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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeFriday Jan. 1, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. F or. Publish ii too. W j Mcaulife editor Ell i by Ulcley editor 220-23 b. Street. King upon. Merry go round Hollywood by Drew Pearson Washington Here Are my predictions for the year 1954 world russians can t afford an on the Western world for some to in remit in the satellite nations and a crop setback this year inside Russia. Therefore peace though precarious will con there will however be sporadic trouble the near East the far East and North Ica. Talks will drag on in by Erskine Johnson Clara Bow the flame topped big Robed jazz age Darling who made movie history As the it girl has won her overweight and health Battle looks wonderful and could still have a career except for a continuing fight against insomnia. There Are whole weeks when the former Star is unable to sleep according to her husband subscription rate by mail first and second terminally throughout the entire year of one time Western Star Rex Bell postal zones daily and sunday one year 1954. They will give no satisfaction to anyone. S1300 by Carrier daily and sunday one the chinese rods will Duck out of every Basic n a i tin 1 c week 40o t today thought Mongiu who operates an exclusive West Ern togs store on Las vegas main Stem. I be taken Clara to the fore most psychiatrists to find out Why she can t Rex con to t tonic the limes Yuliy Iun Issue and or syn Man Rhee will constantly threaten to Start War again. However the chances Are he won t carry out his threat. Industrial production will be i made haste and delayed not to keep thy Clown about 10 per cent with retail prices also fixed. Three years ago she psalms though not that for the spent a whole year at the inst comma Nuuja Flygt definite decline since the Entje of world tute of living in Connecticut. Wal -11 unemployment will be about but they could t help by the end the Yeai As a result of Unzem a patient at a los Angeles insures greatness whilst disobey i Dyment insurance old age pensions Federal sanitarium Clara says Rex be whosoever possess eth deposits insurance and other safeguards there turned Down a to offer to dram hould be no depression. Artize her life Story. Senator Taft s the most missed they asked me if they could Man in Washington will be the late senator Taft who was Able to ride Herd on rebellious ii v republicans. Today with the republicans a finn new i Gui facing a paper thin majority and with Ike i j la vol i needing every vote he can get the Man who takes Taft s place is All important and the big question is is anyone big enough to fill be Nii Asitim of righteousness placet his head should be no depression. The qualities u to Becu ence Saadi. On the do it. I told them they d have to see her about it. She told them nothing doing. If Ever she says Okay it will be for a movie based on her the two sons of Clara and Rex Are now 18 and 15. The eldest Happy new year each january 1 _ _ _ _ t rms friends with these words and his shoes knowl Ancl of California inherited Tony is a student at notre Dame Gleet uni Iii Olin trend Taft s title and has increased in stature but Anri of tips to a Nal Fomia Hope that time will fulfil our Good Acks badges of new Hampshire wishes too Many times the year has Ferguson of Michigan Are possibilities to fill Ipa Vine More unhappy than Happy his shoes. But i predict that the Senate will closed in Dauib it penal in be run at first by a coalition of republicans memories. But Hope Spiggs Ete Inai in Eugene of the human breast. Rado emerging As the real Leader of Senate the new Vear of 1954 dawns with a republicans. T to than snap of farm prices will Little More Basi Foi Hope than some of much continue t Leyel t h Eye her older Sisters the year 1953 made with some declines. Secretary Benson s plan and George goes to a California military school. Add another one add the name of Philip de Lacey the moppet Star who vanished from the screen in 1930, at the tender age of 12, to the list of child actors who made Good. At 35, the one time wonder lad Beau other films is. E Nood on the Hope that the shooting War for flexible support prices will be vetoed by do Tang cinerama s second Fea v of Nipa would end now our Hope is Congress which will re enact rigid Price sup thrills of the now. In Wuriu eur r Nyrl i Wim i Tho can uni a mint. All Paris i naps incr Okay son you re on now " stardom t f a n in when be grew up t o in Iwania. Teotho ports. With the government already investing that the korean problem can de Siuea five Bui Lons in the Price support program i s apr nurse to War. However the predict that within four months this figure n look is that we will be no better off will reach limit set by Law Louis de Outlook is Tuiai we a that Congress will increase the com an associate pro on this Point a year hence than we Aie modify credits crop buying on leave now but no worse. Powers to eight billions or More. The european picture holds out some postal rates Congress will veto the pro Ine posed increase 01 first class mail to four cents Hope that the tension May relax Anu 11 increase Sconci class mail news there is not Mutual Trust and co opera papers and magazines thirty per cent and Tion there will be less fear on both sides third class mail fifty per the greatest Hope lies in president profits tax expires altogether. Simultaneously to in War s atomic peace speech. There social Security taxes Are automatically in Hisen nowe vip creased which Means a big saving for upper is Hope that this thrilling Iaea May be bracket taxpayers but Little saving for the translated into action and that by break j0wer brackets. Families with an income of Ino a for cooperative action to har for instance will find the 10 per cent b full la m to Tipay Penl reduction counterbalanced by the increased Ness the Power of the atom to Pecio Eijiu social Security payment. General motors for purposes it will be easier to arrive at a example will save billion in excess Ninn hint will the use