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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1959, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 26, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee Now economic War hear America us fillu.1s viru a great Many Fine minds at work haps slave a Koukl on the problem of keeping our Power on a Par Superior the armed Power of soviet Russia. We about that. And others Are sweating n out to get us on the beam with them As far As scientific development Kocs. Hut also another group of Fine minds arc at work on a problem that a very Short time ago we did not realize we had. That is the problem of How to keep the lice the United Superior to the soviet Union in economic Power and International Trade. The idea that Russia under communist management could possibly compete with the free world speak of the free world in terms of our own one that until recently everyone would have hooted at. We accepted As axiomatic1 thai a slave Economy could not possibly produce on equal terms Wilh a free Economy. But almost suddenly we have had to come face to face with the fact dial rus Sian economic Progress is made rapidly. The soviet Union which has solidified its position politically is demonstrating that whal it has Dune in the military Field and in the scientific Field it can do in the economic Field. That is to Challenge the supremacy ol1 the United slates. So we find the economists of the free world seriously discussing the question of How the West can meet the Challenge and we hear some startling ideas being expressed. The proposition thai has started this discussion is the threat of the russians to dump goods on Hie world Market produced Wilh regimented labor or per prox mixers Boner senator Proxmire of Wisconsin has nol done himself much Good Wilh his attack on senator Lyndon Johnson of Texas. Apparently the senator Iron Wisconsin feels thai the senator from Texas wields too much Power in the parly. 11 irks him As a Northern Liberal to see a southerner calling the turn for the parly in the sen ate. Senator Proxmire lost sight of one important element in the situation to which some of his More practical and experienced Liberal friends might Havu called his attention if he had taken time to ask them before he rushed in where. Wiser senators know better than to tread. That fact is that Unity the democratic party is extremely important at the present time. The men who know their politics Best realize that the party has a real Opportunity to get Back the presidency next year. If they miss the Chance it May be eight years before they get another. But to take advantage of that Opportunity they have logo into the convention and into the election Campaign a United parly. Or at least without the North South friction show ing too plainly. The key figure in this Harmony plan is Lyndon Johnson. He is the one Man who has the Confidence of both elements with the exception of course of the extremists on both ends. Johnson is accepted by the South As a Leader because he stands squarely with the South on the issues that create a Southern Battle ground. The South will follow his Lead when he says it is Okay to go along with the rest of the party. At the same time he is not a fire Cater like Eastland or Talmadge. He is not con the Dulles mind al work Upsi i the Apple i i of Pauliue tie would . In is True hut to do this c i a Hussian production inc i cabe a whal it nov. Is. But we would be m a Loyl s Paradise if i assumed that nubian production would never reach thai Point the same Para Dilt we lived in while we assumed that the hods would never be Able to match our nuclear weapons program. How is the free would to meet the Chal Lenge it is interesting to hear the views of a Man like Adlai Stevenson. H is interesting to hear it said thai in fore the free world can Meel the Challenge of rus Sia the nations that make up the free world must Stop Cut Throat Competition among themselves. It is hinted Hal the Only Way Lor the lice world to fight Back against the obvious advantage the hods have is to Lonn some sort of economic nato and get close cooperation and accept a certain amount of unified control. This raises the Prospect of gelling first of All sharper controls Here at Home and greater government regulation of private Enterprise. Then the government Wilh this control would have to enter an arrangement Hal would mean a certain amount of surrender of Freedom of action to International control. H would boil Down to this. We would be borrowing some methods from the totalitarian system in Imler Loim it the Challenge of thai system. Free Enterprise would become a casualty of the cold War. It almost sounds like if you Cali Luck pm join Het us Hope that it will never come to Hal. Usually waving the Confederate Flag in inc faces of the Northern liberals. In fact while he is As Southern As any other Man he has succeeded in making inc liberals look on him As partly a Westerner. In this Way he has won their Confidence. Thus with a hand out in either direction lie holds the two wings together. It can safely be said that without the flu hand of Lyndon Johnson the rift Between the two wings of the party would be much wider than it is. After inc election last november the Radical liberals were feeling their Oats and All ready to spank the South and Send it to bed without any supper. Humphrey Douglas no Uberger and Morse were go ing to blast the filibuster out of existence in Short order. And the Talnadge Eastland Ellender group was gelling ready for the biggest filibuster that would ruin the legislative program and murder Unity. Then senator Johnson took a hand. The wily he handled that business and sidetracked the impending Battle and avoided a party Row was a revelation and a sore disappointment to the republicans. So it is Little wonder that senator Proxmire who has done very Little to give himself a Laluc in the Senate finds him self getting a spanking from his own lib eral colleagues instead of the applause he expected. All he has succeeded in do ing is to demonstrate just How Strong senator Johnson rates. In fact he did More than hint. He forced the liberals to let the South Sec How eager for Unity they were and How much they counted on the South staying on the reservation. the Cari Xiu u. My or Ria Ivy Liiv on the Warvi my ii Indjid o he g Vijh v. Tilt ladle a i Viii in c it Luis Oral tint avs double

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