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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 26, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeWhat people Don t know Hurt them Kingsport times traffic in 59 Stathi injuries City 0 9 county 1 10 vol. Xii no. 41 Kingsport Tenn., thursday february 24 pages five be Good a Driver As to Cut you measure would prevent strike by Jim Nasi Ivylle ten i Sreu Acliros would be unable to strike of join labor unions under u new set Etc Bill offered by Senate speaker William d. Niril. The Broad provisions of the Bill also would keep Oiler City county or stifle employees from joining unions or Ink-1 Iny Parl in work stoppages. Haird says his Bill introduced wednesday wus to prevent n walkout of teacher.-. Mini Ilia to lint in several areas ill Hie stale during the recent teachers pay controversy. A he disc Senate committee removed the Obj cation Iblis Amend my Illo the truck dimensions Bill but added another provision in a special is ssi Uii Wadih Sony. The five Man committee drop Ped Hie amendment author lying District attorneys general to temporary movement permits Foi i machinery. Gov. Of gird had refused to sign democrats shrugged off Bil Highway cominis warnings loony to push inwards a Mir d. W. Moulton Obj card to House action a s2.07ri.ono.ocn proposal. Eral housing Bill beyond the provision added by the pros idul p r o p o a would prohibit any no . Low Tinct in error Over Hie Maxl the Wick House height limit. Tin lire was approved by tin in leeway be allowed comm Lupi Lille Fly i. Washington Lap Hull maximum Lutile pm Iblis in Effort in pm 11 lengths. Shnek in line with the committee members hesitated lion s More modest the new provision Lor fear program. The ehaiuu1 was beyond Comill no i Memale House Vole was in ice authority and would invalidate to a sect. Tin Masiu a Sill word was be considered by Hie Kim a Lluli sick cart to Ilic Bill Afler the Etlor comm tree. Which has delayed. Re Knic my s office ruled ii was such Neil of in years. I i change. approved two Bills Cut to the governor. The would be. Nulo audit of my and raise fees from to to i Day for such auditing. Hie the Hill s ii inn Ihn Prosl Del s immediately uni no he Prospect of a vein la miss no mock ill professed have no once Vii on thai Point. In Inoima in Kiev would for canc me a of their Bill is h Nianda from Hie voters inset last november s lion gain Bill would oui of Tifilo use companies to operate Demoi Ralic Tennessee without Filin a de posit if Hiey have done so i their Hankin comm acc Small cans outnumbered in Imsu Cess Nile Bills approved and sen fill no Lomnes to subs ule Sivu Lollie House would in War a program. Blasted Hel admit affidavits of doctors us Din Coralic backed housing Man court evidence in specified non lire As a by duct Boilini support cases. They con Cudd 1u c_a4 was Crri Ilac the opera lion of a narc six jillion dollars Luau the i boats on Sale streams and lakes. Figure put on it Bills the mouse sent to the Kov the democrats. Lernor would gop members contended it or scribe punishment or pros Macmillan warns reds of dangers two workers die in blast , Lonc Lennil up a violent explosion rocked Lar Llalon s 11-Boiub Rosr Noreli Bibisi Here loony no err somebody Droppel nil Rypl Omic cd Mike. Two my were killed and one injured. Officials announced Here wus no Hiluard Lollie Stair or the Kenerl Public. The explosion set floors Neil windows Salt Lynu i tlu1 Vilune of Alderink Slon two Miles wheii1 300 people live. Kyrc engines Seren med the Villa Etc. Strei . Hut Ulici e wus no inn la. We net used to us liar close to ills mild Wood lev i Tonias 19. U clerk al the Ivy covered Post of face. The ill Lekli a Lomec fun Crivy mild lie Eccl Deal occurred is Hie was in Lou cd innit u vehicle. The vehicle was destroyed mid a fire broke out. Do Miklik a nearby building extensively. The lire was soon Pul out. The explosive was of n Convent Lonny Lype null no Montc reals were lie commis Sion suld. Thu re is 1111 Kadlu Acle Fly Hnz aril to Stalf or Lollie the Alde Maslou base lies up u Lealy Lane near the Village and screened by Trees. U houses a lilt urn s Hydro Ken bomb plan. Alderm Slon is 15 Wesl no London. Two employees of the Alamos. N. A. No nil. Lahorn Lory were killed Ruc Day i an explosion of material. Plan extensive prob of labor unions tactics some Union Flower to buy Flowers for would have n and verse Impact on