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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 4, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days county 829 9 bumper to bumper can place you grave to grave. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 2 Kingsport Tenn., monday Jan. 4, 1954 12 pages five cents the weather some cloudiness tonight Low around 27. Tuesday increasing cloudiness with Little change in temperature some rain Likely tuesday night. Yesterday s High 53, last night s Low 19, noon read ing 33. Russia confirms big four meet on january 25 allies to present three Point program at Berlin Parley from press dispatches in a Short note to the United states Brit Ain and France today confirmed Jan. 25 As the Date of the big four foreign ministers Confer ence in Berlin. The note which was an acknowledgement of recent big three notes said instructions had been sent to the soviet High commissioner in Berlin on meeting with Western High com missioners to try to work out a building site for the Parley. The London foreign office confirmed receipt of the Brief note. Russia s confirmatory notes today were understood to be very Brief consisting of Only a few paragraphs. They also were a very Quick answer to the Western notes delivered Only three Days ago. Meanwhile the Western pow ers Are planning to confront Russia with a three Point Ger Man peace program at the con Ference if it appears that the so Viets show up with some serious intention to negotiate. One effect of the program worked out by the United states British and French governments in a series of meetings recently concluded at Paris would be in the View of Western officials to wipe out the communist East German government. It therefore appears in and Vance to be wholly unacceptable to the soviets. Authorities Here voice doubt that even a Start can be made at Berlin toward devel Oping a real Compromise be tween the russian and Western attitudes toward Germany s future. There is now ample evidence however that the discussions Between Western leaders and soviet foreign minister Molotov will Range far beyond the imme Diate problem of German peace making to embrace 1. Some talk Between Secre tary of state Dulles and Molotov on president Eisenhower s proposal for a Pool of atomic mate rials for peaceful use and rus Sia s renewed Call Lor a ban on see allies Page 3 Man is charged in assault Case accused of attack on 14-year-old girl Jonesville a. Lee county sheriff w. P. Bays said sunday that Andy Colson pow ers 42, of pucketts Creek Community had been jailed on a warrant charging him with the rape of a 14-year-old girl Satur Day afternoon. Bays said that the alleged As Sault occurred about . Saturday while the girl a Resi Dent of the poor Valley Section about 4 Miles Northwest of Pennington Gap was on her Way to a nearby store. The girl according to Bays was overtaken by Powers who dragged her from the Road into a nearby Field. Bays said the girl received scratches and Ike reports to nation on first year s work thumbs Cpl. Claude Batchelor american pow who turned his Back on communist captors gives a thumbs up greeting from within the helicopter which was to take him from Panmunjom to a Hospital near Seoul. His hand is almost smothered in the oversized communist overcoat he is Wear ing. Batchelor was released from the pro communist prison Camp and indicated that other pos May follow. A wire photo via radio from Batchelor enjoys free limelight Tokyo Claude Batchelor appeared today to be enjoying the limelight but army authorities stated frankly they Hope no one will try to make a hero of the Soldier who once chose communism and then renounced it. The 22-year-old Kermit tex., Soldier asked for repatriation from the Indian guarded prisoner of War Camp in Korea Early new year s Day and was flown to Tokyo for a tear filled reunion Mcneese Heads Sullivan demos Harkleroad Caldwell named to party posts by Bell Freehoff Blountville spa Rex Mcneese of Kingsport was elected chairman of the Sullivan county democratic Organiza Tion Here monday afternoon. Mcneese was elected by acclaim Over former county judge t. R. Bandy also of Kingsport. Elected vice chairman was a thur Harkleroad of Bluff City. Craig Caldwell of Bristol was named Secretary treasurer. All reds were elected by acclamation. With his japanese wife. Batchelor was taken to Tokyo army Hospital for a physical Check up. Despite expressed what was called unfortunate publicity the army announced that Batchelor will meet with newsmen at . Tomorrow . Monday one highly placed officer said he did not think a Soldier who admitted he was a Leader of the so called progressives or pro communist elements in prison Camp in North Korea could be considered any sort of hero. Pow question being debated at High Levels indians say matter of prisoner release out of their hands Panmunjom ins the question of releasing Balky War prisoners this month was complicated today by Swift moving developments including a state ment that the problem was now out of the hands of Indian custodial troops. These were the Devol ments 1. An Indian spokesman said the decision to release the prisoners who have refused repatriation was now very much above the Panmunjom political the spokesman said High Indian officials were con Ferring on the matter in Washington piping and at United nations Headquarters. 