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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 26, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee r. 5. Soi Unar tames tiv Kiaie tourney. Big Stone Gap Slater winners Bukac i. The tri Sute negro by la coh had 12 Lor d tournament opem a is Tho Doug 1" hit in a m e Viu Quidit wild lol big walloped Sui i f 7 v l3 Sav Rilay in 1? i w 1 a sufi 11 4 ii Ilij Wastak str jaw a i .-1 he Jud Toi a. Declared nit the wed Lirt and s Sui Day i however iks in Wal of tau kurd Lake stages jul. To a Lascar 1 res Lutfu. Bill As tile cars Jshii Krauzi wll hum i Juial a Fol line. s average win a in Lili is of the ii lanais was 135521 in Jyh. A 1135 could to.1 muddied. In in 51x1 record Lor i oct imm id. Lie Bobby Pat leu netted 37 Points in stud Yvonne Deel s out Blands in univ apart. Alvon burst. Tie to Crettes lock a Moore tallied 18 Lor Kuza Buhton Firsti Marler Lead and the spread Loc iat Lull. I Bland livid a 23-2 Lead Miler the sue Wislin Luis Slater s la Rel Quarter Ami Coli Linued to i Oil a with h in sub. Slur up the score the rest us Hie Way. Period Anil uo-13 it Hulu Ime. Wil Liam Silas Slater and William Eton o swill each lilt al Points. Cage scores us Ricl 1 Kli Morl Sullivan 54. Mary huk pcs 3j 41. Of Iron 34 t Jihnu ii Dot trial nuns sri tool clip my Hill 31 dec race Hill jul Infra al Lei 1j. Crest al i Imam 5 al i mrs inn 5f Pica Eiller in item i al nor do Refl .1 al Ilar Jilli no a mrs Ich fou re ill Illel al Knoll Lar a Fol 87. Kail 54 Jeluk m. Lobbs is 3 Avci Tomeil cd Nurul 61. Kane jul Oil i Milel clan inn go. Maynard Llor 4 Tazewell 49. Olilee 3g us Rirl i al ii Lila Oak Tali. 5n. On plan 41 Ito bins Olill 42 Wal Lurk l o him reel Rinella Dionci cull Anoba can aril South i la Lori 3" link cd churn Rioca Colv go do Ricl i al in Tell Nunly Cal Linn of Tomico Lalni 53. Only Rinh 41 m .1 i Lin i i la. 4ti. 1-Rnolr ally 4n Clim a Pardon i. Melcs county 3 if run Willil Rirl 1.1 al . M. Cell rur la roup mall cd ii al Nailer 37 Willil Rirl o al York fl3. Siul non an Willit Rirl in my ill Roll 60, i Riib cell rec m him Ricl m al i Ollil Kiln Mirkson 40 Lyhl Rirl in al Nailiu Llor mad 41. Kii.1 40 him Ricl in al 3r. 1 i al al 47. Ali Irton 4 Hull re w i 3 Ula Avi Ufi a clan Buri Ftp Willil Rirl al Franklin county 40, 1 30 Willil Rirl 111 no Slohn ii. Urr of mid in i Willil Rirl al Martin Marlin a cinch t Lillon 41 Woodland Mulli i 78 Dill Rirl al Millr Nelp Taroj so. Trcic annl 33 Nic in id 30, Hulln Adnil al Willil Rirl al ena1. Mimi Illola frn afr ii to Lynn a mini ills mrs Alrh m Mumn Lily Tran Darll 75. 37 l Uli Jucik Var Nln go. Norelli car Allim to Mary Leniul n7, Rifle 7b. Can Lohn 73 83. No Paul ill Temple 75 rain go Lynnl Senna Turli 04, Rivil Lorrn Ford line 70. Hill Fri 7 j Over Llmer enters mile run new York Coll non of Choc no was not Eccl to 11 pc Clyl mile Field in next Stu any a Lulu s ic4a no in Olson Sci arc until cd Loe Luj Oiler entries arc Eon a Lenny ii Elroid is Lynn o Hung Navy i. Dim Dellyn scr of 111 air Force and Paul Schindl Gormney. Lori Lio 1 i Oji prescriptions v Mokrus k. C sell or u h Linclon. I Fri Orlf. 1 twin. I irn Lii Milon Dot Lii a n ii 13-41 e Luis or Illando 19 17 n. Mini Iii Llla Ihl re ill Lulli . 37 a Ullin nov 3 Hurt. Is c a Invar. I i 1 Ivor to in Flor 1-Muiiii in Kilt i in hulih1. Liliu Blum Morlini in. Arty r. You ii 2. Atli jul Cloud 0 Iii scr. Milch Roll n. Turnip by Hon err 11 i 17 ii to Iii let 017 i5--j . In Ziniuk i a Lii. 1 Len yer i i. Merliin. I a Fil Ulit w. Myrlnn b. Mrunal , Makr Lilc 3. Waslien River swin local Mai match ital in sell ii incl Nilly two Lvi is Icilinc in up in ill Cal Liny sep Vries Mill Kozo Miil Unkn in Lii in Kiln event in Ihn caril it the civic a Alloi Luigi wednes Day Nyht 1 Ivo Lvi is lira Iho incl Dunk full no dropping mule nun with u of a non chops to the Chroal nil u body mum. Hay Stevens pinned la Nylon Ullh body Klannis for Tiu first frill Lilia ton Mcninc Back to pin slovene Wllling in hide Sleepover toehold and even inc mulch. In inc first preliminary. Two Rivers conceded to Malenko at no scr to Slit a Jill on a Buck Breckur. Bustle ii or fun cd Stevens in m to seconds of the Oiler preliminary using a lying drop kick body slams and a body 1 press. Totally new is compact make up with the Loose powder look in Golden Metal Case no Greasy to or change Shade. For inc first Lime that Deli talc glow that Ivon Darful Loose powder look Cali lured in i like a Silken Mist Coly s French Fumii covers own lines. Discover a Hanoi flair Lilay. La s Llic most exciting compact make up you can Wear in 12 heavenly shades. Open sundays 12 noon till . Cole drug store no. Ii next to Little store thursday Friday saturday and sunday Sale free Biack end White with each order 620-120-127 drug stores 100 5 Grain aspirin limit 1 50c limit 4 Kodak film limit 1 Amor Vinejr. 