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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 5, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee 4 hmm anti american fading i China Hollywood by a rect Magazine article describes conditions inside China under red Rule and the attitudes of the people toward the rest of the world. Among other things it gives a picture of a people who have Strong animosity toward the United states. The Western world has come to mean the enemy and to them the Western world Means the United states. We find this hard to take. We ask our selves Why should the chinese people hate when our relations with them have always been Good Why cannot they see that our present opposition to their rulers not them a it would be Nice if we could say that the whole thing the fault of the communists. It would be Nice to be Able to believe that in voicing anti american sentiments and cheering anti american speeches the people Are Only acting out of fear of their masters. Or if not that. Then they must have been brain washed rather insidious anti american propaganda. But we cannot ignore the Basic fact that a feeling of racial superiority a characteristic of human nature. It has been in evidence since the Dawn of his .Ory. Certain people of All races can Rise above this feeling but the masses do not. We Occidental regard it a strange a comical the orientals should look Down on their spiritual if not economic inferiors. But that a novel idea to Only be cause we Are convinced that they Are quite inferior to . That feeling so Strong among White people in this coun try that we regard inter marriage a a Barrier Between the races. But there also a More practical Rea son for the feelings of chinese people toward the United for our feel Ings the Chines took a very Parik Al turn when we created the exclusion act to bar orientals from emigrating to this country. We thereby tool the world in very Plain language that we did not re paid the chinese ?.s desirable citizens. We might Stop and ask uni selves hew the people of this country would feel to Ward any country that said it would receive All people except americans it would be very surprising if this attitude had not left a very unpleasant taste in the Mouths of the chinese. The communists have certainly fed the masses of the chinese people a great Many lies about the United Stales but the sad fact that they have had a groundwork of truth on which to build. And the Success of great liars always achieved by a diabolical mixture of truth with the Poison. A great philosopher once said that the Clanger of All heresies was the fact that they contained an Cle ment of truth. The roots of the attitude of the Chi Nese of the japanese peo ple too for that very deep. And the Oriental knows How to disguise that feeling when he so desires. The Jap anese proved that once. Rudyard Kip Ling put the Case in his famous lines East East anal West West and never the Twain shall perhaps it was presumptuous to use the word maybe some Day they May meet but to Day in Kipling Day there exists a wide Gulf. If we wonder Why there a Lack of great evil. It called by some Mongrel warmth in the feelings of the chinese so the feeling of racial sup people we can ask ourselves How warm priority a Mutual one and it stands our feelings toward them. Hozia plans the Story that James Hoffa will at the country stands. But to resign our tempt to unionize the police and put selves to defeat to give up Hope in the them under his control sounds like very bad news or a very bad joke depending on whether one takes it seriously or not. But in a Way it rather Good news and we Ai 6 tempted to Hope that he tries to push his plan through. American people. We arc not ready to do that yet. Of course Hoffa my be bluffing to May be talking just to hear himself talk the saying . But if ii a Bluff it a Bluff that must be called. There can i hit. Of s9w Xvi i cat Chi i a p i b . Haiti Emi ii by. It hajipcn.-. A i i i t Lei hic a Smith to hut Fust lot me Tell you Linn practically in Hollywood k at it no in Van to even was in Holly to ipod Vaid a la Ilc a Fiator kiddie a tier. A seven year old he with a crazy Donald Duck so he became a to Iii in a Ken try Temple picture nope. How he worked his Way up to by Omini auntie Maine Nephew and also the Cottar of Sunset and How he kept his name jul about the plus in which auntie Mac undo herself. I la work roster up to Aenlle in a minute but lint the an Fay. Hyrc f. The Mart i online about name. A couple of years Ink he War studying Warner Bros to Lake screen a studio said. Your mime. Roger Smith. 1 Don t like i1 i i Hank will Cill you Smith misers. Thai different. Trick it up with not much to lose Runor Siirid. hut before Warner Bros not ii Nind to him him la studio offered him n con Tinct and he tool it using the name of Smith Rogers Llinat when n studio nmn Columbia said your nonet. 