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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 23, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Bise. P m Moonset tuesday Hill Moon feb. 2 evening stars Jupiter High in the Southwest in the evening Twilight sets pm. Venus Low in West 821 . Morning Star , in Southwest 24 All Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 38 Kingsport tenn., monday february 23, 1953 8 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy and not so cold tonight lowest about 30 degrees. Tuesday increasing cloudiness Milder ble rain. Local noon temperature 37 last night s Low 20 sunday s High 49. Germ warfare i charge against a s. Renewed reds say captured americans confirm germ weapon used Tokyo communist Weiping radio said today the reds had quotes from two Cap tured american officers to Back up their claims that the United states is using super secret germ warfare in Korea. The communists after soft peddling their germ warfare propaganda theme for several months revived it saturday. Again in a sunday broadcast they pounded the bacteriological warfare theme and said Gen. James a. Van Fleet was Dis missed As 8th army commander because he admitted the use of bacteriological weapons in Korea. Today they said two Cap tured senior officers of the u. S. Marine air Wing have confirmed that the u. S. Joint chiefs of staff directed the United states forces in the far East to carry out planned germ they identified the two Cap tured fliers As col. Frank h. Schwable and maj. Bleys in Seoul a Marine air Wing spokesman said a col. Frank and Chile threatened austrian reds lose in voting socialists gain another coalition moderate leftist government Likely Vienna Austria Russell says billion budget Cut Promise is Campaign talk _ Pigeon ranking Democrat or Washington of the Senate the fiscal year 1954 which of m Richard b. Russell a a committee sharply sins july 1. Parts said today he doubts the he predicated size i Taber said 18 of the experts said administration can trim More die reductions in military will concentrate on than from the de spending will result from presi spending Lor Union promised efficiencies sense spending budget without getting into the Bone of Amer ican military he dismissed As services. Dent Eisenhower s drive Nate waste duplication will be eleven other task costly Competition among the forces to Hunt for savings in other government departments. A. Taber set no specific goal for from for tons committee i _ j. Arc Ruh i Moscow e. Bohlen state Counselor has won approval As u. S. Ambassador to Moscow according i ground in the voting held in the about but chairman Eugene d. Mil budget for july 1. 10 per cent on to an informed source in the red capital. S. Americans rap British in Island dispute Santiago. Chile up today to go before the Organiza Tion of american states to a nation s american British French and russian occupation zones. 1 the socialists polled the larg. Est number of votes and picked up six new seats for a total of 73 in the 165-seat lower Cham Ber but the country s voting Laws made Chancellor Leopold Figl s conservative Catholic peo Ples party again parliament s largest with 74 members. Because of this. President Theodor Koerner himself a socialist was expected to ask Figl to form a new Cabinet. J the Catholic Leader who has headed the country s governing Jose Pink socialist conservative coalition since it was formed in Decem voice inquiry Only Mccarthy says Wisconsin senator hints sensational disclosures slated president Truman s that he has put 75, completed in about four months rations i and red troops and talk the Republican Promise i chairman John Taber coalition government of con b d t by iop by of the House cuts but Serva Tives and moderate leftists to me a a Jai is nov at inn Kim appeared in Prospect for occupied Austria today following Liam entry elections in which the socialists scored marked gains. The communists Neo nazis. I Catholic conservatives and All other factions in the country astride the Iron curtain lost on Korea front 130 reds Are slain in attacks Allied planes push raids Hopes Economy will be a the Pentagon could result in savings of Mil Lions not he pointed out the Senate Geoul Rorea preparedness committee Neazy communist patrol de by sen. Lyndon b. Was reported today along in All of its invest the Snow covered korean Bat waste and to front As Allied bombers found pounded behind the lines build of millions of dollars could be supplies. Washington stood up Vishinsky Back under the Long All set by Hal Boyle i one against his will had to stand new York 7p yesterday for Union against rebellion was the birthday of the father. It is hard to understand of our country. Washington hard to a yet few people know what i Preci ate Lincoln both went kind of a Guy George washing 1 against the Gram of their times j. Washington up sen. Said today Alai Okay Schwable. 