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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 23, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeWomen s work week s club events by Gay Pacley up staff correspondent new York Mold monday women of the Moose . In the Moose Lodge. Kingsport Junior service league at 8 . At station wept. Kingsport Kozy Korner Klub new univ. General meeting . At the de Gelatin salad Long an easy Church. To prepare favorite is taking on Omeg St chapter Beta Sigma airs. I Phi at the Kingsport utilities now because of a new and . Faster method of preparation past matrons Ana patrons at developed by two food Compa . With mrs. B. M. Thorn Nies it is called souffle salad. 1300 Wateree St., or. The souffle salad is a j e. Murray assisting of Mayonnaise and fruit Fla hosts voted Gelatin plus either Sunshine class of first Chris fruits or vegetables. The new Jitian Church . With Ness is in the Way it s mrs. J. A. Flora 1409 Fai Ridge the Freezer compartment of the drive. Refrigerator. Knits of league of women the staffs of the two test voters As follows Chestnut kitchens general foods and Ridge at pm. With mrs. R. Best foods said this is the first e. Bevington 3706 Bristol High time Freezer treatment has been i Way town at . With recommended. While the chill i mrs. H. M. Smith 1429 Bright ing hastens congealing it drive Greenfield at 8 p. Not affect the flavor or texture m. With mrs. G. W. Hakanson of the preparation1906 Linville St. Jackson Heights takes about an hour. At 8 . With mrs. John Sagal directions Here is the Basic recipe. 1 package Lemon or Lime gel Atin 1 cup hot water cup cold water 1 to 2 Tablespoons vinegar or Lemon juice i cup Mayonnaise i Teaspoon Salt ave. Tuesday Wesley Fellowship group at Forest View Mission gravely Road . Kingsport chapter association for the preservation of ten crisis is Here to stay Likely to Rule policies for Long time Kingsport times. Monday february 23, 1953 3 by Frank o Brien Washington up o n e thought which can work wide and deep changes in the nation s Economy May be said to dominate the new administration s economic policies. It is crisis has come to stay. Out of this the Eisenhower 3 virginians i treated Here three Virginia persons were treated in the emergency room at Holston Valley Community Hospital sunday afternoon for minor injuries suffered in traffic accidents Here. Sue Jane Trinkle 7, of Appa see president Eisenhower in the Lachia va., suffered multiple next few months bringing their abrasions of the body and legs troubles with them car Many Are old frit o. Days As commander of Atlantic Harry can keep about fourth of abrasions i uie Usu Anu Memoir Maminas when she was thrown from a car Many Are old friends from his Luu Liyo Mother. Mrs. O. Davs As commander of Atlantic foreign leaders coining to see Ike bringing troubles along Mother mrs. It collided out to the Princeton educated foreign minister of Belgium Paul Zeeland. He too will have military problems on his mind. As it stands now the last Man Wasoff Noton up Trinkle As it collided with forces in Europe. Foreignisecre-1 visitors list is prime min in rement tax experts figure that another vehicle at the intersect tary Anthony Eden of Britain it Laurent of can government has evolved an president Truman will Tion of Lamont and Willow Premier Rene Mayer of France country with which the and Chancellor Konrad nomic program which follows consistent line through tax budget monetary credit debt management controls support and regulation policy. Much of the policy has Al ready emerged in word or action. Much More is disclosed in the speeches and publications of Eisenhower s chief economic aides before they took office. But the administration is Al ready engaged in two running fights with Congress Over farm prices and tax reduction. How much of its Well ordered economic program the essentially non political business plan administration can put through the politically sensitive Congress is a question. For the program would involve at least get to keep about one fourth of streets. The estimated he will receive from publication of his a 10, i memoirs in life Magazine next passengers in a car driven look is a half Sizer dash of Pepper and 1 to. Cups vegetables fruit meat nos Joee antiquities of poultry fish cheese or eggs. I noon at Ridge Fields country designed to make you look taller dissolve Gelatin in hot water club. For reservations Call 3087 More slender. Proportioned