2. Republic of Korea foreign minister y. T. Pyun said if the Indian troops do not free the prisoners on schedule january 23 his government will Rescue some anti red captives by use of Force if necessary. 3. Gen. John e. Hull Allied far East commander told the Neutral nations repatriation commission his command will insist that the Balky captives be freed to go to the country of their Choice on january 23 As provided in armistice terms. In a letter to the commission Hull ignored a commission suggestion that the Allied and communist commands get Dis cuss the problem of a release Date. The Indian spokesman s an effect a hands off As a Surprise since the custodial officials had previously stated they believed the prisoners should be freed january 23 unless some other agreement was made by the Al lies and the reds. The Republic of Korea View Point on the matter was As expected since the Rok govern Holiday traffic deaths 82 below expectations from press dispatches spokesmen of the National safety Council today congratulated american motorists for the Small number of Highway fatalities during the three Day new week end. Latest figures showed that 410 persons died in All types of accidents from 6 p. M. Thursday until Midnight sunday. The breakdown showed 278 died in Auto crashes 52 perished in fires and 80 others were killed in mis Cellaneous accidents. Ned Dearborn Council presi Dent said final tabulations Are not yet in but it appears that traffic fatalities will be held to that of i when r. B. Rogers 45, of my a Normal week Mannville died sunday of in demos quiz Ike on troop topic say Korea withdrawal hints at appeasement Washington will ask president Eisenhower at a White House briefing tomorrow of Tell them Why he thinks they should support his decision to withdraw two american divisions rom Korea. Sen. Russell of Georgia top Democrat on the Senate armed services committee said he is anxious to learn the background for this military shot. Earlier Seelow Page 3 the officer pointed out has repeatedly threat Batchelor could have asked to use Force to free anti. Repatriation during the regular Exchange of prisoners last sum Mer and at any subsequent time before new year s Day when he finally decided to forsake the the meeting was convened at . By former chairman col. E. W. King ii of Bristol. Bandy was boosted for the chairmanship after f. W. Jack Isley of Kingsport dropped out of the race. Isley a magistrate has been acting county judge during the illness of Howard pos ton. Mcneese was favored by Kingsport democrats largely be cause he is a non controversial figure and has not been too intimately associated with demo cratic party factional feuds. In 1952 Mcneese was Active in the volunteers for Stevenson army officers said that state ments attributed to Batchelor were broadcast frequently Over piping radio by the chinese reds but said there Are no charges against him. He presumably will be proc Essed for return Home just As was Cpl. Edward s. Dickenson of i big Stone Gap va., of the Balky american prisoners to Pottstown a. Blast wrecks 3-Story building no injuries seen in a. Explosion bruises and was later in Sullivan county by or. Thomas Ely of Jonesville. Bays said that Deputy sheriff j. W. Blair and Hobart Belcher acting on information supplied them by the alleged victim arrested Powers saturday night at the Home of his father in Law. Blair obtained a warrant for Powers Bays said. The sheriff said Powers had admitted the attack. A preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for Friday before judge George Cridlin of Jonesville. Bays said that Powers whose wife is dead is the father of two children. The pucketts Creek Community where Powers lives is about 7 Miles from the Home of the girl Bays said. Clinchfield hearing set Here tomorrow the state Railroad and Public utilities commission will open a Public hearing at 10 a. M. Tomor Row Here in the Law court room in the City Hall on the petition the Clinchfield Railroad com Pany to discontinue its last Pas Senger