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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 17, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeA you Ulen t save of we Scop ions. Of no int hat Case in Neep another pish. Am0ush a piece of a cd Avn x mols. Jbv Foo look what How of about lettin1 us of tar Ftp a quatre judges Edge th1 mul6 a face snuff of All the Gall u my lands How Ive changed speck ha6 Beem so Ariosa Mtawa uncouth 11 simply de6pi5ed mow i feel6o sorry for him. Herbs some Tjce hot sous Peck. To will make you feel better take Dat away its prob Lyes. Poisoned Ujj d ouse kids a trim to kill me you sehime wit Dat Broom Dew wit naval ache Demouse cracks my head he s upset Over the Reath of he s Atouk each other. Well we might As Well so in anx7 Pace the As Louie letter Box a wives for his jo9 inter m3u listen to a Well h sosh me i say Vou la better speak to my that come Paushter aww1 a Little or b inca inc. 2-i7 own. Satisfied lawyer la have yer papers ready t Morra. There s my Check. Sign the la pick up the Legal papers t Morrow you never expected this. What could be sweeter Railroad detectives rid Ihus a mile ahead of the train. Sheriff an his deputies out somewhere to okla Foff Cisco. Nobody to Stop of a a Yuss. Found Money. Haw Haw Haw say. I gotta 6it to the Bank Early. Before the sucker changes is mind right sometimes i think yer a Brilliant Fina shul giant an not list a join to Tel three out Here amp i Hiew t even seem movie Taim . Wev stars or done Wev of the th1mg6 i expected to that you by dome better Thoj w05t girls Lily. Com try Uius. I suppose to. But he Snowe things Over and Ouer i m sure they p let ecu out that contract if ecu to so to Luther. Of m not swims up Veti besides Back Howe th5v elected so Wuch of me. I Zakit go Cra Volius Back. Now washout i think i la just As i then it was the Moorian. Here s our and he has left of in whether you know Tor not that was a indoor in 1o plans hi5 at the Troe a the instant he pulls the trigger on that water pistol he lube beyond wonder which one hell hit mex Bov Friend or his richest girl. In the world couv3se. Voo adv maw Ciceko s violin lesson j Ain t till i usually have t Lasso him i better do a y i l checking Sou three Shif less skunks Are ti4 most Onoe Dhandeo. Lvin1, chef twin bribe Takim varmints in the whole un1wrse an1 Teriz which mule Dove like snuff i landed the Jenkins order for you or. Dithers every Tomevi Pav you a. Little bitty compliment it s my Eich that cac in front aunt Ethel s of our she s come Home Goethe wedding Hev Vou absent a j cant be listen to of maci2ied.-nor me Well x com5 in a Fig have to Pur Iroff Meer Asir awhile jul i Latch i onto a Job a you v.? dial Circle 5-7131 open 24 hours daily City Hall Shell service f pish food at half Price you can t and vex a Ain t heard a Tele Mon till you hear Twe trustee girls on our 8usmess phone that trustee Dame every Bocus schedule out of Kilter dentist s wife Mou. Have to hold up dimmer tonight am late p my clock West Magwire i simply mad no idea what time it was Ryloh Lemma would Vou rum to the store and get me an orak16e juice and a cookie bar i have to be at the dentist s in am hour Cam Vou 6et me out in time Hazel i la be right 1vitj4 Vou i la just Call Mother first but if her old is five minutes late getting Home whap sixteen stitches the Gal who has the Aponta amt after trustee she showed up Early for i the u. S. Produces 25% of the world s Apple probably a larger percentage of applesauce end Apple polishers. Work with a smile Beauty parlor opers4tors set that two Matlo hat cow town trove talk 56 cat cries 57 Lair chewing docs it get a Happy Little lift. Chew Wrigley s spearmint cum. Helps you on the Job. Work goes faster easier. 12 wednesday feb. 17, 1954 Kingsport times answer to previous Puiyu across 1-----Harbor, Maine 4-----Lake City Utah 8 auction 12 employ 13 toward the Down 1 Rolls where Korea is 3 holding Back 4 relish sheltered Side 5 Wing shaped Donit wow what to sax of course it s Only a two bloc sentiment that counts huh Vou would t understand that would to help i might. And it would do Vou Good to get it off your Okay Liv what and of special combo Are we having for your. Birthday we could Start off with a Salute of malted Moos an then me be some Yugoslavia 16 laying Wood on Walls 18 mariners 20 relaxes 21 title of Courtesy 22 minced oath 24 head coverings 20 egyptian goddess 27 is Able 30 uplifts 32 Canadian town 34 travelling vessels 35 god of Beauty 36 Daylight saving time a 37 what pitchers 39 musical directions 40 the Graf 41 Meadow 42 declaim 45 dried grapes 49 calamities 51------York City 52 level 53 upon 54 Uncle Tom s favorite 55 Perusa 7 Golf Mound 25 Indian Deer 8 dinner course 26 give Forth 9 French fricnds27had within 10 single 11 units or Energy 17 rented 19 French City 23 kind of desert 28 operatic Solo 29 Cape 31 figures of speech 33 organs of scent monsters 24 retained 38 cylindrical get up 41 Speaks imperfectly 42 German River 43 split 44 land 46 in a line 47 glacial Snow 48 what the ugly duckling became so scottish Cap

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