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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonset . First Quarter Friday the planet. Mars below the mood to night. Is now nearly 200 million from the Earth. It is becoming too dim to be easily seen and it will reappear u a morning Star in the fall. All Tolmei Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 33 Kingsport Tenn., monday february 16, 1953 10 pages five cents the we Fher rather Cloudy and cold to night lowest about 30 de Grees. Tuesday continued Cloudy and Milder. Local noon temperature 40 last night s Low 23 sunday s High 49. Jets fire on russians Over Japan Ted in slugger slides safely Home in Korea air base capt. Ted Williams unhurt in crack up of flaming Jet plane personal income tax Cut voted by Reed group ways and Means committee overrides Ike on tax reduction Over 200 Allied fighter bombers hit red buildup ships Shell won san red ground attacks thrown Back by in Seoul to More than 200 u. S. Fighter bombers smashed at a huge communist troop and Supply buildup area in North Korea today and it turned it i into a boiling mass of smoke and j flames. American f86 Sabre jets Fly ing a protective screen for the massive raid clashed with communist Mig jets deep in North West Korea in the second straight Day of dogfights pilots reported one Mig probably destroyed and two damaged. The sabres outnumbered 451 to 22, shot Down two migs Sun i Day probably destroyed a third and damaged four. They were shielding Allied fighter bombers which knocked out two Genera tors at the big Sueiho hydroelectric Plant on the Yal u River Boundary of Manchuria. More than 500 air Force. Marine and u. S. Carrier planes turned the giant Sueiho the world s fourth a pile of junk last june 23. But hip communists evidently on his first combat mis House in april or May As Martin me communists Evia Eiguy. In Litov measure rebuilt it. Today s target for the big Al lied air strike was Komi to about 20 Miles Southwest of the korean capital of Pyongyang. Allied warships meanwhile. Tenn. Assembly resumes after recess Nashville and Senate leaders said today the first in a series of administration Bills probably would be of administration House Leader said he expects the first gov. Frank Clement requested the recess to give the adminis administration Bill there to be traction time to discuss and plan offered tomorrow. Sen. Jim Camp feed tomorrow in the Tennes a in is t r a t Ion see general Assembly. Spokesman in the Senate said House ways and Means commit tee overrode president Eisenhower s go slow request and voted 21 to 4 today to Cut individual income taxes on july 1. The Cut if it becomes Law would amount to about five per-1 cent for most taxpayers in this Calendar year. An additional Cut of about five percent would go into effect on Jan. 1, 1954, Mak ing the total reduction about 10 percent. Legislation providing for the tax Cut was approved by the ways and Means committee de a spite or. Eisenhower s statement i to Congress two weeks ago that until we can determine the sex Lent to which expenditures can be reduced it would not be Wise to reduce our in line with that speaker Joseph w. Martin or. Said the tax i cutting Bill would not be called at a in Advance air for action on the floor until Korea Ted Williams a balanced budget is in sight former Boston red sox out even if the Bill passes the up Tutei the legislature convened the upper House also would get _ before noon today from its first measure at the same a 30-Day recess but most of the session was confined to commit tee appointments resolutions and minor actions. Rep. Hoyt Bryson time. Camp said most of the Bills Are in the process of preparation and will be offered As they a Wood Are completed. Its legislative program. The legislators adjourned in mid Jan uary and they still have a pos sible 63 Days left in this session. The recess was devoted Pri Marily to a joint legislative com Mittee investigation of the Vari Ous aspects of former gov. Gor Don Browning s administration. Another committee investigated f-84s hit one russian plane Over hokkaido two Border violators intercepted chased Home by u. S. Ships Tokyo us u. S. F-84 reports of subversive material in state and College textbooks. Two Bills destined for Contro Versy Are the truck weight in crease proposal and the Bill to Amend the state s open shop Law to permit Union shop agree Thunder Jet fighters today in ments. The latter is an admin to excepted and fired on two rus is ration measure. Appointments to the various Senate and House committees Are expected to be made by the see Assembly Page 6 gop moving to school to Mart building july 1 Sion in Korea crash landed his believes is Likely the measure flaming Jet plane today at this still May never get through the Advance air base. I