of atomic profits taxes alone. Dbbi1 a. Plan Chat win Prev in therefore i predict that the White House Power for War. Men have not been Able to we demand that postpone the the new Rosalind Russell breathe freely since the fear of atomic social Security tax increase until after elec movie the Gold will be u j filmed Here when the Star bows Washington calling by Thomas l. Stokes Mac s window by w. J. Max Cliffe when the reviewers Start to about a new show opening they Are nearly always in a critical condition. Not very Many people really see the new year in what with those who stay and go to bed and those who get pie eyed before Midnight. The Soldier who spent four years in a russian prison be cause he got drunk one night had the longest hangover in his tory. He probably took the pledge there is a Rumor that the anti reds society is going to Start a Campaign to petition Santa Claus to get rid of his red suit and Wear Green or Blue or White. Maybe they will want him to shave off his whiskers too and come clean with us. Seen the Lait of the Christ Mas Turkey yet brother one new year s Resolution that is kept for six months is Worth a dozen that last Only a week. The cub reporter was sent out to cover a nudist Camp. So he showed up with an Arm Load of Washington on one Day to press it in the coming session. Broadening of social Secu Rny 8 160 Convent is of pumping addition hers to a petition to the new de Rochemont in nip in for a Al Nur chasing Power into vex to picture. Ate proportions and the next of agreed that we Are in for a Al purchasing Power into the recession of seemingly Moder Economy and one of the most for old age pension magically reduced 10 per cent while the excess out and make conventional tis or neb announced outlines moves immediately into Bill Tion for which necessary. The present when the girl asked her boy Friend if he would like a Little in consider Necktie for Christmas lie said signatures is he did t want the tie. Social of pictures vet Cin of a Bill to expand the social be channels of Kot Ninf n h Rade. Since it must for necessities. A the is i Teeth it ought to make campaigners Sion bom the first for worthy charities work a 111 i flan d. Roosevelt adminis tie harder when they Hoar How traction pressed it and Congress much fakers can collect i a a Dorothy Shay says any girl can hold her Man if she does t purity system to double the num Ber of aged now covered. This was purely coincidental nou Cement about the Bill he approved it because of the due but the two events have a rela will introduce Early in ses distress among our aged citizens Tion. Sion is important for two Ria sorely struck by the depression to. Sons. One is that he is chair they _ were organized by or. The foreigner said English con fused him. People can run fast wonderful rumours their hearts. That fear May lion but that congressman Dan Reed of the Inka if vip ways and Means committee will stand in the not be removed during 1954, but n the i predict Congress will give Way atomic peace plan gets off to a to poetical pressure repeal the social Security of a rift Between Pearl Bailey the next Vear May see the fear of tax increase and the Treasury department and leu Bellson prompted by bid j will make refunds to lower bracket taxpayers pearls booking As a single at a atomic War remove. Just before november elections. Night club Are off base reason the International picture has its bad years the Public has for the professional spot is Lou s spots As the new year dawns but Gen considered wire tapping a Low form of eaves newly organized quintet really speaking the picture is brighter Bebe Allan who teams up with than it has been in Many years. At least been tapping phones and there is probably Barry Ashton in one of the most at the moment of arrival 1954 holds a More wire tapping in Washington today than r v to pomp in in Ever before. Attorney general Brownell now Promise of better things to come in in proposes to Werc tapping Uncle or Bertaln Ter National relations. We can say without. Concljti0ns, but i predict his request will fail. Cynicism Happy new year senator Mccarthy and the j after the democrats walked out on Mccarthy last year he promptly went on a one Man investigation Binge embarrassing the Elsen Hower administration just about As much As the democrats. In 1954 i predict the democrats will propose coming Back to his Corn one thing that is going to make this a uni tree this is happier new year is that the paycheck gives up his dictatorial control Over commit urge stressed. It should Spur by Congress proposals for revising in every Man a King also was a when a fellow said there s the girl for my he did t even though the proving and expanding the so Factor As the Louisiana King know How right be was till he univ he i in Security system and there fore represents authority in this Field. The second reason is that the measure he outlined sur prised some of his critics who As he called himself was stirring up a great following nationally. In presenting his plan representative Curtis said he was it of in forever been accusing him of Scek each other to weaken rather than to eau Umei improve cd the system. He pro pensioners from now on party lower taxes owner of the Macao restaurant. V More and More to performers. Are playing Las vegas. Now it s Paul Gilbert under contract to Abc to since his funnyman routine on saturday night re View last Cummer in the spectacular Minsky follies of 1s54." Hollywood Grapevine Paulette Goddard and Erich Maria Remarque it s being Mance again. Alexander Denison to expected to Flower Fonda is fund and to raise minimum benefits As Well As More than double present coverage. Benefits from to and the number of mothers or orphan children Ben paging his Espousal of an expansion fitted from to Linda Man i for i s production program that would greatly swell maximum benefits would of Carmen to be filmed in the Stream of pension payments left at Oheir present month undoubtedly re a month but the every be minimum took her out when a Vamp meets a Wolf they both suffer from frustration. No