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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1959, Page 3

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 26, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee Teens divided on red China recognition Gamble pays of for Gleason citizens my avg Kuk Kil Kkt of ukr cell Kcal vow let research a hound Lue Stales Siw red Chica like everyone Pise Iii the coun try teen agers of be pretty Well divided on this sizzling Issue As Well As some current ones. Interviewing 5so youngsters al random across the country our interviewers Lound that 59 per cell Are unalterably opposed to recognition of the Mao tsp Tung regime. 40 per cent say yes. But reservations on the par1, of Many. 10 per pm Don t know Haven t made up their minds or would t answer. Absolutely answers 1g year old a Tricia Johnson of Duluth. Minn. The red China Kovcin Manl does not represent Hie chinese Chimes in a your old Helen Zywicki of Jamaica Plain in soc mass. They Haven t shown buy Good reason for bins a would be a terrible mis insists Lois Hassan. 1c. O Detroit. All of China is comm Well Ali formed the sizeable majority in favor of recognizing cd China realizes Hal ii is communist dominated evil eels unit its can not be ignored because it exists. It won t improve our world sit Lul Mlls 11-year-Olil Mury Irwin of Sac City Iowa but we must face " Alliey Are u Buna fide Kov crib Brj rips Robert a Coli re 17, of los anus los and since a lot of business is by Iii done with them by our competitors Why not t i. Yvo vol Truw. On aim a m in Jav Vav Vav . Tin if tit jul Huv 1 in Wai to Lull employ i we must recognize them Rullon in year old Dpi ill Gilbert of Windsor Maine because we must keep in Contact with All world Kovcin cents can c50 Mil lion people not be teen areas us owed the same will in Ness to jump Hinnd express their opinions on other major Tor clan policy issues. For the Mosi part they spam cd Well informed and Eauer to discuss their Opin ions. Most for instance welcomed he Gaulle s accomplishments in by lip Iii about n fifth French Republic hut were realistic enough to sense that his Victory did not acc Assai ill Aurum the. Dawn of a new Gold i age. For France. Doubtful on France in answer to the question it Yon think France under or. Gaulli will again become a a rent world 58 per cent Snori no 3 per cent sold yes and 11 per ecu were undecided. Answered Ellon a Offerl 19, of los Angeles i can t so France taking its place a fall a a great world Power even Thouc de Gaulle is Rioin his duty. Franc tone Down too far Ever to dec Over us past France does t hive the Power il1 Economy or the armed services take its place Simonn the world Owers no matter what de Gullli said Mike Casor 11, Sint smash. No one Man in his lifetime Ould Ever Back to world sold Ali year old Lorence n ills of Detroit. Speak uni Lor the optimistic my Orlly 18-Ycnr-old Linda i led Ian if Washington. D. C., said i Hank France has a souk Way to but de Gaulle might Start the France needed a str Nick Lead agreed Marlin a Kanow 17, annexes. And now at last she has Kelli finl to War How to Deal with the soviet bloc a problem that has puzzled foreign Jolly planners since inc end of world War ii provoked some in-1 Estlick if not too encouraging reactions unions then in cars nearly seven out of 10 Thourl there would be another major War wet Lilii i Liler lifetimes. Ulit despite this pessimistic Outlook co per cent saw Hope of revolutions Over throwing some communist coins should we 30 to War it free countries from soviet domination tries within their most Likely to lifetime. Be overthrown according to the pen Crystal Ball Hungary by a 4b per cent vote of the youngsters Poland 143 per China 13 per East Germany 10 per cent least Likely candidate for Over throw by revolution Russia itself. Should the United Stales go to War if necessary to free any countries from soviet domination yes answered 50 per cent of the youngsters interviewed no said 37 per cent. The rest did t know or would t say. Which countries should we risk a War to free this time Hungary Anil Poland tied with a -13 per cent vote East Germany placed a hand of China 37 per cent to 21 per Cicil Oiler countries behind the Iron and Bamboo curtains shared a 13 per cent total vote. And rus Sia a Nln finished last with Only 3 per cent. Despite their willingness to go to War to free nations from soviet Rule teen agers were not too and 01 Kason. T is of Avau Yia Auy Muil Berlin. Ului i a jul .ues1. If Hilta were comma 51 com favored in Yin to a any countries in Hui us suck Ubu a m ule Wal. 38 per com i Iron curtain which a ploys or wanted another Airlift 1a you there Wilt is and wily per font advocated that other Isia Jur War Liv your lifetime Jabout to we blast Uii Jimh 11 Uerlin is . Hie ii Lois will Maui Cluie defeatists were Lew he teen-1should we in bund ask ranks Only per cent Ili Muelu Aither Airlift blast Laluo Usaj we decided last october s in of the Industry we should Vive the City up to with tanks. Kive up the City to the win. Lose or draw we were did t tin tin in event of an Ito have u new now because other in run Lylw Kade. On the Issue of Odeimi hid. 8" per cent of the favored n id to Cut Nils like India and Durina. But Tho figure dropped to c2 cent when Tito s