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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee6 monday february 16, 1953, Kingsport times schools continued from Page 1 have been forwarded to Wash his was the project to secure Federal funds it will be some time before we Wil be authorized to Start on final the superintendent said. Sullivan county has acquired new nig death notices Jimmie Joe Burleson the body of Jimmy Joe Burle son. 16, who drowned in a boat i ing Accident on Holston River i near old Kingsport saturday was to be taken to Hughes. N. A. Today for burial. Funeral services were to be held at it. Pleasant Baptist Church in Hughes at 1 . The Rev. Ralph Cook of Kingsport was to officiate. Burial was in painters strike idles on a bomb project Augusta. A. Up con instruction work at the huge Savannah River Hydrogen bomb Plant was halted today by a strike of Union painters. Atomic Energy comm Ision officials said All work had been Road an addition of wifi 7sn to the school budget a i g december to Nav of Schoot building so an of Wagon of non in Federal find has been for constr for tinn of Hiah Pius the cues pallbearers were Joe and Jerry Giltner. Harry and War Ren a1 Warren and Edwin Oxley the Bov to survived by or. And mrs. D. H. Dock Bur Eson three Sisters Hilma and Nell Brothers Richard Lee and Rodney. Funeral for mrs. Ten workers were affected by the strike which actually involved orly of an painters Union. The men walked out a contract the dec said. Picket lines were thrown up at entrances to the massive Plant area just across the state Cross Fher to reach the jobs work for the i daughter were to be con Testate paint co., a sub con i at 2 . Today at Ham a tractor on the project which has Dobson Chapel. The Rev. I been under construction for or nth army says efforts to hold Down expenses delays defense Progress Washington says its Effort to hold Down _ Cost of the korean War has de a luf on Herou is played Progress toward foolproof Treen to Mccauliffe. Woff cer army s Deputy chief of staff for. Operations testified that fund slam old key Lenn. Were stretched As far As possible to finance the War from Avail-1 Ripley Tenn. Up a Mil Able Money and to avoid asking Waukee meat packing Plant Congress for extra a Propri Foreman who sought treatment actions. Of what he said was Only a Cut As a result he told a House Nis died at a Hospital appropriations s u b c o m Kere last night stocks of equipment have been Adolph Failmezger 51. His reduced without being replaced. And standards of operation and wife and another Milwaukee couple were in route to new maintenance have been de-1 oceans for the Mardi gras pressed. When their automobile collided with another automobile. Sheriff Willard Norvell said that the second car was driven by Elmore Carlisle. Negro of this has saved Money Meau life said in testimony made i Public today but has not improved our combat readiness position however and has rapids Mich. Ther delayed Progress toward Norvell said that two Amu achieving a prope state of to ances an ived at the scene but by ligation readiness i Failmezger apparently was the of the school from div was a Active ingredients of the j Hawkins county and had made Hydrogen bomb is being her Home with her children since Siruc Ted for the dec by the Clu two this was the second walkout. C. W. Mann of to halt work at the Plant. In Orlando and mrs. W. M. Construction came of Church Hill one brother standstill during a Short lived children visit doomed Rosenberg five and his nine year old brother Michael accompanied by attorney Emanuel Bloch arrive at sine sing prison in Ossin ing. N. Y., to visit their parents Julius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted atom spies. President Eisenhower has denied an executive clemency Appeal for the couple who face execution in the prison s electric chair. Senator claims foreign Aid can be Cut by half Washington i up i sen. John l. Mcclellan a Arki said today that budgeted foreign Aid safely could be Cut in half for next year. I former president Truman budgeted to foreign Laid for the fiscal year beginning july 1. The administration now Jis reviewing the budget which i or. Truman sent to Congress by fore president Eisenhower s inauguration. The sum can be reduced by j50 per cent without impairing or retarding the essential pro Gram if we will require performance on the part of the eur i rope an Mcclellan told the United press. He is a member of the Senate appropriations committee who always has supported reductions in foreign Aid spending. But Mcclellan and others May have support for some Economy in foreign spending at this session of Congress. U. S. Tobacco study on Hie trip to estimate of the Cost is to be in anally persuaded fail-1 eluded in a forthcoming military to a budget continuing to new Failmezger walked into the the army estimated its per Hospital seemingly