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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 4, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeBeatrice Fairfax says sometimes keeping silent is better than telling truth will anyone dispute me i won Der when i say that it seems to me there Are times when it is better to keep silent than to Tell the truth not i think if silence is in tended merely to protect our selves from the consequences of something we have done but when the truth would be certain to break the heart of someone does not deserve it. This is my feeling about the following letter from a Young wife who says not Long ago my husband had to go away on a business trip which kept him from Home for several weeks. While he was gone i happened to run into an old boy Friend of mine on the Street one Day and because i Felt very lonely i began to have dates with him. I am sorry to say that when he brought me Home alter one of these dates i let him stay Over night with me. Now i am going to have a child and i am frantic because i Don t know whether it is my husbands or the other Man s. husband of course does t know anything about my going out with this other Man and if i Tell him what happened i feel sure it would break up our marriage. I love my husband dearly and this other Man Means Noth ing at All to me and i would give anything if i had Only never seen him. It was Only because i was lonely that i was so weak As to yield to him. Do you think i should Tell my husband about Rny doubts or just let him think the child is his please help me there is no Point whatever of course in making any comments about this Young woman s be Havior. She knows quite Well that she should never have had even the first Date with this Man and that there is nothing More contemptible than betrayal whether on the part of wife or husband. It is True she was Only 23 years old. But that is plenty old enough to know the difference Between loyalty and disloyalty Between being Strong and being weak. In spite of these very obvious truths however one must admit that As human beings everyone no matter How Strong has their weak moments of some kind at some time that impelled by insecurity or some other driving Force we All make mistakes sometimes tragic ones As in this Case. And the deepest tragedy of All is that so often it is not ourselves alone who must pay for our mistakes but some wholly innocent person who loves us. In this particular instance the question is whether this wife should pay alone by having to live with the knowledge of what she has done or make her Hus band pay too by confessing the whole miserable Story and so pulling his happiness Down in ruins. How Many readers will agree with me i can t possibly guess but my own feeling is that she should spare her husband the dreadful experience of having doubt planted in his mind re Garding the paternity of his child. If telling him could right the wrong or do any Good what Ever it would be different. But it cannot change what has happened and As i see it can Only make a bad situation very much worse by destroying his Confidence in his wife quite pos Sibly As she fears put an end to their marriage. I believe All this to be particularly True since she feels there is some possibility that the child might be her husbands so Why should she crucify him on the Cross of uncertainty there is a Chance that the baby is his own and does t the have a right to a Normal love sur rounded childhood which might be denied him if he were born under the Shadow of a Black and looming question Mark a the chief reason Why this Young wife wants to confess is to Clear her own conscience and make herself feel More Comfort Able than she would feel if she were living what she believes to be a lie. But living with her guilty conscience is the Price she will have to pay for doing what she did. Otherwise she is buying her Freedom from a guilty con science at the Price of her Hus band s suffering. If in future years she does her utmost to be a faithful and Loving wife As Well As a Good Mother to the child she can in this Way make restitution for the past and to make restitution to her husband by giving him a completely Happy marriage for the rest of his life is a far better thing than to make mistaken amends by breaking up the marriage entirely. Reversed Nightie Waco Tex. Derie Dean Howard reported yesterday three rings she d pinned to her Nightgown were missing when she awoke. Police searched her House. No rings. Shortly they left mrs How Ard phoned the station again. She had found the rings valued at s750. Mrs. Howard explained she had pinned them to her night gown All right but had put the Nightgown on backwards. Week s club events skirt of the season it s slim As a pin make it in a Jiffy make it out of a one Yard 54 Inch remnant have the newest fashion now note the angled seaming the smart Side pleats they give a Graceful flare to your walk use this pattern again and again pattern 9192 misses Waist sizes 24, 25, 26, 28, 30 inches. All Given sizes 1 Yard 54-Inch. This easy to use pattern gives perfect fit. Complete illustrated sew Chart shows you every step. Send thirty five cents in coins for this pattern add 5 cents for each Patern for is class mail ing. Send to Marian Martin care of the Kingsport times 62 Pat Tern dept 232 West 18th st., new York 11, n. Y. Print plainly name address with zone size and style number. Monday Circle 5, Mayfair methodist Church with mrs. Balfour Doane 1503 Warpath drive . Girl scout leaders association first methodist Church Pirn. Tuesday Wesley Fellowship group p. M., at the Home of mrs. L. L. J Joyce 910 Walnut Avenue. Washington Lee Pat 2 . Executive at . It. Carmel a pcs general meeting at Church . Liberty chapter 198, Oes masonic Hall. Stated meeting no invitation . Jackson i to speaker will be or. Carl Sebelius director of dental health for Public health dept. Of Tennessee. Will speak on fluoridation. 2 . Ross Camp ground City club 17p.m. Andrew Johnson Pat p. M., school auditorium. Executive Board meeting p. Ketron memorial methodist Church Circle 2, with mrs. Wil Liam Daniels 213 Glenn Street . Circle 3, with mrs. Ralph Cooper Bert Street . Circle 5, with mrs. John r. Smith 305 May Street . And Circle 8, with mrs. Tom Leeper Forest Street. It. Carmel a pcs ., at Church. Wednesday executive Board Dickson Pat 2 p. At the school. Colonial Heights Home demonstration club 2 p. M., at the Home of mrs. W. R. Pyle. Women or first presbyterian i i Church As follows Bible teach hers and program leaders a.m., and executive Board . Laurel Garden club with mrs Bob Woodham 820 Oakdale Road p. Members note i change of meeting place. Wednesday club Ridge Fields country club 1 . Hostesses will be mrs. C. Hargrave and mrs. J. C. White. I Ketron memorial methodist Church Circle 7, at Church Cabin with mrs. Grant Martin and mrs. Ralph Gamble i . I thursday Borden Community club in. At Borden clubhouse. Mrs. Frank West and mrs. Lee Dun can co hostesses. Belvue Good neighbor club p. M., at the Home of mrs. Marvin Rich 1613 Washington Avenue. Mrs. John Tolliver co hostess. Gravely Pat p. At the school. Dixie study club with mrs. Roy Hale 229 Compton Terrace . Hostesses will be. Mrs. In. B. Sullivan mrs. Robert Mere Jdith and mrs. R. P. Moss. Ketron memorial methodist i Church Circle 7, with mrs. H. P. Imurphy Mullins Street 2 . Friday Cardinal Spellman leaves Korea front Kingsport times monday january 4, 5 Tokyo Cardi Nal Spellman left for Home today 11 following a two week Christmas visit with american servicemen in Japan and Korea in his role As military ordinate to the a s. Armed forces. The new York archbishop concluded his far East visit this morning by saying mass at Tokyo Hospital and then by lunching with Allied commander Gen. John e. Hull. Child guidance meetings planned City Johnson City

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