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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 20, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset pm the Moon sets saturday . And will Lull Feo n dimly Wen below it tonight Are tha pleiades. Our satellite forme a Triangle with Elnathon the Constellation Taurus and tomorrow night n will ride High near Elnatha. All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 37 Kingsport tenn., Friday feb. 20, 1953 gasoline tax Sharin Billls signed into Law the we Fher Cloudy Windy and mild with showers tonight. Low about 40. Saturday Cloudy turning colder. Yesterday s High 59, last night s Low 49, noon Reading 52. Rain .16 Inch. Blizzard sweeps West Colorado students Safe cities to receive Penny of 7-cent tax local Bills entered Nashville if Tennessee lawmakers got an Early Start i today towards winding up the week s work which included i passage of the administration s first general tar i refund. Nashville i if both houses of the Tennessee leg from press dispatches the bus was reported lost As of Sterling Colo. A school bus missing on a Snow choked country Road for Over 17 hours with at least seven school Chil Dren and the Driver was found p. M. Yesterday. The sheriff took one Rescue party out but had to give up the nine e Central part search at Midnight because i i 13 a Asmas West of Here. Authorities said off the. Road Ana soon buried in total 01 shucked Snow at inches at Denver. Wheatland in to iof Wyoming. Snow. All the children were Safe and Well the children were said to j blamed have suffered no ill effects. Sher pushed its iff Ernie Brown said he found wednesday Depths in the area were two to of Thi up persons inches on the form which Auto and air traffic was slowed Roa Way into the area with winds that passed several local Bills in one to change the pay them at the farm Home of Mer Carey eating Bacon and exact number of children 1 was no Sterling reached 65 Miles an hour. The u. S. Weather Bureau to a crawl if not halted Power and Telephone lines were blacked out and Many Rural and Small Community schools were closed. Id u o. Vocab Llcy. Here said there had been greater the bather watchers sad Snow Depths but not As Snow would begin i of children Snow Aero tvs out not As i Usu my immediately sustained wind with a Snow out this morning but the winds i trim in hit the Day. Poti e Che Owen i storm in the Region since the big _ 1 "7 in of the High in five Days. Which has no hot water or toilet facilities. Nea photo nato Council restores joint defense funds Surprise move gives Ridgway Promise of million More budget season is Oft n grim military services want to assure readiness avoid too deep slashes Paris in in a nato coun move has prom by Elton c. Fay a military affairs reporter Washington is the season when the picture turns Tim and things Are in a hell of men and sent them to governor for signature. Only local Bills Are getting Senate attention today. But the i House Calendar committee has scheduled final Reading in the House of Bills making it a felony i to set a Forest fire renaming j the Tennessee Home for feeble minded and calling for the appointment of a University of Tennessee trustee from Weakley county. I gov. Frank Clement signed i the Gas tax Bill yesterday after lit swept through the Senate without opposition. The House earlier okayed the measure which returns one cent of the state s 7-cent tax to municipalities. 93-1. The new Law effective july 1, puts the municipalities in line for about million dollars in Washington iff sen Street repair funds. Mundt red said today a sen a Quick passage is also predicted j ate inquiry has convinced him for another major voice o America needs Tion Bill and Clement Campaign of new flood and a new Sef of a Sepa of direct ions for its Many Divi rate state department of mental Lions of new department looking 17 live the Eastern would last throughout the Day. Although temperatures were freezing they were not sub Ero nor what the weather storm warnings went out to Minnesota and Northern sections of Wisconsin and Michigan last night As they appeared in the path of the storm which erupted from the meeting of Cana Dian and Pacific fronts. Ear Lier 40-mile-an-hour winds had blasted both Southern califor Nia and the Texas Panhandle. High wind whipped Snow throughout Western and Central Nebraska late last night and Chadron in the Northwest Cor Ner of the state reported seven inches of new show. Winds there were clocked at 50 Miles per hour with gusts up to 60. And temperature about 10 above. Railroad employees in Western Nebraska told of Snow drifts up to six feel but said Snow plows were Idle. Voice probes claim situation looks Rotten sabotage of radio propaganda hinted shakeup in order allies beat off two red attacks u. S. Wor plumes relentlessly push air assaults hit near Manchuria Seoul Allied soldiers fighting in the Haze smoke shells beat off two red attacks on a West Ern front