he Federal which the administration owners for self inflicted wounds to evade work. In Federal Cal images can be balanced no for constr Duclion of Highl billion dollars next year with a Security District of Mir plus of 10 million dollars if Eisenhower s recon emendations inc inspection Ollor higher postal rates and Gaso a left plants by the line taxes arc enacted. Department of agriculture voters to cast bal lots in i Clr old District within 30 Days after moving to a new address in the same county. Statewide no Mincer to to certified up to 30 Days before a general election. Independent candid Nepf in slate elections to qualify in of her counties by photo slavic cop of original a House Bill sent to the Annali would authorize clerical help for county judges. New Bills were introduced in the to prohibit the Sale of in lilo Mobile without furnishing n title Phoenix Ariz. Of attempting to kill n ctn Rocc six year old boy Vilh poisoned Candy have been filed Agni in a n California couple. Phoenix officers were logo to Angeles loony to pick up mrs. Edna p. Howard 36. And James l. Will 38, former Hus band Bolh of Pasadena Calif. They arc charged with Irwin or to Poison Michael Howard son of he woman by Fin earlier i Nair Ringe. The charge carries a Maxi mum Penally of 10 years to life. An official of inc Valley of the Sun school for handicapped Chil Dren uncovered twin. Poisoned Candy wednesday when slip Dis regarded instructions to see int it went Only to Michael. As mrs. Bernice Kussell. School superintendent broke up la Candy for among All the children she discovered two capsules later found to contain lethal dog worm Medicine. Lylyk . in Jim Kelly i left and sri. Charles Workman drag shouting Donald w. 11or Iton. 21, toward a police car in Long Beach yesterday Afler the youth was snatched from the Edge of n downtown hold roof police said Horlon was distraught Over troubles Ullh an unidentified Hal re Friend. A Plains clothes of incr edged close to Horlon a Send a sen the girl s picture and Llin grabbed the youth is he burst into tears. Hearing opens in school probe Tracy City Tenn. A a established More Ihnn 2h years stale legislative investigating com Milice threw open the doors loony for witnesses in this area to testify in a i Obj of nearby Highlander Folk school. This was the first of two Public announced so in by inc committee alleged inc certificate. The age minimum for i Cense practical nurse from 20 .0 19 years. Bills introduced in the House radio and television repair and service. Justices of the peace of authority in All civil and criminal cases in counties having general sessions courts. Claims Mission departs Manila Upil government officials disclosed wednesday that a special Mission would leave for Washimi Ilion soon o discuss the Philippines 000 million Dollar subversive activities at school. The second was set for March 4 in Nashville. The. 5-Mnn House Senate com Nitice said earlier it planned to subpoena several will cases pos ably a or of to testify at the iwo bal declined to reveal their names in Advance. J. If. Mccarll com Millic attorney and attorney general of the 19lh judicial circuit said the wit Nesses might be described As both Friendly and Highlander Folk school was the discovery led to the and by j omnibus claims against the unil of Hie couple in anp.e.. Led so alas. Ago and hns opera cd seminars and workshops on in integrated basis. To is n tax free nonprofit . 31 does not Operle schoolroom classes. Members of the House and sen Nolc. In requesting in several weeks Ngo described the school As n Center Lor subversive activities. In a private hearing inst week witnesses reportedly told the com Mittee hint the majority of Grundly county residents Are opposed to the school s local Ion in this area. Myles Horlon. Director of inc school hns denied repeatedly that he or the school in pc ring Ngod in subversive Nch Villes. He said he welcomes the investigation and personally invited members of the Lygis Lilure n few weeks Ngn to visit and inspect inc school Nanny limn. Among the will cases invited to in silly before the com Millic Washington api till Ren note i Nhor Mannge Nicol commell in a Plain no extensive a Lii of labor unions indies and spending in political campaigns. San. Karl k. A ult la hid wild loony. Muniot the committee s vice can Linn predicted Chr inquiry will Donl no some length Ullh 1. Whether up members who urn sick or in pc used Only for those Pui . 