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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonrise . Last Quarter Jan. T the Earth. In Perihelion tonight. Is at its least distance from the Sun for prominent stabs Vega Low in North West . So plus. In Southeast . All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 1 Kingsport Tenn., thursday Jan. 1, 1953 24 pages five cents the weather Clear cooler tonight. Low about 30. Colder Friday. Yesterday s High 46, last night s Low 37, noon Reading 42. Rain .27 Inch. Jittery world celebrates but prays for peace noisy toasts parties cannot dim Earnest prayers of millions football bowls top new year s fare for millions across u. New York to half Rose bowl Down deciding the most a million fans pour into foot Ball stadia from California to Florida today for the new year s Day assortment of bowl games which millions of others had at their fingertips. Unrestricted for the occasion new York a picture tubes for the Ern California 9-1 is. Wisconsin 5 p. M. Est. Nicra Dio and to. Sugar bowl new Orleans Georgia tech 11-0 is. Missis Sippi 2 . Abc radio and to. Cotton bowl Cotton Alice Corr 19-year-old Brunette from Selma ala., is the 1953 maid of Cotton. Miss Corr won the title in Competition with 22 other beauties at Memphis Tenn. Nea telephoto War front quiet As year begins chinese threat of offensive fails to materialize red patrols beaten world greeted 1953 today with noisy toasts to better times and quiet prayers for peace. The cup that cheers was drained from times Square around i the Globe in Plush night club and Honky Tonk in town House and tenement. But the Din could not drown out the supplications of millions with loved ones on the fighting 1953 end the shooting wars in Korea i Indochina and Malaya and the cold War Between East and West. A Snow and sleet storm tended to hold Down the Midnight Street crowds in Manhattan. Times Square had a throng of at Midnight police estimated. Merry makers thronged the streets and night spots of euro i Pean and american cities to see the old year out and cheer the new year in. There were big parties big plans and big Bills. Prices for a dinner in where the new year found France in some of her recurrent government up to s26.50, not including Champagne. The russians made the holi Day count for both new year s first time beamed All four of the i see 8-1-1 is. Texas 2 major attractions into the nation s Parlours starting at 2 p. M. It s expected to produce the largest football viewing audience Ever. It should be a whale of a show too. Here s the major bowl lineup p. M. Abc radio and to. Cases. Alabama a hardened bowl Veteran is the Only top heavy favorite a Point Choice Over debuting Syracuse Pride of the flicks including a Battle Between Tulsa and Florida in the Gator bowl at Jacksonville expected to draw the salad bowl at pm Poenix has two service elevens san East in the Orange bowl at Miami. Diego Navy and 101st airborne elsewhere Southern califor Divis on the Sun bowl at e1 Nia is a seven Point Cloice Tex pits Mississippi break the big ten s six year Southern and College of the a Orange bowl Miami Ala winning Streak in its Rose bowl i civic the Tangerine Bow at Orlando fla., matches East Texas state and Tennessee tech. Bama 9-2 is. Syracuse 2 Battle with Wisconsin at Pasa p. M. Six lbs radio and to. Of the country s top 10 teams Are in action and nine All America players spread their Tal ent through the competing Ros with radio and to commit ters. Odds indicate a series of ments 1 close contests with Ovie touch Dena. Georgia tech Winner of 11 straight games this year is in All an estimated conceded a similar Edge Over Mississippi in the bowl while Texas is Ivi Over Tennes see at Dallas. Was expected to pay for today s entertainment. The teams collect additional thou Sands from to and radio re there Are four other bowl con-1 seipts. Transportation snarl . After walkout sort of Christmas. The Santa Claus grand Seoul up a communist propaganda threat of a giant new years offensive fizzled to nothing today and instead the reds cowered in their holes under a mighty barrage fired from every Allied big gun and mortar along the front exactly at Midnight. Gen. James a. Van Fleet said Allied casualties on the last Day of the year were the lowest for the entire month of december. The mighty Allied Salvo on this the third new year s Day of the korean War was both a gesture of Confidence and a fiery reminder to the reds that Amer ican troops and then u. N. Allies were in Korea to stay until an Honora die peace was reached. The air Force disclosed that during the month of december Allied Sabre jets destroyed Mig ,15 jets at better than a 14 to 1 j ratio. Railroad denies finance charges b and o head avers no statements false Washington Baltimore and Ohio Railroad indicted on charges of making false statements today emphatically denied it had Ever misled anyone about its Finan Cial condition. The denial came from b. And President Roy b. White of Baltimore after a Federal grand jury in Washington returned an 11-count indictment against the company. Twenty seven knocked Down damaged. Two red jets were More and 26 Sabre jets were and a soviet father doled out toys to children around decorated Trees. Moscow made a night of it. Western diplomats there had parties of their own. In London the party giving was the most lavish since the end of world War ii. Many of the big soirees had As their theme the new elizabethan age under Britain s Young Queen see new year Page 14 Tva to begin its 20th