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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 20, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Friday. Feb. 20, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper Meny go round Hollywood c. P. Or. Public w. J. Editor j w. West. General manager kills pin Katy. Executive editor 220-22 e Market Street kilns sport. Member of the associated press. Southern publishers association and tire audit Bureau erf circulation an my Pended demo Antic newspaper published each tiler non except saturday and sunday. The associated Frew exclusively to the use Tor publication of ill news dts Natches credited to it or not other let credited in paper and the local news published herein. Entered at Posl office in Kingsport. Term., Serin it class mall matter october 27. 1944. Under the act of March 8. 1819 National advertising representatives. Shannon a an Noc Mies inc. Slih of Rex in new York Chirac. Detroit. Atlanta. St Louis. Kansas Cut. Los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year s12.00. By Carrier daily and sunday one week. 40i. Today s Bible thought and because be Are sons god hath sent Forth the spirit of his son into your hearts crying Abba. The times daily tonic All the world s Joy from the grave of our risen r. Miller. The weak Reed news is news but there is such a thing As making a news Story sound a lot More important than it is. There by Drew Pearson his latest get acquainted luncheon with members of Congress. Presi Dent Eisenhower spoke seriously about the re lation of prayer to Freedom. But there was a Light note when he was Given a toy elephant it or a Democrat. Congressman Frank All is made for love Boykin of Alabama presented the elephant made of Maroon coloured Felt by a 16-year-old irl presidential admirer from Mobile. Ike promised to write the Young lady. During the luncheon the president recalled again How he happened to include a prayer in his Ina Guiral address. The idea first occurred to him he said while listening to a very Fine prayer by the Rev. Edward l. Elson at pre inauguration services at the National presbyterian Church. A lot of Good people including doctor Al son were praying for me and it occurred to me that i ought to do some praying for my said the president. The Only reason we Are a free nation is because the almighty creator to whom All Mankind is responsible is keeping us free and our prayers will help us to hold on to that secret tax debate House the tax Cutter is hiding some confidential statistics which shoot his own tax reduction ideas full of holes and would materially Aid White House objections to the Bill. Part of the secret data is a Treasury department report showing that congressman Reed s Bill would reduce government income such a thing As playing up a Story for about annually at a time when dramatic effect when in actuality the facts of the Case do not warrant such emphasis. The present attitude and a sheltering a statistical table prepared by sex i . t if top in the administration wants to balance the budget. The ways and Means committee also is by Erskine Johnson exclusively yours Lucille Ball s return to Mem As a comedienne in the Long Long trailer is poetic Justice in the Short Short Story class. As an Mem Star a few years Lucy was Given the 24- Carat Glamor girl treatment Over her protests but gentle men you re making a Bip mis take. I m a character. I m a the studio never agreed with her and finally let her option drop. Now Mem loves Lucy so much that she and Desi Arnaz will collect for one Pic Ture. Marilyn Monroe is wowing male fans but too Many Femi nine moviegoers for obvious Rea sons Are giving her the icy treatment. Fox is striving to Cor rect the still be sexy but dished up with a laugh. Gentlemen blondes ruts her in the comedienne class to be followed by How to marry a in which Shell play a near sighted doll who goes around bumping into doors Guys. They re telling St on Vanessa Brown. Picked by h. V. Kalten born As one of 1952 s outstand ing women along with Princess Margaret Rose Vanessa finished her evening performance on Tion of a majority of the House ways and Means committee on the subject of an Farly Cut in income and excess profits taxes is a Case in Point. Or. Reed of new York chairman of the committee has been quite vocal in the presence of reporters on the tax Cut and his insistence on immediate action pert Colin Stamm of the joint committee on Broadway in the seven year taxation which explodes Reed s publicity claims that his Bill will substantially help the Little among other things Stamm found that in other actress Der the Reed Bill a Man with a wife and two Margaret Rose is she children making a net annual income of 000, would get a tax reduction of Only then went to a smart spot to celebrate. Said an but who is this in the a 55 cents a week these were some of the reasons Why Sev eral members argued against the Bill at the has apparently carried the rest of the secret session. Oddly enough it was