Nice girl really likes to show har she has a run in her stocking. According to the Wall Street journal. There would be fewer flatterers in this world if there were fewer fleets recognition of the need of would be raised from to s45 pe0ple who liked to be flattered r cushions and props in event a month which or. Curtis tee investigators. They will Point out that an giving have to give him Only about the More you have been making the More you will save. It May be you will have As much Tain Oil companies in California such As Bill Mccarthy s future Mccarthy s greatest asset today is the Cash that pours in from. H. R. Hunt and Texas millionaires from cer it s 40 years in the movie Busi Ness for producer Hal Roach. He wanted Harold Lloyd for his first movie but Lloyd s Price was too could Spain in the Spring. I if if Nevis recur the sportsmen who hit Star cushions and Dom on the Jack Benny show of a possible recession. Planned Wou ci1 mean a m will have their own filmed to in fact the Eisenhower admin benefits to age Pei the Garne of shinny was really series is ration already Lias proposed sons orphan children Leri fellow who in Serles of other such increase of Unzem and widowed mothers vell Ted the tin can. Gary Merrill Anco Bette Davis i Dyment benefits and increase now receiving pensions. His Bill Are talking about a trip to Italy in the statutory wage he said would do any the can join Shelley Wii. Now 75 cents an Foi h Drys had their Way peo pie who operate taverns would spend their lives behind bars. But that s where they spend most of their w ried trip to new York with her erred on behalf of social Security son who makes Over a month of r does t know his Mother a i s Young Beauty revision expansion and improve in employment covered under the own movie is bad for wants bigger and better roles ment. They Are coming from social Security Law. To would that should t be in and resents beauties being critics who claim the present permit earnings of that sort of the Taus Ness. _ producer Hugo Christmas than you had the past one. Being critics who claim the present permit earnings of that sort of a year which a Oulu be system might be injured under would lift this limit to a v Congress will get i never had any trouble find ing a i could get married Tannir. Inc to Ken a Little More parcel out this Money find that Uncle has taken a i Niue Moie Canci dates next fall provided they Fol places him in Ida s next film furniture Salesman in the High Story of a and the and he s admitting there will be More All sorts of changes at the drop of a Frances increased pensions. Peaches Browning. Cial hunk of the Pic Ture in which she will be co starred with her Jacques Bergerac. Acter if the roles come Phil played a straight role last husband year in the wild Blue but de Joseph is the Best Emot Vic Damone and Paramount s the screen. J Iii us win Tovi Jwa than he did since the rate is now set at 0w the Mccarthy line once they Are elected. 2 per cent instead of one and a half. This As a result i predict Mccarthy will build up a Rogers has a big Finan escapes from the Harris c liar not make a tremendous difference National political machine that will Boom him of the Nir Urt or if a nuns come Xiuyu Limiac. O c for vice president in 195s and president in in fact the most it can do is kick you for 1960 an extra on the year. The old Southern Republican and it s possible you won t have to pay about eight years Congress has been com _ mated backstage by a coalition of Southern this very Long. Congress May set the Fig democrats and republicans ure Back to one and a half. This is pos agreeing to Back the southerners regarding sible because since the lower the income cloture and segregation the southerners in turn backing the republicans in opposing the lower the income tax it happens that Public new Deal issues. To in the lowest brackets where people Are Ciao however the South is boiling against the income tax or very Little their republicans Over three issues segregation payin0 110 j attacks on protestants social Security up Page will Moie than off the by Many southerners As set any Cut in income tax. Any tax adjustment the Man of larger income saving Money doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances a deliberate Campaign to Embarrass protes and tax adjustment that results in a Tant churches and put the Catholic Church in y j Power. Therefore it s an almost certain pre diction that even the most conservative _ while the Man of lower income has to pay Southern democrats will veto any Republican More is bound to cause political reaction coalition this year. Toy Man Inci tha r the next russian the handwriting or. Reed the House tax Man insists that m the Kreun Wall in3lcates Fiat foreign the social Security rate must go up but minister Molotov one of the few remaining there arc others who say that nothing old bolsheviks who helped plot the russian finn revolution is now on the skids. He appears would please the democrats Moie than to Haye been slighted at recent to be Able to Tell the people the re pud red rallies. Hard boiled As he has appeared lican administration Cut taxes that is it to be at certain International conferences 4.qvoc. Sriri Molotov nevertheless came from the old Cut excess profits taxes and business schoo taxes and income taxes but when it believe eco Russia could get along with the West without War. I predict that comes to the poor Man it said raise the before the end of 1954 he will be purged. Social Security merry go round maybe the social Security fund needs Marty Lacey new York teamster Boss and More Money. But How about just raising a Power in tammany politics has pledged his that s3 600 limit to or and cooperation to the new Al Union to clean up thai w f tut., the waterfront but has t done much beyond leave the rate alone How would i. That postmaster general Summerfield Reed like that should take a look at what he s doing to the Good neighbor policy by upping second class mail rates to latin America. In Mexico 4. T not

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