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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 2, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Friday. Jan. 2, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go round Hollywood c. P Edwardi pub lube w j editor j w Wen general a will bin Kluj executive t Stark to . Lib Capon. Ran. Atm bar of Fritt South Jim Mai Popw fun Bushert us audit Buttmi of circulation. An Independent Denoe Ratte . Pull shed each alter noon except saturday and sunday tin Preu u entitled to tit Nia for publication of All aim dispatcher credited to it or not Etc Rutm credited u Tea paper end Mist he local Newi pull shed herein entered at Post Alilce to alb port Tea. At Moat mall matter october 27 1m4. Under the act of March Iryl National advertising represent attn inc. A Ltd offices in new tort in Caio. Detroit. Atlanta St. Lout. Kansas City. Ion Angelee and la Francisco subscription rate by mail first and second postal daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week 40c. Today s Bible thought and the lord said unto Moses wherefore Criest thou unto me speak unto the children of Israel that they go the times daily tonic every age has its problem by solving which humanity is helped Heine. The stubborn Dean or. Dean Acheson is a hard Man to understand and his explanation that the presence of disloyal americans on the United nations payroll was not danger Ous but that they should not have been there seems to be drawing a very Fine distinction. If he believes there is no danger in a situation that men who Are disloyal Are Given places on the United nations staff without any checkup just because those who have been passed Are not in places where they could be dangerous we do not follow his thinking. T moreover to admit that these disloyal persons should not have been cleared and at the same time refuse to be perfectly Frank about who was responsible for their clearance is incomprehensible. There is surely reason to question the by Drew Pearson of the amazing port on senator Mccarthy s weird financial dealings has shocked even some of his own Republican colleagues. It has also aroused some of the More conservative senators both Republican and demo cratic about the importance of protecting Public esteem and respect for the world s greatest deliberative body. The Senate elections committee spent More than a year probing Mccarthy s complicated financial setup his Many Cash deposits and his Means of concealing speculation by keep ing his accounts in the names of his sister in Law and his administrative assistant Ray Kiermas. Repeatedly they offered him a Chance to appear before the committee and explain any of the amazing data turned up by its investigators. Mccarthy declined. The evidence was so shocking that sen. Carl Hayden of Arizona one of the most respected members of the Senate and chairman of the rules committee himself worked on the elections subcommittee to sift and study the Mccarthy evidence. It is senator Hayden s work on the Case which has convinced Many conservative democrats and republicans that Mccarthy should be asked to step aside and not take his seat until the full Senate has carefully considered the evidence. Senators who believe Mccarthy should be disciplined Point out 1, that the Senate elections committee has bared facts which the people of Wisconsin did not know about when they elected him 2, that governor Kohler of Wisconsin can appoint a Republican to take Mccarthy s place thus not upsetting the gop balance in the Senate 3, that the republicans can make a Good Start carrying out Eisenhower s pledge to clean up corruption no matter which party is affected. Oil baby for Ike Secretary of defense Lovett is moving heaven and Earth to Kidnap an embarrassing baby from the Doorstep of general Eisenhower before he becomes president. It s the Justice department s grand jury probe of the big Oil companies for operating International cartels in alleged violation of the Sherman antitrust act also the 000 civil suit brought by the Justice depart ment against certain Oil companies for Over charging the government. Lovett himself a Republican wants to get by Erskine Johnson behind the screen i be worked in 40 celluloid dogs. It used to drive me crazy and i tried to do something about. It. But i found out i could t fight City Robert Mitchum was blowing his top about the movies he s been dished up in for the last six years and referring to studio hats As City Hall. But he in t licked yet. I be got a year and a Hak to go on my he confided and i m out to get three or four Good White Witch doctor with Susan Hayworth at the the first time Rio has loaned him to another studio and he s beaming about the possibility of films on other lots. I be had hundreds of chances for Good pictures on loan outs but the studio s answer until now always was would he like the reverend Davidson role opposite Rita Hay Worth in mister i d love it. Jane Russell and i talked about doing it on the stage last summer and then Jerry Wald popped up with the announce ment that he would do it on the Tommy Noonan playing mar Ilyn Monroe s Rich sugar daddy is supposed to go numb every time she smooches him in gentlemen prefer there Are 10 kissing scenes in the film and Tommy s admitting i Don t have to do much act ing either. I did t think she had anything until i worked with her. But she always looks like she s just gotten out of bed no matter what time of the Day it kid Star blackout moviegoers Haven t hailed a big time kid Star since Margaret o Brien although foghorn voiced George