sur pluses now owned by the government be channelled into pro Grams such As disaster Relief and school lunches. The presi Dent indicated he would. Ask a change in the present Law so that these surpluses would not cause an automatic drop in future Price supports. Atomic truly constructive soviet reaction to the president s atom Pool plan will make possible a new Start to Ward an Era of peace and. Away from the fatal Road toward atomic internal will ask Congress for additional funds to Speed completion of Security checks on government employees. Attorney general Herbert Brownell or. Will soon appear be fore Congress to recommend additional Legal weapons to com new Buick to be displayed at Cherokee motors Friday Bat subversion. Postal called for powered with a Brand new 150-Horseppwer v-8 engine and with completely new exterior and Interior styling the 1954 Buick special Sedan is the newest car on the Market today. The new panoramic Windshield refined sweeps ear molding and cowl ventilation make the special the outstanding style Leader in the lower priced class. The new special is mounted on a 122-Inch wheelbase and is nearly three inches lower than last year. Twin Turbine Dyna flow Aid Power steering Are available As optional equipment. I the new 1954 Buick with most revolutionary styling change since the introduction of streamlining will be on display Friday at Cherokee motors inc. In Kingsport. The new bricks come in four series with All new roomier bodies Beautiful exterior and Interior styling longer wheelbase panoramic windshields that per Mit up to 19 per cent More visibility and More powerful and efficient v-8 engines. The special series makes its debut in the v18 class in 1954 with a Brand new 150 horsepower engine modelled after the valve in head v-8 introduces in the Road master and super series last year. Horsepower in both the Road master and super series has seen increased with the Road master boosted from 188 to 200, and the super from 170 to 182. 1954 is the Century series de signed to sell in the Price Range de tween the special and super. The Century which features a 200 horsepower Road master engine mounted on a 122 Inch wheelbase has a very High pow in to weight ration and is the outstanding performer in the Buick line. All steel estate wagons Are available for the first time this year in the Century and special series. From both a styling and engineering standpoint the 1954 Buick is by far the newest car on the Market said Ivan u Wiles general manager of Buick and vice president of Gen Bob Okot without funds says lawyer for Rockefeller new York ins despite their bitter War Over How Many millions he s to give her in a divorce settlement Winthrop Rockefeller sent his estranged wife Bobo a Christmas present his lawyer disclosed today. The Yule present was and she accepted it according to Edwin a. Dunaway of Little Rock ark., where the Oil heir makes his Home. To disprove Bobo s claim that she has been living a Penny pinching existence Rockefeller can produce a thick wad of new. Also to the Buick line cancelled Dunaway said. As evidence the lawyer Dis played cancelled checks totalling which he said represented part of the Money Winthrop sent to Bobo since last june 1. Six of the checks were for each. They were made out to mrs. Barbara Paul Rockefeller and signed by her husband. All six either were endorsed by Bobo or signed by an official of the chemical Bank and Trust co., of new York and credited to her account. In addition Dunaway produced a cancelled Check for made out to Bobo As a Christmas present. Bobo who reportedly spurned a settlement with a demand for insisted eral motors. Eighty three major v i her husband failed to Send her Bill which would put a four cent stamp on first class mail and up other rates to help get the Post office out of the red. It is basically a sound Law it can be improved and he will recommend amendments message to Congress next Mon Day. The pared Ness is fully As important As military preparedness and this administration is deter mined to keep our Economy Strong and to keep it the administration has a de tailed program ready to Spur the nation s Economy if Neces sary including Public works plans. Social Security the presi Dent asked that unemployment insurance be extended to an additional six and one half million workers including All civilian Federal employees. He repeated the recommendation of his first state of the Union message last february that the social secur Ity system be expanded to take in another ten million persons. Declared bluntly i am flatly opposed to the socialization of he suggested however a government reinsurance service which would permit medical insurance programs to offer broader Protection to More families in need of coverage. With rising med ical costs imposing severe hard ships on Many families the styling and mechanical changes have been engineered into our new line More than in any other single