in Good Ron i Washington sonnet costs alone would be 900.rtition the doctor sure Esleck Hojin tobacco production is necks Bullion dollars More. Other serv a remain in the Hospital Over sary if the nation is to hold its to hold Lead ices were not asked for estimates i night. World markets. America s chief 1 and grandchildren the county court december 11 n includes plans for improvements Nen y to Mck to four county High schools. Funeral services for Henry p. In keeping with our program Click 7g we i sat Urcla at o have plans drawn and Home a Ford Laker before the april term of at n am tues and High school Mary w d on Scho owl the f Lodge 401 involved and government labor i j pens. Believe exposure caused death of Man found Here City girl Winner in contest i Gate City. Va., feb. 15 first prize in a nationwide safety and first Aid contest for economic crisis arises in Korea prices skyrocket by the committee. I around 10 p. M. Test Horticulturist believes. Army officers said they had j Mezger s condition became critic or. Donald m. Crooks head enough funds on hand to Cal and he died minutes later Horticulturist for the tobacco Nance the korean Campaign division at the Federal Agricula through june 30 without unless night new yorker admits korean War costs Are not included in regular military budgets but Are met through special appropriations. Officers testified in support killing father of requests for special a Propri i w3c of him children has been won by Patril Seoul. Korea do a stations totalling More than a Bil us Jet la us a Lull wil1 be Flower bearers. Pall ear Board of education and regular _ t teachers in Lavine out clans for Mern Bers of Rebeccah Lodge 17 Leac trs in laying our these said. He said the county Hopes to advertise for bids on projects at Holston b 1 o u n t v i 11 e. Mary Cia g. Mcconnell 9-year-old Mancial and economic paralysis lion dollars for the three serv a daughter of or. And mrs. Ralph gripped South Korea today As ices. I v. Mcconnell route 3, Gate the government prepared to in a move Experiment station at nearby Beltsville my. Said re search m u s t produce bet tar i qualities of tobacco for each use. J speaking at a meeting of to i Bacco men from All Leaf growing areas. Crooks said every country in the world which can Row i tobacco is trying to imitate american tobacco. By Pat Fields times news writer j Unity. Issue new currency a taking shortcuts through the award a bicycle with to Stem inflation. will be k. Miller Charles Backert of electrical accessories was pre eighty per cent of Seoul s Johnson. Alvin Ane noon in ceremonies held in merchants closed their shops coins. A. L. Stiltner and j. E. Gate cite Cal cooler skyrocketed 400 Peri Haye Ain Inri s 1 Johnson All members of the a Lna Central and South cent on some items. Police be Hughes and nip Ralp t Market Street parking lot Virginia area represent Gan rounding up food merchants i live of Bauer and Black co. Of to Force them to reopen. Schools by March 22 and open bids on april 16 in order to pre a sent the exact to the county court on april 20. Lovedale Lodge. I cording to City police. I Ideal Wallet. I identified from papers in his Hrica of 111 makers of curitv1 t to Wallet As j. L. Mcconnell Pusan patrolled the i -11 Jlius Rulu Ilus Pledl ill ii i c Vanl c tvs t i Floc attn of of t via the Man was said to be an Anri Man sirs of the j Inis. Most 01 the Omni Morf supplies Ana sponsors 01 the residents stood on Street Corners Yalta from pase 1 wished. Addressing Congress feb. Or. Eisenhower said he would ask for action repudiating secret understandings of the past which had resulted in the enslavement of he did not mrs. Anna Jennings Gate City a. Kallu de an and . Jennings. 76, died at Butcher who had lived Home at p. M. Sunday after in boarding houses a Long illness. She was town daughter of the j. T. A Peters Coroner j. E. Upchurch said and Nancy Mcclellan Peters. Man apparently been she is survived by her Hiis Ideal at last hours band. W. Jennings three when he was discovered at daughters mrs Dewey Lane i sur Cay his body was lying t 11 tier to the cur of 3. C3.r i Benton two sons. Wrightley and i which habit been in a re j Howard Jennings ail of lot my one sister mrs Days has including a of Bridgeport. Ind. Was water brother. of nor soaked from ram and Snow of the night before. I there was no evidence of foul play Upchurch said and added h As been a Christian since group lists officers sunday afternoon officers and directors of Community pro that he said is Why the to Mineola n. Long Bacco men must continue in i Island Man has admitted killing prove heir product and pro disc this father then living with his Ion methods wife and daughter for nine Days the four chief of Oban co production research. Crooks in the House where the body was kept in the basement. Charles Starkins 23, and Are re presenta or sat in Tea shops discussing