Senate which it would have to William near Tiralli Mph in Aldo before it could become Law. Imams practically ten out a Toft of his Marine Panther Jet after sen. Robert a. Taft to and had Lotner Senate Republican leaders bombardment and siege of the Eastern korean port of won san. The u. S. Heavy Cruiser Toledo and two destroyers the Wedder Burn and Moore shelled Shore installations. The siege of won san is the fire. I did t feel a thing hit me he said. First i can be achieved. Williams was flying with the 33rd Marine air group one of two Marine groups that joined four air Force wings on a 200 the measure approved by the House committee was sponsored longest in u. S. Naval history. It plane raid Over Komi to 15 Miles began feb 16, 1951, after the South of the North korean Capi u. S. 1st Marine division and j Tal of Pyongyang. Other u. N. Units were evacuated fellow pilots noticed his plane in the eighth army s Retreat was on fire As he pulled away from North Korea. From the target. Smoke poured a correspondent Olen Clem 1 out of the break ports All the cams aboard the u. S. Carrier Back. See War Page 6 cold weather hits Midwest High winds stir up Winter dust storms by i United press Akard says bids will be taken on Grade school expansions Blountville spa construction of a new county High school in the Bloomingdale Sec Tion near Kingsport is expected to begin by july 1. 1953, j. Craft Akard county school superintendent announced monday. Akard also announced the repudiate Yalta 9 persons Hurt As autos crash four in n. Carolina family hospitalized four members of a North Carolina family were Hospital opening of bids and award Here Sund afternoon and contracts Here March 4 for others treated in the tons to Lynn Garden and Sulli emergency room at Holston Val o in to j his Bill be acted on immediately and without any expression of views from Treasury or other administration officials. Alaska Volcano blows its top it. Katmai erupts for first time since 1912 Kodiak Alaska it. Katmai on the Alaska Penin years blew its As i neared the base the ailerons started to get stiff so i turned off the Hydraulic he said. I had to use both hands on the stick for the final approach. I thought i was going too fast but when i looked at my airspeed indicator it was t his flaps failed to work and the wheels would not go Down. There was nothing to do but belly in. I hit pretty hard 3ulet for chugged Down the runway top late yesterday in thought i would never Stop. Iia eruption that sent a jerked the emergency release of smoke towering 30x100 the canopy and got it off. Then feet the a and started fill Van elementary schools. Both elementary school projects will be financed entirely by Federal funds and the High school will be partially paid for by Federal mine a. Final plans for eight room additions to the Lynn Garden and Sullivan schools were recently submitted to the regional office of the Federal office of Educa Tion by Akard. Both Grade school projects Are expected to be completed before next school year. Akard said. Expected completion Date of the High school was not announced. We Are now starting on final High school plans which when completed will have to be cleared through the Federal of fice of education and then dates set for Akard said. Rough sketches for a four room addition at gravely elementary school near Kingsport cold weather swept into tidally fell out of the air. Ing nearby valleys with Ash ii t n Orn it at pc q in Tyl ii n _ _ Tito o Lorvi Arimo r a a see schools Page 6 Ley Community Hospital for in juries suffered in a car truck collision on Johnson City High Way. Oland Wilson of Black Moun Tain n. C., suffered a lacerated Scalp and was admitted to the Hospital at 3 . For observation of possible Skull injuries. His wife. Evelyn 32, also admitted suffered two broken ribs and possible spine injuries. Two year old Charles Wilson was badly bruised about the face Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower and his con Gressional leaders today made some Progress on a Resolution encouraging people fighting for Freedom in soviet satellite coun tries or elsewhere. Senate majority Leader Robert a. Taft leaving the weekly White House legislative Confer ence said the Resolution will repudiate parts of the Yalta and other International agreements which might be construed to limit the Freedom of people for however Taft said the Yalta agreement is not the principal target. The idea is not a repudiation of any particular agreement but rather of any construction that would Lead to acquiescence on our part of suppression of free Dom in satellite countries or Taft said. He said the language of the Resolution was one of the major subjects taken up at the White House session. I it was discussed at Somei length and we made some Prog Taft said. Pick up orig. 