1 Don t like it. F i Hank to will you to scr Smith. Dial different. Too Many trick names with not much to lose except his Faith in Hollywood sanity which 1m lost re Rel then. Roger Smith who became Smith Rogers said "riiisci1" Ati Nln and became Rosier Smith. Having thus stimulated Uncle furthered his career by returning his name to him Columbia let a Loper ret lost in some 11 pictures and to did t show up Ajalon until he played Jimmy g son in the. Lon Clancy Man of a you Sec was the follow who discovered Row. Cagney found him on the Beach Waikiki Ducach the your was 1054. Rorr was in the Navy u link Trainer in Dructor foi1 pilots. He was an cd Lloree in Clit and Ted Mack Amateur How calyps.0 sours he killed the dolls with at Arizona u. A ofter spent his spare Lime on Mac window w. I Nev. You Nea Argumendo Verador Drew Pearson the struggle for control of the 6 of jews by Sway Una Aav belie you i Nixcy-.Ory. But the of a really.Ory Teiler he Contos i Livirt Siwa cd b j ers by own facial pm retsina i that they get he Cue when it to and . Before. We Jon t sponsors of to love it f the had a . For adults p hey do Sor children mrs. Jor. bought a television set. Said she never listened to it but the children loved the jingles. Of ? can afford to have a special to set in the children room where they can listen to All the commercials they like. A commercial sponsor said peo ple May make fun of the Jingle on the commercials but they Are what make the registers ring. Thus the modern version of Jin Gle delis it i Tunny that the woman in a fashion Magazine wearing latest fashions looks like no human Ever seen. It certain Thul in Normal lift no one Ever sees real live people of the female sex who look anything like these. It certain if a lady looked like one of these pictured creature.-. Her she had one would use words not used by preachers Fiu Why should talented artist Suys a nov with such a perverse Streak and make the ladies that they picture look not Normal but a Frealic. We say this because we think that k not be any Compromise with a proposal the Beach aim at private parties he does really try it will be the end of like that no flinching from a showdown. Mion and we have to find out whether the Conn try bigger than men like Hoffa or whether they arc big enough to take Over control of the country. James Hoffa. That would be one fight that he would have to lose. And because we believe that James Hoffa a Public a danger to the american Way of life we would like to see him Given enough rope to hang himself. The Way things Are going the sooner we a showdown with Hoffa the better. We do not believe that Hoffa can get to first base with the policemen. We do not think that the rank and file of the teamsters Union has any stomach for a fight with the police. We think that it 1 to get the Congress into a state of mind that it will pass Laws that will really curb the Powers of labor czars. To imagine that Hoffa can win to accept the fact that we really have a la in this country. If that True we might Well have it Oft in the open so that everyone can Sec where false impressions about alias by Fetky Epson nearly every Lime the master minds of gov Ern rent planning try to Mold Public opinion by publicity tricks they get into trouble. Most re cent example of this was the publicity Job done on the orbiting four ten Atlas missile. No one denies this was a successful and important launching. But in trying 16 build it. Up into the greatest thing Sirice the original appearance of the Star of Bethlehem a lot of claims were Irta de that simply weren t so. First mistake May have b6cn 16 ire this mis Sale in Complete secrecy without briefing report ers in Advance on what was going on. They had no Chance to Check out this data in filing first reports launching. Later corrections never quite caught up with the false impression Given the american people. This was thai the u. now Way ahead of rus Sia on missile development and there nothing to worry about for the future. The russians weren t fooled by this for a min Ute. Neither were american scientists who know their Way in space. The idea of putting the Case of the missile into orbit along with payload. Was first de last june. Idea boys among the policy makers at High level grabbed it. Air Force was read Oul of the acl. operator. Department of defense handled publicity. It became a Arpa undertaking advanced research projects Agency. one scientist put it. This was something like the body tiny brain. practical usefulness still has to be proved. President Eisen Hower peace message was rebroadcast from the missile through so much Static or other int Crter ence that any listeners who did catch it would have to have it translated. One Side effect of this publicity build up was to give the