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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 4, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeMonday january 4, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwards jr., publisher of Attru manager w. J. Mcauliffe. Editor kills Binkley. Editor 320-22 dec. Market Street Singapore. Tenn. Member of the associated press Southern now Puper publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation. An Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in tenn., is second class Ma-11 matter october 71. Tm4. Unto for the Art of Sreb ii. A to old advertising representatives Shannon at associates inc., with offices in new York Chicago Detroit Atlanta St. Louis Kansas City los Angeles and Sao Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought then came to him certain of the Sadd Cees which deny that there is any resurrection and they asked merry go round Hollywood the times daily tonic our lord has written in the Promise of the resurrection not in books alone but in every in word of Hope every time we hear from Russia words that sound hopeful or conciliatory we immediately get suspicious. The instant is what Are they up to now what trickery Are they and this is a very natural reaction in View of the fact that we have been taken for a by Drew Pearson Eisenhower definitely plans to move to the left in his Forth coming state of the Union message by pro posing a ten Dollar across the Board monthly increase in old age pensions. The move should win democratic support but will bring a howl from some of his own right Wing party Mem Bers particularly congressman Carl Curtis of Nebraska and the u. S. Chamber of com Merce. Details of the pension increase have not been worked out but in a general Way the will be paid for by broadening the tax payer s salary base. At present iy2 per cent is deducted from each salary Trp to annually. Above there is no deduction. It s now proposed to increase the limit to or from this larger salary there would be payroll deductions but not beyond. Ike also proposes to drop the increased social Security deduction from payrolls which went into effect automatically on january 1. Administration leaders Are extremely anxious to get rid of this added payroll deduction since among lower bracket taxpayers it would offset the automatic 10 per cent income tax decrease. Many Republican congressmen Are mutter ing that a increase in old age pensions is reminiscent of new Deal Ham and egg pie in the sky Days. Fact is however that with increased prices u. S. Oldsters have a hard time making both ends meet. Grumpy Uncle Dan relations Between the White House and Grumpy congressman Uncle Dan Reed of Dunkirk n. Y., chairman of the tax writing ways and Means committee Are Drifting from bad to worse. First Uncle Dan took a walkout on the tide so Many times. We know that both. White. House legislative conferences just be j of nip Attu Favio text Viilo As preached by those men who wrote the Book for communism and As practice by their modern followers the doctrine of communism includes the use of trickery of the broken word of the lie big and Little As proper weapons of diplomacy and kind of tax by to write and he did t need a c old Lofs mtr torn Llyn statecraft. So when Malenkos spoke his most re cent words on the subject of atomic weapons words which in themselves is when Reed was invited to the three Day sessions attended Only by gop leaders to shape the legislative program he sailed off on a cruise to Panama. Privately he told friends his committee had decided on what to have any White House advice. Understandably the White House was sore. So when Ike s aides made up the list of both democrats and republicans to be invited to the bipartisan White House meeting tomorrow Jan. Reed s name was omitted. Ike did t sound a note of real Hope that co opera want to be stood up twice Tion is possible we took it with a Grain of Salt. We Are in no hurry to cheer. Addition to taxes Reed s committee holds the just the same it would be just As fool to the new social Security Law and the ish to assume that Malenkos s words Are recipe Poai Trade program it s almost impossible ice Ike to move without him completely insincere and mean nothing As it would be to assume that they completely sincere and that there is no some Ike advisers want the president to withdraw the name of Robert e. Lee from the Federal communications commission and by Erskine Johnson Hollywood the screen Howard Hughes re lease of the new Jane Russell film French without a production code administration Seal of approval is further Evi Dence of the new to Heck with the censors attitude in Holly Wood the Moon is Blue was the first Flicker to by pass film Industry censors to the tune of in profits and nose rious Public disapproval. There s a Good Chance Hughes will soon release another film son of without an approval Seal. Hughes along with other movie makers claims the censor ship code is outdated. Tony Dexter will Star in a series of telefilm based on Dumas the count of Monte if is Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis Hubby and wife hit the personality appearance Road to help sell a i movies. Says Janet we will be plugging separate films but it s cheaper that Way. The studio pays for Only one hotel there s a character named miss Torso in Paramount s rear in color and on wide screen Shell no doubt look More so. High priced lingering the big reason Why Cesar Romero is lingering in new York is the per week salary he draws on Chevrolet playhouse and other shows. 