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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 5, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday january 5, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper West. Antral Haiar merry go round Hollywood c. F. Edw Ami or. Pub lube w j my Auer. Edh or uc-j3 b Umran Mim tar Ausef an Idt Punde x i by Erskine Johnson Hollywood National i Atlanta. S to i of Tor publication of Tea second clan im4. Under act of March i. 1171 Shanna Vork. Chicago. Loula cantata Cluj to. Anielo mag to by Drew Pearson attorney. General her s. Attorneys throughout the he knows that corruption begins at that u. S. Attorney s faces won the awards in the office is the place where it can easily Origi year end popularity polls qary Cooper and Jane Wyman Une 01 the Best men provisionally picked by who have been around a Long Brownell is Warren Olney Hias u. S. Actor time headed the list of the top Ney in Northern California. Olney is former 12 movie stars in the annual _ counsel of the California crime commission Box office barometer poll of subscription rate by mall first and second is close to governor Warren and has done Box office Magazine a leading in file _ _ o by week. 40c. Y and sunday one year. To attention on California Cor film Trade publication. Carrier daily and sunday of eruption. In Southern California however Brownell Only one new Marilyn Monroe crashed the toddy s Bible thought when Jesus heard it he marvelled and said nent Republican ladies in California. Has under consideration for u. S. Attorney an Clute dozen honest Well meaning gentleman named Ebel other old faces in the i younger husband of one of the most promo list Susan Hayward Bing Cros to them that followed. Verily i say unto you i have not found so great Faith no not in the times daily tonic by june a11 y s o a Doris Day some years ago younger worked for the Fri Withams and was the Fri s secret agent inside the longshoremen s Union and the office of Harry Bridges. Though younger s identity was sup posed to be known Only to j. Edgar Hoover and a few top g men he made the fatal error Jjohn Wayne Crawford. The sur system studios but it s the familiar Faith is not a sense nor sight nor reason of a Carbon copy of a report to the ones have refused to fade but taking god at his . B. Evans. Fri in a wastebasket in one of Bridges hotel Are the Box senator Langer office Bells. Or Mary Anderson is consulting an Effort is being made by certain re publicans from North Dakota to keep filing reports. William Langer from taking his seat in the United states Senate. Or. Langer is a non partisan league Republican Rath rooms. It was labelled to the Fri from special agent Ebel naturally Bridges associates picked it us awyers on a lawsuit that will and younger was booted out of the by Lees char8e mrs. King Vidor with def organization. Matlon of character. Final the Fri mortified put younger to work Navy approval of the film ver b Sion of the Cam Mutiny re quires a foreword making it Independent party reports a group of senators favouring abolition of the or than a regular Republican. The charge of is made that the senators conduct in democrats. Present also were Irving Ives of and out of the Senate has been such As and Jim Duff of Pennsylvania re Clear that the Story is pure fic Tion and that the Navy has never had a Mutiny. Debbie to indicate a willingness to subordinate 4., the welfare of the country to his personal and Wayne Morse of Oregon inde after considerable discussion it was decided Tell the reason for their break up. But Are her initials Debra Paget look who s buying property in Las Molly Goldberg Berg howling storm Gale storm s taking a ribbing financial interests. And it is suggested that the caucus should not agree on anything an investigation should be made to do and that they should be particularly because a local burlesque Queen h it careful in what they told the press. Bills herself As tempest storm. Term me whether the senator has Partick we must say that we discussed the prob i say we re Gale rated in a conspiracy to help aliens in Lem remarked one senator and be blushes so i won t be accused of just passing by legally in this country to remain Here. Those who have followed the career of William Langer in the Senate know that he is not exactly one of the major Orna Tor Morse of ments of that August body. His record is ready to report. Does not entitle him to very High rank. As the he has probably proposed More foolish to antagonize our own party careful not they found however that this was not unanimous. My party stripping on my nights Vav Vav Virginia Grey is Back in the league for the first time in a year in perilous Voy age after making eight Tele get a Washington calling by Marquis Childs Washington for the Early Roosevelt to the remarked they never go lobbyist Sells what remains of late Truman Era one of the Cia. I me Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe Heije Are three kinds of Hus bands. Those who Are willing to do. Or help do the dishes for the those who consent to put on an apron while they do the dishes for the wife. And those who will Wear an apron with ruffles while they do the dishes for the wife. The fellow who does t help do the dishes at All Why he s not really a husband at All he s practically living a life of shame. Political parties when in the