Winslow is beat ing at the the Dis hard to Sepo Rafe Washington calling Edson Mac s window by w. J. A fellow found a ten Dollar Bill in an extra suit he had t worn for a Long time. Imagine anyone being Lucky enough to have an extra suit that he does t really need. A reckless Driver May make a car ride a slay ride. If Driver is not reckless would you say he was a Reck Driver oddly enough the fellow who is uncommonly sensible is the fellow who has the most common sense. There is a Story of a French Man who got tangled up in the English language and said of a lady she was one of the most sensitive women he had Ever met when he should have said sensible. And then when he saw the Odd looks he said of that s not the right word. I should have said in this country when a Man says i can t he Means i have not Hiing to com Plain in Russia when a Man says i can t complain he Means i d better not complain or i la get bachelors need never fear no girl will Ever Call them dear sometimes a Guy who s just a Slob becomes some Little girl s heart throb. Is Little Johnny thought that to Blanket something meant to erase it. Several misconceptions about gained for. Judgment and even to Check the records rid of both before the republicans take Over covery chances Are getting slim the Progress of the North at j to. Thrill for Mpr All Imp. because it will be extremely embarrassing for of those who were responsible it seems because w1u of wac. Lactic treaty organization Nave of those no were respond Siovie. U seems the republicans to Dos rms the two cases. It that s the Good Pardon bad been and on the record a ,.lc leu tttuuli11jlloil excusable to protect anybody under happens that the Rockefeller family con news from Norman Taurog who cording to american officials ments were a solution of the these circumstances but that is what the president and the Secretary of state seem Bent on doing to the last gasp. The fact is that both or. Truman and or. Acheson have had a very definite Blind spot on the subject of communism. This was amply Plain in their reactions to the Hiss Case the amerasian Case and others. They have allowed themselves to be convinced that any searching inquiry into the background of a prospective employee of government or an actual employee was in the nature of persecution. Any Eft Ort to Root out communists and subversives has raised the cry among Many so called liberals whose voice was politically potent of Witch this has been the Battle cry of the Ada. It has built up a specious argument that we were destroying Derry Cracy and All its precious heritage of Freedom by demanding loyalty oaths and question tribute to the Eisenhower Campaign h. R. Cullen the big Texas oilman contributed around while other Oil moguls chipped in heavily. So if Eisenhower should dismiss the two suits it would pay off. Lovett has asked the National Security Council to consider the matter on the ground that the two suits will jeopardize the hold Ings of Oil companies in the near East. He and experience. Secretary of the Interior Osco Chapman have signed a report to this effect. Secretary of state Acheson has abstained from signing be cause his Law firm represents the Standard Oil company of new Jersey. Meanwhile the Oil companies especially Standard of California and Texas Are hurting their own Case by spreading reports that the cases against them were inspired by communists. They have employed the Public relations firm of Hill and Knowlton which has published a Booklet of Oil company inspired editorials castigating the Federal Trade com Mission and the government generally As riddled with communists. This charge that the u. S. Government is communist dominated is being sent to 67 for eign governments and to editors and molders of Public opinion in 67 foreign countries. Note Federal Trade commissioner in who spark plugged the carefully documented pretty Jeff once specialized in directing Junior Zarbos and Bogart. His reason the kiddie Star Black out there Are no More two reel comedies. That s where All of our great kid stars were Dis covered and where they got their the incubator is turning from the Paris nato Council meeting. Million of which million is u. S. Money. The expectation is that at the next nato Council meeting in the Spring with president Eisenhower s repro Long standing american British Senta Tives on hand another with so Many actresses when to fal1 in love the two major questions were solved the two major accomplish dispute Over the Mediterranean million slice will be agreed to. Trank c. Nash or. Lovett s a fellow said that communists Are behind the business of flood ing the country with obscene literature to weaken our morals. That Means the reds have been the general impression is that command and a revision of the nato is falling apart and has somewhat complicated Arm hard Deputy for military assistance working on us a lot longer than programs takes up the defense most people realize. In fact be Hollywood and new. York can forget those dreams of becom ing the Hub of telefilm production. That s the word from movie actor Jerome Cowan just turned from years of to made no Progress at All. Euro Pean governments have Cut Back their defense programs disastrously in effect sabotaging the european defense Community now known for Short As Edc. Military goals of last year s Lisbon Council meeting considered unrealistic at the time have nowhere near been met. General Ridgway has been emoting in new York. Playing a ticketed As not at Alli like Gen to explain this word to which Secretary Lovett says he is mildly allergic is