the wife Eileen were in county jail charged with first degree Murl Der. Mrs. Starkins knew of the1 l to look ahead work slaying police said. Their on before they a Grams met at the Home of w. A month old child Jean Anne was rive. Gearhart for the annual Busi Little Patricia is also eligible currency measure. To win a National grand prize of a savings Bond. Ness meeting chairman of w. The e. Gift As nominating Standard Oil ups were Idle. Work in government offices came to a standstill. Committee presented a slate of for the 1953-54 season. The following officers were unanimously elected w. M. President syn Man r h e e Gearhart As president miss a called his Cabinet into Emer Rie Hutchinson As first vice pres gency session to Deal with the crisis. The finance ministry in ident mrs. A. A. Owens As Sec Ond vice president. Robert phipps1 in the care of authorities. 2. To reduce production and Starkins a Burly six looter handling costs. Who lived from the income of 3. To produce better Quail is his father Alvin Starkins. 62 of tobacco for each use and loss year old sex policeman told to poor qualities for that same use. Lice he killed the elder Starkins 4. To conserve the soil and Jan 26 because he was sick so that Loday a growers him Nanri Hustoh a f t him and hated after Tail pc ii by Levi tag in e same House with generation. The. Done tar map in pc no mar nil can leave something for the next the body for nine Days he moved his and daughter to a move to halt the panic an As Secretary and King Cox where he was arrested i try Farl flip a i no 1 1 of in bounced the government holds treasurer i yesterday. A also surving a re is alld in Calif. Section sacks of Rice and that. The Annua membership drive the Iven monday City court uo.1 there was no reason to fear a for the 1953-54 season was set i Rice shortage. As opening on february 23 and the panic was prompted by a closing saturday March 7. The the government announcement that directors confirmed the tentative if will begin calling in the of the St. Louis sym tomorrow. Phony for the next concert be Slnar state rather it was seen As a Ician Lane the Rev. Ted Duncan Orn Smitn offi in Stony Point. Mrs. Ida b. My i Conneil was notified of her sons in the san Francisco area the in the president s Campaign Icv psychological warfare ul11 death and a brother identified increase raised the Price of regu the Kremlin one which might both Hamlett Dobson fun Jar gasoline to 27.9 cents per gallon and Premium to 30.4. T. S. Petersen president of the1 company said aviation Gas would i also jump 2.1 cents and heating 60 to l cd Lulille 1uiiuw 111 Tull flirt a to help eventually i weaning sat Al Slon View Cerne Tery. I Lle a.1 h h e states from Moscow s Side. Be her grandsons. Ices will be her grandsons. It was at Yalta m february 1845. That the late president come to Kings Rome Roosevelt describe d by his friends As tired and ailing met Phillip Ray Mcclain infant he is survived by two Daugh Bradshaw. Church a is oils and diesel fuels would go up 1.8 cents on the wholesale mar i Long Island Man Lul the crimean resort Center re 3 . Sunday at Munal clinic stored to Russia the Southern in addition to the parents the or s association. R. E. A Man injured in a Freak a with Josef Stalin and Winston son of or. And mrs. Raymond Anci. Mrs Pat Oah Ket. Al left Churchill. The pact signed at Mcclain Bloomingdale died Calif. One son Luther of j the executive Secretary of the Muir the us Navy six san Francisco Petroleum retail d. B. of Gate part of Sakhalin Island which child is survived by a sister Lin-1 Ezra h Japan took at the end of theocia Susan the paternal grand Russo japanese War of 1904 and parents or. And mrs. George s. The Kurile islands which Russia Mcclain the maternal grand-1 reded to Japan in a . Or. And mrs. Albert m. Nurun t agreement of 1875. Russia also Ramsey and a maternal great received port and rail grandmother. Mrs. P. E. Ramsey ions in China. Al of Kingsport. Point. An estranged wife at Jack Kramer Hopes to take Lead in series Teaneck n. Kramer who has won eight of his last 11 matches against Frank Sedgman hoped to take the Lead tonight in his world professional Tennis tour against the Star from Australia. Kramer the defending pro King from los Angeles tied the Overall score in the series 14-14, by beating Sedgman saturday that Independent Accident on Long is 8 Young Starkins said he bought a two motorists were fined s2.r Rifle about a month ago on in City court monday for excuse he wanted to teach his speeding on Broad Street Early wife to shoot. On the morning saturday night. Of Jan. 26 he waited in the base a the arresting officer said the ment of his father s Home for Drivers a Man and woman were the elder Man. Making 40 Mph through the he Lold police he shot his downtown District. Father in the Back of the head. One Man we find and then in the face As the Man Starkins wrapped