outpost in a bitter bloody clash Early today the reds attacked behind Man mortar and it denied him last Cember. Now the Council has to figure out which country will. Pay How much. J allocation of the additional 224 million Matching the Samel amount approved at the Council it is. Penance year 1 the time of d War in every some it happens Mayi British Secretary general of the North Atlantic treaty organization. The new allotment gave ring Way nato s supreme Comman Der a Bonus. In december he gop inherits ing Burden years there Are mysterious rumours of foreign sub marines cruising off american shores. Other years there Are set up a 15-member Board of trustees to look after policy or. Cyril of the Gailor psychiatric clinic at Memphis has already been Vinced a major shakeup is in order. Mundt Mcclellan and chair legislation and appropriations. Mundt Mcclellan and chair or Cyril j Puumann director Man Mccarthy a wis contend the testimony they have heard during four Days of hearings vapor trails from High flying unnamed by Clement to head the i seen unknown aircraft above the new division Northern defense perimeter. House yesterday Okay a a assumes a Napoleonic stance in the streets of Seoul. Korea As the wind and Snow of win Ter swirl about him. There Are thousands of these homeless warn Jerring abut in re in Only source of food and clothing an Occa Riu Rine tour uays1 i Tuuu to sabotage designed to signal Friendly Soldier Wholl make the voice s broadcasts in a share his rations and uniforms. Ike backs hot prisoner ruling forcible repatriation demands Are rejected Washington up the Taft hits Long Range plans left by demos Washington i red guards fire Northern Aei Ense it Rimpici. House Yesier Uay i some years people just sit down1, Senate approved joint Resolution nation land add up All the military and gee Assembly Page 12 diplomatic perplexities and in-1 Tell gence estimates and come up with a Broad and brooding and Black picture. Only yesterday a group of con Gressional leaders emerged from a elite House session with j intelligence and National if effective. Mcclellan said the sit Nea photo i. In of proposed 224 millions. I the budget. Council had not1, but he and sen. Problem of Colorado chairman of the Oil said looks the state department has accepted the resignation of or. Wilson s. Compton As head of its International information administration which runs the. Emphasizing his departure has nothing to do with the in i Quiry. Mccarthy said he plans Toj question Compton. W. Bradley Connors policy chief for the voice denied under oath yesterday that he had leaked diplomatic secrets so they could reach the ears of Chi Nese communists. Connors also we Rita i challenged testimony for a Berlin Lut a that he hat believe crackdown on refugees ordered Bellamy forms new Bond firm action follows ban by Sullivan judges St. Louis cardinals Sivey. Of the briefing they had. It was nothing new they the picture has been grim for a on refugees Uro Erea reach the ears 01 us bonding company Long time. Nese communists. Connors also liner shop by l. Important problem the congressional leaders then up trigger Happy i challenged Bellamy and wife of Blountville. By Ssher kill orders to halt the flight of Khizer. Area for hours. In the relentless Allied air War u s b-29 super forts roared Toj within five Miles of manchuria1 i in the Early morning hours and dumped 110 of bombs on a red communications and Supply Center. The air Force said the 140 acre depot 20 Miles Southeast of sin Iju contained 360 buildings a Headquarters area fuel storage tanks Supply dumps and Ware houses. I crewmen reported smoke and j flames shot feet into the Eisenhower administration air after a tremendous explosion. Standig squarely behind for indicating a fuel tank had been Mer press Dent Truman s hit one Pilot counted More than Sion to resist communist de 40 fires. Mancos for forcible repatriation the reds hurled antiaircraft of korean War prisoners it was fire and night fighter attacks today the raiding super forts. The air official sources said the and Force did not say if either Side. Ministration in its current Hunt suffered damage or loss. For ways to end the korean War. The u s. Eighth army today Nas emphatically rejected the confirmed that warplanes "pre-1 Dea of buying a truce by giving sued to be Allied killed three Jin on the pow Issue. U s soldiers and wounded five the allies now hold 121.000 feb. 2 in a mistaken bombing prisoners. The Fate of _ _ i 11sp see War Page 12 be Lautic military planners Felt that project hould be pushed ing Good construction we this Spring and summer. Com men Ting last night on the in crease a spokesman at ring Headquarters said jul i Lillie. V f4. Sure we will riot lift the Millikin told inter went on the tru we would have to 000 of those who refuse to re turn to their communist Home lands is the sole Issue blocking a truce at Panmunjom. Korea where negotiations were recessed oct. 8 when the prisoner impasse hardened. 