7-v Urcla s medical department is conducting hush hush experiments with crippled Boni Buehler in an Effort to provide her with special artificial limbs. Boni s Romance with Geary Stef fan though is no longer in the 7th heaven league. Photos of John Wayne and of say can you see .1 Washington calling far As the them will deny everything Fer dental nomination in either pm porn no of 1 acc . By Thomas l. Stokes democratic heat in the 1956 sweepstakes is con As the Man Filar palette snapped at the to runner cambo and Giro s Are infuriating j it Ai to regard Adlai Stevenson vently. Check them off Estes Kefauver of Tennessee who was out in front at the Start of the party. Only one has been nominated in this country Warren g. Mac s window by w. J. Mcaulffe the trial of Cria seems to prove that a Man who will not confess in Public can always be said to have confessed in Pri vate. Maybe the boys who Are so Good at extracting Confes Sions did not have enough time to persuade Lavrenty. And other people in Russia needed the air that Beria was breathing it the Beria trial was a Star chamber proceeding. A sort of red Star chamber. It the government is now operating a plan whereby High school students can learn How to make out income tax returns. It would seem that mathematics would be gruesome enough without adding taxes to it. And in t the spec interested in this it or. Andrews says that people May laugh about this but there is nothing funny about it. Noth ing funny about income taxes he can say that again. It people joke about paying in come taxes the Way they joke about going to the dentist. It is Only theoretically funny. The tax collector and the dentist have this much in com Mon. They both make extractions leaving you with a Large cavity and make you bleed a Little in the process. Both have a pain deadened. One called novocaine and the other called the source. When a Man gets publicity for Harding a Republican though doing something shameful you several senators have been vice fled for the last few months he has front balloting in the 1952 convention presidential candidates one of Richard b. Russell of Georgia them Harry s. Truman becom might say limelight. That he is in the Texas news photographers. The had Irack to himself. Mccar Why s Man Friday Flash bulb boys in Houston say that Wayne asked them not to sits again the photograph him with Filar Dur into action. And what who was a time among the Lead ers Robert h. Kerr of okla but next week when Congress homa who never was really in longer need to fear Russia. In the latter Case we might walk right into a Bear trap. But in the former Case we might hereby avoid Fig with the democrats. The latter Are sore Over Lee s appointment after they had shown up his strange activities for senator Mccarthy in Well be shutting the door in the face of Hope. For if there is one thing Clear in All they can this murky picture of our International Senate. Relations it is that the one absolutely essential ingredient if we Are to create a peaceful world on this planet is a certain amount of Mutual Trust Between the United states and Russia. Unless the states and Russia can come to have More Confidence in each other More Trust in each other s promises then there new Hampshire and congressman a i a Jonn Laber of new York powerful chairmen can be no peace at All. If we accept the of the Senate and House appropriations com statement that such Confidence and Trust mittens. They wanted Lee who was working will go a Field ing the big premiere festivities meaning that Galaxy of political Lor Hondo and that they Talent in the of. Whom were candidates for the say that Wayne nomination at the last Conven a newcomer has cropped up promised nobody else would get has secret yearnings senator Stuart Symington of the first pictures of him with for a place on the 1956 demo Missouri. Pilar until his divorce from is cratic ticket though most of agreed to skip the shots. They also Contention but was very Earnest about himself As a possible presi Dent and still May be for All anybody knows. In recent months the name of defeat Lee s confirmation in the on the other hand assistant president Sherman Adams thinks Ike has to go through with the Lee appointment even if it Means that the democrats finally defeat his confirmation. Adams confides that a Deal was he Calls it by the More Highfalutin term of quid pro anyway the what Ever you want to Call with sen. Styles Neranza Wayne was final. There Are a number of others ing president through the Acci Dent of death. So if a fellow Only wants to be vice president the Law of averages is not too unhappy an augury. As for the tendency not to nominate a senator for presi Dent it May be because they have too much of an Opportunity tie office boy is dreaming to speak and act for themselves. They live daily in a goldfish bowl. They have a voting rec who possibly would be receptive Ord on every Issue away Back to either first or second place on through the years Many of Lyn Monroe s period musical the 1956 ticket men such As them. That can be tracked Down Between the Boss and the office boy there yawns a Gulf that s wide and each is secretly envying the one on the other Side. Of the Happy Day when he As Rich and big and important As his big fat Boss will be. Of even for Marilyn and floor Leader in the Senate Mike not the Case for example with Monroney of Oklahoma Lister Jeanette Macdonald in t Hap firmly said Lyndon Johnson of Texas party and