five demo Haymes Nora Eddington diff republicans on the committee with him crafts Boggs of Louisiana Cooper of Tennes clues on Yogi leanings. Of replied Vanessa. She s appearing at the this and data pals Are blaming the Dick Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe hear in spite of the fact that president Tisen Sylvania and of who chiefly Penl for Hower has expressed a Strong opinion on the subject an opinion that is not in Accord with or. Reed s. Committee chair men have Strong Powers of persuasion first movie Ever made in s. Release just went cameras in Lima Washington calling by Marquis Childs it was bound to happen. With women trying to be More and More like men it develops that they soon Start losing their hair like men. Imagine Bald headed women. Is that carrying Equality too far when politicians swear they Are going to cooperate with the other party when the Public interest warrants you May be sure they do not expect their idea of Public interest to War rant it very often. People become All in by going All out. A politician in Arkansas pro poses a tax on bachelors because so Many women Are unlucky 1 enough Noi to have brother what a foolishly male thing to say statistics show thai Afler interviewing 1000 Maiden ladies and married women Only one half of one per cent of former regarded is As a misfortune that they were single while 26 per cent of the married women regarded it a misfortune that they had a husband. A. A visitor to the Senate gallery who did not know Senate faces listened to a speech and asked his neighbor is that Morse or Humphrey it s got to be one or the other. An educator says that when it. Comes to salaries school teachers Are in very poor shape when it comes to1 salaries. According to the nid tradition the school teacher was supposed to be a woman but to look As Little like one As possible. Carried the cudgels for president Eisenhower before the during the closed door debate though in the a Story about buried end they voted to report the Bill out. One of the first things president Eisen Hower said in his state of the Union message As or. Cooper of Tennessee the rank was that we ust balance ing Democrat on the committee pointed that we must know now much we can out this action of the committee not Only flies in the face of the administration but it flies in the face of All Good procedure As to tax legislation. The com Mittee bossed by Reed feels so sure of itself that it holds no hearings at All it seeks no advice it scorns consulting the Treasury or anyone else As custom and caution would advise. Or. Reed feels he Reeds no advice no time to think it Over. Suggestions from or. Cooper to go slow to pause a minute Are brushed aside. Or. Reed intends to have his Way. The Bill will be killed Over his dead body so he says. But what or. Reed has stirred up is not a revolt. It s merely a tempest in a Teapot. The Teapot is the ways and Means committee. His Bill must now run the Gauntlet of the rules committee where it May get smothered but even if he succeeds in getting it out on the floor his Chance of seeing it passed is very Small. Just How much support he will find among the Republican members is inca treasures Diana Lynn and John Lindsey Are having reconciliation talks. Kroger Babb who made millions on mom and is plotting a new Birds and bees Road show Mem s Cut Federal spending before we can reduce taxes. This Bill would do the very opposite. Also the Public has been led to believe that the leg Haye a isolation would relieve the Small taxpayer wherever whereas in reality the proposed 5vz per cent reduction would bring the greatest Relief to higher bracket taxpayers. If the committee is seriously interested in tax Relief for the Little fellow let s give him More than 53 cents a week. In these times that s just about enough to buy two packages Wood by lord Beaverbrook s Brit ish newspapers in a Row Over unfavourable movie reviews and cancelled advertising sounds like about the tidelands Oil hearings Washington if anyone still doubted that a sweeping change has taken place in Washington president Eisen Hower at his first press Confer ence made it abundantly Clear. What could hardly have been surmised from the nature of the of controls considered too rapid in the past Crade i hat it turns and arbitrary. The president out. Suns tanks and planes and talked about the natural work ing of the economic Law. He said that this could be counted on to keep prices if their proper relationship one to another. An overwhelming Supply of automobiles ice boxes television sets. The Economy is not to be freed All in a Rush. President Eisen picture Complete with lecturers. Campaign last fall or from or. Eisenhowe s background a n i conditioning is that the emphasis was largely on problems Here at Home. More than half of the time was taken up with the Domestic Economy and much of it with falling farm prices and Price some would go up others would Nower pointed out that the de go Down. Julius Caesar will five minute overture it