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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 4, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday january 4, 1954 Kingsport times Benson Calls for lower surplus to ease farm comic Dikiy problem editor s note last week in this newspaper Secretary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson outlined the principal prob lems plaguing american Agri culture. Today he tells of the Steps now being taken to solve some of these problems by Ezra t. Benson Secretary of agriculture any effective solution of to Day s farm problem must provide methods for reducing our huge stockpile of agricultural commodities and at the same tune prevent further burdensome accumulations. Getting rid of these surpluses is Only half of our problem. Even if we were Able to bring them Down to manageable proportions we would soon acquire new hoards of wheat Corn Cotton and butter under the existing system of Price supports. We already have approximately billions tied up in Loans on farm commodities in addition to an equal amount invested in goods which we own billions in All. Changing demands i mediate troubles however. We need an interim program to entourage shifts to other crops. We must halt further build ups of government stockpiles now. J our urgent need is for a Price i support program which can be adjusted in terms of production and demand. One which will festively reduce surpluses with a minimum of government controls. That i is our immediate goal. Such a program will be offered to Congress by this administration in january. Head Sullivan 4-h flyers of the Sullivan county Council of 4-h club leaders now planning the county program for the year ahead Are left to right vice president Vernon Overby who is an adult Leader of the club at Woodrow Echol president Chester Isley Blountville High school and Secretary mrs. John Kay Holt Gunnings school. Photo by Norman b. Lee assistant . Washington House agriculture committee will wind up a grass roots tour of the nation s farming areas this month with final hear Ings in the South and South West. The Cross country study will be followed by the drafting of a new agriculture Price support of the knot Tiest problems Likely to face this ses Sion of Congress. Memphis hearing chairman Hope a Kan said saturday the committee will conduct final hearings at Enid okla., Jan. 12 Waco Texas Jan. 13 and Memphis tenn., Jan 14. Testimony from these hear Ings like others will go toward the preparation of Long Range agricultural policy to succeed present farm Laws which expire at the end of this year. Thus far millions of words of testimony have been taken by the and against rigid Price supports flexible sup ports and proposals dealing with two Price programs. We have heard directly from Farmers themselves what they think about the present and future of agriculture in their problems their Hopes their criticisms their Hope said. added we have heard from them How they feel about our present farm programs and have gotten their ideas and proposals for improvements in these programs and solutions for the Many prob lems of lower income the final committee hearings will be held against a backdrop of lowered farm income. The trend of farm prices was generally downward Over a period of Many months although the lat est report showed they increased 1.2 per cent in december. Many lawmakers appear our present program does not j encourage the production shifts which Are required to meet the changing Market demands for various commodities. Of course we could destroy some of our surpluses. Remember the government s potato fiasco of a few years ago or we might plow under every third Row of Cotton and kill Little pigs. Remember the mid-1930s? actually we would not even consider such wasteful practices. We Are attempting to move surplus food and fiber into for eign markets. World prices How Ever Are Well below the figures Corn wheat Cotton to a at which we acquired these com Bacco Rice and peanuts. It is i in modifies under our Price support the non Basic crop area that1 operati0ns. This Means that we Secretary of agriculture Benson we be forced to take substantial and Congress will have their Gressional committee closes of nation hands full. Losses on abroad. Whatever we sell this has been pointed up Byj at the same time we must the recent cattle Price situation avoid outright dumping which and the towering butter surplus j would disrupt Normal Trade it has been further complicated channels and bring Down upon by a dwindling Export Market the Wrath of other Friendly which has hitherto helped eat countries. Up american surpluses. The butter buying program has piled an estimated 250 Mil lion pounds of butter in govern ment surplus Worth promote consumption there Are these other alternatives we can make a real Effort to move surpluses out of Ware houses and into stomachs by 165 million dollars. Under the promoting greater Public con present Law Benson last Spring sumption of some commodities. We can push Forward in our re search programs to uncover new uses for farm goods. We throw our entire weight behind was required to continue sup ports at 90 per cent of parity. Benson to deliver 2 talks this month Washington tary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson s first Public discussion of the