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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 23, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday february 23, 1353 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwardi. Or. Pull lbs j. W. Welt. General manager w. J. Caul fire editor Ellis Pink it j. editor 220-23 t. Market Street. Ken sport term. Member of the associated press. Southern mews paper association and the Aalt Bureau of circulation an Independent dem Catte newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The Assoc lated presi exclusively Nett turd to the use for publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in Kin sport. Tenn. As second class mall mutter. October 21. Under the act of March i. 1879. National advertising of Presman lives Shannon As inc. With offices in new York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. St. Louis. Kansas City. Lot Angeles and ban Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week today s Bible thought and said unto him. Go Wash in the Pool of Siloam which is by interpretation. He went his Way therefore and washed and came the times daily tonic All the Scholastic scaffolding Falls As a ruined edifice before one single Bonaparte. Merry go round Hollywood the voice the senatorial investigation of the by Drew Pearson Washington at the president s latest get together luncheon with members of con Gress his. Guests once again admired his Al most completed portrait of golfer Bobby Jones. During the conversation someone remarked that Ike was As Good a Painter As Winston Churchill. Of no i m just a replied the president. Churchill is a real artist. A famous authority once stud that if Churchill had stuck exclusively to his painting he would today be the world s greatest while the Jones painting caught the eyes of his guests Ike s own Eye was caught by a Necktie worn by gop congressman Gordon Canfield of new Jersey. Here is the reason Why Canfield wore a Cravat on which were emblazoned five stars topped by a presidential Seal. Kansas rebels it looks As if the republicans at least in the state of Kansas were determined to carry out their pledge of cleaning up when it hits their own ranks. For it s gop leaders who have been Yelling loudest about the lobbying fee of their new gop National chairman Wesley Roberts. Alf Landon former Republican candidate for president together with the Kansas news papers owned by the Seaton family Fred sea ton was one of the Eisenhower brain has vigorously demanded a clean up. Landon and others have expressed Public disappoint ment however that the Roberts matter was so quickly whitewashed by the White House. What Kansas republicans recall is the voice of America program threatens to juror created when William Boyle Vuie gift ilium. National chairman from the neighbor degenerate into some sort of farce it the state of Missouri accepted a fee of Only investigators Are not careful. We remm from the american Litho old company Ber How the Dies committee which real of by did a lot of Good work got a Black Eye 000 does not look Good. In the Public View because at some of what makes kansans particularly sore is its hearings All sorts of people with a yen that the building which Roberts sold to the us r f state for would have gone to the for publicity and sensation Weie allowed state anyway for it was built on slate prop. To use the witness chair As a soap Box. Erv the gr0unds of the state sanitarium at there was too much Loose talk. There Newton. Kans. In other words the state paid the out for something it already owned May be too much Loose talk about the and the new Gap chairman collected a fee of voice. The voice of America program is Cost ing this country a very Large amount of Money. Its purpose is to sell Basic Ameri for putting this sleight of hand across. Stormy Seaton editorial no wonder some of Ike s stanch gop sup my Kcjr. Imp porters blazed. Here is what the Coffeyville can ideas and ideals to people on the daily Journa owned by the Seaton other Side of the Iron curtain As Well As a Miry had to say to the people in free Europe. It is a Cam Here s the twister. The building would have pain of ideas and words and inevitably it brings in people of ideas and words known in some circles As the intellectuals. We know that some of these people have Peculiar ideas of what constitutes when the insurance real americanism. Many of them Are not by ebs Kere Johnson exclusively yours Hollywood is discovering 3-d but Eddie Cantor has discovered 3-e. It s what the doctor ordered for Eddie now that he s Back on his feet and feeling great after a heart attack which put him in the Hospital for two months. The doctor s prescription is engraved on a Gold Charm Given him by his daughter Marjorie and attached to his automobile keys. It reads dear daddy. Remember the 3 e the 3 e s Eddie has to remember Are Over eating Over emotion and Over excite ment. I even take a 45-minute Nap after dinner every night no mat Ter who is in the Eddie told me. When i can t sleep. I just think. Of course i Don t think about Marilyn Monroe. I confine my thinking to Sophie Tucker or Ted Lewis hat or something like there s an ironic note to Eddie s two month Hospital siege. The Eddie Cantor now filmed at Warner bros., ends with a Star having a mild heart attack and being told to take life easier. But it was Eddie re Veals a year before i had one. Now it s believable. I bet Jack Warner said. Thank you Eddie. You did t let us when he heard 1 was in the buxom Maureen o Hara s Crys Tal Clear answer to the question of what she thinks about 3-d it s Good for no limit to realism cinerama the new big screen process gives the illusion that you Are in the scenes. So this conversation says Alan Wilson May happen usher to noisy Patron at a cinerama showing you re disturbing the audience