year in Buick among the outstanding styling features Wiles listed the new panoramic Windshield full rear wheel Ender openings and Slop ing door line on All two door rivieras and convertibles built in Sun visor and rain Cove on four door sedans in the Road master and super series new High Crown front fenders which permit the Driver to see the right fender at All times and new instrument panel. The new v-8 engine in the special series new combustion chamber design which increases Power and Economy new Power brakes new front end suspension which improves steering and provides better cornering ability and cowl ventilation Are among the top engineering advancements made in the 1954 models. A finer More artistic use of Chrome trim is evident through out the entire 1954 line. The sweeping molding so closely identified with Buick has been restyled along the lines of last year s Skylark sports convert Ible. The Grille styling also has been refined with 49 thin bars of Chrome enclosed in a Chrome Frame. The traditional Buick Emblem on the front of the Hood has been replaced with the word by i cd in narrow delicate letters. The new panoramic wind shield which has up to 184 Square inches More Glass area eliminates the traditional rear Ward sloping front body posts. These posts have been relocated about six inches Back of the leading Edge of the front door. On the Road master and super series the front body posts Are in a vertical position. On the Century and special they have a reverse slant. This permits much greater visibility of Cross Street traffic with a resultant increase in safety. So much As a cent since she turned Down his offer last year. Bobo s latest lawyer Leo g. Fennelly yesterday met with Rockefeller s new York attorney Timothy n. Reiffer. Later Pfeiffer declared he was stand ing on Dunaway s statement that Bobo turned Down and doubled her demand. Gruenther warns russians against attack in Europe Paris Alfred m. Gruenther warned the russians today that if they attacked the atom armed West they risked destruction because he said the soviets cannot meet an Allied War offensive against their Industrial the supreme commander of the North Atlantic treaty organization in a speech to the american club in Paris warned the Western Powers that the number one objective of soviet policy is dismemberment of the general in his speech on the anniversary of president Eisenhower s Assumption of the supreme command of nato three years ago today Jan. 7, 1851, again urged inclusion of German troops in Western de sense forces. He also said that in weighing the capabilities of new weapons such As atomic bombs delivered by air guided missiles or Artil Lery his staff must consider the possibility of the atomic bomb being outlawed sometime. It is too Early to give a Prog he said As to what the results will be in this study of new weapons and their Capa he said that while nato does not have enough Power to meet a determined All out offensive the soviets cannot meet an Al lied air offensive against their Industrial Gruenther added that the Al contempt charges May be filed against witnesses Washington Man Harold h. Velde r-i11 said today the House in american activities committee will vote contempt citations against a number of witnesses who re fused to answer questions last year. Velde told newsmen that he would like to have the commit tee act on the contempt citations by the Middle of february. He declined to name any of the person s who May be cited but said there were quite a few from new York los an Geles and san Francisco. Committee recommendations for contempt citations would have to be approved by the House before the Issue could be taken to court. Conviction car Ries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and Fine. Velde said there Are quite a number of cases of contempt think that is the unanimous opinion of the committee. I would like to see them acted upon by the Middle of meanwhile the committee scheduled closed door meetings for today and next monday or tuesday to map its program of investigations. Velde said the program should be solidified by Early next week he declared our investigations probably will be along the lines established last year will investigate individual subversives wherever they May the chairman said the group has a lot of unfinished business left Over from last year. He said committee investigators have been working on cases in new York Boston Seattle California Michigan and Washington d. C Velde said the committee has not yet decided on a Date for hearing j. B. Matthews former staff aide to sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy the committee voted last year to hear Matthews testify on his charge that protestant clergymen form the largest single group of pro communists in the u. S. Likewise Velde added no decision has been made on whether to hold Public hearings for former prisoners of War in Korea. The committee has heard several