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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeA writers take peek into 1953 Japan is optimistic no korean. War peace by Robert Eunson Tokyo proud in her newly won Independence greets 1953 with an optimism tinged with misgivings. Japan seems on the surface an Oasis of peace and Prosperity. In 1852 her Industrial production Rose to 130 per cent of the 1934 by a High birth rate. On the basis of population Japan s per capita income had reached Only 93 per cent of 1934-36. The Standard of living crawled up Ward to Only 86 per cent. Japan s foreign Trade was still below half that of prewar Days. A huge Dollar surplus was Only 36 level. Her Industrial invest possible thanks to United nations ments stood at 120, while her real National income increased to 110 per cent. But Japan s Economy is by spending and United states Aid. In Short Japan s Economy rests on the precarious foundation of the korean War. Japan s no Means sound. Her is being produced by had risen to 122 per cent of the prewar level swollen by the repatriation of millions of Jap anese from abroad and increased an obsolete Industrial machine. Against this background Japan faces in 1953 a year of de or she will herself and Bear her Burden in the common de sense of the free world against world communism. And across the Straits of Tsushima the weirdest War in his tory has ground to a stalemate in Korea. There seems no Hope for peace. Two armies stand firmly entrenched across a tortuous stretch of wicked Hills and mountains manpower always matched in and now almost matched in firepower the United nations have Only their air Power and their mobility left As advantages. The military facts Are obvious neither Side can resolve the vision. She must decide Wyeth i stalemate with present forces. India Pakistan see top crisis uneasy peace looms Between two nations by Harold k. Milks new Delhi up potentially a powerful Buffer Between the world and asian communism the Indian subcontinent enters 1953 As a top crisis area because of the continued bitterness Between India and Pakistan children of the 1947 partition. The two nations unsettled claims to Kashmir and the hatreds remaining from the mos Lem hindu Post partition riots in which hundreds died result in an uneasy peace Between what should be two Good neighbors. Both India and Pakistan Are pouring More than half their annual budgets into against each other. Neither the Best efforts of the United nations nor their own National leaders helped to heal this Cleav age during 1952. India under Premier Jawahar Lal Nehru made both political and economic Progress i 1952. Its first All elected government functioned Well throughout the year though accomplishments were far behind plans. In de Cember Nehru launched a billion Dollar five year plan Post dated by two years to include strenuous trials for China Southeast Asia projects already under Progress by Fred Hampson Hong Kong Hong King you look North and see communist Progress in 1952 and South and see the same for the free nations. To both 1953 offers strenuous trial slow Progress possible calamity. It is not Apt to be a year of decision or great achievement. China after another year of korean War abroad and revolutionary Reform at Home begins tier Long planned industrialization in 1953 so that she May move toward communism along proper marxist lines. She Wil need much More russian help some say it can t be done any Way. China tightened controls and made much Progress in 1952 but the disruption and brutality of her methods obscured the re sult. The new year will be a Chancy year. The War too much revolutionary upheaval Indus trial Over stressing May Tell. So far she has weathered the storm of foreign pressure and her own ambitions. There Are reasons for but no evidence of Tito ten the denies. Southeast Asia s free nations sweated out painful gains in 1952 but these gains Are incomplete and must be expanded or they will be lost. The British turned the tide in Malaya in the fight with terrorists but Low rubber prices and a shift of red tactics largely determine the future of Nehru s governing Congress party of India itself. Its Pakistan neighbor lost ground in 1952 and enters the new year with a Host of both political and economic problems. Pakistan has much of the sub continent s Best Grain producing areas at partition but in 1952 faced a serious food shortage. Pakistan also had trouble Dis posing of jute and Cotton its two largest foreign Exchange producing crops. For the first scially labor Union infiltration endanger the gains. In the Philippines the red hunks Are groggy but still swing ing. The government has the upper hand. But the new year brings the distractions of a presidential election internal disputes the too Low living level. Even so most people think the Philippines and Malaya will make More slow but solid gains in 1953. Burma seems More unified and stronger