with your talking. You la have to Patron i can t. You see i m in the Winter landscape Catling chads Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe a Motorist trying to avoid a pedestrian ran into a Telegraph pole and sued the pedestrian. It would have been cheaper for the pedestrian to let the car hit him and then sue the Motorist. Moral Don t try to avoid a car pedestrian. They la get you one Way or the other. A husband can wind up in the dog House if he barks at his wife too much. Nowadays everyone has a flu ent Way of talking. Tommy tangle Tongue said he could t go to school because it had a flu epidermis. Some people think that Al Cohol is the Best flu remedy. A Here lies George May he rest in peace for him we should show pity when the lady said do you like my he said yes i think they re to hide the evidences of age women from the paint business steal a Page and for that famous and line they fall save the surface and you save when the Hunter shot at a cow by mistake and failed to hit it. The cow said to herself poor fool he does t know what he s a. You Don t know what you re missing May often be quite True but Don t feel sorry for yourself you la be worse off if you do for the Only things you really miss As through life you go and the Only things you wish you had. Are the things of which you know. Jean Peters and the Bachelor vocabulary. The latest victim of reverted to the state without Cost since court decisions have held that when a private group constructs a building on state property it eventually reverts Back to the state if the Pri vate organization no longer has use for it. There was a Clear Cut agreement in 1928 that the property would belong to the state movie executive who does t like to see his name in print. Somebody has his wires crossed. Allan Jones announced he would Yodel at the Coronation but the Touchy ones in charge of things around Buckingham Palace Are screaming not mar the level fore the Senate group May have of which challenged of politics steadily deteriorates committed perjury and this pos the use by politicians of either if Avrami nerf he a party of the big Lac. I in 1950 in his race for the if you Don t know what you re Senate Nixon was opposed by missing. Representative Helen Gahagan you re not word smear becomes More Sivility is being examined by a party of the big lie. It s almost All Over Between and More a part of the political Federal grand jury. The deliberate calculated smear is shown to have been vice pres ident Richard Nixon. With journalistic Enterprise the smear should be exposed in All its ramifications and if in ail its Ramaca Puiia aim u. Ivc Picoco ours -------0-. A i. Not Fri in when any Laws were violated the guilty Douglas that Campaign in Cali off As fellow should be punished. In this space again and again this re Richard Wilson in look Maga Porter has pointed to the grow Zine has told in detail the Story fornia was singularly bitter and acrimonious. Mrs. Douglas charged the smear was being does t know. What he has got. Used against her. Murray Chotiner Nixon s Cam there Are four kinds of people. Those who know they know to use it any further. But nobody bothered to Check the files. So the state of Kansas paid for a building which was in the process of revert Ture there must be a great Deal of error ing to it free of Cost and wasted Effort men of Good will the Normal processes were not applied. Ana web leu clip in. M tru. air Fri was trend toward fraud and of a forged letter intended to gangsterism in politics and How _ show that Nixon was being sub hey imperil the Basic freedoms pain manager in 50 and again know none Mam and Percy Kilb Nde Sidi Zed by the Oil Industry up to on which our political system is last year says this charge can ust Mey know in a year to represent the based. Not be sustained since Only mrs. Who Many republicans have in the Douglas own record was used recent past seemed if not to in he says further that the support alerted by a i for another in the a and a Kettle series. Colleen Grey and Robert stack when i asked her if the film would be shot in 3-d, Colleen Why were they not because the word was said no we have a Good no disagree about the effectiveness of this the t tin Deal is of put it interests of that Industry. The circulation of this forgery was timed to follow the disclosure that Nixon As senator had benefited in carrying on his official Tig a the fellow Ort the business from a fund raised by Otner Side of the Fence with a who know they think and those think they think. Of the rabble rousing fringe rep a fellow can always find trouble if he starts Hunting for at the oppose resented by the followers of Ger wild owl but -1j t 0-Iiu idea or that idea. But aside from errors made in Good Faith we have to be on guard against those who would use the voice of America to sell wrong ideas. If we have in this country Many people of questionable loyalty and Many More you feel Loyal and yet have ideas that Are More communistic than democratic we California businessmen. That fund was one of the sex foul was All right. The destructive doctrine that the end Justi Aid l. K. Smith was repudiated by . That is not always True of an automobile Mechanic working on Topeka were the governor s office and the office of the state Republican committee made himself a neat less sex Taft to Ireland the Irish embassy has privately informed the state department that they d be pleased without them Many of us would never know where we d been the night four years to decide exotic Merle Oberon one of the screen s All time most Glam Orous stars is Back in Holly Wood greasepaint for the first american ambassador to Ireland. Mick Utteg a t. A ii. Lilt i v. Jii a my j 1-o.i o ail i Utch Iulg can appreciate How appealing the voice to accept William Howard Taft Hias new Over her first telefilm emoting of