2. Whether Federal inns forbid Ding unions in participate in fed Cronl election Timve been Voln cd or Circum vented. The inquiry is believed certain to plunge Ihn committee s four in d four Lopuh Llonna members into Hitler Eon trove Ray. An of Weller be Iii or s Una cd Auto workers Union last year Louch cd off Mich n squabble. The Law and Many other la Bor unions traditionally support Agni not Republican candidates. Republican members Rel cd some c r it i c n 1 questions no Iii Law lower funds during ins year s inquiry but the Cornil Turc rear nine from ordering an Nult of those. Funds it the Olinc. One. m e m b e r. Sen. Barry gel Donler was described is proposing Tinl the inquiry embrace the explosive subject of unions incl pcs in last november s election com Palgon Ngn Insl Reghl to work inns. Such measures were def Cal de in five of inc six is ales in which they were voted on Insl fall. The committee s chairman sen. John l. Mcclellan dark con firmed that Lac Reghl to work is sue and Bacn mentioned wednes n soul Lien Rhodesia declares state of emergency soul Horn minister sir Udger will chimed a if throughout Kiil Lipan a Lodi Sla loony and inn cd inc african Purly As nil 11 , will Chind cled in Prev Cal the Sii rend to Southern ill Desla of in Ltd Ullh in Rusl in nuns Nylnnd which is Southern and Northern Rhode san in the Central All Cefi Fader Nylon of the Jar Llesh Colimon wealth. Most of inc in Llonel Purly offi cers in foul Horn were nits cd in pc Down raids. There was no incl Callnn How Ever hint nor Cal had been ordered for Hie Froh Rind the con Gress or. Him legs la Miilu n 51 a Nair old Loudon Educ led physician who returned to his unlike nuns Nylnnd a year ago a Flor 10 years of self imposed exile. In non in pcs his in Bunn Tyr the nuns Nylnnd Capi Tal and officials in Salisbury sold gop to name party objectives in a their tin1 Stylc of emergency in inc inn on inc air Lynu can and been sex landed to Nynon land or Northern la Hodeson regulation.1 published in the Southern rhodos in love Aimeul empowered Iho govern Mentlo nor Cal and hold any per son we Ghoul in lie Pill la interest prohibit Nulli erlans of More than Ihrcke people control movement of people and weapons impose curfews and control pah Lac Nylon it intone Inton a built no of Security forces. Will Chind sold n Grove Idun to Lii he Molnr to hint in nuns Nylnnd mag he be Crun cd in Southern Rhodesia unless Immy Dunlo were to Ken so in. The Only 1111 Insl Venn repo Riecl Ftp in run Eliric a doll stalk Lurf afro inns in pc brought work to n lint in the huge a Lycra hydroelectric project the Row Nln Rcd Over Sny Lolly Lenl there British Leader answers blast by Khrushchev Fly ii nov Siim lilo in Lyril 1 ices Moscow prime la Elsler Harold Mcm Gllnn uni storm cd soul cd Premier no Ella in but in Erinn thai line Lenil lius Dnn Cllon in Ileal in Only Lead to a dangerous ii was disclosed today. A Zimita hip. Mcm Gllnn took off y Plenc on n tourist circuit of Rcv and Leningrad without thru Richov who was to Havn in comp need him. The spokesman Salt Khrushchev did nol go be a nun of a Bud t he spokesman sold he wanted to Nuion it Clear Tinl it was not Mcm Gllnn a firm in King caused Khrushchev to his plans in escort him. Ill Tosh sources sold Mcm Gllnn s slut e m p. U t h to Khrushchev Mccin Silny no dinner and during in of inc Romeo and la Lect Ballet and caused the temper lure of the to lots Lorl in. Lulls Sunn the source.-, in roller described Otmus Phyrn is Cool is Ihn in Gas Hill null Ash officials there is something definitely Day said convicted of spying Berlin Kuprat. A Wisl Berlin Engineer was con Gordon r. Clapp of new York Vic Lori of spying for Hie Una cd Stales and sentenced to six years in prison. Inc ens German news Nancy adn said today. In no closed meeting but lie motions were made or shout it were reports Hinl Bers of in Man s Crennel Zellon Hiu slipped into tin a run to direct the Syrl Kors from n secret had soul. In non who describes him Sci the Cstro Musl of the cd Rem votes taken. He declined to elaborate. The com Millic wound up he Public hearings wednesday on alleged cd Lollon Ruckels i Chicago urea Jukebox mid game Inch inc opera Lions. City former chairman of the ten in see Valley auth oily. Mccarll wrote Clapp tuesday. him to inst Fly in Ihn basis of published news stories Ihal he former Tva chairman had written to Horenn expressing his sorrow