plays with Oscar Winner Miklos Rozsa doing the composing. No. Myrtle it s for for eating pop Corn. Of tidelands hesitation inside latest blasts against Holly need pay in an of the Senate Interior committee which deals Wilh tidelands Oil talked privately with English moviegoers Chi Atric treatment. American gangster films. The papers Are screaming Are forc ing London Heaters to hire and controls. The president traced the downward course of cattle prices from january 19, 1952, when beef brought to Jan uary 23 of this year when it was now said the president. The return to a fee in the last Congress is Ouy free Economy. It came out in ing butter at the rate of a Mil the president s discussion of taxation when he spoke of the very necessary objective of restoring private incentives by scaling it s funny about Standard Azpr jokes. School teachers Are sup posed to have High powered brains in nondescript bodies while secretaries Are supposed to be dimwits above a streamlined Chassis. Maybe you think it funny that All congressmen Are called honorable. But hold it. What about All reporters being called Gen of the press lion pounds a Day. Actually these purchases vary from a million to a million and a half pounds with a standing there was the Story of the woman who went Down and bailed her husband out of jail Down the Burden of taxation offer by the government of where he had landed by getting once the budget has been cents a Pound for Grade a but drunk and blowing his pay brought in balance. Ter. Thus from to Check. Then she took him Home what the Eisenhower admin 000 a Day goes to buy butter that beat is ration is undertaking will re quire the stubbornness of an Arney mule and the fighting the Price is going Back up again. Spirit of a Mountain lion. The quires can be held in storage Only a certain length of time before it becomes rancid. The Law re that butter prices be out of him with a rolling pin. And sent him to the Hospital. Modern dancing is not As Bru he said singly. He said hopefully reassure a Irv Roar already directed at supported at 75 to 90 per cent Tal As wrestling no matter what Secretary Benson is a Sample of of parity. The former Secre it looks like. But then modern it against the Back Sec Ettry c the Inte o m Cav n Advance Stead of Ushers. When the lights e hearings found him not anxious to go up after the show Young men o d Nathly. The spokesman for the add Ger out to annoy the usher guards to patrol the aisles in ground of an intention to sup of St port Secretary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson in his Effort to free agriculture from the kind the reaction to a declining econ tary of agriculture Charles p. Wrestling is not As brutal As of the More or Brannan fixed the current buy looks either less permanent inflation of the ing program at 90 per cent. Past 10 years. Manv kinds of monetary and 1 i_1 4 the massive spending for War credit to ministration is the Lead off witness on any ettes fight with the Doorman and sets the Pace for con wrench Ash trays from the Walls Gas by Mckay Hung Back said he would testify later. This is what happened. Meanwhile the boys who have been urging tidelands Oil for three states instead of 48 Aren t As Happy As they might especially the boys from and Louisiana. Folks in their states Are gradually waking and trip and Elbow Oie custom ers they catch on the stairs. Comedy about a card Sharp Butler. John Brown s or maybe they re just body is Bank night for to Power. His weekly take from the show is s8000 the Farley Gran that began in 1941 put an end to the mass unemployment that started in 1030. No amount of new Deal tinkering pump Prim government today which did not exist in 1929 when the crash put an end to the Boom of the 20s. There Are also cushions to pro a Jean Oiin Eruik. And so Forth had had More vent a too precipitous drop. The due w Iwon Ovi for Imant launched Aue Tion we do know that speaker no to the fact that the Holland tidelands Oil sters coming up with mad theme _ _ _7. L timid hic Annn to san cars for the film. Martin and the other big wheels Are not in sympathy with Reed and the logic is that More of the regulars will follow Martin than follow Reed. Then there Are the democrats who would love to smack Down a Republican idea. John Mccormack remarked just the other Day with a Grin that the democratic party expected to save the president Many times from ill advised Republican action. But even if by some Odd Chance the House took the bit in its Teeth and put the Bill through in spite of Martin and the rules committee and the democrats there would still be the Senate. If there is any one in the Senate prepared to play the part of or. Reed he has been less vocal and he is to Buck people like Taft and Millikin. Off hand a tax Cut Bill opposed by Tal t would have the same Chance As a Snow Ball in that other warm place. So it would seem that there is going to be slim Chance that president Eisen Hower will have to exercise his veto Power. Like some other incipient Battles