the body in blankets dragged it to a Corner possessing basketball parlay k traffic and whisky n. A. 6-2, 6-4. Robert Mcconnell a and Jonn h. My reported in Good condition in the preliminary series pan of the basement and told his completed the morning docket wife what he had done. He said one Driver was fined s50 on ,1 she had objected to his earlier plans to kill his father. Congressmen deny promotions ban Washington up con Gress has a message for the i s in Korea and elsewhere Don t in return the soviets agreed graveside services will be con o the War against Japan ducted at 2 . Tuesday at a i within three months after hit Nadia cemetery. The body will c a an nope mints re Ler s defeat in Europe. Russia at Hamlett Dobson fun late monday enter the far Eastern War but neral Home until that time. Morning Only a few Days before Japan quit. The Yalta terms affecting the far East were kept secret for two years and republicans Long have contended they opened the Rio or to postwar red gains in continued from Page 1 injured in separate crashes drunk driving charge and two others forfeited s50 Bonds on similar charges. Reckless driving c h a r g e k against three Drivers were Dis missed and one Case was continued to thursday. A Fine was imposed against one Driver who pleaded guilty to making an illegal turn at Market and Broad streets. Another Driver who said he had lived out of state until re Dykes 34, 1717 Jared to put up the and Mcgregor 15-14. Assembly War by his own car when he got out to fix a front bumper which had come Loose. I Tennessee Highway patrolman three Kingsport area men Lloyd Coates investigating offi were treated at Holston said a car driven by Billi. Community Hospital monday1 Lawson Millye St., ran into they e a r s Philadelphia s famous service is started in for a five men and a woman were each for Public drunk enness and another Man that in t so. Insist members of a military appropriations committee who recently planned to the top brass about it. S4" for Pullol r the discussions came out today and passing whisky. In published hearings. Two persons forfeited Philadelphia i after 361 the subcommittee was con.sid-1 charges. Morning for injuries received in Back of Dykes car and pushed it three different automobile the Man. Lawson told the continued from Page 1 Valley forge described won san i speakers during the initial Days i As a battered Hulk of rubble Hole in the ground has finally become the subway it was orig Hospital attendants he was meeting noncom i finally planned to be Jing traffic and did not see the the Locust Street subway Sec Martin Jeter. 34, 1829 Reedy car parked beside the Road. Lond tube to connect downtown wreck continued from padre 1 were released after treatment. The Wilson family had been of the reopened Assembly. I the first of the Bills drawn up j by the various executive offices i also will be an important item of business in the Early stages and death he said the City Creek Roa released after Dykes suffered a broken left of the sen. Brooks b. Eslick. Pulaski. Says he will introduce a series of which once had a population Ace 100.000 and was Eastern Korea a transportation Hub. Has been reduced to an estimated possible Chest injuries. And were in route to their in North Carolina when the Accident occurred. Soon to strengthen ten a service men and veterans. The Bills touch on Absentee registration Chi. Hugh Barger of Tennessee for re employment Highway patrol who re Iri statement rights of -.rated, said the vehicles collided state and municipal pm loves an intersection on Johnson Back into service Anc i communist soldiers and a hand Ful of civilians. On the Battlefront Allied infantrymen threw Back five Small communist probes in predawn darkness. Temperatures dropped below Zero ail along the front. I the eighth army s new com a Mander it. Gen. Maxwell do indicated there might received in a wreck on Chestnut no Char have been aced Ridge at . A Driver connection with the Accident Mason and Dixon lines Jeter Coates said. City Highway about one half mile from the Washington coun y line. Stapleton s truck Nopar Nily entered the Highway from told attendants the Accident occurred when he was attempting to pass another vehicle on the Road. H. L. Patterson. Route 1. Kings Holdup is foiled big Stone Gap va., feb. Is j Joe e. Brown s two Philadelphia with Camden n. J., was started in 1917 but construction was delayed by two wars a depression Lack of Money and a material shortage. It was finished Early this year and service on the line started yesterday. Ering army demands for extra i forfeitures me Udud it Money part of which was to be 520 Bond for Public used to1 make possible promo j tons which had been promised a a local be some unpleasant surprises servicemen s Power of attorney. For the communists. From the opening session Jan. 5 until a recess was called Jan. 16. Only two major Nistra