no Iii the pending inv cell Calion. Mccarll a role Ihal me Contr null cd has Only one purpose in mind and thai is to hold and conduct a fair full and impartial investigation and report us findings to the Dement of Mur is com i lice Liali Man. Policeman charged in death of woman new York a a police officer and his companion were charged today in the Rnic san Yang of n 60-year-old widow. Pollen said mrs. Viola Mirman of Brooklyn was dragged into a car monday beaten with lists and a Blackjack raped and abandoned Fly Jack Washington a a move by in Llonel chairman Monde al Corn to a Refl a finale Nicol of Long Range Purly won support loony from gop members of Congress. Alcorn announced a Flor a con Ference Ullh president Eisenhower wednesday the of 14-Mcmbcr com Millic to a Refl of parly principles group will by h e n d c d by in. Percy president of he i3cll a Lowell co., cd Lingo. Sen. Derry Gol Donler of Arl Onn. Can Lyman of the senator enl Campaign committee sold it certainly is world a try or parly members to attempt to in Floc where they no we can t gel hurl trying this approach and if the members of a Nils to Inke n null Ash of 111 British ruled federation of Tho do san nuns Nylnnd in Southeast a Rlyn the Bill Ash no i soul Horn nud Northern Rhodesia which in pc while set Lars and million negroes. Nyasa inn hns Only europeans to million africans. With vivid memories of Kenya s bloody menu menu outbreak Wor ried British administrators and is result of Khrushchev s tuesday snatch in which in the o West s Niter of n foreign minis ters nud demanded a meeting it Uio Summit Insl cad. Bolh Hinl Dop Ulics and reached agreement in cultural exchanges Hal womb Tho two count Rock. This will cover Exchange of Loii rests and books and similar activities. , sources said Mcm Gllnn s efforts to reach agreement with Khrushchev and nil Bill ended mid hint rclnllon.1 were icy hint Mcm Gllnn would limit his of Forli to sores song Tho inner of in Hrushchov s Buncom Kroml slug stand on Berlin wednesday Mac Gllnn warned line cold War speech of tuesday would Force the West to take vital decisions on the Berlin crisis and that the blame would lie Ullh Russia. Ike it Neuls inc Ninnis in his speech Khrushchev i e Jec cd Lac idea of n foreign Man in a parking lot up to authorities led to the Nyrl Vicinity i air and r r War mar Lidov a Nilehn Lam cd mid find ill us u Lull a 111 inc v partly a Nuil y for Noiin and Mlkle re Pretl slur Ray for r r a Lull Echt Nln. Lar Flor. Tin. Chr 21. Tic sen Avn Thor map. Pace 1 d temperatures . . . Mirth i Lull Chr Nizich i j mics As hot Nares a Widne Sony night of a Lrol Man Francis .1. Rogers. 26, my Thomas Murlyn 22, n truck Driver. Deputy police commission i Waller Arm said Rogers who was off duty beating Chr woman but denied raping her Rogers accused Murlyn. Of the Murlyn also denied in Pink mrs. Mirman Bill Lold of beating her. The comin Letec Groc Mcnol on Isles it will Early can do Anler said. Rep. Joseph w. Nii come to nil Republican Pron indicate Hinl the the Gold Marlin of Sonchu Sells. Former House a club can Lender commented "11 can l do any Hurni to in pc a new Senle men of principles before the 1boo Alcorn said he cup cols Lac com my tace which meets Here March 13-11, to have ready by Cpl. 1 n slalom pal covering such to plus is civil rights agriculture. Inbox. Monetary policy and Oiler Orcas. Is in attempt to slate what the party ought to be trying to do in the next he said. Eight or 10 saying thai the committee rep res cols All Scenic nos of Republican parly Alcorn said he incl cd mily one Republican Cove nor. Cecil Underwood o olnsted settlers Ngn Lii Check ing i Clr defences. Air Force claims successful tests Cape canaveral pin. A the air Force says in hns chalked up two successful Lesl in n Row Ullh Hie mighty intercontinental Range bal Islic missile. Ilic no fool War rocket newest entry in the . Hrs annl. Roared Olf wednesday on a launching covering close to Miles. Pro Cal Oll Licals announced inner Hinl he Shol App card to be Good All the any. Hie inless Tlynn Lreh Mph came Hrpca weeks Aller in. 1 aloft marking the Advent of inc so called second generation nos sulcs. Bolh in rings were limited Range to cols using Dummy second stage vehicles loaded with thousands of Gallons of water for . Titan is a 100-ton rocket which inc mar Len co. Developers say is More versatile and less Complex Ihnn Allons. Inc present icbms Leader. Hie