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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 17, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 873 12 do you keep to the Sright when yellow line is in your Lane it times vol. Al no. 34 pht8mrcle Kingsport tenn., wednesday feb. 17, 1954 16 pages five cents the partly Cloudy tonight colder with temperature dropping to 30. Thursday fair and Milder with High in Middle 50 a yester Day s High 74, last night s Low 37, noon Reading 38. .36 Inch rainfall. Edwards admits governor wrong Nashville James e. Edwards has confirmed a published report that Garland c. Arnold a convicted murderer has been outside the state Penitentiary As Driver of the Long Chain Edwards said last night that Arnold had been driving the car which hauls convicts outside the prison but was withdrawn from the assignment last week. The Nashville tennessean in today s edition said that Arnold has made regular trips to Vari Ous parts at the state As a trusty chauffeur since last August. Meanwhile three Highway patrolmen have been loaned to the state Penitentiary Here As part of a Security tightening program announced monday by gov. Prank Clement. Keith Hampton institutions commissioner announced yesterday the appointments of John v. Fields As Captain of the guard and Truman g. Clark 31, and James e. Meadows 29, As lieu tenants of the guard. Hampton said an immediate program will be started to improve and strengthen the Penitentiary Security system by inaugurating a program of train ing for the Arnold was named monday by Clement As an example of term convicts who lost previous privileges for personal visits out Side the prison when Edwards became Warden. This prisoner has not been outside the Walls since Edwards took Clement said at a news conference. The governor added that Arnold serving a life sentence for murdering his wife at Elizabeth ton in 1944, made five personal trips to Johnson City during Russia proposes economic Unity arms limitation Hope for agreement on far East Parley in Geneva bolstered James e. Edwards Faylor warns korean forces eighth army to Deal with any interference previous informed of the tennessean Story last night cts ment said Arnold has never been beyond the Walls of the Penitentiary for a visit Home during this administration according to my information. The Nashville tennessean consistently and deliberately Dis torts the truth and falsifies the issues. I stated before and i re peat Arnold has not been permitted to go and visit during this administration although he was granted that permission be fore my the governor added that in sofar As his assigned duties As trusty have been concerned i refer questions to the appropriate the tennessean said that Arnold was removed from the Driver assignment last week follow ing a series of newspaper stories about outside liberties enjoyed by other felons. Clement revokes commuted term Nashville Frank Clement today revoked commutation authorized by former gov. Gordon Browning for Otho Bishop 51. Clarksville negro convicted of murder. Bishop was sentenced to life imprisonment March 26, 1946, for killing Ralph Moore another negro also of Clarksville. Brown by Robert Pennell Panmunjom ins Gen Maxwell d. Taylor warned South Korea tonight his eighth army troops will Deal appropriately with any interference by Rok forces which might seek to Block further departures of Home going Indian soldiers from the truce zone. The head of the United nations ground forces sternly Noti fied the Rok defense ministry in Seoul that the eighth army intends to carry out As scheduled the evacuation of the remaining Indian custodial rooms through South korean territory. Taylor s Blunt warning directly challenged a threat issued by South Korea s Provost marshal it. Gen. Won Yung Duk yester Day to prevent further removals of Indian soldiers from the de militarized armistice area. Won had said such movements would not be permitted unless the indians give satisfactory guarantees that 76 anti red North korean War prisoners now in route to India left Korea voluntarily and really wanted to live in Neutral countries As the indians reported. The u. N. Command refused to from press dispatches proposed to Day the economic unification of Germany and a limitation on the size and armaments of the East and West German police forces. The proposal was made by soviet foreign minister v. M. Molotov at the big four con Ference. Hope of agreement for holding a conference on far Eastern problems in Geneva this Spring Rose As a result of secret discus Sions on the Issue this morning. The morning s session in the soviet. Embassy in East Berlin was probably the last secret meeting before the Berlin con ence closes late tomorrow. A plenary session this after noon again was to take up Ger Many and Molotov s proposed