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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 18, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 874 13 Stop signs Are not advertise ments. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 35 Kingsport Tenn., thursday feb. 18, 1954 24 pages five cents the weather continued fair and rather Cool tonight with Low near 34. Friday Lair and warmer with High in lower 60 s. Increasing cloudiness Friday night. Yesterday s High 57, last night s Low 29, noon read ing 43. In 4 agree on korean peace Parley m s. Korea offers to drop threat against indians display of american tanks causes Rhee to withdraw threat Seoul ins South Korea offered tonight in the face of an Allied show of arms to with draw its threat of military action against departing Indian troops if the United nations command guarantees the rights of 76 North korean War prisoners in route to India. The proposal was made As tank supported american troops deployed along a Rean Railroad to protect Indian soldiers scheduled to leave the truce zone tomorrow. The offer was contained in a letter from Republic of Korea defense minister Sohn won ii to Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor eighth army commander who Heads All u. N. Ground forces in Korea. Sohn suggested an Assurance from the u. N. Regarding the Fate of the 76 North korean pos would remove the Rok threat to prevent homeward bound in Dian troops from crossing Rok territory. Observers in Seoul interpreted Sohn s proposal As an Effort by president syn Man Rhee s Rok government to obtain a face saving Means of backing Down from its threat of action against the indians. The defense minister wrote Taylor that South Korea does not question the u. N. Com Mand s responsibility to protect criticism May blow lid off defense policy solons express doubt accent on air Power will assure Security Washington ins con Gressional criticism threatened today to blow the lid off the Long simmering controversy Over America s new look defense policy. Sens Walter f. George and Mike Mansfield were particularly outspoken in their expression of doubts that the new Reliance on retaliatory air strikes is enough to assure Solon protests firing with own resignation Marilyn arrives in in drab i cloth ing Marilyn Monroe lifts a heavy booted foot As she climbs into a her arrival in Korea for the. First of 10 shows. Marilyn s comment i be never seen so Many men in All my v life. I m sorry that Joe could t come along with Hus band Joe Dimaggio was Busy in Japan coaching baseball teams. A wire photo via Marilyn takes cover As gis charge stage with a. S. Troops in Korea unruly mob of gis rushed a stage where Marilyn Monroe was performing for the Indian custodial Force. He j y s division soldiers on the korean front today forcing the added however that the allies have a second responsibility to report to the Rok government on the condition of Korea War prisoners. If such a report is Sohn advised Taylor the re Moval of the Indian soldiers j across Rok territory might Bej free from any difficulty or Hin Drance of whatever the Rok government thus appeared to have modified its Adamant stand on this Issue in actress to flee rear exit from the outdoor theater. Marilyn escaped in an army Sedan from the riotous scene. was injured and removed in an ambulance As the milling throng of gis surged to the stage and broke up the show. The wild Stampede began a eight prisoners flee Harlan jail Harlan by. Eight note he had received Fri May Man including two wanted by Lor warning that the eighth ithe Fri and one transferred army would Brook no interfere Ilene for safekeeping were at Security. They expressed their doubts Washington Mason r-i11 today resigned from president Eisenhower s commis Sion on inter governmental re lations in protest against the dismissal of Clarence Manion As chairman. And from several Republican senators there was a chorus of outcry against the White House treatment of Manion former Dean of the notre Dame Law school. With the leaders of an administration cannot continue to serve in an official position. Sen. Jenner Rind jumped to his feet to demand that whatever accusations have been made against this Fine american statesman be brought out in the open and that Manion be bodies a principle that i have openly supported for Manion declared. My Devotion to this principle was Well known at the time of my appointment As chairman of the the commission made up of eight Public members and four governors appointed by Eisen Given an Opportunity to con Hower five senators and five front his ministers set mid april meet in Switzerland agreement reached at closing session of Berlin conference by John m. Hightower Berlin big four representatives recently has foreign ministers reached agree it is a dangerous age if a i been peeking More time to study tonight on plans for a to