impression that bigger budgets for missiles might not be necessary. This served to rationalize president Eisenhower proposed 77 k1ngsport times to Independent Neiert paper o. P. Edward to or. Pretl col met Job Liber Illura. Of tril lit w. 1. Meall left nit Lei Pali Utt cd ill Dii Tietti credited to it or oot Ere him to in paper it Uit Loci non ctr Tia billion Dollar budget for next reduced and neatly balanced. There no question about room Tor Economy in the. Missile program. There arc now five Ngun cles in Navy. Air Force. supposed to Boss and coordinate the first three but which has developed finite a technical staff of the new one. National aeronautics and space Agency. Elimination of duplications could make substantial savings. The year end report of Gen. Orval Cook presi Dent of aircraft industries assn., says there Are now 46 missile projects under Way. Twenty Are stir fact to Surnoc in arc sir fact to under Walcer. Six air to air nine surface to air six sir to sur face iwo diversionary. Twenty other lest vehicles now being researched arc not included in ills count. Somo of the big missiles ? and Titan Jupiter and Thor do practically the same thing. B each c6sls hundreds of millions of dollars. But to cancel out one of either pair would be n set Back Lor its manufacturer. The Overall nil lion Industry picture in t to bad. General Cook Nnoli Cipalo local in lev. Of around 10 billion dollars in i flip. Seven billion Golnic to the 12 major air Frame . The backlog of Pill a i. 13 billion lamp but this Clown five billion Funni it Bluit conk Dps Mil i prov Hul i.-, common know Cdr of in the Industry that fun companies Are experiencing difficulties Fruim can celeb contracts higher Cor. and demands Lor More sophisticated Icahn Locy. Among the companies that wive. Reported Henvy layoffs due to cutbacks Are Bell. Firc Hallil. Oru Malin. Republic. Martin and Chancy Vought. Any new contractions in 19m will Alfrco other.1. Con sequently Tho companies Are fighting each other missiles to Sony in business themselves. These Are some of the facts about the program which wrong Public relations emphasis conceals from american Public opinion. Today Bible thought but hath in due times manifested his word through preaching which committed unto me according to the commandment of god our times doily tonic 1 thank god that the gospel to be preached to every creature. There no Man so far gone but the Grace of god can reach him no Man so desperate or Black but he can forgive l. Moody. So after his Navy Illch Roger did for Hollywood but to could t find or Contact any of his Honolulu pals. To Sang for his sup per at the cabaret showcase. Thea Ter hero where an agony saw him and Cut him to Warner Bros for drama study. Then came Tho con tract at Columbia where he met actress Victoria Shaw. She became mrs. Smith and now there a Little Smith named Tracey who was born july 3. 11157. That a Long trip from nearby Smith Gale Calif. But it was even longer. Ills family moved to no gales. Ariz., when Roger was 12. He gave up acting then wont on to the University of Arizona to study business with the idea of joining his Fallier. Pop Smith Inkes Western clothes with Clark Gable and Gregory Peck among his customers. My Roper grins knows More movie stars than i now pop Smith knows another Smith. Which was the Fortune Teller said to a Smith when Roger was Horn. He will be an actor known from coast to she said. Jus to be sure. A Smith went to another Fortune Teller who told her the same thing. Significant move in the Buttle of the Senate Liberal republicans was not Leteir much publicized session to Nnami sincere sen. John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky their Leader but a very hush hush Volt to the White House by vice president Nixon and Republican National chairman my nip Alcorn. They warned the president that he was facing a very serious Rill in the Republican party. Hie lib eral they reported Felt very strongly and were not i Juinta to Stop their fight. They would continue battling All Dur ing Congress whether they won or not. The president War reminded that sen. Everett dirkson of Illi Nois was a Symbol of Tho old guard and that the Senlac liberals would never take him their a Cal Leader. Dirkson had appeared on television during the army Mccarthy hearings the defender of senator Mccarthy at the very time Mccarthy had been undercutting Eisenhower. Ike was also reminded that Dirk sen had levelled a Finger at Tom Dewey at Tho 1052 convention and accused Dewcy of leading the re publican parly Clown to defeat at the very time Dewcy was master minding the nomination of Eisen Hower for president. Finally the Senate liberals were reported to Ike believing very firmly thai the november Clec tons proved the Republican party needed to present a new Liberal face it it to Triumph in 1060. The most