3rd ugh chair and Mouth his sister Jeanette i chairmen of the Senate and 8, had a lacerated Cheek and possible Skull injuries. Both were kept at the Hospital for observation. Hospital attendants monday morning listed mrs. Wilson s condition As while the three other members of the family were reported in fairly Good condition. Noi Thern Plains states and of the Northeast today and froze out storm Clouds which had threatened to dump heavy Dorcent crippling Snow on new England. Nyc t Ciulli Snow did hit the new eng land area in amounts ranging from six inches to Light wind swept flurries but the cold air slowed the fall before it reached w. A. Collision Sissonville w. A. Two other Wilson children Juanita 6, and Ronald 9, were released after treatment to go to the Home of their grandmother mrs. Bess Saleemie in Kings port Hospital attendants said. George Stapleton route 2. Jonesboro Driver of the truck. J was uninjured except for a Small j abrasion of the Scalp. Clarice i Williams 443 e. Sullivan and was belching fire and smoke last North sea Spring tides there was no immediate word n a whether any villages in the Prim-1 Dauteu Tive and sparsely populated area were threatened. Tidal military fliers who flew near the Volcano said it still Amsterdam House foreign relations committees were asked to sit in with the top Republican congressional leaders who regularly meet with or. Eisenhower on monday to Chart legislative programs. The Only question seemed to be what form the Resolution should take. Congressional re see Yalta Page 6 transport saves 707 from liner in Mediterranean Sian warplanes violating the Northern japanese Border in the first clash Between the american and growing soviet far East air forces. The jets scored hits on one soviet plane before the intruders turned and fled to the Sanctuary of soviet territory. Gen. O. P. Weyland in far East air Force commander said the american jets intercepted the two russian fied As single engine propeller driven hokkaido Japan s northernmost Island. It was the first positively con firmed flight by russian planes Over japanese territory since Jan. 13, when the japanese government warned Russia that american fighters guarding Japan would meet Border violators with bullets. The two Thunder jets on a Rou Tine patrol Over Northern Japan were guided by radar to the rus Sian aircraft at . Est sunday. At the time the russian planes were heading across the Demuro Peninsula a neck of land that juts eastward from hokkaido to within two Miles of a russian occupied Island in the disputed Hab omai group. Weyland said the interceptors closed in on the two russian planes and identified them As la la s Lavat Chwin soviet fighters of the 400-mile an hour class. Pursuant to standing instructions our interceptor pilots signalled the intruders to the announcement said. The Landing signal was ignored by Stevenson was Busy mending the la-11 pilots. Democratic political fences to a our Leader then opened fire Day but smilingly insisted that scoring hits on the fuselage and if he runs in 1956 it will be for wings of one of the j the two russian planes turned he also prepared for his first and fled northeastward toward Post election meeting with Kurile islands. The Thun Man who Defeated him for the de Jet pilots broke off the action Adlai Stevenson Stevenson mends political fences Defeated candidate to visit president Washington e. Presidency Dwight d. Eisen Hower. To avoid flying into russian territory. Up night. Passengers two weeks ago caused at least Burns and bruises. All katmai s last big rampage in deaths when High winds i1912 covered Kodiak Island 110, dr0ve them into lowlands of an Early weather Bureau ambulance racing to a High Jmiles to the Southeast with two Britain Belgium and the Neth cast of 10 inches. Accident Call collided with feet of Ash and deposited 500ierlands, crested again today. Meanwhile heavy winds car near Here of ashes in the Valley of in Britain troops and see wreck Page 6 or. Eisenhower expressed in the disclosure immediately Terest in Stevenson s fort com. Ing trip to the far East and invited his Campaign opponent to drop in at the White House and talk it Over. White House aides were unable to give the precise time of Stevenson s appointment but it was indicated he May be the president s guest at lunch tomorrow. The former Illinois governor now titular head of the demo cratic party bad a heavy sched ule for his three Day visit to the capital heightened fears in War jittery Japan that further shooting incidents might be the spark see russians Page 6 execution for spies set week of March 9 new York up Federal judge Irving. R. Kaufman today set the week of March 9 for the oui adj tinned to race across the great killing five persons and injuring Plains states of Nebraska and four others Kansas