44, Arlington va., chief of staff of the 1st Marine air Wing and his co Pilot maj. Auu Caricu Roy h. Bley 38. Cabool mo., last week s incident on deception j the again to Par were listed As missing on in the Antarctic. Itic Pate in the Cabinet. Ton really was. Took the hard Way out he is the daddy of us All and stubborn Guys yet he never had a kid of his probably harder for washing own. He started to give up once ton started higher in the did t. Social scale had to turn his Allied artillery and infantry men killed 130 communists sunday and monday in patrol clashes along the front. The reds attacked at various Points from Anchor Hill on the Eastern front to the far Western front. Action was especially heavy on the Central front where front line observers reported unusual movement of enemy troops close behind the fight ing lines. Yesterday 159 groups of red troops were spotted in the area some of them ranging up to a platoon in size. Allied artillery zeroed in on the communist groups As observers reported them and sent the reds scurrying for cover. Heavy Clouds closed Over York for most of North Korea this Tom Ipoh nlll1 lots 1 1 u Ace soviet Diplomat returns for general Assembly s session a Iii in Rob Inrig Ihrl probably nobody Ever really Back on More friends took minister Andrei y. Vishin Ling limiting United understood Goerge seven years to win drives nere today for to fighter bomber attacks i ii rim 111 Tolar of _ _ j tall lonely Man Lincoln did it in four Vin i Morrow s opening of the United in Nna Morrow 5 a so was Lincoln born in the course baud nations general Assembly and Camo Renil wintry month. To lean on when he Neiper Tuua i a pts Amer 12, 1952. Their plane was pre foreign Jeronimo ministers sum ably hit by enemy ground Remorino of Argentina and fire while on a reconnaissance Arturo Olavarria of Chile said i Here yesterday they will demand action n under the hemisphere defense treaty Britain corrects the situation. Argentina and Chile want Britain to agree to restore the socialist Interior minister of told i t0 see red claim Page 2 crime fighter receives Honor freedoms foundation awards announced old would newsmen his to to the Wisconsin Republican i Man too. As we As hinted that sensational new the Long of worst. Scattered air Force Marine and Navy raids brought the Day s total to two More gun positions destroyed and 17 Dain operate with the Peoples party to spare the country further suf Figl said he was proud that tilt. closures Are in the works As he shared a passion of Belef scheduled a closed door people in this world Dontje at really stand for anything Over did one stood for re Bellion and Union the later of dug up by staff investigators. He would not indicate the a. Of Washington it was t until Woodrow Wil son came along that another could handle the eng Fage 2 itself ready for attacks were plan j pointed by unarmed Mosquito see s u1uuu a his party was still backed by so Ture of the new charges by. Said p othe austrian voters Concerne ing party last week on Island claimed by All three nations. Some huts and tents were torn Down by the British party and two argentines were deported from the South Shetland Island. There is Only by acted ment s overseas program. Meantime there were mixed to Pendents. This level from the Sou in one Auu Ioanu. On ring to uni the i Britain already has rejected for Gam of six seats for the social b unnecessary but several Valley forge a. A Mal demands for restoration omits losses of one each Lor rom of taking the Man who was beaten almost to the installations. I conservatives death with baseball bats for disputed Island is and the the idea o taking the out of the state de Assembly acts local Bills report on Browning probe due tuesday scientist says Man winning War on germs the russian and his party were scheduled to arrive aboard the liner Queen Mary at 2 . Est. There was no indication what policy Vishinsky would follow at the general Assembly session but it appeared certain he would do nothing to help pave the Way Light planes. The overcast also failed to Stop radar guided b-26 Light bombers which destroyed 125 red Supply vehicles and one locomotive during tile night. It brought the number of red trucks destroyed in the past 12 nights to us London scientist said fighting crime in his Home Britain As part of the Crown of three party rep re Genung Cicur 111 Ihbe Lumc by a Tricam As pan. It Tuc nun. today was the possessor of a of the. Falkland islands Senta Tives