european Security pact. Every major Issue of the meet ing was due for a final round of argument in the closing hours. Ike seeks authority to share a weapons Board revises plan to alter Church Circle aldermen Advance Compromise program to relieve traffic by Bill Barnett times news writer plans for eliminating Broad Street Circle were revised tues Day night after the Board of mayor and aldermen received protests from four Garden clubs. Instead the Board decided to _ try a Compromise plan designed on the far Eastern peace is-1 to leave the Circle and its tree sue the argument has come lined approaches intact but still Down to two precise Points. Mol relieve some of the traffic con Otoe has insisted that in any i Gest Ion which led to the original conference the West must a decision earlier this month to up clunkers reach deep underground canyons Crystal Cave by. Called Heli cites unknown canyons deep in the rarest of All Cave formations beneath the rolling Hills j dangled from the ceilings. Cent the chinese government As a communist Ternove the Circle and substitute great Power having full Equality. The Western Powers insisting that the piping government was an aggressor Iri Korea and is supporting War in Indochina have urged Molotov to abandon his position and agree to big four sponsorship of a meeting on a korean peace settlement which could then be expanded into an Indochina peace con Ference. The chinese communists would be invited to attend but not As one of the great Powers sponsoring the session. Meanwhile officials of the United states Britain and France worked on the draft of a communique which be is sued jointly Here by Secretary of state Dulles British foreign Secretary Eden and foreign minister Bidault of fran Eirv Ike keynotes meet on Highway safety Washington Dent Eisenhower declared today that Public opinion must be mobilized in a Campaign to Cut the nation s Highway death toll which he termed the president spoke briefly to open a three Day White House conference on Highway safety which is aimed at saving lives a year by cutting the tray solid Concrete paving. The proposed traffic regulations would take two forms 1. Watauga and Holston streets would be designated one Way streets up to Charlemont permitting outgoing traffic from he Circle but not incoming tray fice to the Circle. Traffic coming Down Watauga and Holston thus would be routed around the Circle either through five Points to Cherokee or to West Sullivan two blocks West of the Circle. 2. Stop signs which now make Sullivan the through Stree would be removed and instead signs would be placed on Al streets leading into the Circle of Southern Kentucky were reached today by a tired band of Crystal Cave explorers. Great Cave rooms decorated with spider like Stone formations were found by three male members of the National speleological Cave study society expedition. After three hours of tortuous crawling and climbing they broke into the beyond the explorers term for the dark world of rough Virgin passages 300 feet below the Scenic land scape of the Mammoth Cave National Park area. The zigzagging passages opened into larger Cave rooms where the strangely contorted Stone the three explorers John other exploring groups of four or five members each also had probed into hitherto unknown passageways. A group led by r. E. Charlton ing Lehrberger of Louisville f of Dilwyn a Dis. Russell h. Cur Nee of d unknown shortcut to n. J., and Albert c. Mueller or. Of scotch Plains n. To their words Bounce Back from Cave Walls that never before echoed the voices of men. At the expedition s Advance Camp three Miles inside the Cave Phil Harsham Louisville courier journal reporter with the expedition said the three explorers pushed beyond Bogardus striking out from the Falls raid Lehrberger a Louisville Lance instructor was like div ing into a bowl of Spaghetti passages ran in every allies get information on atomic Energy Congress told move would help Economy of ., free world Washington up Presl Bogardus waterfalls. The Short Cut saved other explorers four valuable hours to spend search Eisenhower asked Congress on the other Side of the limited the e expedition s 60 men and fled women members have yet to pass Friendly nations. All guide Marks left by Crystal in a special message the Presl Cave s discoverer Floyd Collins Dent also asked for the right to who died when a sliding Rock share peacetime atomic Power pinned him in a hollow of near production information with this by Sand Cave in 1925. Country s results of the All week expo american Alder men tackle Gas regulations City has no Laws governing Supply with natural Gas to become available soon to retail Consumers in Kingsport the Board of mayor and aldermen is tackling Admiral Wright new chief of nato forces Washington presi Dent Eisenhower announced