majority act differently than when they re in the minority. What others propose they will turn against sour but they d propose the same thing if they were in Power for a pol it s important which 1 Side gets the credit a very sad attitude brother you said it so Don pc count on a rift in the g. O. P. Now they have gained the big Victory conservative or Liberal there will be less mention now they Are in of gop dissension. And things they opposed when in the minority. They May be for now they re in the majority when it s a question of the budget it s a Case of Truman proposes but gop disposes. Or. Acheson said the policy of the state department on appointees of the in was set by or. Byrnes but there was t anything to keep or. Acheson from changing it. What Winston says to Ike is going to be More important than what the governor of North Carolina said to the governor of South Carolina and is Likely Bills than any other two senators and a showdown. The 83rd Senate cannot be Obi he has been against National legislation which was so Good that he alone voted nay. He is a Republican of the non partisan league variety which Means gated by the rules of procedure of the 1st Senate. We should make our own rules for the 83rd Senate just As the 1st Senate made its rules for itself. Regardless of what the republicans and democrats Morse concluded the inde he is actually an Independent with re pvt jul publican privileges. It is a fact that senator Langer has been the Champion of aliens and has a curious record of going to Bat for those tragic training to there s picture of Clark Gable in the Rome office of italian airline hostess he dated there. Jack Warner s daughter Barbara is hitting the new York night spots with Cesare Siepi he met Basso. Orson Welles is paging Nina Foch for a movie and the Way i layer of sex officeholders Are piled one on top of the other. Dismissed by president Truman who has opened his own Washington Law office. The question of whether Mari Lyn Monroe wears palsies or not most client. This fascinating process is they reach Back to the dim now going on in the capital on a larger scale than at any time in Well hardly Ever go Back to the past 20 years. From the sen Pocatello Are obvious enough. If we understand Dean ache son correctly the argument i o Iii Ataii. Anc seems to be that there Are no the Chi fake office build Blandishments of this Power take reds in government and if past to for the part of course the reasons who Thev never be proved to the never Iii half a the focus of Power at the Cen if the ungrateful voters the order has t yet gone out but the air t i result of the tragic pre Christmas crash that who want to stay m this country and killed 87 at Moses Lake Wash. Inside fact is that the doomed Globe master was on a training Mission though its 105 4.t 4. We Villa uvwc1 till la 411 go vol based on the life of the fabulous your Home state have turned Ings that go up with such a Many forms from the constant there Are reds in government against you and you do not have Pidiry new names Are being let Parade of cocktail parties to the they Aren t dangerous and if o pm Jam no Viavi inn non flt t. N a Riner c i i ii. Need special Bills to enable them to do so. To say that the honorable senator is a t passengers were hitchhiking servicemen on in such matters for personal their Way Home for Christmas. Queen Frederika of Greece. The Richard Emery working As a Hollywood to starred in the death Valley Washington. You can the son of Ella Hall the famous silent Star. A Law degree then you can hang Ter cd on the doors. Discreet ittle hotel sult i do they Are dangerous they Aren t out a Shingle As a consultant in it has been compared this ners where so much is so coolly in a position to do any harm be an process to the building of a arranged. Anyway and if they Are in a economic consultant a Public Coral reef. Year after year the new faces will come in on position to do harm it s All motives and to insinuate that he gets paid for his senders in this connection is this has raised the question of whether air Force planes on training missions should be allowed to carry passengers. In the Case of the billboards for a i s City be i i win Hume in Uii Ian us farm its ail relations consultant or perhaps Barrier of Coral rocks built up january 20. But most of the old Jimmy Byrnes fault in the first even a political consultant. Around the South Pacific atoll faces will remain. That song of there Are knowledgeable con with its Palm fringed the lord High executioner in sultans who Supply valuable in v.-.4. J i f a uie Masc us uie not justified by the Mere fact that he fatal the Pilot was supposed to spends so much of his time on this kind of work and for people who do not live in his state at All. We Are sure that the senator would Tell us and will Tell us without being asked that his interest is simply based on a desire to help the Little Man who is close to the Langer heart. One can t Call a Man a hypocrite because Neath the sea will show Mala Island becomes increasingly this fancy title is a be tested taking off with a heavy Load. The plane was loaded to near capacity though it should have been Able to carry As Many As 150 persons safely. In the future however the air Force will order that sandbags be used instead of human cargo. Fallen farm prices most worrisome part of the economic picture he declares he loves