used against them. That is by about the interviews that no Christine Jorgenson is giving out about the time that she invited her to Tea. But Jeanette is beam ing about her first Hollywood time night club appearances. Explains Johnny Star of lbs Hill and John Sparkman of Ala governors from whose ranks a majority of presidential Candi it s Johnny Mercer Bama the latter the 1952 vice dates have come in recent years. Presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota j. Wil ing lyrics for those old time lain Fulbright of Arkansas to tunes that go Back to the 1800 s. R ame a few i m tired real tired of do now it can be told that Robert you have to write pm in the of these gentlemen very Uriu Lai Koderca Kelv in Lri meet. A Adlai Stevenson was in that preferred spot when he was nominated in 1952, defeating two senators Kefauver and rus sell. Now however he is with while the Boss beset with Wor Ries dreams of that time of Joy when he was Carefree Young and Brash just like his office boy. So people spend the precious hours dreaming of future or past and missing the Joys of the present time Bens and would a out and Lackma which is slipping away so fast. Ii ecu Kyj Duy up . Offerm gifts at. Least a f Toov Piaf of Nam o of just As Well resign ourselves to the destruction of the civilized it is As simple a Choice As that. At the present time nobody seems to know what manner of Man this Malen Kov is. We have seen signs of hardness and signs of softness. This looks like we have nothing on which to the idea that Malenkos is a softer this is one of the most important posts in the entire u. S. Government. The appointment is for a 14-year term no removable by the Tures. He is the watchdog of the Treasury. Senators Are sore the Appeal. And Ain t funny the biggest laugh you can get offering g its at least half Way. That platform he is at a recognized disadvantage. Now he must seek and make for himself occasions to state his views on de of them As potential presidential candidates or even vice presi Ney Ruditzky is hospitalized and r faces a serious heart operation. Hopes for or the Post is now held by Able old Lindsay Warren of North Carolina who has saved the taxpayers millions. Warren not in Good Man than Stalin but he May Well have health is not averse to resigning but walked less conviction of Russia s destiny it is at the idea of seeing a Mccarthy Man who to Fri half Ltd nor apr Firo in a possible that he can be made to see Rea been under fire in a Senate investigation take his place. He wanted his career assistant son and accept something that Stalin Able Frank Weitzel to succeed him. Would not accept. In Short there is a possibility that Malenkos wants a settlement so to appease senator Bridges and con Gressman Taber the White House appointed Robert e. Lee to the Federal communications 01 the atomic question and that a Satis commission. A series based on Barney s Ca reer on the new York police Force in the roaring twenties is still cooking on the television stove. It Cameron Mitchell who has t Sung a note in films tested for the role of curly in he Sang of what a Beautiful Mara Lane eng land s Marilyn Monroe is Way out front in the race for the it it member that particularly politicians often look entirely different to themselves he is now Well known. That is not a problem anymore As it was when he was nominated in 1952. He is the titular Leader of his today s Typo error democrats to hold mess meeting. It seems that All the foot bowls made plenty of Money. In their mirrors than they do to policy would be challenged by party though any assertion of you might say that they were authority to shape and direct its All sugar bowls. Hollywood looks at itself dept the folks outdoors in the big Amanda Blake plays an Winner in a Star is born. When she Steps up on the plat some elements within his party among them prominent party gentlemen could say figures Here in Congress to ing 1956 rivals. So he has to pick Oscar world. You May be sure that any of these sincerely form on Academy award night party might go further and do a his Way carefully and Irive Sipari Evio c. A j j Bejvl she s wearing a pair of dark glasses with Large rhinestone studded frames. It lot worse.1 As senators they have one big Reship and inspiration to his tremendous rank and file following advantage. They have a ready without offending the jealous t Ouid have killed a fellow tried to shoot his brother in Law but his aim was bad because he had been drinking and he missed. The shooter had been sober in a Man this ---------------0- i1.1vj1uuu a if Cucui 1 j forum always in fact carry it rival leaders. All this is made Ilot a As a around with them wherever they the harder by not having a pub Leason for getting drunk. The immigration barricades in which they can develop lie office in which he could do factory Deal May be made with him. That possibility should not be lost Gotfri Frfd. It was a Case where we thought he would Adams sex ionic Lii Down there mexican Border Are issues and thus attract Public at Helen of Troy role at Warner about As effective As the magi tent on to themselves. That is however democratic senators Don t see Why Lee has to be appointed to any through any default on our part. It should not be lost because we assume 4-l, 4. A t that once we sit Down to a conference commission which handout and radio table to discuss the question Russia will licenses Ivorah millions is that he has been a Bros. Some Spillane the script writer for Mickey not Barber u. S. Immigration