be Bill now before Congress will be a big Boon to songs for the film. Their Tea. Madman s theme song Vincent Price s mad monster Ger Dawn Addams Romance adds role in House of Wax has gag up to publicity. In truth mar theme i. A Hole in one made with a than a temporary and limited result in getting the Economy k to Normal. Ever since 1941 vast sums have trick in the Experiment launched by the Eisenhower administration would seem to be to have a Little enough to California but not to states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. The reason is quite simple. The Holland Bill gives the states title to Oil three Miles offshore except for Texas which came into the Union under a special treaty and gets 10 2 Miles. However there just in t much Oil inside three Miles or even except in the Case of California. How about i want a Ghoul Putter on a los Angeles Golf defense spending was drastic Al who harassed course rated Cameron Mitchell by Cut in 1949, the Edge of the Rise. The korean War in june of 1950 dear old sweaters bearing the Label hand knit by Rosalind rus Are on Sale at a Swank Beverly Hills shop All s Light and sweetness Between Mark Stevens and his moved to new York to be near he does a Broadway expensive note Lex Barker has a standing order with a glowing mention in time mag great Boom began to cur Azine. The first says unemployment began to Cameron that time Ever gave a Good review to a Hollywood been needled into the Economy Check the inflationary spiral and for War or rearmament. When Vlaste deflation May be As much of a trick As to have a Little inflation. Leading republicans in con put an abrupt end to that Down Fri Montalban. Beaming Ward trend. This sequence show ing the relationship Between government billions and Pios it would be with full cooperation. The Price of cattle became a terrible thing to Many a writer who did t pay any attention during the last two years. Or. Rogers of Texas says you can t buy a Book on How to train a dog without having a picture of a half disrobed lady on the cover. Pretty soon there will be a Law to take the covers off All books or put More cover on the ladies. A. Has Margaret Truman Given any recitals lately any texan would be insulted if you told him that his state a Rotten climate but if you Lucky California California s Oil is close to Shore. At Long Beach in some cases it s within wading Tance. A Little farther out the California Ocean Bottom drops off into a Cliff diving about Florist to Send Lana five Miles straight its i mossime to Drill for Oil More than three Miles off the California coast and the Holland tidelands Oil Bill suits California perfectly. Off Texas and Louisiana however the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico slopes gradually is never too deep and Oil can be drilled Many Miles offshore. Furthermore no important Wells have been drilled closer than 10 or 11 Miles from Shore. For instance the pure Oil fire which blazed in the Gulf recently was 14 Miles from the coast in All. Texas has collected Only about. 000 of royalties from Wells within the limit in recent years. The Good Wells Are farther out to sea. This will mean Mere peanuts to the schools of Texas which have been expecting big Money from the tidelands Oil Bill. This is Why voluble Price Daniels elected to the Senate Leween Ivair. Re Ciufu mum Iurii. Government a Imundo _ h Annelle. She s Over his Gay. Light roles at Mem is the background for the his a s anc1 a congressman Daniel Reed said had the Rotten est climate Turner yellow roses twice a Dikiy. Ann Miller s hush hush trip to Europe. I hear is for romantic reasons. Andy Devine s Click on to just won him a Choice role in the John Wayne Bob Fel lows movie. Island in the a a British producers Michael Powell and Emeric press busier Are paging David Nivon for a. Mexican i came to was Al ways the tragic actor with the suffering i will ask nothing of my col leagues which i myself am willing to undergo therefore i asked the Fri to Check my rec Cabot Lodge. I believe there is Only one Quick solution o the korean dilemma. That is the intervention of god in response to Billy Graham evangelist. Difficult Experiment to be under taken. There is still another striking fact in this relationship. While defense spending continues at a level of to millions a year the american productive machine has Beer so expanded committee on the tax cutting path in spite of repeated warn Ings from the White House. It is like watching a Man on you know about All the forces pulling against him. Of any state in the Union most any texan would take that As a compliment. Dumb Dora thought the reapportionment Bill in the legis lature meant they were going to Divide up All the Money again. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan. . Glances Vui Wulc in us axh1ji. Tween the president and Congress this Aro ply because of his tidelands Campaign will is not Likely to develop. The advocates of a tax Cut fight who Are counting on the the chairman of the ways and Means committee Are leaning on a weak Reed and those who smack their lips Over the prospects of a Knock Down drag out fight Are going to be disappointed. It just is not in the cards that the re publicans in Congress could be foolish enough to Cross up their own president. A few May be that foolish but not Many. The smart ones really know that the party Rode to Power on the Eisenhower coattails and if they were foolish enough 1 to think they were supplying the Power they would be Riding for a fall. If a Mero Ber like Reed thinks for a moment that the people of this country Are in More of a mood to follow him than to follow president Eisenhower somebody ought to disillusion his mind and Tell him the facts of life. Or. Reed is not going to cause a Stampede away from the sound fiscal policies of the administration by waving the Banner of lower taxes. We be Lieve the people know better than to Fol Low such a pied Piper and the republicans in the Congress will too. Have to get the Sumitr extended for Texas or else there la be an awful lot of Dis appointed folks Back Home. More and Morr slates Vare mobilizing against the tidelands Oil Bill and More Eisenhower leaders wish they weren t hooked with it. The Arizona legislature pre dominantly Republican recently passed a Resolution opposing any give away of tide lands Oil. Washington pipeline poetic Justice Downey Rice Ace investigator who was fixed by sen. Lyndon Johnson last summer has now been hired by senator Tobey to probe waterfront crime. It was Rice who turned up the Jersey City waterfront scandals last Spring which Johnson of Texas pigeonholed. Congressman Dan Reed who wants to Cut taxes whether Ike likes it or not. Is another general motors product. He used to be with the chamber of Commerce at Flint Mich capital of where better bricks Are built in four years veep Barkley has received More than 300 threatening letters from crackpots. Labor leaders Aren t Happy Over reports that Gerald d. Morgan will join the White House staff. Morgan once admitted that he accepted from the Republican National committee to help draft the Taft Hartley act. Immigration officials estimate confidentially that italians chiefly sicilians entered Canada in the last two years Many of them later disappearing across the u. S. Border. A number Are reported now camping out at Windsor Ontario trying to get into Detroit. Dad said he d up my allowance h i d give All my time to shorthand and i forsake my stage career for there Are said to be nearly 800.000 people in the United states who suffer or have suffered epileptic thirty years ago most of them would have become burdens on society today More than three fourths of them can play work and live happily without serious difficulty. Most cases of epilepsy begin before the age n 20. Although it is True that this disease a liking for. And usually starts in youth it is no respecter of sex race Creed or color. About one person in every 200 is afflicted but nearly one per son in 10 has. Some abnormal electric Bruin Waves which suggests that they too have a tend ency toward epilepsy even if they never show recognizable signs. Patients with a family history of epilepsy Are potential carriers of the disease but some patients who have convulsions do not show any signs of the family pattern. An unfavourable ancestry to cause children to react to physical and perhaps mental injury with convulsions. Patients with a family history of epilepsy and Early beginnings of the disease react better to some drugs than those with other forms of convulsions. The actual convulsion of severe epilepsy is a frightening thing to see. It May occur at night however and without any knowledge on the part of the Vic Tim. When this happens other signs Are Likely to be present so that some suspicion is raised and then proper Steps can be taken to make a diagnosis. Much research been done those afflicted with epilepsy epilepsy and other forms of should not engage in dangerous convulsions in recent years. This has brought Forward several new drugs which Are useful for Many patients. Diagnosis takes months it is not always possible to pick the right drug at first How Ever and it is said that an aver age of six months is required to select the Best anti convulsant preparation and the right dose. Occupations particularly with machines but neither should they be denied employment or activity which they can readily do. Employers Are rapidly learn ing that Many victims of Epi Oppsy can be employed entirely satisfactorily and the Blanket stigma too often attached to this disease should be removed promptly. Out our Way who knows i there May be a better Eye oath other Side Bymes Etter Reese wow his first Fame Livim a Guy a kick. In and a slap of the Neon i m always afraid those Amateur eve. Doctors will set the Pupil Croump to Lookin in am Cam t set it Back. To Loo Kim out Asiko hah look at that big now Roll your Eye the other Way away Over born thirty years too soon

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