America would be to them if they could get hold of it. Since it would pay the reds to stifle the voice As an instr by pointing out that candidate integrity of decent citizens. Adlai Stevenson had dispensed s. Fund provided by private interests to supplement the salaries of state employees who could not otherwise afford to accept Public employment. The look article makes Public Nixon s the Senate committee that in that funny noise in your car. Vest gated the Campaign against to Tydings made some specific certain Beach resort has let it be known that it will permit scan tier bathing suits than election Laws should be More one of the notorious instances realistic so that candidates could other places. Apparently trying was the Savage Campaign direct accept Campaign contributions to get More male patronage. But and exercise control Over flies de against former senator Mil this was in relation to the High Cost of is promising the impossible. Largely directed through the of television and radio. As it is to Many a Young Man who sees it fice of senator Joseph Mccarthy Day satellite organizations raise Tofy future in crime winds up it included a tabloid Money and spend it in ways a with a Lily instead. With it took me a Long time to make up my mind about Tele highly acceptable particularly in View of vision but i think it s a Jolly evident in Nis famous television ment of Selling democratic ideas it is Nis outstanding work As Deputy chief of the Good time to be in Campaign Sheet carrying a faked candidate cannot restrain. Photograph showing Tydings these and other recommend was limited o his off Cial Salami and Browder tons have been ignored. So have Las communist Leader together. This the Fin dogs of a Senate commit attack is believed to have caused tee that showed Gross irregular Tydings defeat. Ties in the expenditures of Sena logical that the reds would try to in filtrate too. The present investigation is intended Nis son. To see if this has been done and to get rid of anyone trying to sell us out. But the committee has an obligation to avoid Ega Mission to she just starred in her second talk to the nation Nixon took the senator Taft is delighted with the Irish half hour video drama Allison the intense emotional 1rtr apr pin Flims Pirr ism. Something of that same in Tensity reply since he exerted no pressure on behalf for screen gems Ford theater. The tragic death of italian two Able ladies the smear tactics were Tor Mccarthy gated by a Senate committee it will not be enough tip to mat some Ana both democrats and re pub those who engineered the smear feline has carried cans signed a report denounce against vice president Nixon. If b to the ing this Back Street it results in a new and Broad a latest word inside the diplomatic corps is by not accepting the unsupported words of sensation mongers and giving inside win Ose out on the White House idea their marriage sent Merle into seclusion two years ago with thoughts in the Back of my head of retiring. But when you be Maine who had previously with of the ordeal for Nixon and i a Senate committee is invest and what was it May be meant As a compliment to say a Man is Independent As a hog on ice. But you can bet a cent that More often the gent you speak the words has the intent to say something not Nice. People who act without think ing often get into trouble. But publicity to their people the impression of her becoming Ambas sadness to the nether worked since. You were 17 its of in testifying be j a in Riff Milr do nothing. Of an atmosphere of comedy. Some of the witnesses have very Loose tongues. When a Man says i believe certain men it. It seems that no fed issued her historic declaration eral Law was violated. Yet the be Nelp Fri rethink without Active seven other Republican senators family it will mean a major gain people who thins without acting for All concerned. Never get anyway. Lands. Informal representations came from both the italian and dutch governments that they did not relish lady diplomats. However the hours in a woman s naming them Are Friendly to the communist he should be forced to be More specific. To have such opinions broadcast Over the country is bad very bad. When another witness tells a lurid p 1 us jul l a full .t11jw tale of being invited to join a free love does not Nave the Irner mediate political backing group or a group that her imagination of mrs. Luce nevertheless her general Fedor led her to picture As a free love group action of women s clubs representing difficult to do last year Merle starred in an English film Twenty four and now As gorgeous As Ever she Boothe Luce s appointment to Italy due to a heavy political debt to time life Fortune publisher Henry Luce. Both mrs. Luce and mrs. Houghton Are extremely Awe and have a wide understanding of foreign relations. And while mrs. Houghton but Lana and Fernando have been having quiet sympathetic Telephone conversations lately. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Plans a full scale return to big u qut screen and telefilm emoting. Wedding Bells soon for Merle and her doctor admirer Rex Ross he s the Best Friend i told me. But there s no in the Tongue is a remarkably ing an electric Blanket healthy Organ but when some have you any suggestions causes a person to mrs. M. H. Thing does go wrong with it it sigh every time he takes a deep is dangerous to treat overheard by Gracie Allen at May be distressing and is always breath could it be that i am so your ear yourself especially with awfully lonesome for my Daugh something Sharp which could daughter Ter since she got married puzzled sounds like a habit the Brown Derby what she needs is a shot in the difficult to believe but True puncture the eardrum or dam age some of the other sensitive tissues. Most Likely the itching she is going off on a wild Tangent. The fact is that the reliability of wit Nesses should be measured by their own care in measuring their words. Some of 000 women throughout most of the world has been a potent Force for better International understanding. Few organizations have Dono More than mrs. Houghton s to win people to people Friendship. Some of the women s club leaders Are a bit these witnesses Are quite evidently using miffed at the fact that Ike Felt he had to words that they do not weigh in Advance. They Are making insinuations and stat ing what they believe without being pre pared to give real testimony to Back up what they say. The committee investigating the voice most certainly should look into the make this Choice Between the two ladies. Five percenter worrisome. 