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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeReuther disclaims opposition for new gop regime Washington pres ident of the Cio has disclaimed reckless and negative opposition to the new National administration and cautioned management restrictive labor legis lation. President Walter year end statement Kingsport was free of train in deaf is last year by nea1 o Steen times news writer death observed Kingsport s de tour sign every Day of the year just ended. With the ringing out of the old year at Midnight wednes Day the City completed its first deathless year traffic Wise since 1944. Kingsport s string of deathless Days stretches Back 462 Days. According to records released Public by the Cio s Washington Headquarters yesterday. Reuther is in Detroit recuperating from an operation. Saying the Cio rejects with disdain any thought of playing the role of a reckless and Nega Tive opposition to president elect Eisenhower s administration Reuther pledged instead co by John g. Martin former Safe Reuthers to director no one has died in a was made i traffic in the constructive to promote peace operation endeavours with Honor stability with free Dom and economic and social he suggested management should review the lessons of history and avoid the tragic mis take of believing that restrictive legislation is a substitute for Good Faith at the collective bar gaining strikes idleness during 1952 near record 011946 Washington year now closing brought More strikes and More idleness from work stoppages than any period since the Industrial convulsions of 1946, the labor department re ported today. It said stoppages began in 1952. This was close to the record of set in 1946 when City police had fewer com plaints to answer in 1952 than in the previous year. Thieves had leaner pickings in 52 than they did in 51. During the past year police investigated complaints compared to in 1951, and made arrests in 52, less than were made in 51. A Sharp drop in the number of arrests on drunkenness charges accounts for a Large percentage of the reduction in total arrests Tiu Ifni the past year. In 1951, 885 More persons were arrested for Public drunkenness and Worth of property had been reported stolen during the 11-month period. Of this amount Worth was recovered. In 1951, thieves took Worth of property from Kings port residents and drunk driving than were hauled Worth was Reco Anred. Similar tenses in 1952. The cite fire department was busier answering alarms Kingsport times thursday Jan. 19 fire losses to one sixth 1951 figure. During the first 11 months of the past year fire losses totalled in All of 1951, losses due to fires amounted to and Back in 1950, losses went As High As of the fire loss figure is the lowest for Kingsport in the past 10 at the end of november 1952, than in 1951, but was Able to Cuti according to Martin the 1952, the second lowest year 1942, snowed Worth of property lost by fire. The fire department answered 229 alarms through december 1, 1952, compared to 183 for the year of isl and 147 in i960. Mishap on City streets since sept. 26, 1951. In All the City records Only one death by violence was noted. Police records show one Mur Der Case filed in connection with a slaying in the City. However the neighbouring suburbs have seen at least four additional slayings. And at least two persons died in traffic accidents within a few feet of the City limits. There were accidental deaths City death by fire and the statistics Are not available to show How Many. At least partly responsible for the City s safety record in regard to deaths was a decline in traffic accidents during 1952. This number dropped from 738 wrecks in 1951 to 648 in 1952. More persons were injured in traffic mishaps in. Compared to 1951 s 76. But three of those injured in 1951 died. By other Means in the accidental electrocution rep. Allen named chairman 0 gop patronage group Washington Leo e. Allen r-i11 woke up this new year s Day with a huge labor went after its first round headache in the form of official of postwar wage boosts. I notice he is chairman of the the 1946 strike wave had much r publican House patronage to do with enactment of the committee. Taft Hartley Industrial relations act in the following year. Stop pages in 1952 num Ber of shutdowns workers involved and Days of production previous year under the Taft Hartley Law. Thirty four major stoppages involving More than work ers each were recorded in the it s the same Job he held in the 8jth Congress. Allen was appointed by rep. Joseph w. Martin or. Of Massachusetts who will become speaker of the House when it organizes saturday. As chief patronage dispenser Allen will have at his disposal about 200 jobs including 50 Survey made by the Bureau of pages 50 Capitol policemen 30 labor statistics the big doorkeeper and 30 folding room Gest was the two month strike workers. Of the Cio United steelworkers it s a huge Allen Al unions were involved in an interview. For every 17 of the major stoppages there Are half a dozen or unions in 12, and Independent More applicants which Means unions in 6. The Industry most that every time you make a Man hit was construction it had 7jhappy by giving him a Job you big strikes. 5 of them affecting run the risk of making five or projects of the atomic Energy More others commission. Strikes of All sizes outnumbered the 1951 total by about 5 per cent but Man Days of idleness More than from in 1951 to 55 Mil lion this year. A Man Day is the time of one Man for one Day. Some million workers were involved in this year s stoppages As against last year. Economic issues primarily wages were the dominant cause Tion s airlines set a new safety of the Large shutdowns bus said., record in 1952 while handling in several cases including the More traffic than Ever before steel strike the wage was the a transport association related to demands for Union j says Security. Nation s airlines set new safety record during 52 Washington a the association s director of research. Or. Lewis c. Sorrell gave these figures yesterday in a year end summary the airline Industry carried More than 27 million passengers 9.7 per cent More than in 1951. The passenger fatality rate for Domestic operations went Down old Mother of four shot and killed from 1.3 to 0.38 passengers per her state Highway patrol husband j 100 million passenger Miles. New year s eve after an argument volume of Revenue tray Over 10 chinchillas she raised wag egg Smion the basement. Homicide inspector woman kills mate Over chinchillas san Francisco 34-year Al said mrs. Caroline o Malley gave Nelder passenger civil aeronautics Board this account said the previous safety record John t. O Malley 35. Upbraided i for u. S. Scheduled Domestic car her for keeping chinchillas that friers was 1.1 deaths per 100 Mil were unfriendly to each other in the lion passenger Miles in 1950. Same pen. At one Point he shouted ill kill he left the House returned and resumed the argument. She went upstairs got o Malley a service re Volver met him on the cellar Steps and shot him. "1 just Repvon Nelder quoted her. Four daughters aged 11, 9, 8, and 3, were upstairs. Mrs. O Malley was booked for investigation of murder. Kuchel takes oath san Francisco Ufi Republican senator designate Thomas h. 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