farm program he and president Eisenhower will pre sent to Congress May come in two major speeches slated for mid january. The Secretary will Lead off the new year with an address be fore the annual meeting of the National cooperative Council january 12 in Chicago Benson served As executive Secretary of this organization in washing ton prior to returning to Utah a few years ago to become an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints. Benson s second big speech of 1954 will be before the american National cattlemen s association s 57th annual convention in Colorado Springs january 13. This organization is headed by c. Hyatt of Hyattsville favor continued High Price sup-1 Wyoming a close advisor to the ports for the big six Basic Secretary on livestock problems. Dairy meeting set for tonight at Blountville or. Jack spearing state department of agriculture veterinarian will address a meeting of the Sullivan county Dairy club at . Monday in the courthouse at Blountville. Or. Spearing s subject will be sterility and Breeding problems of Dairy county agent j. W. Mcclain announced. John b. Brower District Dairy specialist also will be present at the meeting Mcclain said. said All dairymen whether officially members of the club or not Are invited to attend. Tennessee Farmers Corner Dixie farm Heads set wait see attitude for area a deportment seeks plan for expanding farm Export by the associated press it s always Nice to Start a new year on an optimistic note and Here s one for you Tennessee Farmers. With a Little Luck you la Likely wind up 1954 with More income for you had in 1953. Luck in this Case could be spelled a a in. Tennessee has been hit by drought the past two years. Here s hoping Well have rain in 54, in the right places at the right time. But excepting the weather As too contrary to be figured this year is expected to be a Carbon copy of the economic viewpoint. This economic forecast is from f. M. Defriese specialist in farm management for the University of Tennessee agricultural Extension service. warns that All bets Are off in Case of an upset in International affairs which Are just As contrary As the weather any Day and about As hard to figure. Defriese s forecast in a nut Shell demand for farm products has been Good. Employment is at an All time High purchasing Power has been improving. A few things Farmers must buy chiefly from other Farmers such As feed and feeder calves have declined in prices. But prices of most goods needed by Farmers Are not expected to change much. Good supplies however Are anticipated. Labor Supply is expected to remain adequate and costs near present Levels. Fertilizer supplies should be ample and prices somewhere near present prices. The same is True of in West Tennessee where cot ton is still King a lot of planters plans for expanding present worried about one facet of eign markets and finding new 54 the Cotton acreage cutback outlets overseas. J imposed because of a Cotton sur such methods while they not produce results As quickly As i when House agriculture Corn dumping or destroying food of Smittee members meet in Mem Fer a far sounder approach to our Basic problems. Along those lines i can report that our promotional Campaign undertaken with meat Industry and food stores is producing Phis sunday several counties will have spokesman on hand to unfair allotments. West Tennessee planters com Plain their 54 acreage was Cut 60 per cent compared with about real results. We Are consuming 30 per cent elsewhere in the beef this year at the rate of 75 South. Pounds per person the highest in our history. Exports increase farm exports have turned up Ward since july 1, reflecting our emphasis upon expanding Trade. Continued High employment at Home with National income at record Levels Means a Strong de Mand for farm goods in the United states. Our population is growing at a rate of More than per year which Means that by 1957 there will be Ameri cans. Our future farm problems May involve questions of Short Ages rather than surpluses. We cannot wait for an expand ing population to solve our in evergreens will beautify your Home by Henry free written for Aba service after a trip through new eng land the average Gardener be comes most enthusiastic about evergreens and wonders Why he does not Plant More of them about his Home. We All admit that evergreens Are More effective than shrubs and Trees which lose their leaves with the arrival of unfortunately evergreens in spite of their Beauty and Charm have Many restrictions that make their culture a problem in some parts of the country particularly in areas where they must continually combat the smoke dust and fumes of Indus try. Yet people will continue to Plant evergreens despite the ele ments because of their Beauty. Too few Home owners Are aware of the True Beauty of Many of the flowering Trees and shrubs. Not Only do their blooms provide Beauty in Spring and summer but their colourful foliage and fruits or berries extend their Charm Well into the Winter months. In fact by careful selection of plants one May have a Shrub or two in Bloom every month except december. And if future december weather is no More severe than that we have just experienced one can expect one or More shrubs to show a Little secondary Bloom. Norman Taylor in his latest Book the permanent lists 53 different