generally Allied with freedoms foundation award for anti dependencies. An outstanding contribution to the american Way of life. Robert Niemeyer formerly of North Lake 111., was one of 800, persons from All walks of life who shared in awards totalling. Other winners were Catholic Bishop Fulton j. Sheen actor Robert Montgomery and movie producer Cecil b. Demille. Each received prizes from vice president Richard m. Nixon at the conservatives. Louisiana s last civil War vet general Townsend Dies at 106 Olla la d Townsend Louisiana s last surviving vet eran of the civil War and one of the nation s last seven died in Home Here sunday night. He arts 106. Was winning its War with Bac Teria. Nashville local Bills or k a Bissett of birding 1 session is on tap tonight University one of Britain s special citizens advisory the 5953 general Assembly but bes. Bacteriologist said commission made the recon activity in the legislature is exit was about time that scientists for a settlement of the korean Fig Henry Cabot Lodge jr., newly i Supply routes appointed chief american in pre Dawn raids on a 65 acre i Delegate to the in said of the Supply area i russians in a television inter and a Supply repair Center eminent View sunday Northwest of Pyongyang their attitude shows at the today Mankind present time at least they wish to continue the War in Korea. Heaviest ground action of the week end came near Anchor Hill in the far Eastern sector attitude shows Sherels where 91 North koreans were not much use spending time dancing and splitting hairs and that sort of thing. But their mentation for a new Agency to shift out of Low gear t the tiny creatures to work attitude May Cabinet rank to handle All this week. For the Dene fit of the the Best guess among Western seas information and counter a three weeks of actual they plagued for so Many Cen observers As to Vishinsky s in propaganda programs sen. Henry m. Jackson d Wash a member of Mccarthy s investigating subcommittee said the idea sounded Good and i think something along that line ought to be Jackson said the Only Way to save the overseas counter propaganda program is to Start sessions have Only brought about the passage of one Gen eral measure to give Cit ies one cent state s Gas Oline tax. However two key factors this week probably will Speed action. Tomorrow the legislative Turies. In a continuing discussion of the Aims of science of the second elizabethan Era Bissett said the Long fight against harmful Bac Tea. Had prejudiced some scientists against beneficial Bac Teria. Investigating committee reports the main danger from read or write but his memories of that from scratch and give it some Andi w Robert e. Lee s dignity and prestige in a new Dement t disease producing bacteria mentions was that he would use president Eisenhower s de neutralization of Formosa As a pre text for renewing charges of United states aggression against China. When asked if he expected new Formosa charges from Vishinsky Lodge said that As representative of the Eisenhower j 3 jets crash one flier dead 4th plane missing on european flight Newfoundland ceremonies historic forge Park yesterday. I army As a private for three years was wounded and for a time Agency. Niemeyer who no longer uses h rho his real name and who lives far from North was beaten a 11 severely by unknown assailants. During a one Man crusade i ii against rackets in the Illinois town. He finally left his Home town to protect himself and family. I the freedoms foundation jury of 30 state supreme court jus a times found him worthy of a prize for bringing a better under the Washington Democrat standing of the american Way through his suffering. Still disputed advisory group is called by Durkin a prisoner of War. I the Washington Democrat also the regular committees Townserl s death left four said disclosures in the i Vestiga survivors of the Confederate Tion have Hurt the voice s ef-.full-, army and two of the Union of activeness. By the seems to have been met and i administration he was ready St. Ajr Force said. Since j for the when cities disclosed today that introduction of modern the Assembly officially opens authorities disclosed Road. _ of of both houses w ill get Down to methods of Hygiene we no tuesday afternoon but will not three or both houses win bal longer suffer from the great Epi-1 get Down to business until. Saturday _ time the army he is survived by his hearings Are Over they will have. Senate fourth wife mrs. Maggie town i pretty Well decimated the Send 62. He was the father of j he told reporters children by previous mar prior to tonight s session the demies of plague or typhoid wednesday morning when the finance 10 sailing survivors of the