the common people As the new year begins is farm products. Most and is an enemy of entrenched privilege and cold blooded corporations. That is where the senator stands As he has told the world Many times. It is True that Back in the Days when of them have been lower recently than at any time since the korean War. Of course farm products generally have been too High. But whenever farm prices hit the Toboggan it usually for bodes an upset of the economic balance and eventual recession. Biggest Sag in farm prices has been cattle. Powers in a bathing suit. But it s Mala s head superimposed on another Chick s body. Mala was struck by illness just before the wind up of the film and could t do the cheesecake Job. A to Esther Williams and Mem Are going round and round Over the title for her next easy to says it sounds too much like easy a Flicker she did with Van Johnson Back in 46. Living spectrum lord Access to the the Mikado with the refrain we Don t know about Dema they never would be missed Goguey but it seems that during in he same Way the political in All seriousness at the be Toggery. Ginning of a new year this of sold out Deposit grows up around the is land of government with its thin disguise for lobbyist which so they say Dame hair senator Brien Mcmahon of con Worth Donohue is a wonderful the process May not be Alto next Cut last summer has left a person but we Haven t discussed Gether a healthy one. Gibbon in Gap that cannot easily be filled marriage. Anyway i Don t think his decline and fall of the to Mcmahon As chairman of the of course Russia might punish i la get married for at least six Man Empire has some things to joint atomic Energy committee worse for getting caught than o Brien Rey say about the Way in which Law had a far reaching erase of the the British punished him for Vert Lrol a of n o Tsinni Kiln o o a ,.i-_ _ he would be Cyd Charisse May even have nolds former wife of tobacco yers accumulated in the latter terrible meaning of atomic War betraying his country. Hubby Tony Martin confused in the she s seen in the film As a blonde then As a redhead and then As a Brunet. A i s Apache River screen heir r. J. Reynolds. New Jersey docks Mer pier worker James f. Keane. I would say that this Gam Days of Rome and the toll they fare. He was convinced that a exacted. That familiar new world would mean the de there ought be a been heard Here a Law that would but Mcmahon also had the senator Langer and former senator Nve Are getting less for their cattle today play was Given a rewrite before were Battliner for North than at any time in three years commercial the cameras started turning and bling tax is a penalty penalty. Do Aras were Oak eng Lor the North Dakota vote Grade steers have fallen from cents per Steve Mcnally said to Hugh penalty penalty use certain things were said about senator Pound in april 51, to around 20 cents a Pound Marlowe it s better since they Gertrude Stein phraseology Langer s Campaign methods and Dolitia Ai t f i a Cal financing. In fact a committee of the Senate was named to hear charges be fore the senator was allowed to take his today. Feeder cattle have dropped from 36 i cents a Pound to 21 cents cows from 29v2 cents to 15 cents a Pound. Yet the housewife has received almost no benefits. Reasons for the drop Are that Farmers induced by High prices withheld cows and rewrote replied Marlowe you Don t rewrite a Western. You reload and spotted by Comedi attorney Jacob Kossman. Prohibit former members of gov courage of his convictions he Ern ment boards and commissions from practising before those within a certain time limit. Some departments and commissions have put in Regula a memorable Senate speech he a Happy state 5f mind to be in argued that the Cost would be As a proposed that the United states spend billions a year for at least five years to promote peace had to do it All Over he in every Corner of the Globe. In would t change a thing. That s the Coronation of the Queen is going to Cost a lot of dough. Do you suppose Winny wants us to help pay the caterers president Truman says if v he tons to that effect. To feel you have always been .4.4. Ucucu by Ejigu in sea Usuwa a by cum Eui wac maj Cia Iive moved it win a Suain committee of senators having feeder cattle to build up their herds thus in Enne Rose Marie bulldog for and Commerce departments. Out of government to establish such courage is rare in these _. Although the same party has nothing compared to the Cost of in Seei Vou is is. S s1 r twi sri Honri Kumoi Tonto Niit of is Luke capias of your listened carefully and heard the senator s rebuttal actually recommended that the senator be barred from the Senate. But creasing prices further. Then suddenly farm ers began sending their expanded herds to Market and this knocked prices Down. Another Factor is the new tax Law passed by Sale. Male 10 months House broken eats by fond of sen. Wayne Morse the five beauties who surround highly these successful accretions soul. But it Captain is hard your to say jul a1cu.u. Us Law firms Days. One can almost say that whether people who achieve this Range Back it was unique. State Are to be envied or pitied. Or. Langer carried the fight to the floor Congress a year ago allowing a capital gains Aldo Ray s brother Dante is songwriter Jimmy Mchugh in his of the Senate and finally a majority of his Peers voted to overrule the commit tax on the Sale of Breeding Stock. This started businessmen in the Black Angus and Hereford business than Ever before in history. Tee and let or. Langer become senator Bankers and industrialists distillers and Ellet Langer. 