but too prone to Trust and indulge piping. Her neigh its communists. French Union forces parried strenuous blows by the communist vie Minh As monsoons ended in Indochina and held a slim margin. But it is a shaky Mastery. Indochina is Southeast Asia s danger Point. The seven year status quo is too Tough bloody and expensive to last for Ever. Both sides Are tired. Piecemeal defection of the army endangered fledging indo Nesia. President Soekarno s great personal resourcefulness is being taxed. In Formosa Chiang Kai Shek strengthened by american Aid was unofficially raiding the red coast in strength up to regiments. Time i its Short history unsold Bor Thailand has been jailing surpluses piled up at port cities and criticisms were heaped upon the National government. Coming year offers Littles ability for Middle Easl by Marc Purdue Tehran the strategic Oil Rich underprivileged Middle East the coming year offers Little Prospect of stability. Contrib uting to the uncertainty Are the decline of British dominance the Rise of anti foreign National isms american and russian de termination to prevent each other talking Over dreams of moslem Unity frustrated by National jealousies and efforts sometimes misguided to Force modern government forms and reforms on Feudal societies. Today no one native or for eign is firmly in the Driver s neat. No one can predict with any certainty where the Middle East is heading. War does not seem in imme Diate Prospect but the threat of it hangs oppressively Over Peoples who feel themselves squeezed Between the giants of the North and West. Iran stripped of revenues from her Oil resources stubbornly faces up to a Bleak economic Outlook. Whether the Mossadegh government can hold the Dike against chaos remains problematical. Iraq rolling in new wealth from increased royalties from Oil is finding it More an Embarrass ment than a help towards a stable government and a prosperous people. Syria s military dictatorship is crippled by a staggering econ omy. Jordan lives off a British subsidy and Hopes of american Aid. Lebanon bask in Trade Prosperity but firm and democratic government in the interests of All its diverse Peoples has proved difficult to achieve. Saudi Arabia dreads the death of the ailing King whose immense Oil wealth May incite deadly rivalry among his heirs. Latin America has Hoethat Luewill have new formula by Fred l. Strozier Buenos Aires latin America looks Forward eagerly to Gen. Eisenhower s inauguration hoping the new president will find a magic formula to solve the financial ills of the hemisphere s Southern countries. The Well informed think 1 i to Jitt Ute la Eisenhower will be Busy medium buildings and editor s note the associated press told its correspondents in 10 strategic areas abroad take a look at 1953, and let readers in the United states know what you their response in general is this the fires of suspicion and nationalism Are burning High. Economic strains Are evident almost everywhere. While there Are some Bright spots 1953 will have its Lull quota of trouble probably no big War. Russia sees better year by Eddie Gilmore Moscow the basis of All available evidence the years since the end of world War n have been progressively better for the soviet Union. There is no indication 1953 will be an exception. Official figures of course show everything better. The user is in the midst of another five year plan and trying to fulfil it ahead of schedule. This is particularly True for Leavy Industry. An official announcement says that during the first two years of this five year plan Gross Industrial production Las gone up 14 per cent instead of a planned 12. National income during this period is reported to have risen at an annual rate of about 12 per cent against a planned Rise of 10. Already the russians say they Lave topped the production of Western european nations in Basic Industrial production. However the russians Don t say everything is perfect Here. The newspapers party leaders and government spokesmen have Een pointing out shortcomings. The newspapers Are denouncing officials who do not come up to schedule and criticizing those who pad production reports. Considerable complaint has been raised about the building of houses. In Moscow one can see tall world and Domestic problems and won t formulate a new latin american policy for at least a few months. Many latins believe he will find a Panacea. Recurrent attacks on Yankee imperialism have been toned Down and hopeful government officials Are on their Best party behaviour even in countries like Argentina and Bolivia whose governments feel Little love for the u. S. The ills to be solved Are typified in Brazil with 52 million inhabitants about one third of latin America s population. Like its neighbors it needs cars trucks and heavy equipment. But it owes a billion dollars to for eign concerns has had to Cut imports to less than 30 per cent and now Hopes for a 200 