Confederate army Are John Sal Washington the i Bishop Sheen won a first place Nower administration today award for his weekly television. Business and Abor repro program life is Worth living. A to seek Ling 106, of slant a. Walter to r. W. Williams 109. Of in Kwh mfg Roll ill Iii Tex. Thomas e. Riddle 104, of Austin Tex. And William a. Lundy 105, of Laurel Hill Fla. Survivors of the Union Arn Are Jama a. Hard 112, of Roch noon gathering will be 10 get we is and if Ever which once caused such main political committee con ways Yenes. Plans which have shifted immunization has saved Back and Forth Over the past thousands of children or More now Call for be Bills out to the floor for action tomorrow. Observers believe Senate action on a Bill to establish presi-1 dental primaries in the state appears Likely this week. Sen. Charles Everhart of Glasgow by. Grand Kingsport Ona of the adminis and two of his grand nation s Senate leaders and a burned to death Early member of the privileges and committee which see bacteria Page 2 ginning with the korean debate. One flier and that a killing fourth program life is worm Vine. Tarves a Chance to seek Are Jama a. Mra in 01 destroyed their elections committee which coffer ky., 10 would report the measure said boat y for his Public address silent Taft Hartley la Json. 106 of Duluth Minn in met Heta Vors such a proposal. Montgomery s Racipio pro j porn sects of agree mrs. Townsend said the Gen Imi ies Gram. A citizen views the q brought him a first place Bright gunman blonde deny they killed couple for share in Holdup loot Pueblo Colo. Accused Bank robber and his pretty blonde girl Friend today denied they killed a Man and wife prospects of agree Maior Points were not honorary rank had county. Prize. Funeral set wed. For labor Leader Secretary of labor to whom president Eisenhower has Given responsibility for drafting Taft Hartley Law changes for Congress called together an advisory commit tee for its first meeting. A Tipoff to future legislation also is expected in the general his mid Day Nap he would not get Well this with two physicians in at Tendance he died at . Cost. His the Mother of the ably will detail his thinking on mrs Harvey Gibson and two major proposals yet Undis other children Michael 18 cussed by the lawmakers. Taylorville 111. Up Durkin last week with Eisen the body of Allan s. Okay is composed of labor Union Pioneer was members each representing route Here today for Public Industry and labor services and burial. Sides seem to have fingers the Cio executive vice presi crossed on any successful out Dent suffered a heart attack come and collapsed while telling one Durkin said he will of his favorite jokes to a labor Ever suggestions he gets gathering at Wilkes Barre. Pa., the committee m pre saturday night and died 20 min. Amendments to be submitted to utes later Congress. He had just reminded his a hardly anyone including la Zience that the late Philip department death followed a meeting Durkin figures the labor and Miles from Here. Funeral Arents were not Complete. Home at the time of the fire. I weights. Fighter and its Pilot were miss ing off the Southern tip of Greenland. A delayed report issued from the fort Pepper Ell air base Here said two of the pilots involved in the triple crash Early saturday had escaped unhurt. The Accident occurred near Goose air base a Royal Ca Nadian air Force installation outside Goose Bay. The missing Jet was last heard from about 100 Miles South of Greenland and an extensive search for it was under Ray s just like Haywood was 64 Industry members can agreements on am reach shakeup of defense dept. Aims at improving vital operations order to pocket the lion s share of in stolen currency. Pistol packing Louis Albert Sturgis 23, of Detroit and 20-year old Virginia Mae Iser of Kansas City Kan., were captured in an abandoned barn near Here sunday after they raced their Auto through a police Roadblock. Offered no resistance when cers surrounded the barn. Fri agents said they would continue to question the pair about the double murder last month of James c. Fahnestock and his wife Billie at Kansas City Kan. The Fahnestock Sturgis and miss Iser were All charged on Federal complaints Aiken thinks farm Price peril past Washington up sen All four aircraft were part of a flight of 16 u. S. Thunder jets making a routine trip from Pep Perrell to a european base via Goose Bay and . They were on the Goose to Greenland leg at the time the air Force said. Pepper Ell authorities said the three jets had turned Back for the Labrador base when their flight Leader discovered his auxiliary fuel tanks were not feed Aiken a it said today he they were making a the peril Point