6 Tantes who did t know the difference Between Back from Navy duty in korean Waters. Move Over Ida Lupino. England has its first Wom an movie Wendy Toye who has just been new night club act. A movie Starlet filling out a studio publicity questionnaire doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan. . Side glances Bangs disease and mastitis or in some cases signed to a three year contract chewed her Pencil Over the ques Bui. This is past history. The senator s a Hoofer from a Heifer went into the beef by sir Alexander Korda. The Tion Church and position in North Dakota is now so Strong cattle for the Sake of making a studios Are already bidding for then wrote that there is no need for him to do any department is invest thing to cause raised eyebrows. But in Ligating the Market practices which keep View of the senator s Peculiar voting rec prices Low to the Farmers and Hubn to nouse Ord on the score of National defense and Aid to Europe and in View of the fact War of ideas that we need to Check up on aliens and it escaped much notice to the european possible subversives in this country it cables but Premier de Gasperi of Italy lost out might be Well to look into some of the at the recent nato meeting on one of the cases in which the senator has most proposals to combat 4. Senator Nas Given his namely a separate nato propaganda Agency Aid. Inis is something the senator should de Gasperi who faces the difficult fact that Welcome. After All it might be that one third of the italian population is com wicked people knowing his kind heart red has colleagues that even and special Devotion to the Little Man might have taken advantage of him and made a cat s Paw of him in order to make a she is c Lepsis part of the name. Plete recovery comes after a few except for these cells and a weeks. In some however fever years Renc the the e anti run Down feeling last for months. Occasional serious com for though Europe was armed to the Teeth it still could not prevent communist penetration unless we were Able to sell the people on free Dom and the More we use education and propaganda tilings easy for people who ought not to to seek International understanding the greater we reduce the Chance of de Gasperi argued. Therefore it is just As important for nato nations to conduct the Battle of ideas As to Arm for specifically de Gasperi wanted to expand be allowed to stay in this country j i Don t know about Price control but i do know that prices Are terrifically be America into the voice of Europe and to urge a United states of Europe. This idea is similar to the proposal made by Eisenhower s advisers shortly after he arrived in Paris two years ago. At that time Ike s Public relations experts proposed broadcasts by Eisenhower to the troops translated into different languages to explain the reasons behind nato the need for Unity and the principles of Freedom for which nato stood. They also proposed a Friendship Freedom train which would tour Europe illustrating the importance of european Unity. The train was to carry such symbols As great Britain s Dwight d. Eisenhower. We need to make this a government of All the people or it will become a government by the people who take the trouble to democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stev Enson. Malik s indictment of general Eisenhower is but another positive proof that Eisenhower is the one above All others in the world whom Stalin Irving Ives the republicans got their hands on our in control machinery and prices Haven t Magna Charta the Gutenberg Bible and other Meiji same Jonn Sparkman historic documents indicating the hard fought _ Steps by which Europe obtained its Freedom. Seem to get Lar to a great Many other Condi disease a really Good treatment for in mononucleosis is not one or More of the newer antibiotics May prove i d advise you to take aspirin and go to bed i just pre the same for the eat sniffles tool Good health. Infectious mononucleosis or glandular fever As it is some times called seems to be getting More common. It is probably one of the virus diseases and like so Many of them its symptoms Are variable and its course not alike for All people. The symptoms May develop either suddenly or gradually. A general feeling of distress loss of appetite and vague pains Here and there Are common. Some fever is usual but it is not often High. Nausea vomiting and a Little pain in the Abdomen Are common. Symptoms occur too in the nervous system. Enlargement of the Lymph glands in the neck and other parts of the body Are frequent it is this which gave it the name glandular fever. It is the blood however which shows the changes which make the diagnosis. The number of White cells in the blood is in creased. When the blood is smeared on a Glass slide stained and examined under the Micro scope it will show a Peculiar of cell which was once called a Monocyte and which is responsible for the Monona he. In most cases com goes on cannot be ignored. Ouf our Way rapturous look at the 60lp the Vith the Silver of the Moom look at the reflections look. At when Vou p love to live Fob Eves

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