intended to cover All the a Access roads communication lines Petroleum product pipelines and so used in common by All the North Atlantic treaty forces. It in t the Tail of the Lovett explains. It s the four legs on which the dog stands. In spite of All the Progress which role in a my hero to film he told me making movies for to will be a global business. Films will be made All Over the world. My Blue prints for the future Are eral Eisenhower As the inspirational Leader of Europe. Ring Way s million budget was Cut to million by the finance ministers. So the whole nato Edc idea of nato Here with the explanation that the Cut in general Ridgway s proposed million budget was much the same kind of an arrangement. European governments operate on a different budget year than the u. S. At Paris they could appropriate Only about half this sum or the million. The Hope is that they will appropriate the balance at the next has been made in aviation he nato Counce meeting. If this adds nobody has yet figured materializes and it May not it we represent not a Cut in Gen eral Ridgway s budget but fore we Ever heard of communism. To obscene literature is a result of a human frailty for obscenity plus a greedy desire to make Money by catering to that frailty. Communism does not drive out religion. It just occupies a place that has been vacated. Simple. I la live in Hollywood and is being written off As a Complete commute to where the Money Flop that Only general Eisen the nose has it i m the oldest new discovery Aires. They have called investigations Cartel report on the Oil companies is Donnell moving Hower can Salvage by another trip to Europe or some other herculean Effort of that sort. A second look at this gloomy toward stardom for the second picture May reveal it is not that Way in which a Jet plane can be flown from a nato has to have an air Field. The building of these military installations is now in its fourth year. The hassle with the French Over land rights is All Over. There is some solid accomplishment to show Here. Of 128 airfields 90 per cent Are built or under con maid of Cotton. Anyone can Fig ure that out. There seems to be something natural in the selection of a Stu meeting it in two slices instead Dent of mathematics to be the of one. On the failure of nato to meet its 25 Active and 25 serve division goal set at Lisbon Rome can Sorine be last year or. Nash declares that Winter comes can Spring there has been a fundamental change in con ept since general invasion of privacy. The administration has accepted this philosophy. It has acted upon the theory that there was More danger in too much investigation than in too Little. They have assumed that it is better to let communists and subversives and even traitors go about their nefarious business rather than take the Chance of asking innocent persons personal questions. Just recently a so called Liberal said that he would prefer to stay in a communist prison cell than to owe his free Dom to senator Joseph Mccarthy and Over and Over again we have heard it said that mccarthyism was a greater threat and danger to the country than communism. That is red red herring ism. In the face of the official attitude of the government it is not surprising that there has been red infiltration into High places. Indeed it would be surprising if the reds had not taken advantage of such a situation. It justifies the fears that perhaps the situation is much worse than we know. We can agree that a Man like Mccar Springarn former attorney for the secret time in her career with Plum hopeless. This May be due to bad _ _. A t.___i._.3 Irttie i _ i i i Mann it to service one of the most trusted organizations in the government note really hurts the american Oil i i a a Ridgway took Over from general the first slice of the Money Eisenhower. Far away that s what the poets like to say but if Winter comes As Winter roles in the Blue Gardenia press relations in Europe in fail which infrastructure it was on general Eisenhower s and the ure to explain just what Hap talking about her zigzagging life opened at Paris. Now at least i m sticking to she sighed. For a while they tried to make a dra Matic actress out of me. It did t work. I can do any kind of part True reasonably satisfactory was the Best characterizations which u. S. Defense Secretary Robert a. Lovett could put on the Paris results. But he went Over with Small expectations position in the near East is not lawsuits in the in Hollywood. United states but British wrangling with Iran. This not Only has played into russian hands but has helped to alienate the Arab world. On the stage but when movie that anything useful would be Aholt tins million the third the air Force studying the tragic rash of producers see my ski jump they accomplished and he doubted if be ale at l soon recent air crashes frankly admits that its j r., for pro. The total outlay nere is Jato goals. Hours of flying this Type of plane and a Good. Efficiency Index. However the air Force to frankly concedes that in civilian aviation he Crosby Como and Ray. Would have been a Copilot not a full fledged Stan taking lessons and it was about an girl p chief reason for this is that the air Force has too Many pilots and too Little gasoline. The air Force also wants to train younger pilots under fire than older men. That s one reason older pilots Are deliberately eased on to desk jobs to make Way for younger pilots. However if Congress would vote More a the failure to meet the Lisbon role in the italian Ducer Hal Makelim but he s not made movie tomorrow is too giving up