expos testify in closed session on communist attempts to indoctrinate them. The House group at its first meeting wednesday voted to ask Congress for to finance its investigations in 1954. This is the same amount the head on photograph shows the cars involved in an Accident on. The Bloo Magdale Road thursday morning. Constable Howard Hensley in uniform and Deputy sheriff g. D. Lane Are seen viewing the broken Metal. Three women were Riding in the car at the left. Two of them were reported in Good condition. The car at the right was driven by Lucian h. Ketron route 2. Times news photo by Frank Creasy three persons Hurt in traffic mishap an 81-year-old woman was in Good condition thursday follow ing an Accident on the Bloomingdale Road near Vermont Church. Mrs. Lydia Robison route 2, suffered multiple lacerations of the face both Knees and a pos sible head injury. Her Daugh Ter mrs. W. J. Williams also of the Wadlow Gap Road neighbor Hood was uninjured. Mrs. Robison mrs. Williams abrasion said he was pushing the car of his son Carl h. Ket Ron and that his bumper tangled with his son s car. Ketron said his own car was thrown into the mrs Fulkerson s vehicle As he a ceased the accelerator when the two Ketron cars impede. Mrs. Wiliams said the three lied strategic air Force is greater committee received last year than any defensive Power the Velde said there was about soviets can offer presently. The general said that nato s Progress exceeds anything Gen eral Eisenhower thought Possi ble thre years ago. He explained that nato s strength numerically has increased three four or five times in comparison to 1951. Soviet strength also has in i creased he said and Russia has 400 left Over from the 1953 appropriation. The world s strongest ground forces numerically the strongest air Force and the second Strong est Navy. But he said the Gap Between nato and soviet Power has closed very Coal Miner trapped after mine Cave in Seattle Wash. Cues working in cramped quarters which allowed Only two of them to dig at a time tried desperately today to locate Miner trapped by a Cave in 300 feet underground at the lands Burg Coal mine about 25 Miles Southeast of Seattle. The Miner is Harry English 39, of Black Diamond Wash. English was working with Roy Coutts 25, of Cumberland Wash., who also was trapped in the Cave in which occurred yesterday. Coutts was rescued four hours later and taken to a hos Pital at Enumclaw Wash., with with a fractured leg " Coutts told investigators that when he last saw English he was still falling and grabbing for mine Coutts said he and English were just getting ready to Drill when a Chute beneath them gave Way and they plunged downward among mine timbers and Earth. Jewel Fulkerson were travelling from the Wadlow Gap area to Kingsport and col car driven by Lucian h. Ketron 58, route 2. Women were in route to High Ture and Shock and her Condi Tion was listed As Good. Water pipes fixed. A peach of a bleach Security feeding facts his support of statehood for Hawaii and u. S. Participation with Canada in construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway. He declared at the Start of his Federal government can do Many j address that a great strategic helpful things and still carefully avoid the socialization of medi will Send a Spe Cial housing message to con Gress Jan. 25, which will include modernization of the Home mortgage insurance program and insurance of Long term mortgage Loans for Low income families. Continuation of the present Public housing program is recommended until Tive programs prove More of president expressed Hope that a National conference on education will be held this year to help provide the information with which to attack the problem posed by the serious neglect of the nation s schools. Or. Eisenhower also reaffirmed change occurred in the world during the past year and de scribed the change As the re gaining of the initiative by the free world. He said we shall use this initiative to promote three Broad purposes first to protect the Freedom of our people second to maintain a Strong growing Economy third to concern ourselves with the human problems of the individual he pointed to the heartening political victories won by the West in Iran West Germany and other areas of the world and asserted meanwhile from behind the Iron curtain there Are signs that tyranny is in trouble and reminders that its Structure is As Brittle As its surface is hard Economy when fed according to directions one 5 in. Package of Security dog meal equals 15 one la. Cans of dog food. You add the water yourself. You can feed an average sized dog for 7c to 8c per Security saves. Nutritional adequacy carefully selected ingredients Are blended into a tasty health promoting food. Security has a guaranteed 25 pro Tein guaranteed 6% fat con vitamins and minerals known to be needed for dogs. Security Security safeguards. 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