year Valley has become Industrial Region Washington ten Nessee Valley authority enters its 20th year today and a backward glance Over the past year shows the Valley has changed in the past 19 years from an agricultural to an important Industrial lost in duels during the 20 Days air fighting went on seven planes of various were lost see War Page 14 Martin is appointed assistant chief Here the indictment charged that b. And o., nearly 10 years John g. Martin director of made false reports on its fi-1 Public safety in Kingsport for dances to the interstate past three years has been Merce commission and the re appointed assistant chief of to construction finance corp. Lice following the discontinue b. And At the time was Oft the of safety dlr la go Tilting successfully Clov manager d. W. Moul rec for an Extension of time in ton announced wednesday which to repay Loans totalling 80 j Moulton said Martin will be million dollars it had obtained in charge of investigation work from rec during the depression i Street signs and markings and of the 1930 s j Driver education in the City and the grand jury action the responsible to police to keep alive a controversy which Region. This change has brought a healthier the Agency s annual report said but industrially the area still has a Long Way to go to reach the level of economic Well being justified by the initiative and talents of its bus strike largest in history of City workers Idle new York York City was hit by the biggest Busi strike in its history As the whistles and Bells ushered in new year. Eight thousand Odd Drivers and maintenance men on 125 routes were called out last mid night in a wage hour dispute. Industrial plan for total War readied in u. S. Mobilization chief tells of program to strengthen nation Washington three year Industrial mobilization blueprint for use if All out War j comes is being drawn up in the Pentagon and the civilian de claims Acheson Truman delayed in red inquiry o Conor says action ruined Confidence of people in in itself Washington sen. Herbert b. O con or today charged president Truman and Secretary of state Dean Acheson with delaying action american subversives against in the sometime last night the old character with the Beard and Blade and the Young Guy with the tall hat sneaked in the times Fence agencies. Its completion i new Laws permitting will require and appropriations the government to Michael j. Quill president of and posed for this exclusive portrait by our own sculptor j build standby Indus the Cio transport workers in l. E. Pete Dykes. That Tome in the background is a u. S. His Ion said the walkout would Idle tory Book in Case you Are interested. All buses of eight privately owned companies. These companies carry about 3vs million fares on a Normal business Day in Manhattan the Bronx Queens and the lower part of suburban Westchester county. The strike affected Only a Frac Tion of new York s vast subway elevated bus trolley systems most of them owned and oper ated by the City. The stoppage began or. Sched ule at . Est As a Snow and sleet storm swept the City and kept Many merry makers in doors. The City had ample warning of the strike but Many new year s eve celebrants had a Dif on the wishes every one of you readers a very Happy new year trial Arsenal which would Well anyhow everyone Idle unless a new m United nations to avoid a controversy in the recent u. N. Ses Sion. The Maryland Democrat said their decision May have averted temporarily a serious Situa Tion within the a n. But ignored the shattering of the Confidence of the people of the United states in the United a meanwhile House investigators disclosed that former Secretary of state James f. Byrnes will be i asked what part Alger Hiss played in a 1946 decision that the United states would not pass on the loyalty of americana employed at the u. N. The disclosure came As an aftermath of House judiciary subcommittee s hearings into charges that the state and jus Tice departments tried to sup press a new York grand jury s report on communist infiltration into the u. N. At the same time a new controversy swirled up in the jus Tice department Over whether the grand jury inquiry should be continued. The new York grand jury Laid the blame on the state depart ment for the presence of Ameri can subversives on the u. N. Staff and strongly advised a continued investigation after it went out dec. 4. Myles Lane u. S. Attorney for the Southern District of new new Eastman Branch to handle All sales James c. White president of Tennessee Eastman company announced today that the marketing of chemical products manufactured by the Tennessee Eris than and Texas Eastman divisions of Eastman Kodak company hereafter will be handled by East Man chemical products inc., Kingsport Tennessee. I j. C. Stone formerly executive vice president of Tennessee East company becomes presi a of the new organization. Cult time getting Home to areas o n g other appointments serviced by the tied up lines. Quill who joined one of the picket lines thrown around com Pany garages declared Well were plastics s. E. Palmer d. C. Williams a a Ryan actor stay out until we shortly manager after the strike started he said chemicals . Ford everything is going according to the companies did not try to run any buses. Roughly of people and by the potentials called out on strike Are its soil water forests minerals i Drivers. And climate i cite officials had up to the strike per Suade the Union to submit the dispute to arbitration or Media see busses Page 14 in 1929, the