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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 25, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKentucky news Frankfort Ville water co s application for rate a year was continued to March 25 by the Public service com Mission yesterday. The company said it needs the new funds to help pay its share of the Cost of an Ohio River flood Wall. Mayfield by. Martin Arrington of Wickliffe and two f6_dlne other men were named yester a Soare youths study program on education Gatlinburg thirty Young people from the mountains of six Southeastern states wednesday met to work out Ivas at cops seek nude san Francisco Are looking for an Amber hued nude named Karla ast seen de parting a Market Street build ing in the hands of a Man. Thomas Leighton who had been exhibiting his Oil paint Ings at the Art league school said he valued the 4x5-foot can Day in warrants accusing them plans for youth participation in Mountain educational work. The Young people of High school and College age were at pre conference youth Day preceding the 42nd annual of the robbery of the water Valley Bank Jan. 25. State to. Lice detective James Mason said conference of Southern Mounth h City greeters grand rapids Mich hotel manager Paul p. Morris is throwing a supper party tonight for grand rapids 75 taxicab Drivers in recognition of their status As the City s no. 1 Greet Arrington arrested at Cairo 111., admitted he with Mack arring ton and Jess Fithen pulled the Holdup. The hometowns of those he implicated were not listed. Frankfort by. In gov. Memories of Caruso opera stars Lucrezia Bori and Giovanni Martinelli accompanied by violinist Gabriel Fere sing into Victor recorder Enrico Caruso used 50 years ago in memorial ceremony at new York s Carnegie Hall. At right is George k. Marek Victor official. Specialist May be called for ail ing Pope Pius Xii by Michael Chinigo Vatican City Pope Pius Xii wednesday rounded out a month of infirmity amid grow ing pressure that specialists be brought into the Case to make a definite diagnosis of his Condi Tion. Pressure to enlist the Aid of outside medical experts devel oped within the Vatican follow ing persistent requests and appeals from roman catholics in various parts of the world that the truth about the holy father be italian doctors specializing on the stomach and intestines have been expressing that the Pope who will be 1z next tuesday already is afflicted with stomach ulcers or will be if a condition of hyper acidity is not corrected. Prof. Riccardo Galeazzi Lisi the papal physician does not flatly deny the possibility of ulcers but insists that a clinical scientists claim to have produced hew element 1gor makes perfect score for civil service Job Chicago Oswald k. A p. F. Ayer executive Secretary of the Council from Berea ky., said this is the first time a Sepa rate youth Day has been observed. trying to formulate a youth Ayer said so that the work among people of Chicago ins scientists at the Argonne National lab oratory near Chicago have announced that they have produced a new does not exist in nature. The scientists said the new element was formed by bom Barding plutonium element number 94 with neutrons. The researchers added that the new element produced in the atomic Energy commission s materials testing reactor in Idaho has Many chemical prop Gen 47, made a rare perfect Grade of 100 in a civil service test for a Job but says he probably will reject the Job. Commission officials said they believed it was the first perfect Grade Ever made in a test ice a City Job. Sagen was one of 10 applicants who took the test for the Post of chief statistician in the City health department. He explained he was Happy in his present position chief of the Bureau of statistics for the Illinois health department in Springfield which pays a year. He said he took the test in event an unexpected devel Lawrence Wetherby yesterday1 the Mountain Region can be car reappointed mrs. Lonnie on Anco try up at the of Madisonville to the state Board for certification of Libra Ries for a term expiring july 1, 1956. Kingsport times thursday feb. 25, 1954 13 nothing faster for headache Relief you by Tablet of Pond to for nerve Rock ing you Relief. You combination of medically tested and medically proved in combination u in these Quick Diu Alvinj fut acting Ingr Editn it fit to than any Doc would be this. Int greater Etc Tivener of Imnel Lime tested working to ii important you want to relieve neuralgia paint minor muscular aches or fun. Tonal periodic Paini. Buy by headache Tablet or powder today. Powders 1 of by Tab let 10c, j5c and larger Money bottle of 50 and 100 Tablet. Times news classified ads get results Paducah by. Paducah bus co., asking higher fares told the state department of motor transportation yester Day its profit last year was less than one cent of every Dollar taken in. It is seeking fares of 20 cents or two tokens for 30 cents to replace the present straight 10 cents. Frankfort by. Man Guy o. Shearer of the state alcoholic beverage control Board announced last night state and local agents had destroyed three 50-gallon Moon Shine stills in dry Harlan county and arrested one. A Madisonville by. Indictment charging Johnny Haile of Dawson Springs with voluntary manslaughter was Dis missed in Hopkins circuit court yesterday. He was accused of the More than 40 persons from six states were registered wednes Day night for the conference opening today. Representatives of three other states Are expected. The nine states extend from Alabama to the Southern tip of Maryland. The conference opens today with an address on the needs of Mountain youth by the Rev. Charles m. Jones of Chapel Hill n. C. He said he took the test automobile death of 7-year-old Raymond Barnettjr. Last sept. 23 when the boy was running to moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Ozment made his present Posi Tion less desirable. I catch a school bus. Erties similar to those of or examination does not provide Burn number 68, one of sufficient evidence one Way rarer elements. J the other the scientists explained that a Vatican communique transmutation of an atom wednesday that the papal Pluton urn into an atom of suggested medical 100 is a complicated at this time would be but process m which 15 neutrons Are that the Pope feels it is not absorbed by each atom of the the bulletin said the Matenti being irradiated pontiff spent a tranquil night according to the scientists and added his condition wednes during process sue negative Par Day gave no cause for concern. Meanwhile a top Vatican authority stated that no physician tides called Beta rays Are emitted atom. The end re sult is the changing of an atom which has 94 protons and 145 except prof. Galeazzo Lisi and a neutrons into an atom with 100 Swiss general practitioner and 154 neutrons visited the Pope who on monday a result of suffered a setback in his slow recovery from a weakening gastritis and hic coughing attack that began in january. The papal physician on sever Al occasions has brought other italian doctors to the papal apartment but they never go to see the pontiff himself because he does not consider himself so gravely ill to require the intervention of any on the other hand the same High authority explained the Pope is preoccupied with the thought that millions of Catho the research team participating in the work consisted of Martin h. Studier Paul r. Fields Herbert Diamond Joseph p. Mech Arnold m. Fried Man Phillip a. Sellers Gray Pyle Charles m. Stevens Law rence b. Magnusson and John a Huizenga. Worth a try grand Prairie Tex. Mrs. Dewey Miller questioned the Young Man throwing a Tantrum in her husband s drug store Here. My mama won t buy me a Cap he screamed. He faithful Are wondering about Well said mrs. Miller his condition and his doctor s or when you throw one of these Ders to take a longer rest. Its does your Mother always As a result the Vatican issued buy whatever you a Long communique tuesday replied the boy. Some which the Pope checked himself to make it Clear that he is still not fully recovered and needs a Long period of rest but pointing oat that there is no grave Dan Ger. Vatican officials recalled that last year a bronchitis attack resulted in the Pope s inactivity for two and a half months. Kingsport today thursday Carlo auditorium Audubon screen tour in Nln auditorium. Birthday parly in club rooms 1 and 2 hooked Rug making in club rooms 4 and i Art exhibit in lounge Frank l. Cloud Leer Tauoa Center old b night Doolin recreation Center game room activity Junior Luff a gymnasium kit. Press to. Sam Bray s Munal clinic is. Mead dlr Psi Mead to. Wellington gymnasium Junior Gold medal tournament Kunf Niport inn Jaycees. Dinner . Club room Friday civic auditorium basketball games in main auditorium Model City is. Kit. Press girls shorty s is. Kit. Oil Bucks fro. Custard is. W. B Greene teen party in club booms 1. 2, and 3 Art exhibit in lounge teen party in Corner room Frank l. Cloud recreation Center Square dancing Dourlas recreation Center school activity Junior High gymnasium Junior Gold medal tournament Washington gymnasium Junior Gold medal tournament Kingsport inn kiwanis luncheon. Noon club room saturday Carlo auditorium basketball games in main auditorium girls is. Munal clinic girls w. B. Greene t8. Flower shop Greene Volle Square dance in game room teen party in club rooms Frank l. Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activities Douf Laifi recreation Center school activity Kin report inn King College of Bristol dinner. . Club room janitors supplies sweeping compounds detergents cleaners waxes Chemi Dent products Circle 5-1771 times she does. Sometimes she in t any trouble to does t. But it hot water Dallas Tex. Homeowners in the Oak Cliff Section of Dallas use their hot water Heaters for Cooling tanks. Others have never bothered to install hot water tanks. Their water is supplied from Well drilled some feet into the Trinity River Sands and comes out of the faucets at 124 degrees Pete Moore specials in electric appliances 23 cubic it. Reb deep freeze Freezer now list Price 17 cubic 54 Model hotpoint off Home Freezer 26 cd. It. Hotpoint Home Freezer off list Price 25% save up to on 1954 Model hotpoint refrigerators and ranges 15% to 30% off on entire Stock of major appliances Pete Moore saves you More in 54 Pete Moore 5 Points appliances phone cd 6-8971 attention working men week end specials special Purchase new Stock All sizes plenty of 34" and 36" lengths men s twill work Caps 49c a. Asst. Colors and sizes state fair Brand men s army twill work shirts Tan or Gray each thru 17 super red Arrow 8-oz. Sanford Zed Overall pants triple stitched Zipper front 1 or. Waists 28 thru 42 lengths 30 thru 36 Oakwood variety store Eastman Road lower prices Circle 5-1661 free parking free Jim Antenna with the Purchase of an Admiral to set 21-Inch table and console special for Fri. Sat Only Small Down payment-24 months to pay Ireson electric co. 117 e. Market Street dial cd 6-2261 metropolitan s annual report to policyholders for 1953 Over a billion dollars paid to policyholders and beneficiaries the largest sum in the history of insurance Mora to More were paid by metropolitan in 1953 than have Ever been paid by any Lite insurance company in single year. Payments to policyholders and beneficiaries amounted to when it is realized thai metropolitan s Benefit payments Are Only a portion of those of the life insurance Industry As a whole one can readily visualize the tremendous stabilizing Force that the people of the United states and Canada have built foe themselves through life insurance and re