in the Wake of a Low the a passengers in Sula and Kodiak had to be evac pressure area that brought near-1 the car were Between the Ages blizzard conditions sunday. Winds clocked unofficially iof 14 and 20. Two of them were smokes close by. The towns of katmai on the Penin rated. But Kodiak residents were re assured last night by frequent 100-Miles an hour stirred up an eyewitness told state to a bulletins from the Navy base Winter dust the car seven Youngl Here there was no danger from people tried to pass a truck on a j the new eruption Hill. The Driver apparently saw Navy and air Force planes neb., and Goodland Kan. A Pilot flying Over the Western Section of Kansas reported that heavy dust surged As High As feet. Store windows were smashed the approaching ambulance and attempted to pull Back into the both skirted the Volcano after it blew up yesterday at 4 . The blown Over at Scotts neb. The Low pressure area was moving southeastward and was entered Over Eastern Missouri today. Snow fell in a band 100 Miles wide which was pushed along by the storm. However winds and snowfall grew More moderate As the storm whirled away from the open Prairies. Two Tenn. Convicts die in mine mishap traffic Lane. But the car Force Pilot reported that 50 i swiped the truck and went out minutes after the eruption the of balance. Into the am 1 pillar of smoke 1 30.000 feet. Lions Loose civilians stood guard behind sandbag reinforced North sea Walls along a 300-mile Long Utt Meit lpns stretch of the British East coast. Behind them other troops Memphis Lions who waited in Reserve. Millions of spent a Brief moment on Down sandbags were piled at strategic town streets after slipping from spots. Flood warning pilots their circus cages Are Back be were manned and evacuation re and bars services were ready to go at a the Lions Goldie and Eliza Naples Italy in addition to his execution at sing sing prison of -1. Talk with or Eisenhower re convicted atom spies Julius and plans to see some state depart Ethel Rosenberg. About his far United states marshal William and talk to the Carroll will go to the prison of some of the to arrange the exact tries he will visit. Muir rescued 107 passengers Crew members today from crippled italian liner seas 230 Miles Southeast of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Moment s notice. Deth escaped into the Arena of flood officials said if winds the auditorium yesterday while across the North sea climbed cr0wd of watched Trainer Gale Force there might be a rep 1 Pat Anthony run through his the italian Lloyd Triestine i shipping line which operated the liner said the american ship had safely taken aboard All of the leaking vessel s 62 passengers and 45 Crew Mem Bers. The Tripoli Tania was bound from italian Somaliland to Naples when it developed a serious leak. It sent an sos Sun Day. Had reached edition of the destruction caused feb. 1. Petros Tenn. A Coal mine Accident left two convicts dead and a third injured Satur Day it was reported last night by Bob Evans a prison official. It was reported the men were crushed under a Rock which fell from the roof of the mine where the prisoners were working. Evans identified the dead men As Bob Renaldo 25, Nashville and Jim Carnigan 35, Memphis negro. Joseph Davis 20, was being treated at Oak Ridge Hospital. His Home town was not Avail Little Hope any survived crash in Stormy Gulf 17 bodies found new Orleans air a search which found the Bod ies of 17 occupants of a nation Al airlines plane resumes today 3 Miles Southeast of Mobile ala., where the dc6 plunged into the storm tossed Gulf of Mexico with 46 persons aboard. Little Hope remained that any of the 41 passengers and five the ill fated four engine do an investigation was started plane flying in 100-Mille-per i by h. B. Shebat of College Park hour winds was in route Packham of Miami civil aeronautics authorities. Tampa fla., to new Orleans when it crashed saturday after noon less than five minutes from possible safety. Three were found Bobbing on the a Crew members would be found iter yesterday As a tremendous alive. At Miami fla., National s vice president in charge of operations capt. E. Kershaw said the dc6 in saturday s crash May have met Tornado Condi Kershaw noted that capt. E. A. Springer Pilot of the dc6, met turbulent weather conditions about the time of his last report Able As were other details of the causing him to descend from Accident. 