has radar a with the robbery of the Rosedale i passed on farm prices. In formation when the state Bank of Kansas City have been ran out of fuel. A dangerous decline is under i a three slammed into the Way. A spokesman said. The farm prices Are stabilizing at report he released did not specs Washington four years experience with the National defense department has proven it to be inefficient his cautious language was failed to produce desired re close to admission that of suits. The Roll Call of Wilson s str forts to unify army Navy and air Force Art fouled up in Rray Utju a i. his death caused an Indef Short of some Miracle. The Nite postponement of Al Cio committee me include labor Unity talks which to such figures As Al president been scheduled for this George Meany. Cio resident is to have helped j Walter Reuther president har possible merger Ofira Moses of the bituminous Coal operators association and Ben can Scaun Jujj Uycic in but edme Nesland Likely to collapse under the service jealousies and the i deadly indictment of the organization upon which depends the nation s defense against a Haywood was negotiate a the two organizations. He was the third major la Moreell of the Jones Bor Leader to die in recent Laughlin steel company months. Murray s death nov. 21 and it was Clear that Durkin Tor Strain of War. Those Are the grim facts be of appropriation pie. Valry of each for a bigger slice enemy. 21. Sturgis and miss Iser were arraigned on the Bank robbery charge sunday night before u. S. Commissioner Jack Jenkins. Their Bond was set at and they were returned to Pueblo county jail for More question ing and later extradition to Kansas to face trial. The Fahnestock bodies were found in a blood stained Auto at slightly lower Levels and they May go up Aiken said in an interview. That does t mean everything is Rosy but farm prices Aren t going through the the agriculture department meanwhile forecast that farm Hind last week s move to reorganize the department. Presi Dent Eisenhower is familiar with the department s deficiencies. His Campaign speech devoted to National defense promised Secretary Charles e. Wilson pinpointed the problems feb. 19 in announcing selection of a commission headed by Nelson a. Rockefeller to overhaul the department. Wilson put Spe Cial emphasis on getting a responsibility for failure of unification plans to unify he robbery although found in a. Income from the Sale of products Kansas City shortly alter them w about two was Green president of the Al. J Union and Only Democrat to the labor Leader s relatives the Eisenhower Cabinet in Here said that funeral services tended to make a try at least a ill be held wednesday at the i at winning some degree of Taylorville on Taft Hartley Church. Burial will be in Oak changes fair to both labor and kill cemetery. I management. Lear that us rom Lur creation of a committee to re proper definition of the Al plumbers study departmental opera within the department the fax tons. He went further in his ing of responsibilities the is first annual message to con to abolishment of methods to of found on the husband s body police said they believed the slayers made off with the Cou pie s share of loot from the Rose persons on the Security Dale Holdup. An All Points alarm set itself than on the broadcast for Sturgis and armed services and for the muscle bound condition in which the department finds it self is placed by Well informed brass. But the brass is partly to blame. Service rivalries and the organizational set up of the joint chiefs have combined to tha Orco facts and develop sound joint chiefs lilies. Ordination of the department policies. Miss Iser. James b. Poster Fri agent in at Denver said about believed to be part of the Bank Money was found on Stur gis when he submitted meekly would e about two and duplication. Security act of 1949 which has i team. Riib me i Imtair me army Navy and air Force to a 25-Man posse composed of As a policy making s same As in february of last in january it said receipts from marketing were approximately the level of Jan uary 1952. January receipts from live Stock and livestock products were reported to have been or about 6 per cent under the figure for the same month last year. Receipts for crops however were up 14 per cent Irby the same month of. 1952. By whether a collision in flight had occurred. So lunar tables Thi Ich adult of Solenir put Myu. M Doln Ltd below by been from John Aldo enl Fofi so lunar tables flu your Days so Chat you tub Flash inf to Cood territory or nun tent id food cover Duroni Umei. It Rod lib to Tod the Best that each Day ban to offer the Malor periods an

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