Manion disclosed late yester walk the Plank because he has Day that he had resigned by re fundamental views he believes declared he had been Jenner thundered. Let out because he supports a Manion said in a statement proposed constitutional Amend a yesterday that a feb. 12 demand ment by sen. Bricker Sherman Adams chief of Man like Manion can be made to relations among Federal state to limit treaty Powers. White House staff for his after considering the secret briefing Given tuesday by acting Secretary of state Walter Bedell Smith and . Arthur w. Rad Ford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. The doubts George and mans Field expressed have been voiced j privately and publicly Tor Many i weeks by responsible military of j facials. I this week both Gen. Matthew b. Ridgway army chief of staff and . Robert b. Carney chief of naval operations gave speeches in which they warned indirectly against Over emphasis on the defense capabilities of Airpower. Sens. George and Mansfield were particularly concerned about whether retaliation through the air was enough to deter the communists from what have become known As Brush fire wars along the perimeter of the communist world. It has become common. In Washington to refer to the to r Ean and indo chinese wars As Brush Many military men have Long been fearful that Over depend ence on retaliatory Airpower will leave America too weak on the Bricker whose amendment has resignation confirmed Colum been opposed vigorously by pres i nests reports that he was to be ident Eisenhower arose to Tell j fired because he had been Mak his colleagues there is a threat i ing speeches in favor of the ening storm ahead when men of i Bricker amendment. Great ability who do not see alike j the Bricker amendment pm and local governments. It was to have reported this Spring. Rean peace conference to be held about april 15 in Geneva British officials announcing there has been criticism Accord while the ministers the group s failure to get still in their final session faster and sen. Hendrickson a said details would be made pub a member said he later tonight. Frankly disappointed at the Lack. The action came after a new of Progress. I debate on methods of easing it is unfortunate that Dean the complexities of life in divided Manion s resignation came and after Russia re this Hendrickson said. I fused to make any Concession on am fraid the whole situation will be economists keep Eye on jobless March key month in employment picture few minutes after soldiers Start ground and de pelting performers of Mari Lyn s the actress appeared onstage. Bring on the gis yelled. Then Midway in the Star s own performance the. Soldiers started leaving their Hillside seats and sweeping Down on the with Indian troop Tod after while maps battled vainly to. I to Stem the Onrush. Hours earlier the Rokia turnkey. Threat was reiterated by its orig 1 Jailer Jay Barlow said the men Inal author Provost marshal keys away from Deputy Gen. Won Yun Duk. State jobless Rolls decrease Nashville number of tennesseans drawing unemployment compensation dropped 3.500 last week and state officials believe this represents a break in rising unemployment. A total of claims were on file last week compared with for the preceding week employment Security com missioner Donald Mcsween said yesterday. The figure of was the highest number of claimants on the state Rolls since immediately Jailer Charley Marlin last night. The men apparently had sawed bars on a Walkway and were digging a Hole in a Wall when Marlin approached on a routine Check. He was not harmed but was locked in a cell by the prisoners. The Fri had asked custody of two of the escapees after they completed serving terms for Drunken driving. It said Frank Ulmo or. Was wanted at fort Smith on Auto theft charges and Lee Laws of nearby Loyall was wanted on charges of transporting a stolen car across state lines. Another Escapee Chester Cald Well was brought Here from Les lie county for safekeeping. He is after world War ii. Mcsween said the reduction Marilyn and her troupe had arrived at the 45th Thunder Bird division s sector from the second division area where the curvaceous film Beauty donned a Light fitting knitted dress and a White chef s tall hat to serve hot Rolls to a i lunch time Chow line. Senator raps delay in Warren approval Washington in the approval of Earl Warren As chief Justice of the United states was vigorously protested today by a member of the Senate judiciary committee who branded much of the evidence these military men vigorously Point out that air was not enough to win Victory in Korea even though from the opening weeks of the War to the very end patrol shortage key Factor in traffic deaths Washington ins government economists will keep an Eye on employment figures next month to determine whether Federal Aid possibly including tax cuts should be used to pre a