000 feet to feet. Hunt by planes combed the Gulf. And the ships coast guard believed that Only a re Mote possibility existed that the Airliner s fourth raft would be found with survivors. Many persons prominent in business and society were aboard Billy Lavendar photographer for the Mobile press Register said after a flight to the scene that the plane went Down about 12 Miles Short of it. Morgan site of a Small Airfield. It s possible that the Pilot of the Airliner was attempting to make it there or somewhere along this coast for an Emer gency he said. Land was less than five minutes flying time from the spot were the the big Airliner when it be triplane Tampa at 3 p. M. Cost Satur a it was the first fatal crash of Day for the 419-mile run across a u. S. Domestic Airliner since a the Gulf. It was due in new National pcs fell at Elizabeth Orleans at p. M. N. J., feb. 11, 1952. Wild animal act. Midway through the act a feature attraction of the Hamid Morton circus the two Young Lions dashed from the main Cage into their individual cages alongside. The dash was according to script. But finding their Cage doors wide open was t. The Lions loped through the pit like Arena and into the Tun Nel of the passageway. Roust about policemen clowns Gaud ily costumed shrines and a few spectators streamed in Pur suit. The Lions scooted out a half open door to the Street and a noisy flood of cars and buses. Goldie raced Halfway around the Block sized auditorium and re entered at another open door. Her Section of the corridor was blocked off by a partitioning door slammed by an Alert attendant. Elizabeth befuddled by the Roar of civilization retreated Back into the corridor and hid in a soft drinks storeroom. Anthony and his Crew arrived on the run and shoved cages in front of the Lions. It took Little urging to entice both Back be Hind bars. The Muir was the first ship to come to the liner s Aid and immediately took aboard the 62 passengers. Faithful dog must die the electrocution. Executions normally take place on thursday nights at sing sing but the first execution Date set for the Rosenbergs did not fall Nashville that Day. Watchdog must die Here because he protected his Homestead against a Rabid Fox. Davidson county health officials ruled yesterday the dog not being inoculated must be shot because he was bitten Many times by a Rabid Fox which Stag gered into the dog s Yard and attacked him. The dog belongs to miss Maryellen Fon Taine Nashville. Aged Man lives hours after official death new York 80-year old Man was found alive yester Day in an embalming room two hours after the family doctor had issued a death certificate. William c. Brossman of Brooklyn was taken to a hos Charles Morton and placed in an embalming room. Morton and his aides noticed a Flicker of the eyelids and an apparent slight exhalation. The funeral parlor men wrapped Brossman in a Blanket and called an ambulance. An More than 14 hours after being pronounced dead. The family physician or. David Blumenfeld had listed Arterio sclerosis and senility on the death certificate. Asst. Dist. Atty. George e. Re Gan quoted the doctor As saying he found no heart beat pulse or any other indication of life when he twice examined the patient thoroughly late yester Day morning. After the death certificate was signed Brossman was taken to the Queens funeral Home of restore breathing sufficiently to permit Brossman s removal to Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn. There he was Given Shock treatment oxygen and blood transfusions but failed to rally. Relatives of Brossman a re tired clothing Cutter said or. Blumenfeld had been treating him for a considerable time and made a lengthy and careful examination before pronouncing him dead. Brossman who re tired from his Trade 30 years ago was ill for a Long time. Judge Kaufman turned Down Friday a request by Emanuel h. Bloch attorney for the condemned couple to set the new Date four to eight weeks after today. He told Bloch i think the time has come for Justice to the Rosenbergs convicted in March 1951, of passing this country s atomic secrets to rus Sia originally had been scheduled to die in sing sing prison s electric chair Jan. 14. Judge Kaufman granted them a stay of execution Jan. 5 so they might apply for executive clemency. It was denied by president Eisen Hower last wednesday. With the setting of a new exe cution Date Bloch planned to go into the u. S. Circuit court of appeals tomorrow to seek an other delay of execution. So lunar tables the schedule of so lunar As printed below has been taken from John Alden Knight s so lunar tables. Plan your Days so that you will be fishing in Good territory or Hunting to Good cover during these times of Yon wish to fled the Best sport that each Day has to offer. The major periods Are shown in boldface Type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hour thereafter the minor periods shown to regular Type Ara of me what Shorter duration. Eastern Standard to Braar 1c monday 17 tuesday 18 wednesday 19 thursday 20 Friday 21 saturday . 12 m . It mar Lake stages Lake monday. Mm.9 Foft Cherokee. S. Holston. Boone

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