report noted 23 per cent of the Region s income came from agriculture and 15 per cent from Industry. By 1950 i these figures were virtually r versed to 20 per cent from Industry and 13 per cent from agriculture. One asset of the Region the i report said is a new Confidence and a new knowledge of the strength of its own resources Testerman boy first new year baby Here Mccarran raps Mather s speech says Harvard prof. Uses commie line Washington Mccarran a Neil says Harvard Kirtley f. Mather used products j same catch phrases As the inc., will act As sales represent comr unit daily worker in at Tives for Eastman s venite Plas tacking the internal Security tics Eastman Industrial immigration acts. Onri will i Ana win Nan Mather the american As for the advancement president j. E. Magoffin sales manager. Textiles and advertising r. L. Churchill vice president a. A. Owen manager textile sales service c. F. Earnhardt jr., manager order and planning department r. C. Tuttle advert is ing director. Eastman chemical Man products. A. . As h. Gram last night in his final quarterly report to president Truman. He announced a seven fold increase in arms production Sines Korea but warned we still have a Long Way to without giving production figures Fowler disclosed that the army this year will Organ ize the first anti aircraft battalions equipped with guided missiles. The air Force also will be equipping its first pilotless bomber Squadron. New mobilization plan be completed by april proposing this pattern 1. Reckon the nation s utmost production potential in each of the three years following an Emy attack. 2. Estimate a Rock Bottom level of Supply for civilians and the maximum level of arms production which is feasible add these together and match them against the total production potential. 3. Wherever it develops that civilian plus military would exceed total production Start at once to provide needed Plant capacity or tonnages of mate rials. Fowler asserted at a news con Ference that the incoming Eisenhower it adopts and supports the pro be facing the acid test of whether we mean Busi Ness in committee that he would take immediate action to continue the grand jury probe next week. Assistant attorney general Charles b. Murray told the sub committee however that he would ask attorney general James p. Mcgranery to Block any continuation of the investigation. Murray told the subcommittee he is against a proceeding of a grand jury when they know it can t result in an he said such action is an Abor Tive use of government Power and can Lead to government by he referred to see in reds Page 14 the his report covering the two Fletcher has been going on almost Ever since the Extension was granted in 1944. Had there been no indictment prior to last Midnight. The assistant police chief s salary was set at per year As compared with formerly received by the Public safety i ice in St. Louis sunday Juan r i. I j j Iago Urcin sedate inc., will Sonitta in the Laws dropped a t him d it i Pri Pii Riftin n Ronnii v no i sales representative Eastman Iea Lape curl am Druid in see mobilize Page 14 the first and Only new yarn and Stapie. Country. Which is reflected in a steady d Bab bon3 at Holston Valley All other personnel heretofore Mccarran issued a growth in size and strength of Corn Unity Hospital before noon engaged in sales sales service yesterday in which he called state agencies dealing with was a son born to or and i arid advertising functions speech a vicious at mrs George Testerman of j Tennessee e As to an company adding i recognized the "tt1p ttiprpflkina1 i _ Ninta Viup red China gets manchurian or Russia signs Over Changchun railway Moscow we the s o v i e t press today announced that rus Sia has turned Over the vital Changchun railway in Manchu Ria to communist China. The had been scheduled under treaties signed Between the two nations. The increasing am. Initiative and vigor of the state will serve in similar capacities for the new company. Imitative Anu Vigus i me the first Cri Iid 0 the tester Lor the new company. Uleu development Active mans the infant weighed seven j the new organization was daily by encouraged by and 14 ounces. Tester formed to provide a More Effi catch phrases which have been carried in the communist worker attack on these the whole matter would have be-1 come permanently closed under Martin s appointment was to suited in Economy of is owner of Testerman to client mechanism for the mar i Mccarran. Chief Senate Spon the statute of limitations. Effective january 1. The grand jury called in by the Public safety department atty. Gen. Mcgranery just 24 under the supervision of o Charles k. Marsh who was said the Days ago reported Only a few hours before the Legal deadline. Should a conviction result the company could be liable to fines totalling Ike takes time out to be with family results accomplished report. Looking ahead the Tva said named to fill the newly created that construction now is under Post of assistant City manager Way to More than double the in at a meeting of the Board of stalled capacity of the Power mayor and aldermen tuesday. See Tva Page 14 Luilly la us incl us 1v1u us Ciller Luj. Lug funds in comparison with co t and the Mother is the keying of not Only Tennessee i Sor of both acts which were cosh 1-1-10 _ or nil Rora a of Cihone tinman March of dimes will Start Here january 7 new York president elect Eisenhower took time out for new year s with his family or. G. Foard Mcginnes of invitations have been mailed today after voicing the