service. The Railroad company has applied for authority to discontinue the operation of passenger trains nos. 37 and 38 Between Spartanburg s. C., and Elkhorn ky., which serve several communities in East Tennessee. And has been Active in party of airs for several years. Sullivan democrats will face tests at the polls this year when voters select some half dozen county officials. County offices to be filled this year include Cir Cuit court clerk registrar of deeds trustee sheriff commissioner of roads and county at-1 Torney. Incumbents in All these offices except two Are democrats. Republicans hold the offices of sheriff and Road commissioner. Renounce communism. There Are now 21 americans who have turned Down repatriation in the Indian Camp in Korea s demilitarized zone. Army officers said that some of them May fear to return be cause of possible crimes committed in prison Camp which would subject them to prosecution. Batchelor was kept in seclusion sunday while medical and intelligence officers examined him. Occupational Hazard Memphis Tenn. Sifted and in a Memphis news paper cafe for Sale owner has ulcerated terrific explosion followed by a general alarm fire wrecked the Woolworth building in Potts town today exactly 10 years to the Day after the Structure was hit by a similar blast. The three Story building in the heart of the business Sec Tion was razed by the blast and fire which caused an estimated damage. Ten years ago the damage was there were no injuries. The explosion apparently was caused by Gas in the basement and blew the entire front of the building into High Street. Damage to other buildings was suffered largely from smoke. Also wrecked were broadcast ing facilities of local radio Sta Tion Spaz on the second floor of the Structure and tenants of eight apartments on the third floor were routed. Gov. Dewey urges traitor probes without injury to Good people new York i Marks were made in an address Thomas e. Dewey said today the prepared for delivery at one of to. S. Must rid itself of traitors a year Long world wide series of but stressed the fight should be carried out quietly and Methodi Cally without injury to the reputation of Good people Dewey declared the proper quiet methodical elimination of those who Are subject to a foreign discipline should be a matter of course. It need never be accompanied by injury to the reputation of Good people or to the Antram Meled exploration of intellectual or scientific inquiry and teach the new York governor s re events marking the 200th anniversary of the founding of co Lumbia University. Dewey said that the Bicentennial keyed to the theme of Man s right to knowledge and the free use find free men everywhere battling against three major threats. He listed these As ideology which would Force All men to arbitrary standards. Threat from the impoverished of mind and spirit who distrust All learning and Lear to face the future. Threat from the Small but vocal group who would Sac Rifice Liberty in order to defeat its enemies. Throughout 1954, nearly 500 universities Learned societies libraries and museums As Well a schools clubs and labor organizations will present programs based on the Bicentennial theme the Council had predicted 360 deaths on the nation s highways during the new year s week end. Even though the Highway fatalities totalled 278, Council spokesmen said that if More Cau Tion had been exercised the death rate could have been Cut even More. Topping the traffic toll was Illinois with 21 deaths followed by new York and California with 19 each. Total deaths for the year in Tennessee soared to 833, a new All time record for the state troop pull out to be delayed to january 23 Tokyo top military source in Tokyo said today that two u. S. Divisions slated for withdrawal from Korea will be held there at least until the question of releasing Balky War prisoners is settled. The source which declined to be named said the divisions will remain in Korea until after the critical Date of january 23 which the United nations com Mand claims is the deadline for release of Balky prisoners under Russell said that the move seemed at first glance to smack of i am sure the president has some very Good reasons for Mak no this Russell said in an interview. I feel that we in Longress should be apprised of he sen. Lyndon b. Johnson of Texas the democratic Leader was understood to be backing Russell in this search for information. Several of Johnson s colleagues have condemned the move As Likely to weaken american Mili tary strength in Asia at a critical period in International affairs. Sen. Monroney a okla has suggested an investigation of the matter by the armed services Ommittee. Sen. Humphrey in an