per add cold water vinegar Mayon before 11 . Tuesday. Blend i factly for the Short Fuller Fig Betty Mcmurray 17. And of Macarter 18, of Hiltons list. West Germany head year. He will fare a country has no has been so though about the proposed St. The first to arrive will be Lawrence Seaway with Canada t Fulp Pirtle i _ i to a final state of the Union message come British foreign Ife Magazine next passengers in a car driven by the first to arrive will be Lawrence Seaway with Canada Wayne Olinger were slightly in Vard Lange Norway s foreign to get u. S. Government a win Lare better however injured when the car hit an em-1minister. Lange is coming for a co_0peration and trying despite the Republican Congress off the Bloomingdale United nations meeting but a difficulties to get it alone. Gards the advice he gave in his Road at 3 . Will also visit Washington feb. Fin an of to no mock acre i _ _ 9 r by i v ii to 66 in Mexico transit disaster miss Mcmurray was treated.28 for a lacerated forehead and next Ana votes a tax Cut. For a me Rales or. Truman s tax liability Carter for an injured nose j Secretary Eden Ana Chancellor Der present Law cannot be Fig a ured precisely because it is not r was apparently woo nov j Unin of the exchequer r. A. Butler. They will be in Washington urea precisely because u is Iii Grerr they will of in Wanmui known exactly How much he will j injured were and March 4 to 6 for what Are he rat i fro his memoirs nor none of those injured were a pvn Lorat be paid for his memoirs nor what deductions he will be Able to claim. However tax experts assume that he will take advantage of a1 provision which permits an author to spread his income from a Book Over a period of three to the Hospital. A facially Pruglo Hilll wuu1u v v temporarily sacrificing and re a years and that he will been rising some pretty cherished j titled to the lower rates prevail Ling for a joint husband and Treasury leaders wife return ideas the by Hunters in Tazewell called exploratory trs freely con later Sterling be made Artem disaster in Mexico City j. Ilc 1jcw i. 1 Cool j u _ have Given evidence they Hope at present Ner big Nave Given evidence Mey worries to Hammer out a new tax on a author Green thumb Garden club at ure 1_ no alteration pour 8pm. With mrs. Robert up this design m Cusp policy with Congress ii624 Carolina ave., mrs. Steve Cotton to Wear from now right against it. Secretary Motovi hrs comm or so smart ten Rlph Marion a Toi Naise Salt and Pepper. Well with rotary beater. _ voor or or into refrigerator freezing tray j i624 Carolina ave., mrs. Steve Cotton to Wear from now right against it. Secretary Humphrey a year Quick chill in freezing unit Backer co hostess. Members through summer. So smart under Secretary Marion m without changing control. 15 requested to bring foliage in stripes Secretary w. Randolph in lop of to 20 minutes or until firm fruit for arrangements with a pattern 9369" half sizes Burgess and tax adviser Dan Home state of Misso about 1 Inch from Edge but soft Ces sories. 161, 18y2 2ov 2 22v2, 24v2. Size i Throop Smith have quietly been Iree per in the Center. Turn mixture into a pcs of Mayfair methodist 16y tales 4 Yards is Inch fab circulating through the offices bowl and whip with rotary beat a Church at . At of senator or until Fluffy about 1 minute i. Church for general meeting. To us pattern Ives on Capitol fold in vegetables fruit meat advanced atomic nursing m Complete illustrated in their talks with c i poultry fish cheese or eggs. Course for City Pat women at Chart shows you every step co operation and Rou flu Iii pour into 1-quart Mold or . In the practical study Are prominent words. Div dual holds. Chill until firm class room. I in Trtria it ends William Mcchesney Martin jr., in the refrigerator not the ujb.c., 2 ., at the Kingsport for this a a coils ii chairman freezing unit this time. In utilities. Hostesses mrs. W. A each pattern u you Wisn Isi i Tazewell a. General chief civilian of Whoie 14-Nalion in Congress about representatives Rescue workers the smouldering Puli v. No will a five. On his mind the problem of each wreckage of two wooden nary Western Coyote was slain contribution to the big trolley cars which collided Truman s sunday after a Brief Chase some of them head on at High Speed Satur Missouri has a through a posse of 150 Hunters. Be determined until Day night 15 Miles from Down state income tax. In the past year the Coyote they know hew much Aid will town