Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 8

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeVeu How to Stop it Sot a Kanpa of Zirri 3anpv Kanpa fun Oil on it an left in that ought to toe poop Dan or Ive Sot something in a Eye Tom Days an i can t Tell what 19 its secret Ingre Man Are xxi whole him running 6etto others Hajj get he. It wow Rattei now Well. I reckon Thattil i should Suff so.1 be . I Caw Trust i be seen. Our pistol St for Sam but xxx re Kwh news social life. Cisco offers .10 treat hey daddy How about cutting the palaver and unlocking my cell talk past Man gotten Wood Nofiu Santt away As far As away from us Anwat is concerned safely signed overcome. That Dlorey Dover some Leahj Varmint and. Rat wee the Tok we is to keep Koump Fez Vou to come out the 7ccz. 3ut in Vou 7we Chimney. Santa a we must still cons As up on the s rack i la figr amp sult Wila rect be he j that Cam to Jota l oct. Tug that race put out pm some5cpy a c7own the you wont mind if i but a new re y Wailtl a see really going them 5out Pacific to see babes. Something.1 nou bet m Sive me the new Hemingway Book. And a stack of com 1c books for this fellow. Vomm we comes Over you answer wait asic him to get Aguy Fop you just foe soy what a Piff rence from the was we went to h 53ut Pacific before. Thinking Etta is out of town and not knowing she s staying and ebbs Dinic phones Debby Fop a Date and Etta perhaps ueils0n need5 Vouk expert Hunu yes. I la Semp Vou to mom Ofil. Mod if Vou Pom t succeed Dow t we Tom that burw5 we up prob la Lettiw wore m l a i i we 5uperui50k. With your Weinot l0sin6 Money because of our la Siwe to production in Wou Ofil 1 but the Mot fault Neue 6eeh help up due to 1abor trouble of th1 Mckee 1 Hwe to bring this up Well i m 6uke iv3ree i de5ecte Rose worse1. In pee Siuw i the uwiue5 refuse to work 1 a new Canov store will open mef2e next week a hew Candy store will open Hefle next week a new Camov store will open Mere next week anybody to Vou d think i done this . Of my Stiars 5ure, i m Okay but Alley i m glad in duh see what came to see you re up Oudath time All right fore i got or shutoff saw. A diplodocus and a triceratops. To turn Loose on a twentieth a Century Countryside i my gosh i must say x Wake Ltd see the poor 6irlwmenshe sees Cheddar the Ohe whop so out with us is Stem to gruesome Gonna show her thesx3mt5, ri6mt Shesa vis1om ched04rs wife s Friend is Mere of a visit and we Waht to show her Twe si6hts Hoy it want to come itx1 double Date the Bartt Cullars ad4tein a escort by Fjeld Sticki we with no cos is she Short or .4 Presser could too have her dr3p Down Here so i Gould look her Over rest ou6ht to Nave Semse i inflict cmedq4r of typhoid Marv. Eves , di.mbuu3. One doubtful advantage of Liv ing in Russia is that you would never Ose an election bet. S bund Date 7s theyou6ht to6uhdfold the Dame irs Mah babv.7-a u l. Voice it s Mah Dotov As a expectorant put this a dangerous Back whar a Kiyev except a Saint open Mah something stronger i Mah cosiness is Xem inside Mel tells me-ifxu4 looks at d. Hokum s Mah baby might look like him it s pre naval Wake up your smile m47 to Louisa St rms too Crry i a two to lift answer to previous Winter woes keep Teeth Bright Chew Wrigley spearmint gum. Chewing helps keep Teeth Bright. Freshens taste sweetens breath. Pleasant Aid to popularity. Horizontal 1 this has to be vertical 1 stalk 2 it s really cold in Alaska 3 algerian seaport 4 pursues one s Way i feline 6 Bird 7 soon 8 musical sounds 9 attracts attention 10 hints 11 greek letters 16 whispers 20 Saltpetre 22 fasting seasons 24 Pedestal part Ito yelled it Button up Jour Ever 9 Don t slip on the 12 ripped 13 italian River 14 Woody fruit 15 affluence 17 beverage 18 repairs 19 Unity 21 part of a window 23 Courtesy title z4 split pulse 27 what Snow often gets 29 fresh water Duck 32 biochemical protein 34 soviet City 36 hate 37 classified 38 individuals 39 watch your on ice 41 speak 42 rights a 44 dry 46 resilient 8 monday february 16, 1953, Kingsport times i wish the school Board r would pass a Law against student exams be up half the might Unla poc a goop Salesman always the cu6toaaei? he you be Tawf Mckins up my clean floor i want to buy any of tour. Doormats will step in6ipe Al , an i us change you almost forgot something a d1j Warman we were supposed to walk Home remember look 4ll the swell i Poump in the Hall you can make booties to watch the catch it it s going out the of Ethel exec 5 sweater it s is Penis Heck Luck i just Pul up to show it car to you disappearing remind me Oft Toj because maybe. 25 prayer ending 43 heavenly 26 word by word bodies 28 Ore who strikes postures 30 bewildered 31 refined woman 33 heroic deeds 35 stupidly Slang 40 Washington City 45 Silver 46 habitat plan form 47 Den 48 initial 50 greater 51 Short hit baseball 52 greek Mountain 55 Bird s beak name plate Over beit buckle with your name submitted us Kansas 414 Balsam St. Kim6srjrd, 49 place Between Jit heaven and Heidi 53 president Coolidge 54 unsigned 56 feel ill 57 Winter Hoa Frost 58 sea eagles 59 remove moisture 60 Pierce 61 Caterpillar hair it

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