21-year-old what is called geographical me Diate marriage in our for the first time in his career Tongue. The Tongue peels in a c b. Demille is in the Oscar spots gets better overnight and which might have started from comes from an eczema or a where this leaves Arlene Dahl the Best direct then the same thing occurs lonesome Ness. If this is the Case chronic infection which usually and lamas and Lana Tion and Best movie of the year again and again. Is there any you should try to overcome this can be cleared up or at least and Lex i could t be knowing the greatest show on thing that can be done lonesome feeling by engaging in relieved by the proper treat Reader useful activity rather than to ment after the area has been this curious condition sigh Over something which can examined. The surface of the Tongue a not be helped and is probably pears slightly elevated and is for the Best anyway ridged Over in certain portions. What causes this is unknown. Side glances it has t been announced but the govern ment is drawing up a master blacklist of All five percenter and businessmen caught cheating on government contracts. In the past each government Bureau has kept its own private list of troublemakers background of every Man or woman who a lobbyist barred from doing business has been connected with it. That sort of with one Agency could shop around and often sign Plush contracts with another Agency. Under the new system however All Chi Selers will be placed on a main list where govern ment contract officers can spot them instantly. The new order put out by the general services administration states each executive Agency shall establish and maintain a consolidated list of firms and individuals to whom contracts will not be awarded and from whom bids or proposals will not be investigation can be done carefully and quietly without waiting for people who themselves have distorted ideas to make sensational charges. It in t fair to Bandy about names of men who have had Good reputations merely on the say so of some witness when from the very testimony of these witnesses one May suspect that the these lists will then be pooled by Gas and the master list will be distributed to All other charges grow out of intellectual Pride agencies. The general services administration and a difference of to Inion As to what would make Good co. To say i have seen scripts that i considered detrimental to american is hardly enough to make one jump to the conclusion that those who wrote the scripts Are red order sets Forth the following causes that would justify barring a firm or individual from dealing with the government conviction for commission of fraud in the obtaining of contracts or in the perform Ance thereof 2 conviction under the fed eral anti Trust statutes arising out of the submission of bids 3.i conviction for com Mission of a criminal offence in an attempt to obtain a contract 4 wilful failure to de be and should be the instrument of great Iver in acc0rdance with the contract food it should be cleansed of its weak violation of the provision against contingent spots and bad spots but wholesale condemnation that might result in killing sympathizers. The voice of America can a kept during the past 10 years it would have it would be just what the reds would like saved the taxpayers millions of dollars. Had measles As a child which affected my ears. Now note on question or. Jordan is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However once a out our Way the wife bought a new easter hat the other Day and it reminded me i d better Stop off and pick up some grass the disorder does have a ten however it itches inside the ear week in this a a column he Dency to come and go and be almost intolerably. I use a tooth will answer the most interesting come somewhat sensitive. How pick wrapped in Cotton and and the most frequently asked Ever it is considered to be of no soaked in boric acid but it is a questions received during the consequence and does not re real torment once in a while week quire any treatment which is More or less ineffective anyway. A describe an Arterio sclerotic heart. How does this condition affect one s length of life m. A. Is a rather general term which merely indicates that there is some hardening of the blood vessels around the heart. It is often associated with High blood pressure and de pending upon the degree of difficulty the age of the patient and other factors but May not seriously affect the expectation of life. Have been bothered for a Long time with cold feet especially in the big toes which seem to go dead when i am rest ing or sleeping. Please give me some information on this. M. S. The trouble is apparently worse at night than when you Are moving around it seems doubtful that there is any Seri Ous difficulty with circulation. You could try warming the feet in hot not burning water just before retiring. You might also have less difficulty with this us be. They be hassled that thing four Miles from town foe a secret party amp i would come was Bobaj Thiry peaks too soom

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