service. Helpful. And say things naturally in the course of his duties and Steward with the iranian Economy in ship such As is not possible to a such bad shape it is a pity that but As senators they also have private citizen without portfolio somebody did idiot think about we county by do not have Many illnesses due to could t resist describing diet deficiencies except maybe a scene of carnage with the line through use of a Johnny Mercer was offered the the score for As Good communist party members we were taught we must give up the idea that there is any Maclane congressman Alvin Bentley of arid a Senate committee focused such severe at Side glances pain manager for gop senator Butler attorney general Brownell on the other hand Iet the statute of limitations run out communications commission. Actors Lieve this is an throw obstacles in the Way and confuse on the Mccarthy Hunt to program is More blood Spillane Joseph Greenwell. The Issue with other questions. This May a Check for in the but even if it did we would be no Mccarthy Campaign against senator Tydings i worse off and we would have Demon the Money to mail postcards started to the world that we were ready to cooperate. The situation in Germany is a Stum or element with Russia As a stumbling Block to european Unity. J but the United states and Russia be tween them can free the world of the fear of annihilation by atomic and super atomic bombs. The United states and Russia can insure the continuance of civilization on Earth simply by reaching adj an agreement that will ban forever the Public opinion will be strongly favor use of atomic Power As a weapon of War. That is Why the United states should Cleave no step unt Aken no Stone in to Speed the Day when such an saucers which it claims Don t sex tvs special is reached. If we Are sincere in offering the Baruch Ati Coo Uail Icia plan if we Are willing to forego the use. No t Onty to photograph ii of atomic bombs As Long As we Are sure c2me by but also to reveal their Russia will also forego their use then we s ambassador ought to explore further the statement Henderson has appealed urgently again of Malenkos. It would seem that the Tif the defense department to Rush Supples Malenkos words coming after president Eisenhower s atomic Power for peace Nian soldiers who earn Only 16 cents speech have Given us the basis for Are because they re desperately in one big disadvantage. That is just a simple matter of percent Ages. The percentage is against any senator getting a presi a r doctor says there he is at a disadvantage Selling the television or movie with the Field in Congress rights to the Mossadegh trial. Which has greater Man Euver they should have been Worth As much As a bowl game. By Edwin p. Jordan . Diet might not help at present it cannot be Edge and this Many research workers Are seeking with great Over and Over again a scientific or medical research worker makes some new observation or _ draws a tentative conclusion wiil assist a Low Cliofes Ter of ditto r from something already known hardening of the arteries though the average Normal grownup which May have possibilities in that time May come. In cutting would be going a Little farther claimed absolutely that any diet Energy. But at present it seems capital news capsules Ca diffraction grating cameras have been or further discussions with Russia. We need of shoes blankets and food. Trouble in Thailand ambassador wild ought to find out whether the russian Bill Donovan the state department s cloak View has really changed. It w Ney Beu Brownell. A actor and Dagger chief in Southeast Asia has Estl mated that the communist March through will Stop at the Thailand Border. The Bave streamed into Thailand and Are fomenting revolt. The office boy does t to laugh at the old Juit pasted his draft the prevention or treatment of disease. This May be called Prog Ress. All too often some enthusiastic criterion medical subjects hears of these scientific studies and writes about them in some dra Matic Way so that people often reach the conclusion that the new prevention or treatment has been thoroughly proved and is ready for use. An example of what i mean is the excitement caused by work indicating a chemical substance known As which seems to have something to do with hardening of the arteries is contained in higher proportion in the blood of some people than in others. The major question is whether a diet in which most of the foods containing cholesterol Are eliminated or reduced will prevent or halt hardening of the arteries. It is known that some people have More cholesterol in their blood and that certain foods eggs and butter for contain a Good Deal of this sub stance. But it is not absolutely definite that those with a lot of cholesterol in the blood Are More Likely to have deposits in their arteries which Lead to hardening nor is it certain that cutting Down on the High cholesterol foods will reduce the amount of this substance in the blood. Out eggs butter or other foods containing a lot of cholesterol there Are some valuable nutritional elements lost. What is needed is More knowl than is justified by what is known. It is also of doubtful value for one with hardening of the arteries and High blood pres sure. Out our Way they 6ive Cook half of pay to save for them amp by Thev tearjmi3 Chi Matows apart look for him rum fool. Rum they Mot Cam Tell one Chi Namaki from another no chinaman. Am i aim t to Cook git out 1 o my pockets. The Bani

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