shrubs to choose from. Of course most of them we know about because they Are the commonly planted Spring and Early summer flowering varieties. The old Gardener recommends the Book As an Aid to the Home Gardener wanting to make his Yari and Garden More attractive and permanent throughout the year by the use of Trees shrubs and tines requiring a minimum its Beautiful bluish pea like flow ers in showy hanging clusters to Bloom in May. And on a Trel listed Wall one can grow clematis Crisp William Kenneth a hybrid the cutback poses an extra problem for Tennessee where Many big planters still operate under the tenant farm system. What Are the unneeded tenant Farmers going to do the Memphis chamber of Commerce has urged a switch to Berry and truck crops to be processed by new mid South food plants. But Cotton planters say they fear the tenant farm system won t work with any other crop. So they re plumping for the same acreage allotments that were imposed in 19501 help available for preparing farm tax returns Knoxville Hun dred fifty tennesseans trained in farm income tax return preparation will be available to help Farmers prepare their 1953 re turns due on or before january 31. The training was Given representatives from 70 counties at farm income tax schools held at six Points in the state last month. The schools were a joint project of the b urea of internal Revenue the University of ten Nessee agricultural Extension service and the Tennessee farm Bureau federation with instructions Given by an internal Revenue representative assisted by it farm management specialists. Special attention was paid to items which have particular application to tax returns this year such a net operating loss carry Back terracing As an an Nual expense and emergency Grain storage amortization. On the basis of the work done by those attending similar schools last year about Farmers will receive help with their tax returns from these trained people. Discussions at the schools indicated that com plete accurate and up to Date farm records were of most help in preparing accurate tax re turns. Farmers desiring help with their income tax problems Are advised to Check with their county agents or local farm Bureau for the names of those qualified to give assistance. A publication "1953 Farmers in come giving specific in formation on tax problems also is available from county agents. Winter Good time to Start compost Heap experts say eight to 10 feet High with deep edition of the soil by making Lavender Flowers. Blacksburg a. Up a compost Heap can be made at any time of year Vii gardening experts say and the Winter sea son is a Good time to Start one. Composts of r the Amateur Gardener who has t had experience with them Are piles of straws leaves grass peat Leaf Mold manure Lime vegetable scraps sawdust Etc. Which Are left to decay and form soil build ing humus. Humus is an indispensable gardening ingredient that will help the soil to hold More water reduce the loss of soluble Plant food and improve the con heavy soils less Sticky and bind annuals such at Petunia Violet Sandy soils closer together. Queen Pale Blue Gilia capitals and the showy lace Flower with its Lavender Blue blooms reset in addition humus will pro vide essential minerals like to Trogen and at the same time in crease the Plant food value. A handful of Lime May be scattered Over each layer if the compost is not going to be used for such acid soil plants As azaleas. If the nitrogen is supplied in the form of manure nitric of soda Calcium Cyan mid or sul Phate of ammonia the phosphorous and Potash can be added by applying 0-14-7 fertilizer in the above manner. Sawdust Okay Quality of the compost material will be improved by occasionally turning and mixing it with a plow or with hand tools. Partly rotted sawdust from Pine or hardwoods will make an excellent compost either alone or mixed with other materials. Mohap Wirick the a Peri. Hll1. Assam and phosphorous Hen mixed with manure bling the weedy but delightful crease the temperature absorb Queen Anne s lace will extend it Iori qualities of the soil and i evergreens Are easy to buy and will help any Gardener beautify his surroundings. Of expense and care. The pros and cons of Ever Green As Well plants Are listed for your consideration. The Blooming season Well into autumn. Quizzing the Gardener Are the growing instructions for oxalis first planted oxalis he a he it f after growth and be is equally helpful. In it Taylor covers the subject of planning the Yard and Garden Sto As to have continuous Bloom and color throughout the growing season. If one is sensible of color Tay Lor has gardens in red Blue Yel Low Pink White Green and much to the Delight of the old Gardener a Gray and Lavender Garden. Imagine a Corner of the Yard and it could include the Patio with the Blue Gray foliage of the Korolkow Bush honeysuckle and the Lavender Flowers and Gray aromatic foliage of the Chaste tree Vitex Agnus Castus As a background for a Flower bed containing lambs ears Catmint Dusty Miller Lavender Cotton Globe Thistle mullein and Al Pine Wallflower. To fill in the space Between the Patio stones Taylor suggests the wooly thyme and Snow in summer two prostrate and mat forming perennials with greyish foliage the year around. If an Arbor or trellis is. Present consider a chinese make the land