79c value full la pure Biack upper 49c Roll proof shelf paper 15c Deliley limit 4 toilet tissues for f Ria Victor lock radios i free Lull ilk 111 is super Plen amins no Purchase necessary to win coif n Todar offer kinds May 11, 1959 Woodbury lotion 50 Cara next splash Cologne 1 a Jook tit Soltice rub at our ss2s2 drug store d Doroll 7 101 1.00 Cara Nome liquid lanolin1 98 Palmo Uve soap i of Box tacks .2 15 1pana Pius 99 Crist tooth paste 1 till hair Bousri f inn Purchase peps Dent paste 69 electric heating pad 3-Specd heal moisture resist Lant removable cover packed 1 in poly bag 4.b5val 2.99 5.95 vol. Riu bathroom All features scale found in High Sqq priced Scales. White gloss House paint Luni rior to Mony Panli tilling Lor up to per m. Turpentine Gal. Per Gal. Better growth and appetite a Villi min capful to or ckildr.r.1 Iki Mounlio Ilii Baluca Lor proper poll let. Uylen mini. Including Magl Clu Lulie Alamin Vitamin capsules children bottle of 75 5000 capsules a Sonvi 77c Clifton fever thermometers any to read Oral or racial Eack 00 1.4j value now 00 Sweeta non fattening liquid Swiet intr Bis Mol upset .1 stomach Price Tussy Rich Cream save now on the Rich Rich Cream that gently seeks out Fine lines discourages dryness flaking a. 49 tin Popcorn sl.4? shave Brush 98 Woodbury hand Cream 50 Toi. Hygeia bottles san Loti Nylon socks brushes for Rio Misi Prici of i All 3. Fun Brilli huh onland in rub bar Guoi onland v Namil and i varnish. Special Auto mat set for car front 691 13.00 full Pound shampoo 60c Prell did shampoo 52.00 shampoo 98 flashlight 39 Kolonos paste 1 or electric steam Iron close Outi capital toaster magic color control Bulton Makei perfect Toast every Lime. Aulo malic pop up Chrome firm. 7.95 20 Galloi garbage can desert Flower Cream deodorant Only out us regularly 1 the Tivoli by Cream Dodo Ian. Light a rely Mulh incl ally into your Ikin. Safe 24.hour Aga nil Ptiip Iraklion odor Moi lure Iliani by Shulton. Limited time offers Reg. Jar now Only values bottle of 100 Bayer phillips1 milk of aspirin ii magnesia 55c 12 01. With lid Galvani cd non Ruil 3.98 value free offer to prove you can look younger it s like bathing your face in 2.98 value Lawn grass Lull Oft j m i i i u r i of 7 f 111 o m mind id Adf for i l towing. 69 envelopes 27 Cora Norr Slick deodorant 50 drugstores after colds flu sore Throat if you feel run Down because of tired blood geritol feel stronger fast in just 7 Days i Money Baum by Wanoi i save g i buy Economy to Iron Ancu Somines helps bring 100 Safe sleep toll n of no barbiturates to bromides no narcotics forming medium1 si7.e bottle free with Purchase of Sze revolutionary new Moisturizer that also tones skin tightens pores touch Cool Blu Green Beauly let to your and very Solhei Moi Lukiier lotion Etc Arne old-faihionod1 Beauly ice work iwo Way Ai a to soften Ond project 01 on ail Ringnel to Laghlin Portal on al in inv morning under makeup of Nigel Asci cup King. Gov i your complexion new clarity and tres Hucul desert Flower Beauty ice by Shulton America s largest Selling dry skin Moisturiser ass tonic Safe better cough Relief corrects constipation without laxatives 30 tablets 45 39.95 value automatic cooker Fryer 2.00 value Cara Nome radiance hand lotion 98c plus tax 1.50 size Blanchard Cologne with atomizer 3 fragrance 1.00 plus tax Revlon thin Down reducing tablets 90-Tablet sin 3.00 plastic table cloth inches several colors 29c 53c Pana paste 2 for plus tax ji.75 Cara Nome hand Cream 98 41c Rexall p toothpaste 3 for 98 Cara Nomi hand lotion storm King plastic storm windows 29c each new Cara Nome fling Cologne 39c plus tax 5.00 value Helena Rubenstein oestrogenic hormone Cream 3.50 2.00 value Cara Nome care Nomel hair Spray 98 s2.01t Whilt mink1 dusting powder Sjoo Hudnut Cream rinse 98 01. 69 charcoal starter 39 si.00 Vilo Cream deodorant "n.so1 liquid Lustre Crewe 1.19. Bath and Cologne comb. 1.39 plus tax new Economy size Revlon silicate lotion with dispenser 2.00 throw rugs when you shop at coie drug stores. The thing you save is Cash

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