White House conference on High Man convicted of assault try Feagin found guilty in Hawkins court Austria s continued occupation. The proposed Geneva Confer ence would embrace about 20 nations 16, including America Britain and France w h 1 c h fought on the Tun Side in Korea Korea Russia red Chi a and North Korea. Of the Berlin talks and foreign ministers Eden Bidault and Molotov held their sixth secret session on sponsoring the new conference. They met for an hour and 15 minutes. Then they broke up to reassemble later in a bigger open death toll which takes i Thomas Rogan said he would or the Crati Natl Miv Cri o a lives a year. Chairman of the Public officials group of the vent a further downtrend. Way safety which began its see the United nations had almost j some tax Relief. President Eisenhower told his Ond Day of a three Day session to news conference yesterday shortly before leaving for a vacation at Palm Springs calit., that the government is prepared to stabilize the Economy in an Effort to head off a major re cession he said March should be a sort of a key month because that is when employment normally be gins to pick up. If the curve does t show a definite up turn he added it would serve As a warning to the government to invoke emergency measures possibly including unchallenged control of the skies. J the president emphasized that this assistants have been Ilia Uccio the communists have used no economic developments for the. Past few weeks and that the government has moved in gradually to Cope with unable to strike a decisive blow against the Viet Minn rebels. The Point stressed by military the situation. Men is that there Are types of War in which air Power is not enough to do the whole Job or even the major part of the Job. They add that the two big wars against communism in Korea and indo China have been of that Type. They also say that so far it has been a characteristic of the communists to spread their Rule gradually. Each military Offen Sive has been made against nations bordering the Iron cur r charged with malicious shooting against him a i i i i last week was the first Indica Tion we have received that there has been a break in the steadily mounting unemployment of the past few unemployment first showed an increase last october and has continued to Rise since that time. Mcsween said earlier that the major causes apparently were seasonal adjustments and the sudden reduction in the number of government contracts in the state. Sooga firemen Hurt As House explodes Chattanooga Tenn. Ins four Chattanooga firemen were burned today when a negro House exploded in their faces. The firemen arrived at the six room Home just As an explosion occurred. C. L. Faulkner 44, was hospitalized with severe Burns about the face neck eyes and Throat. Treated for superficial Burns were firemen e. Vanbrunt 26 Ralph Souders 32 and e. Walker. The House was a total loss. Firemen said the blast was probably caused from pressure inside the dwelling. And wounding. The other Jai Breakers the charges they face were Dave hollers Mary Helen Harlan breaking and entering James Holland Auto theft Leroy Johnson teeters Ville har Lan storehouse breaking i Charles Bowers Grays Knob grand larceny and Jack Alzemore Harlan county breaking and entering. Portion and and haphazard Legal sen. Robert c. Hendrickson r n. J., warned in a letter to committee chairman William Langer r n. D., that still fur ther delay might Well impair the time honoured value of the advice and consent clause of our Constitution requiring Senate approval of presidential Nomi nees. These offensives mounted in Hilly sparsely populated areas have forced the free world to fight Back mainly with foot sol Diers supported by air and sea Power. Bulletin Washington the army today ordered Cpl. Edward Dickenson to stand a court martial trial on charges that he informed on fellow american prisoners and collaborated with his communist captors to gain better treat ment for himself. Washington ins gov. Dan Thornton r colo., declared today that a shortage of state patrolmen is a key Factor meeting at which in the nation s ghastly Highway Rogersville spa Al Cal behaved Thuv _ _ in i i in Mic Sain of in ill a. Most certainly resolve the Dis Pute Over chinese particle anon by making Clear that it would not mean recognition. It was also considered prob Able that the four would Issue a statement favouring disarmament efforts in line with a Resolution adopted by the United nations last fall which called on All nations to work for arms cutbacks. But the great problem of Oer Man unification was without any solution and an austrian Independence treaty seemed to be in the same Molotov was willing to change Radi Cally his insistence on keeping soviet troops in Austria. Western diplomats said the convening of a conference on Korea would Lead immediately to a conference on ending the Indochina War. They