easier to work. No strict formula there is no strict formula for making a compost Heap nor any prescribed essential ingredients. As materials become available pile them in layers on the ground keeping the top of the 1 Straw. Evidence what Ever to show that sawdust will make the soil acid the experts said. The process of decay will be cold said slowed or stopped by weather the specialists but thorough rotting eventually will develop if plenty of Mois ally with a fertilizer Strong to catch More v Ater and Ivio Ofinn Tho Farr incr Antrim Tirman Heap somewhat concave. Iture nitrogen and air Are re the dented top will allow thelic lived. By Donald f. Martin Atlanta ins t h o u g h most Dixie farm leaders agree that the 1954 farm picture is not Black they will admit that the farm Outlook could be brighter. Tom Linder Georgia commissioner of agriculture believes that the Southern Farmer must a wait and see attitude. Linder explained that no one could be sure of government agricultural policies until after the january session of Congress gets underway. Harry l. Brown recently re tired Dean of agriculture at the univ i sity of Georgia and assistant Secretary of agriculture during the second term of the late president Roosevelt observed above All Farmers should realize that their troubles can not be legislated out of exis tence. Law alone cannot cure All the present farm Brown added that the farm ers must carry the Burden of rising costs falling crop prices and the strictures of acreage allotments. And so Here is a list of new year s resolutions for the tillers j of Southern soil. The resolutions were garnered from farm specialists and agriculture Exten Sion services throughout the Southeast. They Are practices that have paid off. 1. Build soil Fertility. Fertile soils Are the basis for efficient production and afford the Farmer greater leeway to adapt his enterprises to meet Market situations. 2. Every Cotton grower strive to make a Bale or More per acre. Though nothing can be done about the weather the Cotton grower can Plant on his Best land get and keep a Good stand control insects and use at least 600 pounds of the right fertilizer per acre 3. Increase farm income by planting Only seed of known performance and Quality. The planter can do this by buying seed Early trading with reliable seeds men and demanding an analysis of seed bought. 4. Make better use of labor. Labor is one of the most expensive items on a farm. The Farmer should plan a Combina Tion of enterprises to avoid Peak of labor requirement. Protect machinery from the weather. 5. Realize the value and importance of producing your own food fruits and vegetables for the table and a surplus to conserve for non productive months. 6. Make sure that the farm family has the proper clothing and is in Good health. 7. Strive for More efficiency to Cut the continually rising production costs. Kentucky Burley after Christmas Mart opens today it. Sterling by. Spa present indications Are there will be no change in the previously decided four hour basis for after Christmas Burley sales which open today Albert g Clay chairman of the Burley sales committee said sunday. Clay said several markets have made inquiry concerning the applicable rate of Sale for the duration of the current Burley marketing season. The Resolution adopted by the Burley sales committee last no vember provides that markets reopen january 4 on a four hour basis. Warehouses operating on a Basket basis May sell no More than baskets per Day per set of buyers. Ware houses operating on a poundage basis May sell no More than pounds per Day per set of buyers and in any event not More than baskets per Day per set of buyers. Although the sales commit tee has reserved the right to modify its Resolution relating to hours and Date of Sale the probabilities Are that no change will be effected for the duration of the 1953-54 Selling Clay said. Top Corn grower Nashville see s 1953 Champion Corn grower was b. L. Leath of Fayette county who produced 172.35 bushels of Dixie 33 per acre Washington ins the agriculture department will Wel come any plan Congress might devise to move government owned farm surpluses abroad and expand America s agricultural Export Market. This is the opinion of assistant Secretary of agriculture John h. Davis who Heads All marketing activities for the department including the important foreign agricultural service. Davis told International news service that Congress and the administration must work to Gether to help the United states open up new markets Over and above regular channels of the assistant Secretary emphasized that America must not foreign markets or in any Way hamper Normal Trade conducted by other nations of the free world. Davis expressed interest in continuation of a program now in effect by which the u. S. Sells its commodities in Exchange for local currencies and the local currencies then Are kept abroad for various Mutual Security pro Grams. The last session of Congress nitrogen. Makes some Ever greens of the same kind have deeper and Richer coloured foliage than others general color is depend ent upon sunlight acidity of the soil the Supply of proper Plant nutrients and Freedom from in sects and diseases. Us what to do for mealy bugs on House Plant Foli age. Immediate control make a Small swab of Cotton about a toothpick and touch each bit of infestation of bugs. Repeat in a week to get those you missed. House plants Are subject to few insects if the foliage is syringe with tepid water each week. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions hasten the rotting action which should be Complete before it is applied in the Garden. Rotting can be hastened by j adding Lime and Garden fertilizer since decay is caused by the j work to certain organisms that must have nitrogen moisture and air. Spreading about one pint of i Garden fertilizer 5-10-5 Over each six Inch layer where the compost measures 10 feet Long and 5 feet wide will Supply in guard against 1901 inspection Coil 3535 in warm air heating Mere fam Lei thin any other Mito Over 89 diff want models in and Sijon your particular needs. Call us today. Cleaning if repairing Milliard Sheet Metal works 501 e. Main St. Phone 3716 gave the president authority to sell up to 250 million dollars Worth of american food sur pluses abroad under this plan. Foreign operations adminis Trator Harold Stassen also has announced he will urge Congress Reau spokesman the local currencies received for american farm products could be used As a revolving fund Lor economic development Lor a Long time stockpiling program for Basic or strategic materials and to expand International. Trade. These local currencies now Are used Only for Mutual secur Ity programs in individual coun tries or through multiple nation arrangements. Davis said he believes the Section 550 operation could be a forerunner of the much larger plan outlined in the Schoeppel Bill. explained that Congress apparently this kind adopting it on a larger scale. explained wanted to try out of program before that some a com Tain modifications. However with now limits the program to opera Tion outside Normal channels of Trade. Another plan which Congress will consider is the Bill sponsored by sen. Andrew f. Schoeppel r which would increase the amount to be exported from 250 million dollars to one billion Dol Lars and also work More through private commercial Trade than through government. Schoeppel plan the Schoeppel Bill passed the Senate during the Jast session and is slated to come before the House agriculture committee either late in january or Early in february. A number of members of the House Are expected to sponsor the plan including rep. Walter Judd and rep. Omar Burleson a Tex the House also is expected to make some changes in the plan based on experience gained from the operation of the current pro Gram which is known As Sec Tion 550 of the Mutual Security act. The Schoeppel plan was originated by the american farm Bureau federation and a spokes Man for that organization Satur Day stressed the need to move american farm commodities abroad through private Trade be fore they Are taken Over by the tons modifies if they Are to survive and these countries Are willing to Cut their prices As Low As is necessary to make certain their products move into Export. Since the exportation of cer Tain commodities is the life blood of some Small nations they have no Choice but to get these commodities onto the Market in any manner possible. The spokesman explained that should we try to undercut our allies we merely would to Cut Ting Price and not increasing Trade. The agriculture department Hopes to be Able to step up government services to private Industry which probably will be agricultural ones. Iden of with regaining Sullivan youth in cattle club Guernsey group accepts Childress Harold Childress Kingsport route 5, has been accepted for Junior membership in the Amer ican Guernsey cattle club the club s National office in Peter Borough n. H., announced last week. The Guernsey club started its Junior membership program Only last june and already nearly 900 Young people All Over the United states have been signed for membership. Each receives a membership certificate and has the privilege of registering his Guernsey at a Low rate. Junior membership continues in effect until the new member reaches 21. Young people who join must be individual owners of one or More purebred Guernsey and at least one of the animals must be registered or become registered at the time the youngster s application for membership is government under the Price applications must be port program endorsed by a state 4-h club the farm Bureau official said Leader county agricultural commodities sold abroad vocational agriculture us the Schoeppel Bill however could come either from private hands or from government stocks. explained that the plan provides for Independent financing and that it would not be tied to the foreign operations administration s defense and Security programs As is the current plan. According to the farm supervisor or an adult member of the Guernsey club. Young Childress is the son of or. And mrs. J. E. Childress. Farmers highest Market for. Zoub hens City poultry co. Phone 2769 471 e. Sullivan St. Here s extra Relief from All Colo symptom j Ordinary pain reliever can Marco this claim but 666 can. Tho 665 formula contains a combination of i prescription Type ingredients not _ _. Found in any other cold Medicine. Tab lets for that extra Relief try 6gs, liquid or tablets. Remember. 665 docs More because it Lias my ref Bob Emu cause it Taj Moujir 666

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