to Day that Jerauld Wright will succeed Lynde me Cormick As supreme commander of Atlantic pact naval forces and As chief of the u. S. At Thattie the task of drawing up Regula has recommended for hides already in the Circle Haveit ions governing installations of j the Abl attic pact t by or the right of Way. Thus the four Gas equipment to insure the Eisenhower d appointed. By remaining streets feeding into safety of the City s residents there Are. No Laws on the subject Here at present. Until a to keep the present tree lined recent pipeline was extended to the Circle status. Would equal approaches the Board also re Vised its original plan to Widen East Sullivan Street from Chero Kee to the Circle and substituted an alternate plan drawn up Sev eral years ago for widening Only one Block Between Cherokee and Commerce streets. In addition to preserving the1 Trees in the Block from com Merce to the Circle this plan is expected to encourage More vehicles to go around rather than through the Circle by making the wider Block More attractive to vehicles on Commerce Street Fie. Death toll by 40 per cent. Headed toward the residential disclose or. Eisenhower told the Dele area above the Circle precautions if any have i Gates the purpose of this it also would help reduce the r a i nnc-4 Fin 1 Ord Oil not this Section the Only Gas available Here was the bottled kind. Volunteer natural Gas com Pany the former Watauga Val Ley Gas company is concentrating now on piping the new Gas into its existing retail lines in Johnson City and Elizabethton but expects to begin retail operations in Kingsport in the near future. Drafting the new regulations not be such a task for the Council As it might seem be cause most of the work already has been done by copies of the Southern Gas code were distributed to Board members tuesday night for their is one that is essentially Cost of the 1954 Street improve-1 study. Been orae Reci u Saie Guara in in Cums ,0 Yllic ma., of Vic inns i Dian troops As they move by rail local in character Bat when any ment program to a More work among other top business iuiu1 a must us an 00 non 4-Kn the timer Lai till Rvl Hal Ford a Assad ing commuted the sentence Jan. 9, 1953, to 10-to-20 years ing Bishop eligible for parole. Charles Crow executive Secre tary of the state pardons and paroles Board said Bishop Wasj paroled Jan. 15, 1953, to t. Ben i net Wright former Warden at fort Pillow prison farm. Officials said Bishop was convicted twice of drunkenness and from the truce zone to the South korean West coast port of Inchon to Board India bound British transports. But Taylor s note to the South korean defense ministry made it Clear that eighth army forces guarding the trains would be ready to Cope with any attacks by Provost marshal won s troops. Particular activity takes lives in one year it becomes a National problem of the first f he said he was shocked that in the last 50 years automobiles have killed More people than the casualties suffered by the United states in All the wars since its founding. Able figure for the City. The tuesday night the Board passed Sullivan Street widening holds top place on the program. A further reduction was made by a decision to Blacktop Bluff Street Only from East Center Street the old Bristol High Way to j. Fred Johnson Park. Original plans were to carry the see Circle on final Reading an ordinance abolishing the City welfare commission and transferring its duties and records to the City welfare depart rent. A Resolution was adopted expressing appreciation of the Board for the time Effort and service de see Gas Page z the nato Council in Paris. He will relieve Mccormick on april 12. Mccormick was the first nato naval commander. He assumed the Post on aug. 15, 1951, when he also became Atlantic Fleet chieftain. Headquarters for both commanders Are in Norfolk a. Or. Eisenhower did not say what s next assign ment will be. A Pentagon spokes said however that he will become president of the naval War College at Newport r. I. Wright who will be 56 years old on june 4, is a much Deco rated hero of world War ii. Sign of the times just because a is in prison is no Sixfin he has lost his sense of humor. At the Tennessee state Pris on in Nashville there is posted in the Art room where prisoners paint and draw the following notice on a Supply locker warning watch your neighbor remember he is a thief scientific information on what is to be found in the Cave. Authority to share information on Battle of atomic weapons with allies and to give private Industry a ration now just three Days old greater share in the develop will be assembled in maps and ment of nuclear Power. Eisenhower said these Steps would have the effect of strengthening the defense and the Economy of the United states and of the free the president said the Onward Rush