Mexico City. Did an estimated from the u. S. J i morgues and at police pre to the purebred shepherds of the i mayor Ernes Reuter of West cinch stations grief stricken Berlin will be in new York. Relatives helped officials Iden Fertile and Scenic Burke s Gar e Den Section e. W. Wilson Taze March 10 to Confer about tiny the dead. Mold and Garnish with salad Douglass mrs. E. C. Gillenwater greens. Serve with . B. J. Terry and miss Bess Mayonnaise if desire d. Four six Servings. Food to be used Day at when making vegetable and or. E. Gibson Davis speaker meat salads add v2 to 1 table executive Board at . When is wednesday Pepper second Day Circle holy trin Here Are some suggested ill Neran Church . Editions the social rooms of the fish fowl or meat tuna mrs Carl Roessler pro i Salmon crab shrimp lobster Gram Leader mrs m Burnside Chicken Turkey Ham roast mrs t c Fritz hostesses. Beef Lamb veal or luncheon class mailing. Send Martin care of to Kingsport dress with zone size number. Four texans dead family Den Section c. W. Wunsun March la 10 us Mari Nuutt Many o Well county game Warden Esti refugees from soviet dominated were children. Two Ware preg mated i East Germany. No doubt he will Nant women. Many were burned the beast was to Earth come to Washington. Trolley was Rio top 47 old Tucson i before the month is out the City Bouno Rouey ,.-._________ ofes Siona Hunter who drench Premier Rene Mayer and 90 passengers from a serve Board backs them up. New York Well to it and expenses from the i foreign minister Georges by picnic area one of the above said pro do Long Island Jwell county Board of super Dault will be in Jav pattern lately we jute not putting for six been visors for the Job. I French have even tougher i Toura Lee brought four special problems than the Brit Early in april. Konrad Ade Power line were knocked Down Orin Eibak. The aging West German atop the wreckage and in a throughout the area then put Chancellor win make his first Lew minus. Huthes coyote6 talk about Germany s Ems mingling with the Roar of was to Western defense the flames. Times news of rathern a Seiy we air missing Lur Sui. We Civi Imo Ceu 232 West 18th St., new York a program which we Are i a pauper s grave in in air into in y. Print plainly name to take up the Hill and a new York City Potter s Field _ with ?.nne. Size and Stvil Eltro to ram Down the Throat of Karl Virtanen. 59, of Mineola and style try to ram Down the Throat of Karl Virtanen 59, of Mineola Congress. We Are asking for n. Y., who owned a floor refine ideas. We want reports of Juning business a resort hotel meat. Raw vegetables beets Bage carrots cauliflower. And several studies from the Hill. We _. Suggesting joint studies. We do Long Island apartment houses not suppose that All our ideas was reported missing last will be accepted and some Zofjia by his bookkeeper. I by almost a dozen shots. Yesterday new York City Wilson said the beast Raymondville Tex. Them we will not even propose. We Hope in the end to have a coherent program for a solidly i based Economy acceptable to cab 10 is. I. Ruiz. Kaymunuviijijr., la. Deasea Economy a View methodist a pcs at rhe Cavazos and Trevino Broth a Congress and to us. I. In the Fellowship riot it out in a tavern yes a Here Are the Foi lice reported that Virtanen had had in a for general meeting. Be Arcadia hic at Era shot it out in a Laverm it erday killing four members of Anatoes or watercress. Cooked vegetables asparagus., Woodrow a beets Broccoli carrots celery. With mrs de Graham Corn Green Beans Lima peas Pimento and potatoes. I t Lilii Tirfe i Wmk. 2 . With i the two feuding families. Bloom i officers weren t Able to demonstration. That program find that sparked right that killed George Cava will Lead a Nunt Tau ecu inc Woodrow hic at .j 23. Banjo Cavazos 41 to _________1 Graham. Women s Council of first been found unconscious Manhattan apartment House elevator Jan. 8 and died of Nat foundations of ural causes an hour later in a Hospital. Police said there was no indication of what he was doing did t like name in the apartment House and been Soen several times in the past year but was too Fleet of foot for Man or beast to catch alone. An estimated 410 sheep were killed by the predator. Christian Church at noon for fruits fresh Frozen or c0vered dish luncheon. Canned i apples apricots Avo i women s Council Cado berries Cantaloupe Cher Christian Church at Trevino 31 and Manuel Trevino 30. Narcisso Cavazos was charged with