a a Side Roach on the right and Tion Bills Werp introduced. Inc East bound he officer said. Attend Lodge meet big Stone Gap a. Russians the first one eliminated Home of Appalachia Lodge continued from Page 1 plus personnel and prohibited possible loading of legislative payrolls by the lawmakers. The second administration Bill would have Given cities a one cent share of the state gasoline tax. Needed to ignite world War Iii. Although this Bill was with the first official japanese re-1 drawn after a major drafting action came from Takejo Shi error was found it was expected Moda. Chief of the foreign of to be another Early measure fice treaty Bureau who said1 that since Japan asked the United states to defend it any men s suit production responsibility is Japan new York the men s today s incident was the Industry produced Hist in which american guns 19 million suits in 1952, fired at russian aircraft. On according to Harry a. Corbin. Two occasions american patrol executive Secretary of the cloth plans inside japanese territory ing manufacturers association. No. 229 and c. R. Pannell j. H. Collier and w. R. Mumpower of big Stone Gap Lodge no. 208 port was treated for lacerations Powers local taxi of the forehead and ear and Driver reported to police puncture wound of the Scalp Fol Ftnat be picked up a passenger lowing a car crash on Blooming Friday evening for a Short haul Dale Road at . He soon after the trip started released from the Hospital after the nouns Man stuck a gun in treatment. The Driver s Back and instructed also treated and released was incl to drive to Kingsport. Echol Calhoun 43, Blountville. Several Miles out on the who received a possible Back in jury in a wreck on Bloomingdale read around 9 . Monday. Kingsport Highway Powers made a sudden a turn and jumped out of the cab. The Young stick up spent the first part of the icy pavement was blamed for j Man seeing what was happen both accidents on Bloomingdale 1 ing also jumped out and Dis in Richmond attending 175th communication of grand Lodge of Virginia. The lne warm reception appeared. He has not been located. During the session Pannell new York up Stra was elected to the office of Dis Vinsky s the Rake s Progress strict Deputy grand master a warm reception for its District 48 of the grand Lodge american premiere at the met if Virginia. This includes the j Rop Olitan opera House Satur eight lodges in Wise and Dicken son counties. Pannell is past master of big Stone Gap Lodge no. 208 and High priest of Ste Venson Royal Arch chapter no. Day. Associated press arts editor w. G. Rogers wrote it was the first met premiere in five years and the first presented by Gen 19. Pannell is a member of manager Rudolf Bing who Gyrene command cry no. 21 of obviously lavished a lot of Mon i l v logic a it ii jul Iii Ull have disappeared victims of 19al the Industry turned Outin orlon. A. And a Nobel in the lev on a very Superior product Viet fighter planes. Million suits. Okazin Temple of Roanoke a. Groseclose Flowers i for a occasions phone 6 am arrangements guaranteed daughters Are married Hollywood. Calif. Comedian Joe e. Up Brown s two daughters wed in a double Cere Mony saturday honeymooned with their bridegrooms today. Mary Elizabeth Brown exchanged vows with Steven Ken Neth fair and her younger sister Kathryn Frances married Aanond Lloyd Lisle. The ceremony was performed at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church and was followed by a reception at the Bel air hotel. Flowers Backer Bros. Phone 2200 Charlemont and Watahara its. Service Day night Flower orders Teler Raptieu deserving enlisted men Mem land ,25 Bonds for Bers were displeased at reports some of the promotions had been denied. Mundl will address Nashville meeting Nashville u. S. Sen. Karl Mundt a ski will address a Lincoln Day Republican Vic tory dinner at Here dates corrected on local events dates on two functions to take place in Kingsport this week were listed erroneously in sunday s times news. I the camera club listed to meet at company Tennessee at 8 . Eastman tuesday meets there tonight instead. The Audubon screen Tours speak the cuff l their film America the Beau off the cuff. I is scheduled for . Plan of consolidating conserva Tive republicans and Southern democrats into one party. State party leaders scheduled to make Brief remarks include rep. Howard Baker rep. B. Car Roll Reece and state party chair Man Guy Smith Knoxville. Cherokee Monument co. W. Center Shelby Sis. Of m Crane my Filc. Bwy dirt i Ami Virv com oils . All War material teed. Clay e. Hove. Owner City open now Kingsport tile linoleum shop 1769 Johnson City Highway s. B. Burkely and Joe p. Davis phone 2776 Complete installation service it inlaid linoleum Asphalt tile if rubber tile if plastic tile plastic Wall tile free estimates reasonable reasonable terms

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