significant part of the interview however was Eisenhower position. He refused flatly to Budge from his previous private support of senator Dirk sen. Regardless of the liberals and regardless of the Nixon Alwarn plea the president stood behind Dirksen. Later one Republican senator summarized the situation this Way the Eisenhower republicans have lost Eisenhower. Ike lifts been list nine so attentively to his Golf ing partners in Augusta and his big business guests at his Stag dinners that the Man who was elected 11 Liberal Eisenhower Republican l no longer part of the Mold that he created. This the most important political development in Washington today. Inside tin gop liberals Here what happened inside the closed door meeting of Senate gop Izmir gents when they got to Gether to nominate their Leader last week. George. Aikin Louse headed Torii a senator from Vermont was the Glrst to speak and explained Why he could t Lake the Nomina Tion. New England now holds two in Purlin in post1 in Tho gop Leader Aiken explained. Senator Bridges of new Hampshire chairman of our policy commit tee and senator sultos Lull of Massachusetts chairman of the Republican conference. In View of this it would t look right Lor a Vermont or to be seeking the floor leadership. So it would be much better for this important Post logo to another Section of the country. In addition. I plan to make a Knockdown drag out fight against administration efforts to curtail the Rural electrification program in the a Chi Congress and i want to remain in an Independent Posi Tion to wage this Light. 1 could t carry on that fight effectively if 1 had to be leaning Over backward to cooperate with the White House floor All eight of Tho Liberal senators took turns in presenting their views on who should Lead them. Then Aiken summed up their views there arc three names before Frank Carlson of Kansas Tom Kuchel of California and John Sherman Cooper of he Aid. Frank Carlson who has been having some trouble with a disc in phoned me this morning and said be preferred not to to a candidate but would go along with what Tho majority of wanted there was a paycheck the other Day for Loren Grey psychology teacher son of Zaun Grey for i ainu a bit role just for fun in the Xane Grey theater to be seen january . Western Story writing once appealed to Yogi nor Grey and he was an English major at. College where he also studied acting. But to did to like either and switched to education. I was such a. Bad lie laughs they made me a director for the College the son of the Man who first wrote adult westerns. Loren and a brother and sister share in the sizable Over m million it has been said Grey estate. A. Channel chalice a ctr Lind Hayes on How to be successful on Day time to talk slowly sweetly and try to look much like Nel son Eddy to censorship at work at the word Damn can be used it instilled by the plot in to shows on the network. But Only after 8 . When there Aren t so Many kiddies twisting the dials. Forthright banker Tho strongest statement for John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky was de by sen. Prescott Bush of Connecticut onetime new York investment banker. John Cooper won by a majority in a democratic state in the last said Bush. His supporters included a Large democratic following. We must realize that we can t kick inde Pendents or democrats in the face if we want to win future elections. We Learned that in the last elec lion. But we also raw that liberals like John Cooper in our own party can be returned to office by sub Stantial sen. Clifford Case of new Jer. Sey expressed the same View. The present gop leadership in the Senate obviously inadequate and not responsive to the voting Public or to the pressing problems that face in this said the senator from new Jersey. They Are just too reactionary Lor the average american. We have idiot to strengthen the parly and the country. We have got to think in terms of the future not the past our present leadership frequently after listening to the eulogies for Cooper sen. Tom Kuchel of California decided to step aside. He said Cooper would to More acceptable to All factions of. The party and would make an out standing Leader under whom he Kuchel would be glad to serve. However Kuchel agreed under pressure from his colleagues to run for the secondary Post of whip. Several senators at the gop meeting said they understood styles Bridges Dean of the sen ate Republican old guard had been getting lukewarm toward Everett Dirksen in recent weeks probably due to the fighting spirit of the insurgents. It was decided that if Bridges made a showdown fight against the liberals to Force the election of Dirksen it might be a Good idea for Aiken to seek Bridges Job chairman of the Republican policy committee. Aiken tentatively agreed but said he did t think Bridges would