lated coverages. All in All 1953 was an outstanding year in your company s operations. In most re it was the Best in metropolitan s 86-year history. In the Light of the High level of economic activity in the United states and Canada and the ability of our Field organization this is not surprising. We can take Pride in reaching new Heights i service to the Peoples of our two countries. National economic conditions in retrospect 1953 was a year of transition. Uppermost in the minds of All but particularly those with sons of military age was the cessation of hostilities in Korea. Nevertheless we fully realize that our goal of a world at peace is far from won and k incumbent upon us to continue to remain militarily Strong. With Korea no longer an Active military theatre we can convert some of our Industrial facilities from production of Materiel for human destruction to the satisfying of human wants. On the Domestic front a number of influences have been at work to materially re Duce the inflationary forces which for so Many years have been driving the Cost of living to Ever greater Heights. The curtail ment of War production a temporary catch ing up with civilian demand in some areas a determined Effort to achieve a balanced budget and a return to More orthodox management of Public debt and fiscal affairs have played their part. We in the life insurance business Are particularly conscious of the effects of inflation which Bear so heavily on the Thrifty and those dependent on fixed incomes. All efforts to control this danger should receive our fullest support. In the year ahead business will be More competitive but this is no cause for con Cern. Competition provides the same goods at lower prices or better goods and services at the same Price. The United states has grown to its present outstanding position on the basis of Competition in a free Market. We Are passing through a readjustment period and have been for a number of months but fundamentally this country is Strong. Persona savings in the United. Are now estimated at approximately 380 billion dollars exclusive of the holdings of corporate securities by individuals. We have far and away the greatest productive capacity of any country in the world. More than this the people of this country and Canada have not lost their fundamental traits of Thrift initiative and Faith m god. Our two countries will go to much greater Heights of Prosperity in a peacetime econ omy than Ever could be achieved in the midst of War. Metropolitan of 1953 during 1953, metropolitan s gain in life insurance in Force was substantially Large than was Ever previously recorded by metro Politan or any other life insurance company in any one year. Metropolitan s life insurance in Force at the end of 1953, totalled More than j56 billion. The number of peo ple covered under All forms of metropolitan policies reached a record High of Over 37 million. The assets of the company which help guarantee the fulfilment of its obligations increased by and reached at the close of 1953. Dividends to policy holders during the year reached an All time High of the interest rate earned by metropolitan in vestments after deducting investment expenses increased to 3.31% compared with 3.21% for and stood at 3.09% after the Federal income tax. Mortality continued at 2 Low rate. Expenses increased moderately largely because of the increased volume of business. In citing the 1953 accomplishments wish to pay particular tribute to the men and women in the metropolitan organization who have made these results possible. For Fitim for a More Complete Story of metro Oft Tan s operations during 1953, As embodied in the annual report to Pouch holders Maul the Coupon below. Metropolitan assets and liabilities december 31, 1953 a accordance with die annual statement filed with be Lonrance department of the slate of hew York my Assam Monument i Industrial and commercial u. S. And Canadian government provincial and municipal Public Railroad. Hocks All but Are preferred or m Loans on Urban on lifter decrease by adjustment of in the housing projects and other real estate acquired for investment. Properties for company use acquired m satisfaction of mortgage indebtedness an of which is under contract of 1.555.100.68 policy Loans made to polic Hokien on the Security of their chm and Bank depot res. 156.401.445.73 Othor Assort chiefly premiums and interest total assets to meet obligations .si2j3ll.933.367.13 amounting u Are deposited with Vario 203.i h.os4m a Paucar much Khz names in Rumm statutory policy thic amount required by Haw together with future and interest it necessary to assure payment of future policy benefits policy and div Momu with com Pany at by and pour Bolden be paid to them As directed at future for dividends re policy doktors Pav abit in Polky claims currently outta Thlang Darm process o settlement and estimated claims that yet been reported or kor Polky obligations. Payable a Security valuation prescribed by the National association of insurance commis skiers Contino Oncy lot looks Ahonor orig options. Total obligations surplus funds surplus total surplus funds. Total obligations and Suk flus funds i Public under the requirements of Law or regulatory authority. 3.27o.m is i0.683.000.00 Mora Titan in a Miami co. Ii my to. M. T. Metropolitan life a insurance company Toufani Mam ones 1 Mab of avs Nim. New Yoas. A n. V. Plow. My copy of you w Roc Rhotem for i95j. The local metropolitan life insurance co. Representatives gladly offer their assistance with your insurance problems. J. O. Crump manager 1606 w. State Street Bristol Tenn. K. A. Outlaw assistant manager--124 Commerce st., Kingsport. Dial cd 5-3681 d. G. Tiller e e. W. Roller e r. W. Feil or. E Jim Blessing l. H. Galloway Harold Pope e Lloyd Hill

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