million Dollar loan from the u. S. Catches Mobile fire Cincinnati fire mar Shal William Telscher recently chased a Mobile fire until he caught it. The marshal was sitting in a firehouse when he spotted smoke billowing from a pile of Furni Small buildings going up All the time. The Skyline is changing radically. More automobiles Are on the streets. The people Are better dressed. There Are More things in the stores. Peace remains a great question in the minds of the russian peo ple. They probably regard the dangers of War As great but this correspondent has observed no indication that they think the world will have a shooting War in 1953. Fire hits Parade floats in Florida Miami Fla. Flashed around the Orange bowl Queen during the Mammoth King Orange Jamboree Parade last night but neither she nor her attendants was injured. The dress of Sally Ezell a Princess of the Queen s court and a companion on the float caught fire but was quickly extinguished. Queen Marion Ettie and All 15 maids and princesses had to Little Hope for Unity of East West Germany by Dan de Luce Frankfurt Germany a two headed political Freak divided Germany has Little Chance of being restored to Unity in 1953, or any year Short of global War. Most germans feel this War is not imminent Hope it is not inevitable and fear that if it comes there would be nothing left of their country to reunify anyhow. East Germany is straggling along the Road to enforced so Vietti nation with a purge trial of Scapegoat communist ministers in the offing. Food shortages and breakdowns in other consumer supplies have ushered in another lean year. Of 18 million germans 18 thursday Jan. 1, 1953 Western Europe to be hopeful danger of new War seems further away London of West Ern Europe looks hopefully to slightly better times in 1953. There is general belief that the danger of world War is less than a year ago due mainly to the strengthening of Western de lenses. But the financial Bur Den of rearmament adds to Western Europe s chronic eco nomic worries. France and Britain have the biggest economic headaches. Britain s War against red nurses roasts in Malaya is going but still tender Hopes but France already bogged Down for Security. They Stem from in Indochina faces rising in i growing military strength of rest in her North african Colo Western Unity from mounting under soviet occupation More than have been recruited As training cadres for a red wehrmacht. Berlin Symbol of Western resistance faces probably its toughest year in isolation. The russians Are out to destroy the City s morale by a new series of vicious squeeze plays. West Germany is booming As never before. New production records Are expected for steel Coal and other sinews of eco nomic might. But the Bonn re Public reaches a political Cross roads in 1953 the National election. Integration is fighting for pre election ratification of the Ger Man peace contract and euro Pean army treaty he signed last May. Socialists and extreme rightists vow they will repudiate Adenauer s Western Alliance if they beat him at the polls. Austria s seven year yearning to be de occupied by Russia and the Western allies appears doomed to More frustration in 1953. The deadlock Over a state treaty shows no break ing up. Mounting unemployment has accompanied a reduction in american Aid and May bring a social democratic majority to Chancellor Konrad in Austria s election leading spokesman for Europe s i next month. Kingsport times War threat strangles red Eastern Europe by Alex h. Singleton Belgrade live Dan Ger of a new world Price of preparing or preventing the Economy of communist Eastern Europe. Here on the hem of the Ironi abandon the elaborate into his car flagged Down the truck and then put out the Blaze with a hand extinguisher. He blamed the fire on a careless smoker. Loans insurance All forms j. T. Parker insurance Agency 114 Cumberland phone 1340 Morelock tons. Rain a few hours before the Parade wet the wiring and May have caused a Short circuit. Dobyns Taylor Pool favorite Kingsport theatres Center phone 200 Boris Karloff Lon Chaney Black Castle strand phone 206 Mitzi Gaynor in the i Don t care Gihl technicolor Nies. Six countries look to slightly better conditions in the coming Brita i Italy Spain hol land Denmark and Norway. Bel Gium and Luxembourg see Little change in Prospect while France Sweden and Finland View the future pessimistically. Sweden and Norway with minor economic setbacks in 1952, report they Are worse off than a year ago. Italy sees a decrease in Pov erty and unemployment under the Impact of american Aid and italian government Public works projects. Spain is optimistic that its bases for dollars Deal with the u. S. Will go through and bring even brighter times. Greene Farmer killed in crash Greeneville de Thompson 71, a retired postal clerk and Farmer of the Chuckey Community was injured fatally wednesday in a two car Accident on u. S. Highway 11-e near