make a very Strong personal Light for Dirksen. They figure they will have some deserters who put committee membership and personal ambition ahead of party. One who deserted Early was sen. Thruston Morton of Kentucky who was promised a seat on the appropriations com Mittee by Gen. Slick persons and promptly walked out. Another a sen. Glenn Beall of Mary land who confided that he was for Beall and Only Lor Beall. What he wants a scat on uie finance committee i another was sen. Francis Case of South Dakota whose colleagues always expect him to waver. However even after losing the deserters the liberals expect to have a compact go for broke unit which the while House will have to reckon with and which May Well pave the Way for the nomination of a Man named Rockefeller in 1360. A Well known comic says that he wants to do tragedy instead of comedy. A lot of people think that the comedy he has been doing tragic. When fathers try to help their sons with Homework of the first year in High school the sons wonder How dad Ever got through school. Xiv and some of the fathers begin to wonder the same thing. Hie mathematics of marriage scraps on the table equal scrap at the table. Of course stores have to Send out Bills but do they have to close the books a few Days before the end of the month so that you will be sure to get the bad news in the very first mall on the first of the month oddly enough a lot of people who never Wear a hat manage to talk through it. Money like a secret hardly anyone can keep it. Every Lime folks see three men laughing together they jump to the conclusion that they Are Tell ing dirty stories. And every Tima folks see three women talking to Gether they jump to he conclusion that they Are gossiping. And the funny thing that it might very Well be vice versa. So they say Washington a High air Force official on a soviet radar and radio jamming network sur rounding Berlin Germany which could jeopardize any Airlift at tempt jamming not difficult. Your wife can Jam the television set by turning on some electrical machine. The russians Are past Mas ters Al jamming in All its new Schmidt a member of the court appointed Board of monitors set up to keep an Eye on the teamsters Union on teamster plans to organize new York City policemen at this moment the whole thing looks like a big publicity stunt. It another move by Hoffa teamsters president James r. Hoffa who 13 under a compulsive motive to throw his weight Edwin p. Jordan . Proteins mean essential nitrogen Side glances i be stuck pins in ail the places where we could stay overnight with friends or and the starches in that they con Tain nitrogen in varying amounts. Nitrogen necessary for life. Although nitrogen makes up about three fourths of the air we breathe this nitrogen merely breathed in and Oul with the air and can nol by. To cd by the body. Ii must. Be Nubia led from food in order to be used. Some of Many kinds if Vii trips Are cd or Emily Complex. They arc made up of varying numbers end combinations of the 2i known amino acids which arc sometimes called the building blocks of proteins. An insufficient Kiolein diet Over a Lone period of time leads Loim proper distribution of water in Tho body. This causes tic development of dropsy or edema in which water accumulates in the body tissue. A wasting of tissue also occurs. There a decline in the ability of the body to produce heat protein deficiency my follow some illness which does not allow the food to puss to the digestive tract and be absorbed there. Loss of appetite a common sometimes a sign of insufficient protein in the food. In most illnesses in which there fever an excessive breakdown of the body protein occurs. The production of haemoglobin which the colouring matter of the blood depends largely on the amount and Quality of the protein in the diet. Thus Jui Mia sign which develop. Culler when there insufficient Ornt can in he dirt or u poorly absorbed by 111" Linroy. Probably the sources o pro Tein for the human body Are she animal Proi Cius such meal eggs fish and cheese. These Are usually considered of greater value than the proteins of Plant origin which arc contained in cereals null and certain vegetables. However Cost and Nevai labile a have to be considered. Animal to teens Are obtained Only by Eccl Init Inree quantities of plants to animals. Consequently the Cost of animal proteins Hatch. Fish and other protein containing sea foods however Are in a class by them of Clvis. Obviously Many people have to obtain their proteins from plants rather than from animals or fish. No matter How you Pel them pro Tein foods Are needed by the human body. Ouf our Way Well i v ei7hfk. This flask Merriwell Isajew Perow Here he i Aiu t wwoyiu6 move its we p l be to 1.ive cues wait Ito to a Coz into Toubl Owh

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