1 Many experts believe the communist negotiators were hoping St Louis St. Louisi Lariat president Eisenhower s sex i cardinals were sold today f or i pressed interest in ending the iiia.i.1 increase it but we re not going on the Truman dog rescues infant Irving House German refugees from East Ger Connors entered his Many. After John c. Caldwell who had any. Zierk such a shoot to kill order j worked with him in China fed As been in Force since last termed him a very ruthless of the Cuit and criminal court clerk in i to Blountville. Thursday Deputy inc., of St. Loiis one of the a clerk Howard l. Morrell said too the spokesman who asked i be that his name not be used said must have been heavy for the bigger allocation because the military authorities As represented night before else was a mrs said she Llsms uccj1 Atli. incl 111cm in june along the Frontier of West Germany and the forbidden j soviet zone of occupation Buti nou Halcu nil lavs. April 23 meeting of Atlantic pact foreign ministers. With sums previously military outlays supplementing this. Chairman he Senate Berlin. West Berlin police said one Nian was shot when the red guards fired upon two men who 5 e he barked furiously to have the door opened. She said he ran directly to a play pen and now been set aside for the nato building program. No gasoline Price increase seen Here although most Knoxville serv ice stations thursday in creased gasoline prices by 1 cent per gallon Kingsport whole salers and retailers Friday said they expected no change in gasoline costs locally. Service station managers Here explained that they believed Competition from Virginia Gaso line stations would prevent a re Tail Price Rise within Kingsport unless wholesale prices increased generally. Man Man underestimated spending for the next year by 2v2 billion dollars that would put the prospective deficit herself. Figures at Over 12 billions. Company has been de scribed As a new operation with a new License from the state. The action followed by six Lulu Huju Coj Anheuser Busch would prompt him to re Anheuser Sider demands that All i prisoners be sent Home at Bay Tion s largest breweries. Onet necessary. The Sale was announced joint present indications How Ever Are that the new adminis i. 1ic 00.1c Vav do j by by the brewery and Fred m. Saigh. Who decided to take him self out of baseball after getting a 15-month prison sentence for Iii . A la Mon Jar Isuzu Days the prohibiting of Blount-1 income tax evasion in to the National by Home town today despite gloomy weather Kings Lla Lucu port s football fans were in High decision by circuit August a. Busch jr., president spirits today to pay tribute to Nefe on the brewery becomes presi two All America payers who bonding. Pare 12 ident traction is not even interested in Early renewal of armistice talks. It is concentrating instead on military and other pressures to make the reds want an Honor j. Cross from the soviet sector of 0------., the City into the u. S. Sector yes port s football fans were in High the to now to Ter Day. In a similar incident. West Berlin police said communist user Iii juju in a to the Yard. Cards shot at two women who or Stimson said tha not Guarac sue lecture 0.11 of mrs. Stimson until then did other part of the _ set up Between West sectors of settings Bonds in the Kingsport division of general sessions court. The order was handed Down in addition to numb Vicli i Cut my. League franchise the cardinals Able armistice at a own nine minor league clubs and. The current administration have working agreements with six others. Have brought Fame to the City. Hal Miller All America player from Georgia tech s undefeated team last year and coach Bobby Downs sixth red Mother of newest Jet Ace begged of Advance . Set up Lcou team last year the City and the russian former All America from pied surrounding t and present Georgia tech coach will be the guests of Honor in the City in a scheduled Parade Western police said the women were not hit. The soviets and East German a Rea Mother of Amer Ica s latest Jet Ace once pleaded with her son not to Fly. She was mad at my father communists earlier this week began creating a sort of no Man s land Between the West Ern sectors of the City and the russian zone. All shops in the area were ordered closed. All residents of the forbidden area were ordered evacuated. They can t miss and banquet. Mayor Ernest Cross has offi proclaimed today As Hal Day in Kingsport to pay production of new target seeking guided missiles revealed by army Honor to Miller who was rated Honor to Miller no was Iascu the Best Linesman to perform at said thursday it has Tuc _ so Good ,.it is almost in High school. When he in t flying he whittles Model air planes As a Hobby. Fernandez father is a flyer and commands a Communia Ness Gnu Issaic one tia Ana comic Lauua a when he took me on my Nisi group at Donaldson air gasoline distributing firms said capt. Man Force base Greenville