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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeEqual rights russians have ready explanation for hardships suffered by women editor s note this is the fourth of of incr gored and revealing stories by will hmm l. Rran Russlan speaking Pecl Alist who has just returned from three months in the soviet Union. By William l. Ryan a foreign news analyst soviet communists have a ready explanation for almost anything. Are women doing the heaviest of toil it s because they have equal poverty. Beggars in Moscow i they haunted the Lavra the an often live in the streets and Al client ukrainian Seminary in the heart of Kiev. I saw tottering old beggars along Shevchenko Street and Lenin Street two of Kiev s main thoroughfares. In Moscow there Are beggars Ley ways and try to find shelter at times in the metro subway stations. Police frequently Are seen turning them out in the Small hours of the morning. Some live Church or in tumbledown shacks outside City limits. I found beggars in every City Are number of i1 visited. In Alma Ata the Snow people going to the bound capital of Kazakhstan Only old people really attend any More and besides there cellars near or under a to be found in Many places but congregated at the end Kalinin Street near russian orthodox Freedom of j operating but for the Many beggars seen i Church. In the capitals of the soviet in Tashkent capital of Union there is an unique Republic some of the the Plantation. They beggars on Lenin Street Fessio nals Nad homemade Beans of Locombo some of these professional such As boards on wheels. I beggars looked miserable. 10 beggars one after Young Mother in noon in a single half hour s walk capital of the tajik Republic along Pushkin Street where sat on a curb nursing her Are Many new apartments there was agony in her face As iof the swankier Middle class set. I saw beggars in pairs working together. I saw one ancient she cried for alms. Another Young Mother she could t have been More than 19 on a Landing in the big department store on Lenin Street in Kiev capital of the Ukraine. She too clutched her baby in her arms and begged for Kopek. Most of the crowd of shoppers passed her by without a glance i walked extensively through bearded Man holding a Little girl in his arms apparently As a de Coy shouting for help for her. The child looked half starved. In Tbilisi capital of Georgia a Large number of beggars congregated at a big georgian orthodox Church just off the main Street. Andreevsky Cathedral still in operation As a place of worship. A half dozen soviet cities Andi in Kiev capital of the Ukraine found Many beggars of All Ages j beggars men and women i asked about them and each swarmed _ about the Entrance to time was told they were professionals. Often that seemed quite possible since they were congregated near the few churches still in operation their hats on the ground beside them seem ing quite sure that the Church s Laws of Charity would work in their favor. But Many of the beggars Are the halt the Blind the infirm and the aged. They gather Piti fully few Kopek from passing crowds even near the churches. It seemed impossible to get any i accurate information on Why j people do this in a society which claims to have outlawed night ill get you starring George raft Sally Gray today and saturday Huston Foster Alex Nicol w Situ Ramon plus cartoon child sociology comedy one too Many serial Blackhawk no. 9 two great action hits i today and saturday Ray Emmett inn Jane Drummond to t a to Etui bid Breo j. Added color cartoon safety spins no. 4 capt. Marvel free gum and whistles to All kids today Ati . Saturday to Tahr once again particularly around places of worship. They swarm about the Mam jewish Syna Gogue one of four said still to be in operation and about the 50 or so churches throughout the capital. Communists insist All this rep resents Only the remnants of the czarist died away 36 years ago. The churches too Are placed in that category. Russians say there Are 55 orthodox churches in Moscow Oday. This would mean on the basis of probable population about one Church for every 000 persons. The churches invariably Are overcrowded on Church holidays. There Are fairly Large numbers of Young people Middle aged and Well dressed people and even army officers at the services. This held True throughout the provinces. But it is also True that in the main those who attend the Church services Are i Roy Acuff to y l o 0 Gate City a. P today saturday feature no. 1 Story of the great daredevil i Houdini a Tum technicolor Serrini Tony Janet Curtis High feature no. Z Bill Elliot vigilante terror pie and women. If there Are Chil Dren present it is because the women brought them. There Are no Young people at All to be found in what churches remain for sects other than the russian orthodox. The roman Catholic Church in the Shadow of Lubianka prison in Moscow has Only old men and women in attendance at services conducted by a lithuanian priest. Shepherd gets grip on second Century great Falls Mont. While most people Start out to Day on a new year Jacque French Celestine will have a firm grip on a new Century Celestine a Bachelor who re tired from shepherding 10 years ago because he was getting a Little turned 101 As 1954 began. The slight mentally Spry centenarian told a reporter his rec ipe for longevity is honest hard work. God turned Adam and eve out. He told them to go out and work the rest of their he said adding wistfully i wish i could still Alabama May act on segregation Montgomery Ala. Alabama s lieutenant governor James b. Allen has proposed a special legislative session to consider racial segregation in schools. In a letter to gov. Gordon persons yesterday Allen suggested the administration should act swiftly if the u. S. Supreme drive in theatre Kingsport Greeneville Hwy. Of. Area a double feature to a i go to Rock River first show starts at . Anyone coming by . Can see Complete show. Cartoon bans hitching Post Columbus Ohio. Up Mer chants at the nearby Village of Groveport no longer need to provide hitching posts for customers. And residents there May no longer be arrested if they decide to Light the Gas Street lamps themselves. Officials of this Village of have decided to streamline City ordinances for 1954. Court bans the traditional separation of the races. Gov. Persons last week sent inquiries to Alabama newsmen As to How the state should Cope with the potential problem. Fox today saturday double feature no. 1 Helena Carter Arthur Franz in invaders from Mars feature no. 2 Bill Elliott in the homesteaders Kingsport times Friday Jan. 2, 1954 13 Center phone 200 Lew Avres and Sonny no escape our gang com12d1 hardware that Bard Wear Devoe paints Village hardware 303 West Sullivan St. Phone 3536 no. 1 tonight saturday double feature in f radio programs wept wept pm 1100 pc. 98.5 me. Music the Bank strike it Luck that relay Quli Pojl hew _ tint Roundup Tim news interlude serenade or. Crane Frederick news bowl game 4-.30-nck5 bowl oame news of the world Man s a mlle Shore show Ullh Sana a music dance music Alica 9-30-Jolin Cameron Sway re of Glass Mcgee and Molly you top this Lister. To Washington i tomorrow s porn Elf column Elm cur a1vbdai a. U. On Chi str Hughl Luhti Chaser farm Roundup Newi Chaser pastor s study Chaser Loon Chin win 1320 pc. 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