Hope that Washington. D. A. Regional med i or. Mcginnes has served As a 1953 will world. Bring peace to the the general s Headquarters said he planned to spend a quiet Day at his Columbia University residence and then be on hand at his Commodore hotel office tomorrow for another round of conferences in preparation for the Start of the new administration Jan. 20. As he left his Headquarters late yesterday Eisenhower stood before a Battery of microphones and newsreel cameras and said i Hope 1953 will be the finest any of us have Ever experienced. Particularly i Hope the year will bring Back to us the Assurance that peace will again come to the ical consultant for the medical consultant of infantile partly uhe National foundation for in South United Sis and a top authority in the i f Anile paralysis in the polio Field will speak at Region of the kick off dinner for King sports 1953 March of times Campaign at the Kingsport inn january 7. The Campaign will be held during the entire month of Jan uary throughout the nation and states since he works 1951. Closely with state representatives on major prob lems of polio patient care and works constantly with organizations and individuals concerned will be directed in Kingsport by with polio care problems. He Joseph s. Platt. P.m., committee is designed to chains in civic holds a doctorate in Public the kick Olf meeting set for health from Johns Hopkins uni City officials and other interested persons an Opportunity to hear reports of the work being done by the Sullivan county chapter of the National foundation. Din Ner will be served 7 . In give varsity. And committee chairmen serving in this year s drive in Kingsport Are mrs. Ted Witt mothers March James a. , treasurer m. L. Gernert speaker s committee Robert c. Car see polio Paye 14 former Helen Hawthorne. See Eastman Page 14 i passed Over president veto attached to his statement what he said was a House in american activities record of in Valparaiso Chile an explosion in an oxygen tank fac tory rocked this chilean seaport Early today and initial police re ports indicated about 30 persons were killed. More than 200 were said to have been injured. True press announcements said the the formal ceremony signal zing the turnover was held wednes Day at Harbin Manchuria with a. S. Panpushkin soviet ambassador to China and red China s Premier Chou in Lai participating. The chinese Changchun rail Way crosses Manchuria from East to West connecting with soviet organizations cited As comm i police said the property dam nist fronts with which was great but gave no Esti see Mccarran Page 14 mate. Aims listed by three Virginia congressmen children see for first Rodelo 13, and his sister Emma 12, get their first look at the world Anri them selves in a Mirror held by their father Ignacio Rodelo sr., at san Diego Calif. Doctors removed blinding cataracts from the children s eyes As a Christmas gift. They had been sightless since birth. A wire photo Richmond the first time in 20 years three republicans from Virginia will be sworn in As congressmen next week. The three new gop members All under 35 and each a Veteran of world ii have set them j selves some special objectives in the incoming Republican administration. The youngest of the Liam c. Wampler 26, of Bristol will concentrate his interests on agricultural and labor matters As befits a congressman from the ninth District a predominantly farming and mining area i Richard h. Poff 29, Radford attorney Hopes to take a hand in presidential election reforms j foreign economic Aid and other important measures. As representative of the sixth District which has extensive Railroad and Industrial develop ments Poff Hopes to be assigned to the House committee on inter state and foreign Commerce. Joel t. Broyhill 33, realtor of Arlington says his chief objective will be to become better acquainted with the Many and varied duties that confront congressmen. He also declares a desire to help the new Congress return governmental operations to the american Way of life " Wampler who quit his report ing Job on a Bristol newspaper to wage an All out Campaign that paid off in Victory Over the democrats state sen. M. M. Long Hopes to be assigned to the House agriculture committee i see Virginia Page 14 Siberia on either Side. It also runs southward to yellow sea ports. The soviet chinese com Munique As reported in the mos cow press and radio said the Transfer conformed with the soviet chinese agreement of feb. 14, the railway is a grouping of older lines. It was organized under a treaty signed Between rus Sia and nationalist China in 1945 near the close of world War n. The treaty provided the lines would be under joint chinese russian ownership and opera Tion for 30 years after which it would revert to China. The 1950 agreements drawn up after the Conquest of China by the red regime replaced the previous pact the soviets had signed with the nationalists. So lunar tables Stu state it solar it Rhoda. W printed below. Beu Ikea from John Al attn soldnu1 tables plan 7our so that Roa win w Flat inc to food territory or he Aufu to Rood Vurtas of roti w find the port that Wen us m Tom Mjor Portado Ahoi 1m told fue then Wen w the Ebow and Lut for u Bour us half or hours thereafter. To minor Perleda. Shown to regular Are of ibor tar duration pm Zattera Vanaart Laie . . Date whih Miner 1 thursday 154 3 Friday 3 saturday 4 sunday 1-30 v Lake stages Wala afe Lake level Wert Salt Leel s. Honiton Cherokee. 1.010.j

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