said this was True because the Western Powers had relaxed their Condi Tion that Progress in making a korean settlement would be necessary before any negotiation could take place on Indochina. The big pour and red China would participate in both the korean and indochinese talks since All five Are considered interested parties in both. North and South Korea would not take part on Indochina. They would be replaced by the anti communist governments of the three associated states of Indochina. It was considered probable too that the Powers would treat Indochina guerrilla Leader to Chi Minh s communist organization As an interested party and in clude him. Map out a program for saving american lives by cutting the Auto Accident fatality list 40 per cent a year. The Colorado governor said that a Resolution demanding that state Legislatures make sufficient funds available for hiring More state patrolmen will be pushed when the conference settles Down to its Spade work to Day. Tipton testifies at hotel hearing Nashville of assistant state atty. Gen. Nat Tipton testified in chancery court today both he and atty. Gen. Roy Beeler told former gov. Gordon Browning the plan to Purchase memorial hotel Here was illegal. Tipton s testimony came As the state resumed proof taking in its suit to have the Purchase Nulli fied. A newsman who asked for or. Eisenhower s response to a com Merce department Survey show ing that january unemployment was higher than was first reported. Sunshine await president at Palm Springs Palm Springs Calif. President Eisenhower warmly welcomed to this desert vacation resort looked Forward today to soaking up plenty of much of it on the Golf course. The building was obtained in 1951, during the Browning administration for use As state offices. Gov. Frank Clement filed suit shortly after he took office last year to void the transaction. Clement contends the pm Chase was illegal and that the state paid too much for the Structure. Browning contends the transaction was Legal and pass sentence thursday on a Sullivan count Ian George Fea Gin 28, found guilty and Given a recommended sentence of the maximum 18 years for attempted rape. An 18-year-old girl from the Mcpheeters Bend Community told criminal court wednesday she fought Feagin for three hours before she attracted the attention of two strangers and was taken Home in their car. The two men happened along she said sometime after a Man and a woman Riding along the Bays Mountain Section Road passed her by. The girl said she struggled with Feagin and screamed to the Man and woman for help and that the Man hollered Back at her of you re getting along All right and drove off. Feagin did not take the stand in his own defense and was rep resented by two attorneys appointed by the court John Thompson and w. B. Hap Hale. The girl testified that she had made prior plans to meet George s brother Merlin Buck Feagin at Church and that Buck was to take her Home. She said she went to Church but Buck did t show up. After dinner on the Date of this occasion the girl and her 13-year-old sister and a nine year old neighbor walked two Miles to Church Hill for a Coke she testified and while scrolling along the two Feagin men drove up in a car. The girl said the two smaller got in the front with Buck Back with b that it was an excellent Deal for b the state. Mountain Road and George or woman explorer brought Back from Depths of Crystal Cavern Crystal Cave by. Outside world looked Good today to Marguerite m. Klein a school teacher explorer who found Crystal Cave s rugged Depths too much for her strength. She admitted she was glad to be out when fellow explorers in an extensive scientific expedition brought her to the outside last night Over and around dangerous pits and crevices. Samuel Aston Loyd 30, an Engineer from Waynesboro va., who helped Lead the 27-year-old Down to about six inches around which was complicated by Verti Chevy Chase md., teacher out of i Craw Way. Its rim. Miss Klein is a member of the National spell logical Cave study society s three Day old expedition into the vast unknown of Crystal Cave which the explorers Are beginning to Herald As one of the wonders of the world. The party of three Cave experts who accompanied her to the surface after she became ill were picked for their ability to help her through the the Cave said the Craw Way. Is an Uphill we put a rope around her to j obstacle course of narrow Zig safety her across bottomless pit. Tagging passageways deep pits she had to Stop frequently for bottomless pit is a 100-foot drop inside a tight squeeze Craw Way. The Trail Narrows and jagged Rock. It was after her descent through the Craw Way two Days ago that miss Klein who suffers with an attack go a dizziness brought on by excessive fatigue. Thirty explorers including two other women Are now Mak ing explorations of Virgin Cave passages and canyons. They