new weapon reportedly has the potential of covering ranges As High As 9.000 Miles far i slurs conference on Germany and West Berlin is proposed by the West and demanded a Summit meeting president Eisenhower wed Cudny brushed is lilo a Rusli s demands Lor such a meet no. There seemed to Bellille Mac no Lynn could do during his visit .0 Moscow to bring inc East and Wisl Loechler on Lhost Points. Some Hope was Elln Chad to the Tad inc Russ Lens have not yet re plied formally Lollie Western pro Lossl for a foreign my Neslers me cling. Hoped the so vol note when ii comes might prove More flexible than Khrushchev s poll Lenl rally speech. But the Sulu Nylon was described is worsening. Order workers Back on jobs Mexico City mexican rail workers had until inc to Cluny to return to work or dismissal. Two thirds of the West Virginia to join the group Louls Tripponi the big blast brings new fears dangerous Berlin crisis Kokars non the colonial Heights Branch of Ihn Kisr poit Tosi office is expected to he in Ihn of March according to unit Nasiru l. Duncan. The hew so Rulure on inc Josiv on has been leased by inc department in a ten year period with a. Ten year option. By John in. Washington a Western fears of n dangerous Berlin crisis into this Spring Are beginning to build up again under the Impact of in fila Khrushchev s oratory. Unless the soviet government can he drawn Inlo hich level no Eoli nylons on German issues in inc next iwo or three months authorities Here arc not sure what May happen. Bui they Sec an in creasing possibility that in his a resent cocky confident mood the soviet Premier May iry some extremely risky moves. United Stales officials still cling to the Hope Ihal Khrushchev will a acc to a foreign my Neslers incl Man Arcuni Licarion docs not constitute a real answer to inc West Ern proposal of feb. 1g for n big tour session inform nuts said. Bui president Eisenhower s rather gloomy appraisal of the Outlook it i. News conference wednesday seemed to reflect growing uncertainly Over inc possibility of actually gelling serious negotiations started. Eisenhower said Khrushchev Inu Lor Lale her. Speech april or a orly May. Had displayed an obviously palpably Nulli Ludo in his speech and though there was Noth ing very new in it inc Lone and the Liming were matters of con Cern. Noting hint the speech Ramc in old Mcm Gllnn Eisenhower said he develop men is nol one thai certainly you could Call he Hen defined a two Point pol icy for the Una cd slates in the present situation. First he said we arc not going to give one a Lisle Inch in he preservation our rights to maintain inc West Ern position in West Berlin and to move supplies Inlo hint City. Second Eisenhower said thai this country and its allies arc always ready to negotiate when the other person will give us the in Moscow tuesday Llie midst of Khrushchev s talks nation s rail system was tied up but a slight break in inc strike Pul some key trains Back in operation wednesday night. The wage strike by Many of lie country s 70.000 railway workers was inc first Domestic Cri Sis for president Adolfo loner. Milcos since he look Olf ice last dec. 1. The walkout began at noon wednesday Alec Long Miles of inc Covern mint owned Rai system. The govern Mcnol promptly ruled the walkout illegal and threatened the workers with dismissal if they were not Buck on inc Job by noon loony. Some came Back during the al croon and no Cal. But Many said they would nol so Bucklo work until Icv a card from a Csc Irlo Vallejo. Head of inc railway Union. showed no sign of Back ing Down. He said he would seek n Federal court against inc government ruling that inc so Rick is illegal. The whose pay Over Ages so a month demanded a 1c.6 per cent hike. Railway officials said inc was Oncal in at a loss of 2" million dollars a year and could nol meet this acid Manci. Of said Union demands were Cut to Only 1c million Dollar annually. The government said it had in creases totalling a year. Sll Gheesl area or Region in which to but he added that lie could not Sec very much use Lor Confer Encis or much Promise for no Golla Ion ii the present withdraw savings Valletta Malta Tese depositors have withdrawn savings from a government Bank in. A new display of passive re Lela citing negotiations about British prime minister continues. Solel i distance Asia Insl Britain Lofficial disclosed today

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