interview in Advance of the briefing criticized the korean troop reduction along with other recent foreign policy moves say ing he thought they represented extremely poor policy As preparation for the big four meeting with Russia 25. We might have to make some concessions to get an agreement. See demos Page 3 tidelands ruling May be released by court today Washington ins the supreme court ending a two week recess May Rule today on a key Issue in the tidelands Oil dispute and the constitutionality of the Federal lobbying act. Immediately after handing Down its decisions the court will begin hearings on the legality of forcing disclosure of political affiliations and the rights of witnesses before congressional committees. And late today or tomorrow the nine justices will look at two banned motion pictures before hearing final arguments later this week on the exhibitor s contentions that pre censorship is illegal. The movies Are study a maniacal killer outlawed in Ohio and the French made la a Story love barred in new York. The tribunal will decide in the tidelands Case whether the state of Alabama can bring an orig Inal suit contending that con Gress lacked authority to Grant offshore Oil and Mineral rights to the states. Alabama claims that Congress gave to certain states 50 million dollars Worth of property that British historian Arnold j. Belonged to All the states. Toynbee pointed out in the Ini i u. S. Attorney general her tial event of the Observance yes-1 Bert Brownell or. Has asked the Ter Day tha the modern world j court to throw out the suit on has wandered very far Down the Road that once led the greek world to ruin by worshipping National states. Grounds that it is brought against the Federal government and the government has not consented to be sued. Armistice terms. President Eisenhower announced on december 27 that two divisions totalling about 000, will be pulled out of Korea soon but did not set a Date and did not name the divisions. Humphrey Reed open tax talks seek plan on which gop can unite in 54 Washington of the Treasury Humphrey and rep. Daniel a. Reed Rny scheduled the first series of conferences today to try to fashion a tax program on which republicans can unite for 1954. Reed chairman of the tax writing House ways and Means committee already has called for More and bigger tax cuts than the Eisenhower administration has been willing to accept so far. Just How far the two men get in trying to reconcile their positions will largely determine whether tax issues will become j a major Battleground within the j gop in this congressional Campaign year. The 78-year-old Reed waged a spectacular but unsuccessful fight last year against an administration request to extend the excess profits tax to last Fri-1 Day six months beyond its orig Inal expiration Date. Both Reed and Humphrey and their associates say they Are anxious to avoid another such head on clash this year. Radio to carry president s talk set for tonight chief gives preview of dynamic program ready for Congress Washington Eisenhower gave Republican legislative leaders a detailed re View today of his program for the new session of Congress and House speaker Martin a mass hailed it As dynamic and pro we All think it is a program that will be Well received by All elements of the Martin said As spokesman for the Lead ers. The White House conference opened a Busy week for president Eisenhower. Tonight he will go on radio and television at . Est to discuss what his administration has done so far and to outline the philosophy of the program he will recommend in the state of the Union message to be delivered in person to a joint Senate House session on thursday. The president s speech will lie heard locally from to o clock tonight Over radio station in Kings port. In a series of later messages Eisenhower will Deal with specific subjects. Year later. White House press Secretary although or. Eisenhower s James a ha.6erty announced the juries sustained 10 weeks ago. There were some Bright spots for the year. Kingsport ended its second Calendar year without a traffic fatality and Maryville and Alcoa wound up a deathless decade. Nashville Davidson county and Shelby county managed a marked reduction in deaths from their 1952 figure s. Ville managed to match the pre Vious year s figure. But Chattanooga Hamilton county Knox county and Mem Phis All reported increased num Bers of fatalities in 1953. Gop says Ike to balance budget sound fiscal basis planned in two years Washington ins responsible gop sources reported today that the program presi Dent Eisenhower has ready for the opening of Congress on wednesday provides for a balanced Cash budget in fiscal 1955 and an actual