have reported that the vast hollows of the Cave which extends for an estimated 53 Miles have water Falls High vaulted Cave rooms and deep pits. Phil Harsham a Louisville courier journal reporter turned Cave explorer said i be seen wonders today that would astound the general Thomas c. Barr jr., 22, a zoologist from Nashville re ported finding a rare foundation of Calcium Carbonate called Moon found in other american caves Only within the past two years. The president and mrs. Eisen Hower arrived Here last night for five Days of rest after d Xvi hour nonstop flight from Washington. A Crown of about persons turned out at the Airport arid cheered the couple As they descended from their private plane the Columbine. Smiling the president stepped to a Battery of microphones and declared we Are delighted to be Back Here once again. We have been looking Forward for a Long time to this trip. We Are delighted to be in this the Eisenhower together with the first lady s Mother mrs. John s. Welcomed officially by California s gov. Goodwyn j. Knight. Solon opposes plan for atomic plants Washington Edwin c. Johnson a Colo said today he is opposed to president Eisenhower s plan to permit Pri vate Industry to. Own and operate atomic Power plants Independent of the government. Johnson a member of the Senate House atomic Energy committee called also for an exhaustive examination by con Gress of Eisenhower s proposal to share with Friendly nations he advised Browning the trans action was illegal. Chancellor William Wade ear the girl said she was dragged out of the car to. The Road into a ditch and into the Woods her in the Day authorized Glenn where he tried to choke her Sev Bainbridge receiver for times after the passing of the Man and woman in the Wagon the girl said she heard a car and building to borrow to pay some accrued debts on the build ing. But the Chancellor ruled that Bainbridge could not borrow Money to equip the building for rental purposes. The Issue Over chinese recognition came into focus sharply when the big four started draft ing a communique to announce their agreement. Dulles insisted on wording that would Nail Down the understanding of no recognition and Molotov asked foe a Short time to think it Molotov has spent much time in the Berlin big four meeting arguing for a big five Confer ence including the chinese reds the West has rejected this and insisted the big four Here should told George that s my a limited conference of George got scared and interested nations on she said. Two strangers in the car took her Home. Disloyalty dismissals Rise to 29 for 1953 Washington num Ber of officially disclosed 1953 government firings for disloyalty reasons Rose to 29 today As the administration took Steps to Ward analysing Security risk cases. The figure of 29 covers Only five big departments whose officials have been questioned about Security separations by the House appropriations commit tee and whose testimony has been made Public. The same departments reported 437 Security risks had been dropped. Most recent Agency to report was the Commerce department. In testimony made Public today asst. Secretary James c. Worthy told the committee 132 Security limited information on the Bat i firings or forced resignations Blefield use of atomic weapons last year included 23 persons classified As cases involving alleged subversion or previously the Justice department had reported one for Mer communist among its eight Security firings the Treasury department had listed four disloyalty cases among 130 Dis missals the agriculture depart ment had told of one disloyalty Case in an undisclosed number of Security oysters and the Post office department had reported 166 Security releases with no Dis closure of How if any were disloyal. The state department already has Given its figures but the committee has not released them. Reportedly there have been 534 Security firings in the state department with 11 or 12 involving disloyalty. Korea the Western ministers went into their sixth secret session with Molotov hoping that no last minute Man Euver on jus part would make a korean con Ference agreement impossible. Against the background iof see Parley Page s so lunar tables a Jun Albun the of Soljour a Triode primed below hts been taked from Jota. Aldea enl Rel l so lunar to Blob Plin your that you will be flip uni in Good Terr Llory or Bunting id Rood cover during beae times. U you with to find the Bent sport etch bit to Otler. Date a february u trends ii Friday 30 a sturdy 31 sunday Miner . , i in Lake stages Lake Tive. Thursday 92.1 feet Low South , 80.4 feet Jow Boone feet Low pull Csc Henry 3.b feel Low Cherokee s7.b feel Low. Today s skies Moonrise la Quarter . . Next thursday prominent stars Capella Over head so slut. Due South visible planet Julur blah la writ . Saturn. In Southeast mar., . X

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