murder in the slaying of of two Trevino men. He was 20, the nation s Economy was m the apartment nouse by England top with a Lone Strine no relatives could be to Bucklebury ung Iana our Dura enea with a Long string 01 the Bucklebury Village coun officers said Bucklebury Village coun arrangement Sicil did t like the name Ceme emergency measures and a is of to another Cem , selected instead the name ii. Every by friends. Angels Corner. Relieve aches and pains due to colds to get prompt Relief from head aches muscular aches and and general discomfort caused by colds Lake Quick dissolving fast acting by headache Tab lets or powders. By and powders also offer extra it Relief for neuralgia and functional periodic Paini. 0 family s be bottles 0 i 1 0 c noon for freed on Bond. Advanced atomic nursing course to meet tuesday in a Irv Pat women Trinity lutheran Church Kingsport City Pat women Cavazos entered the in Tristian in urn at Ries. Cranberries Grapefruit Coverett disc luncheon. Grapes Melon oranges peaches. Pears or pineapple canned thursday Only Kingsport Book club 3 p. M with mrs. W. R. Gilmer. Hobby club . At the a .32-caliber pistol. Home of mrs. R. H. 1413 Oak Street. Mrs. J. F. Willis _ co hostess. Kingsport today Rebekah Lodge regular meet w ing . In the Lodge Hall. Virginia currens Circle of holy who Are taking the advanced course in atomic nursing Are re minded to remember the class that will be held at 7 . In the practical tuesday. Nursing class room a second series of classes for county Pat women will be held . In the social rooms Vincent Paul program Leader mrs. R. H. Alvey and miss Eliza Beth Alvey hostesses. Litz Manor hic at . With mrs. Walter Bradley Cav Ern drive film on Frozen foods will be shown by l. P. Gregory. The following sched 0 u March 2 at 7 ., birth of i mrs. George e. Pierce the baby by Jean Graves . March 9 at 7 . After care group at 8 . With mrs. Lee monday civic auditorium in main auditorium teen dance class in game room boy scouts in club room 5 in in. Of . Alumni in Corner room Dan Seuss recreation Center game room activities Low organized Trames Frank l. Cloud Retreat Len Center game room activities celtic auditorium tuesday basketball games in main am Orlum Shower party in club rooms 1. 2 and 3 Daniel Boone boat club in club room Frank l. Cloud recreation Center girls club and game room activities at Ridge Fields tuesday antiquities luncheon noon. Public health nurses dinner. Old report utilities dinner. Do class recreation Center game room activities drive basketball practice wednesday civil auditorium wrestle not in main auditorium or i. He Iran a Lobo. Private party in club rooms 4 i of the premature by Cyrial Rinrix a 19-10 Callb in Corner room Tup and abuse of anti Friendship at it. Jul dinner and Bridge. Graves use Ana House of Aioli Kingsport utilities for i. Cio a Center by Freda dish luncheon. March 23 at 7 . Temporarily Blind by Delores Bledsoe . Recognition of the unconscious and dead by Delores Bledsoe care of the mentally disturbed by Jean . Friday Circle 3 of Westview Church rummage Sale at Stanley game room activities in the old chamber of Graves. Antiquities group annual meeting at Ridge Fields game room activities Commerce building Rebekah Lodge ., in the Lodge Hall to Confer degree. Medical doctor wives with mrs. Meant b. Shobe 913 Broad Mai mrs Street . Shannon Allen and mrs Robert Jones. Brownell says i High and extraordinary i Lorenzo Trevino taxes. Stringent regulation Di-1 , the emergencies where the chief objective is to survive. But they say such measures re essentially foreign to american free Enterprise econ my and can Only be accepted for Short or definitely limited periods. Otherwise they have the destructive effect of dope on its victim. It is a curious one High official said that the Little War in Korea has had a greater effect on us than both the world wars and the Depres Sion put together. That is be cause the world wars and the depression were things you could put a limit on. You could accept All the sacrifices imposed because you could see a i time when they would end. J but the attack in Korea has i made us realize that now we Are up against something we will probably have to live with the rest of our lives. No Man is Wise enough to say when communist pressure might end. It is permanent crisis and we must have permanent preparedness. We must have a permanent munitions Industry and a permanent Large armed Force. On a permanent basis we