balance one budget message is not expected until with president will submit his 1954 1955 budget to Congress Jan. 21 a series of other subject Mes a and win follow Lac with the an familiar with message on Jan Broad outline said it Calls for balancing Cash income and out go in the fiscal year beginning july 1, 1954. The goal then will be achieving an actual balance without Tak ing into account such Revenue As social Security payments in fiscal 1956. Democrats Are ready to attack any Republican claim of a bal lanced budget which is based upon balancing the so called Cash sen. Harry f. Byrd Economy Leader of Congress Long has objected to this approach because it involves counting Trust funds committed to Spe Cial programs. Sen. Homer Ferguson. Chairman of the Senate gop policy committee said he expects the White House will sub Mit a budget Well below the Truman administration s 68 Bil lion Dollar outlay in 1953 and Congress will Cut the amount still further. Without elaborating Ferguson added in an Abc interview last night that we will have a balanced budget considering both appropriations and sex Treasury balance Washington ins Treasury balance dec. 30 internal Revenue 971.02. Customs receipts 626.35. Receipts expenditures total Public debt 28. Hagerty said Eisenhower will Send Congress special messages recommending farm and labor Law changes Jan. 28. White House sources were mum As to the nature of tonight s talk but indications were that it would be devoted largely to a review of the National administration since Eisenhower took office 11v2 months ago. The president returned to Washington last evening from Augusta where he and mrs. Eisenhower had been since Christmas Day. While there the president played a Little Golf but spent most of his time working on recommendations to con Sce Ike Page 3 Ike s Aid pledges Normal Tva growth Nashville of pres ident Eisenhower s aids has written gov. Frank Clement secrecy Snow cover Igor Guzenko inquiry Montreal offi Cial secrecy and thick Canadian Snow covered the tracks of u. S. Sens. William Jenner a and and Pat Mccarran a Nev to Day in their quest for what Igor Guzenko knows about soviet spying in the United states. The two top members of the Senate internal Security sub committee accompanied by two aides arrived Here yesterday for their secret meeting with the former soviet code clerk whose 1945 flight from the russian embassy in Ottawa revealed a communist atom spy ring in America and Britain. After a news conference said they hoped to be a closely guarded six hour Par i Back in Washington for the Ley in the Windsor hotel with i opening of Congress wednes supt. J. R. Lemieux of that the 1955 Federal budget make adequate provision Royal Canadian mounted police the senators and Lemieux slipped into an official car later yesterday afternoon and drove rapidly off into the snowstorm which blanketed Montreal. There was some speculation that Guzenko had been brought to the hotel for the interview but the party s later de parture seemed to indicate they were headed for a secret rendezvous. Mccarran had told reporters the four Man u. S. Team planned to stay in Canada until Mission is for the Normal economic growth of the Tennessee Valley author Ity Region. Last month Clement wired the president urging sufficient funds for Tva development be included in the 1955 budget Clement said today the reply from the White House was signed by Rowland Hughes act ing budget director. The letter said in part you May be sure that your views will be taken into account to the extent possible within the framework of the policies adopted by this administration and that our action on the 1855 budget will make adequate pro vision for the Normal economic growth of the so lunar tables by John Alden the schedule of so lunar periods a printed below has been taken from Jolin Alden Knight s Solu Nall tables. Plan your Days so that you will be in Good territory or Bull uni in Good cover during icae times if you wish to find the Best snort that each Day has to Olfer. The major periods Are shown in boldface Type. Those begin at Ibe times shown and last for All Day a Nunry 4 monday b tuesday 6 wednesday 7 thursday 8 Friday b saturday 10 bunday hour and a half or two r the minor a arc of somewhat minor major minor . . Lake stages Wal Nurr like level monday. 82.4 feet Lor South to Locton 91.9 feel Low Bonne 28.7 feet Low Henry s.8 feet Low Oliero ice 92 feel Low. Today s skies new mood . . An annular eclipse of the Bud of curing flt this new Moon visible Only dear the South pole. Two weeks irom tonight there will be a total eclipse of the mood yet lilt throughout North America

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