of atomic developments has outmoded the 1946 atomic Energy act which mistakenly assumed the United states could maintain a monopoly in atomic weapons for an appreciable time. Counter balancing the loss of monopoly he Savici is the development of a wide variety of atomic weapons which have achieved conventional status in the armed forces. He added the thermonuclear weapons Hydrogen i eight years dwarfs in destructive Power All atomic weapons. The practicability of constructing a submarine Wotli atomic propulsion was question Able in 1946 three weeks ago the launching of the u. S. S. Nautilus made it certain that the use of atomic Energy for ship propulsion will ultimately become wide spread. In 1946, too economic Indus trial Power from atomic Energy sources seemed very Remote to Day it clearly in by a matter of further research Bristol mrs. W. The establishment of Condi s. Furlow announced Here today tons in which the spirit of in that she is a candidate for the. Temprise can democratic nomination for Reg a the president proposed a ister of deeds. Number of amendments to the thus mrs. Furlow wife of the atomic Energy act. Former senator from Sullivan he said with emphasis How and Hawkins counties is the. Ever that changes should make second candidate for this Clear that he authority seeking re election is the in granted must be exercised Only cum Talent Register mrs. Accordance with conditions Warrick of Kingsport. I prescribed by the president to mrs. Furlow who has lived a protect the common defense and Sullivan county for More and he stressed that 30 years is the Mother of two no secrets Are to be Given away sons. H. M. Mack Furlow is a Wullich be of military and Newspaperman and free Lance to writer in new York City. Another under present Law the presi City studies new Industry needs mrs. W. A. S. Furlow Bristol woman is candidate son William jr., was killed in action while on a combat Mission with the air Force in world War ii. Past president of the Hackler Wood Post american legion auxiliary served As mrs. Furlow treasurer of also that by Bill Freehoff ways and Means to attract once of theft of a pistol. And Small industries to Board recommended revocation of the commutation Crow said. Upper East Tennessee in general and Kingsport in particular were tation. Officials said this was the explored tuesday at an All Day first time in 22 years a Tennessee forum conducted by he Cham governor has revoked a comm see additional pictures on Page 7. These were some of the High lights of the program Only those industries which fit the traditional Kingsport co operative pattern should be considered. Tax exemption should not be new violence flares in strike torn Italy Rome communist led strike violence part of a concerted red Campaign against Premier Mario Scelba s shaky new government flared today in Turin. Riot police squelched the outburst in a series of clashes. Members of the communist led general confederation of labor touched off a Melee in the Northern Industrial City when they attempted to Stop streetcars operating despite a 24-hour Gen eral strike Call. They smashed windows in about 15 streetcars and injured three Motorman slightly. Police arrested 20 rioters during a club swinging fight. Officiate estimated that about a third of Turin s 450 streetcars continued to operate. The Union is conducting an area by area strike Campaign with the twin Aims of increasing workers pay and ousting Scelba an old foe of communism. Used As a bait to lure Industry. Advertising and promotion should be used. Only the and bad be told to a Prospect. Over Selling can ruin a Good Chance. Of All Kingsport businessmen and industrialists who take out of town trips should be on the Alert for tips on industries that wish to locate in the South. E. Wright presided Over the forum which included business and Industrial leaders from far and near and which was attended by More than 50 members of the. Chamber of Commerce. Here in Brief Are the salient Points covered by each speaker or. George i. Whitlatch director of the Tennessee Agri cultural and Industrial develop ment commission this commission is making plans to hire a full time travel been held in Kingsport in past years under the sponsorship of and Sullivan county gained rotary the state s Law which communities to Issue Industrial the Region is predominantly Revenue Bonds not subject to Federal taxes in order to build plants has not been a Success. Lee Davis Industrial Engi Neer for the american Gas and electric service corporation prospective Industrial Sites should be held out either through outright Purchase or through adequate zoning ordinances. Otherwise these Sites be lost. The Best method to get prospects is by personal Contact. Send out attractive Eye catching folders describing the Sites and address them person Nally