plans to compete with pier told author Peter Duncan it was i m just As serious As anyone who thought that to kiss a baby could be about singing. But i was to have babies. I was 16 and still need a Little More expert i thought the same. So the pro May it seems that it intends to stay. Here Tell of a real estate oper acor named Mortimer Gage. They Call him mortgage for Short. The new steering do dickies on the cars make driving wheel easy. It s hard to argue with Crimi nals that they should Reform but if they Are caught they Are open to conviction. Modern dancing is violent exercise but sitting this one out really affects the heart More seriously. By Edwin p. Jordan . He. Ducer had to explain these Agar played a Pitts things. And i was t afraid any Burgh night club and a Chicago Side glances Cream is a Good example of what could be taken. Don t Lessen exercise Washington pipeline to senator Nixon has hinted he rather Lehman yes and Harry Truman have than Ike May be Best qualified to give fire worked themselves into a patriotic spasm Side chats and defend the Eisenhower administration on radio and television. Nixon thinks his to technique is better than Eisenhower. Most disturbing korean development is that the reds Are building up their bomber Force in Manchuria at an alarming rate. It now includes 75 Jet bombers capable of dropping napalm the terrible fire bomb Over any part of our lines. Hitherto the reds have not been Able to bomb u. N. Troops effectively. Prime minister Mossadegh _ has told the american Over the outrages of Mccarthy and Mccarran and the in american activities committee. But they have shown no such Zeal and violence in denouncing communists. The time has come when we can Stop letting fear of going too far from keeping us from going far enough. The time has embassy in Teheran he wants to Fly to Wash come to recognize plainly certain facts in ton to talk to general one is that the red government of rus Sia has a real interest in getting its agents on the inside of our government. Another is that we have a great Many the iranian Oil crisis. Mossadegh wants to counteract what Churchill tells Eisenhower about the Oil Wrangle. New Strong Man general Naguib of wants to come Ike they la have to a line see act invt v about ten prime ministers Are ahead of my people Here at Home who like the idea of Robert Schuman one of the most Brilliant centralized government to put the Case French foreign ministers in years has told gently and the idea of cooperating with Russia third we have created an Atmos phere in which it has been made easy for ment. Red infiltration. And fourth we have plenty of evidence that they have had some Success. It s time for a change. It s time to look behind the furniture. It s time that we took More positive and aggressive action against reds and near reds in this coun try. Friends he expects to be dropped from the next French Cabinet. Too Many frenchmen Are at Schuman for agreeing to German rearm Taft of the spot senator Taft bumped into fellow Republican sen. Irving Ives of new York at the recent Gridiron dinner at which time the question of Taft s getting the Senate leadership was still very much under debate. Ill support you for majority Ives told Taft if you keep the policy chairman ship ered like a machine in which the food serves As the fuel and if taken in excess can be stored by the you want i to to Pink my Don t you my year i two tuition to kind to i am six feet tall 24 years old just by eating extra meals. A and weigh Only 140 writes k. G. I would like to know How i can gain Many others beside the writer of this letter have a similar prob Lem though Many More Are faced with the opposite problem and should reduce. Barring the presence of an Over Active thyroid gland or some other physical disorder the answer is really rather Sim often. When one is trying to gain weight fatter meats More butter or Margarine More Cream More sweets More potatoes More bread cereals and other foods of High calorie Content should be included in the diet. This docs not mean of course that one n should Stop eating fruits vegetables lean meat milk and eggs and other things of the kind which provide needed vitamins and minerals since the diet should remain in balance at All times. Another thing which can be done is to eat More at each meal. The amount one eats is largely a matter of habit and this can be changed any other habit. The stomach can be trained to hold More by gradually increasing the amount taken at each meat one Good Way to do this is to eat until the appetite is Satis fled and then always take a few More mouthfuls. After a while the appetite becomes better and the stomach holds More before it gets that full feeling. More food can be taken also by All its activities including exercise. But a person does not need to and in fact should not Small morning meal an afternoon or bed time snack of weight producing foods Are help give up exercise merely because Ful. A Glass of half milk and half he is trying to gain. More food is the answer rather than lessened exercise because one would have to exercise so in looking at the weight the much to use up even a Small human body should be consid amount of food. Thus to walk off an ice Cream soda containing about 300 calories would require a 10-mile Jaunt in five hours or shovelling nearly 8000 pounds of Sand into a wheelbarrow Sitf our Way toi1_ of i7ay was a half hour Bivs. Amy time you see a Bunch of grease explode out with Tri first blast of the whistle Bork thirty Vears too soon

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