must be prepared to help and defend our allies. Now it is not a matter of survival during a Short crisis. We must learn to live with this 7 when you sett it to tooth Achi Viii Nolt Lasi recreation c enter game room activities plane Pong tournament 7 is thl Rudat civic basketball games in main auditorium basketball game Kim sport elks is. Roser Svi be pros Frank l. Cd nil recreation Center fr1dat aids Orlum by reservations Are being made for the annual open meeting i the Kingsport chapter of the association for the preservation of Tennessee antiquities which will be held at Ridge Fields country club tuesday. J Washington up actor members of the association Are privileged to bring one guest and All prospective members Are invited to attend. Reservations should be made before 11 . Tuesday by calling 3087. Club in club rooms rim Laii recreation Center game room activities Frank l. Cleiv recreation Center Square dancing saturday Ray la auditorium quartet concert in main auditorium Noni uss recreation Center game room activities l. Cloud reer Katlun Center Bingo night Kin Spont inn monday Optimist. Club in club room at 6 tuesday Lions club in club room at noon Tri state accountants club in Laurel club Hoover conic and dealers meeting in com a Merce room at 3 . Toastmaster club in Laurel room at r . Dale Carnicle school in club room at 1 wednesday -1 1 rotary club in club to treasure always a distinctive photograph by several oui of town guests Are expected to attend the luncheon. Rifle game fatal to Kansas youth Mcpherson Kan. 17 year old boy was shot to death yesterday while he and three other youths were playing a game with .22 rifles. Undersheriff Lyle Dickinson said they were trying to see How close they could shoot at each other without hitting. One boy s was poor and Phillip Kumle was killed by a Bullet in the head the officer stated. Identity of the other three boys was withheld. Joey general Herbert Brownell or. Is standing Pat on an order. Issued by his democratic Pride i j Dunn Cessor barring movie actor. Thursday Charlie Chaplin from returning to this country. United commercial travellers annual a Justice department spokes do Rirl u Man said the order has not been club in club room at noon reviewed by the department s new Republican officials because there is nothing that needs re the order he added is definitely still in effect. Former attorney general James p. Mcgranery issued the order last september shortly after Chaplin sailed for his native England with his wife Oona and their four children. They Are still abroad. City Mission the Rev. Roy l. Parsons Ford town tenn., and the Rev. Charles grills will have charge of services at the City Mission this week it has been announced. The Page quartet will pre ent special songs. Services will begin at pin. Phone 123 111 Cherokee St. Croup f1bst Swallow of or. Drake s Hwi t. No monthly cramps. Not even on first Day you May be suffering needlessly from the functionally caused cramps pain and weak no Good feelings due to menstruation for actual tests by Takham s com Pound stopped or gave amazing Relief of such distress in 3 out of 4 of the cases even on the very flirt and wont Day of the monthly period or new improved Iron. See through out the does t cramps. Backaches. You Lee better and of urine your period you Wifler from functional hot flashes of change of no. Out How wonderful it Nojaim i it for that too h m a thai us 41 Wert Mere feat rec Efer Yea a Vikete or Tang no Ford Ever held greater Promise of Long lived value than this sparkling new 195s Ford. Look what you get you get Road ruling go in Ford s v-8 and six engines. You get Ford s new wonder ride for a new concept Riding Comfort on All roads. In Ford s Quality design Crest Mark body you get living room that s the finest most comfortable in the Low Price Field. No wonder they re calling Ford the new stand Ard of american Road Sezr. Nor window big window. Vow bitty. 901 Ming from emm of . Shaffer m far of gift Crim. By Telepak Sci m to he wot tit ii b c of 53 Ford ride Fec Furm like iwo Ami Shock abhor by of taxi. Powei Rivot heals Frap o Elim oot. Dorty Dolty for Holm and to Ink Cwm he or spi incs on both front and nor Wafi for Graat Oit i etting comport. Mno mkt p01m Phot you Wilh go on Ramoutor oof o. Cd six. Soft to Yout Mot Ogorin. Mart Prodi Pmj. Choki m m up. Or can pay More cart Craft motors inc 202-220 e. Sullivan Street phone 3340

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