to the you want to see in business Maea metropolitan news them. Advertise zones and papers. Keep in touch with such organizations As the society of Industrial realtors which exchanges information on prospects and also on Sites. Or. F. Holly head of the department of economics University of Tennessee upper East Tennessee is Urban. Most of the 13 counties rely on agriculture for income but five have manufacturing Industry. With the exception of Sulli Van county most Industry in the Region is not diversified with one Plant dominating a town. In 1952 the per capita income in Tennessee was in sul Livan county it was but in two counties of the Region the per capita income was Only Sullivan county s per capita in come that year was still lower than the National average. If Sullivan county wants to in crease its income it must rely on More Industry. Jeorge Timberman Gen auxiliary for five years and was j poppy chairman for More than ten. For two years she served As third vice president of the East Tennessee division of the United daughters of the confederacy and at the present time she is president of the Bristol chapter 19th Tennessee regiment of the Udo. Queen Mother visits u. A next october London ins Queen Mother Elizabeth will visit presi Dent and mrs. Eisenhower in Washington next october according to reports first heard in London and later confirmed in Washington. Palace sources were unavailable for comment but it is Well known that the Queen Mother Era Industrial agent for Welcome an Opportunity Clinchfield Railroad to renew her intimate wartime the Clinchfield has three in j Friendship with the Eisenhower. Or. George 1. Whitlatch ing Salesman to Call on prospective industrialists in the East and North and acquaint them with Tennessee Sites. Mississippi has three such salesmen and re ports great Success. The commission has placed advertisements about Tennessee in mass circulation newspapers and magazines. The commission sponsor an annual Industrial fair of ten Nessee manufactured products at Nashville. A similar project has geographically similar but economically diverse. From 1940 to 1950 the population of the Region dust rial Sites in Kingsport and 18 in the greater Kingsport area. Kingsport Sites might be used for a new department store and wholesale warehouses. Two of the Sites Are on main Street. The third is South of Branch near Tennessee Eastman company. George Dansberry Pas Senger. Agent of the Southern increased by which is a Railroad greater rate than the population the Southern helped provide increase of Tennessee. Four of the 13 upper East Tennessee counties lost Popula Tion but four gained As much As information on minerals for the Foote Mineral company which located near the Southern rail Road line. Buckingham Palace and the White House Are expected to make a joint formal announce ment of the trip later today. A reliable source in washing ton said the White House is also expected to announce that the Queen Mother will stay at the White House for two Days. She will then go to new York to participate in ceremonies marking the Bicentennial of Columbia University Dent said this country cannot give its allies practical information essential to their effective participation with in combined military operations and planning and to their own defense against atomic our own Security will in he said As our allies gain information concerning the use of and the defense against atomic weapons. Some of our allies in fact Are now producing fissionable materials or weapons supporting effective atomic Energy research and developing peace time uses for atomic Power. But All of them should be come better informed in the problems of atomic warfare and therefore better prepared to meet the contingency of such warfare. In order for the free world to be an effective defense unit it must be geared to the atomic facts of this Eisenhower then made these two specific recommendations 1. The Exchange with Arner Sec atom Page 2 so lunar tables a John Alden the schedule of so lunar periods. A Olmert below tins been taken from John Alden enl Del n som1nak tables Pill your Days that you will Lush inn in Boot territory or Hunt los in Sood cover during the Joe ii you wish to find the Best sport to Olfer february 17 wednesday 13 thursday in Friday 20 shut Rufty 21 sunday minor Mafer Malir . . Jul j Lake stages Waii Ira Law car level wednesday 93.3 feel Low South Holton 80.7 feel Low Hoonon 15.1 feet Low Patrick Lac nov 3.3 meet Low Cherokee. S7.3 feet Low. Today s skies Sunset Moon right it was pointed out that shelf Uii Moon 2 ? Vlco tithe Pinna. Silburn. M and in soul Hochl it to Bekins i slow we toward decision on Margaret s visit would be considered a private1 family matter. Ment Monn the Fiat will continue Mill july

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