Yiakos Lnita was the proposed recipient. In each Case. It was Felt by most icon that both the neutrals and communist Yunos Avla form a Bufler zone Aga lust the soviets that we cannot Abii Sidon. Our 17-year-old Carol Grytko Ayiku Sla. Milne. Snail is to net hem on our Side or at least keep them Neutral. We need nil the we Enn Pel. Even passive an overwhelming majority to Fly per Centi at the ire ii ii Kris contacted by our Survey a us approved of the North Atlantic treaty Orr and Patlon nato and inv Ord cont Ulni and Stycn till Nung it. Sec item i Iii a it Rives us a United front against said 10-year-old Andy Jnelson of Detroit i feelings of Insl of tils Young confreres. On the Home troll so Iowa in concern Over communism in Vul Rylin decrees to per eel the communist menace in the United Stales has inc Rensch u Sling Lar thought it Hail Pone Pel cent Ihm Klu it had decreased in recent years and shout 3 per cent thought it had either Neon virtually eliminated or remained the despite their worries about communist infiltration it Home. 10 Pel cent favored Trade with communist countries with one important the if being where it would be Mcnell Clyl to 1uicstiuns a5kr.ll should the United Santos Mccog lied Chinn do you think the communist nil mice in the United slates he inc mind decreased gone Urier is Bounri been Var Lully the p y re ran joins Juis own rejected a in s it h v in l or Weie tau to Iff. I is Jav pics quite. We led i Llu we a be i by act. N. Mai Ustiy. Lii a Tjai via Sicu was Only none Cuish on the Trout porch of the Icv Var bund u1 Anc watched Lek Iem Luni Loui year j Aini re Cali tippi of the 82nd air Llu ice Brendum Abu authorized Bogue Devi Loii Laud by Parachute up u s500.wd in bund.-, Lur Espan-1 and glider during world War u. Today at the age of 23, Hend Bond a Mie Nek is a private Glrst class a Para Hdldn l Luve try Virr in that same division. Or remained the same do you think that France Umici de Oak Lac will Nii Nln become great world Power do you favor foreign Aid to Noti such is India and Burma t do you favor foreign Aid to Yugo Slavia do you no prove of nato do you favor to add with communist countries where it v Uiti be to us would you favor going to War to will Degaulle s France again a become a world Power arrest son climaxes grim wait for Campanella sex Bali player United Prosn International the arrest of David Campanella 15, climaxed 13 grim months for Roy Campanella once one of baseball s finest catchers. Everything else compared to tills is Campanula said wednesday when he Learned his son had been convicted of Juve Nile delinquency and charged Wilh was there Only a month. To lion lie joined the dodgers and began a Brilliant 10-year big league Ca reer. The Auto last year ended Campanella s playing Days but did not crush his smile or his indomitable will. He still is paralysed from the Wall Down but has made steady Progress and re robbing a drug store. It was a characteristic style ment by the former Brooklyn dodger Catcher. It came from a Man who has been paralysed since inn. 28. 1958. An automobile crash that Day almost killed Campanella and ended his playing career in the game he. Loved. The boy has Ever Thini Campanella said at his luxurious ranch House in Glen Cove . Nothing but ambition maybe that was the trouble. Campanella himself started with nothing hut ambition and Pood humor and became one or base Ball s greatest players. No negro Ever had played major league baseball when campy Noclla was Selling newspapers on r Philadelphia Street Corner. But he already was dreaming of such a any. Camp Noclla Noli cd no one else wanted to catch when he played at Gillespic Junior High so he volunteered for the Job. Al is. He was earning s35 for play Friday nights saturday and sunday for the Bacharach giants in ail negro Semi pro team. A year later he became the regu Lar Catcher for the Baltimore elite giants and quit High school to make baseball his life. Keeps learning Trade no one got Rich playing in no Ferros baseball but campy Kepi smiling and learning his Trade. Then in october of 1945 he Learned that Branch Rickey then president of the dodgers was preparing to introduce negroes into organized baseball. Rickey sent Campanella to Nashua. N. A. If inc new eng land league in j3-i6 and Montreal of the International league in 1947. He moved to St. Paul of inc american association in 19-18 but Henlly survived another crash in which his Auto was almost demolished. The dodgers have hired him As a special coach and he planned to join them soon at Scro Beach pm al Bui now Campanella has indicated he May have a Job he considers More important than his Awn recovery or his return in baseball straightening out his i Don t know whether i m even to Florida he raid. Scoot n save Leader icon Ord new York Reu urn Clark of Salt Lake City. 87-year old former u. S. Diplomat and one ref the three Man first presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints was honoured Here at a dinner of the equitable life Assurance society of Amer Ica for his to Iier service in his country his Church and his Fel Low Man. Costly tract Sci shot Honolulu Thomas Stew Ned was hit in the Eye by his own Coll Ball. It struck an area Marker on b driving Range and bounced Back. 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