Here. Kingsport Friday civic auditor i Din House of David basketball game in main auditorium. Game room open. Boy scout District committee meeting in Corner room. Do class recreation Center game room activities Frank l. Recreation Center Square dancing saturday cd rec Aidell Erlem private party in club rooms. Center game room activities basketball practice Frank l. Cloud recreation Center game room activities. More trouble seen in Africa race and religion is Root of trouble by l. S. Chakales Cairo and More trouble Are scheduled in 1953 for the great african continent a primitive giant of nearly 12 Mil lion Square Miles and 160 Mil lion persons. Flames of nationalism fired by race and religion against White and colonial domination Are burning in South Africa Kenya uneasy peace does not mean Tunisia Morocco and to a lesser Comfort to the Peoples of these tortured lands. As a Price for Russia is exacting conviction Moscow must Deal i with Domestic difficulties before tackling troubles afield. This is not the Case among the co inform satellite states from prostrate Poland Down though purge Ridden Czechoslovakia Romania and Bulgaria to tiny Albania. There the future re Mains dismal and dependent upon a nod or a push from their Moscow masters. On the basis of meager re ports seeping Westward even the a tribute in slave Booty representing labor their and Best raw materials and choicest products from farm and factory. Their puppet trained armed forces answer meekly to com mands of officers either rus sians themselves or schooled in the red army. Even Here in marshal Josip Broz Tito s communist but in dependent Yugoslavia times re main Tough. A drought most severe since the War s end parched the 1952 Harvest and dealt a heavy blow to the coun try s efforts to make ends meet. The Cost of guarding the Bor Der in terms of Money material and manpower strained the Economy even with Western help. Degree in Egypt. The moslem world s resurgence toward Freedom and Independence extends from Morocco to Indonesia. The Arab asian line up in the United nations was a manifestation of this Unity in its history. Egypt s abrogation of the Anglo egyptian treaty set off four months of violence and culminated in the riots Here a year ago. These events fired the imagination of moslem countries in Africa and the Middle East. The reaction reached into Tunisia Morocco Lebanon and Iraq. Rumbling was heard in Jordan. The seven Arab states of the Middle East Are still locked in a non shooting War with Israel. Despite in efforts to bring the two together there is Little Chance of a peace treaty this year. Gen. Mohamed Naguib s Revo Lution must still weather an eco nomic recession brought about by the squandering of Egypt s resources by previous govern ments. Still to be solved Are the dispute involving British troops in the Suez canal zone and the sudanese question. In South Africa Defiance of prime minister Daniel Malan s segregation measures has resulted in violence deaths and wholesale mailings. The turning Point May come in the april elections. If the moderate English speaking opposition triumphs Over Malan there is a Chance of Black and White co operation. If not the handful of Whites in South Africa will be lined up in a finish Battle with the 10 Mil lion non Whites. Kenya Colony once viewed As an economic mainstay of the future for the British is setting Fox today Randolph Scott in Man in the Saddle in technicolor to y l o n Gate City a. In Gate City a. Today 1. Cornel Wilde operation secret 2. Richard Conte the fighter St flt today Kingsport drive in theatre Greeneville area at on i go to Rialto phone 354 Kentucky Jubilee with Jerry Colonna also comedy and cartoon also color cartoon 2 shows nightly starts at dusk oem doable feature Edmund o Brien Warpath feature no. 2 George raft Ace a. M l n f m wed. Thur. Double feature no. 1 Lemon drop kid Bob Maxwell no. 2 father makes Good compare our prices and terms b. I. U. Winkler Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Circulating fan 2. Forced draft fan 3. Safety switch 4. Automatic controls 5. Oil tank installed Complete Only per month special Coal furnaces Kurr a St steel in Miles for Aseia 5 Hames. Priced fam to 58.500 . Oil floor Furnace Witk fix bn4 no Down months to pay Southern Sheet Metal works 334 e. Sullivan St. At fire Polnau Fhone 135 new super riot w Bill Shirley Leif Eric its Warren Novelty news cartoon against colonial and major pow j Egypt overthrew centuries old i feudalism in 1952 in the great a new born Seal cannot swim est political and social upheaval j and must learn the Art. Radio programs wept wept Fth w k i n 14m to. Bio. Test Udai a a Roundup Tims news interlude serenade Merrill Mueller Cotton bowl game bowl game to be announced news of the world on Man s a Molly for . Dance music or Cantor Canova Cameron a Varu Fly fens show tomorrows headline Frollo news sign Olf . 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