s. C. He the Kingsport area said they Didieu j Fernandez 27, Miami to Sav iodine in of his son not foresee any increase in t kept talking about flying wholesale prices in the near fun p a Hajj. All Knoxville retail when he shot Down once embarked on flying As a Lvuv to nil _. _. N-nr1 a tar ill trip Ture. Nearly outlets for the major Oil companies increased the Price of gasoline 1 cent per gallon thurs Day and added o cents for each quart of Oil. The move which some station operators thursday told reporter was. An informal dul _ of so much she finally gave in. Fernandez became an Ace engine Wise county seeking own television station Coeburn a. Wise county May have its own Tele vision station late this summer according to Wally Douglas program director of radio Sta Washington army Dobyns Bennett High school. The highlight of the Day will be a dinner at the Ridge Fields country club which More than 200 citizens will attend. Coach Dodd will be the main speaker Iju possible for them to miss a tar in a summary entitled army s new guided missiles now Roll off the Assembly the some guided missiles seek their targets in ingenious guid Ance devices often referred to As the beam rider or attitude is that the armistice talks should be resumed Only if the communists express willing Ness to 1. Accept any one of various proposal put Forward in the past by Allied negotiators to solve the prisoner of War deadlock. 2. Advance new proposals of a constructive nature that would show the enemy is sin merely interested in an Armi Stice. Delegates to meet Knoxville Sec Ond and third District delegates to the constitutional convention to be held in april will hold a Price controls on products a week ago. His fifth Mig and forced an other to crash. He is the 26th Jet Ace of the korean War. I m going to try to write Mother tonight and Tell her what i be Fernandez said. Fernandez took his first plane ride when he was five with his father col. Manuel Fernandez or. He started Pilot s training at i iff and enlisted in the air Force Jill a cell Iurii career Fernandez had Little time for anything else. All i thought about was Fly ing. I had t heard of Marilyn he is not married and has no steady girl Friend. Don t get a lot of strange sugar bowl game with missis Bill Jordan chairman of the Hal Miller Day committee said today that More than 200 tickets have been purchased for the that themselves after the trigger is pulled and it is almost impossible for them to miss target. Homing systems. In the com Mand system a ground radar station tracks the missile and its target. An electronic computer calculates the Angle necessary to assure that the missile hits its target and transmits instructions to the missile which shifts its course accordingly. A beam rider guided missile it rec. I o enemy planes can dive Bank follows a path marked out in Side slip or turn the kiwanis club Here said plans were already underway for construction of a station on Black Mountain near this Virginia Kentucky Border which would give television fans reception comparable to the larger cities. The new station would operate on an Pur Naseo. For one Mug gift from local Mer army s new weapons Sill will Vij Jato chants and football followers will be showered on Miller at the banquet. Miller arrived in Kingsport last night and coach Dodd was to arrive at noon. The Georgia tech alumni club Douglas explained which would mixed up in anything like that he said Neces site current to now m use adding special equipment be fore reception could be obtained Kingsport will present both Miller and Dodd with plaques for their outstanding football achievements during the 1952 season. Cock them out of the skies. Fantastic though it May seem one of the army s surface to air Ries a guidance system designed to allow the missiles to out a never and hit enemy without saying whether the Nike had some or All of the Fea missiles. It said space by a radar beam from the ground. As Long As the beam tracks the target and the mis Sile stays on the beam a collision with the target is inevitable. Homing guidance systems permit missiles to find their Way without instructions these missiles ride an Echo beam reflected from the target and id Inlet the get acquainted session Here March 2. The groups will meet at the University of Tennessee Law col lege As guests of the Knox county delegation. So lunar tables of periods u printed below. Been from John Alden enl Daft Solnar tables pm your so you will Flat no in Good territory or Bunting in car during brei. U you Welsb o find the Best port that by to offer e is ipod the Malor periods Are shown to both fare begin at times Slowo and and a Nulf or tvo hours thereafter minor periods Neon to regular tym Artol to two do rut Ion do Butara Madam Tim feb Nett . Date Mam How Friday saturday 22 sunday 1-10 i 41 Lake stages Watauga Lake level Friday. 1.w8.1 Irti Cherokee. 1.026.0 s. Holson Boone

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