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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 15, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeGolden glovers Dixie Start tourney tonight Betsy s Bob Maupin favored in defense of middleweight title Nashville in the 22nd Southern Golden gloves tournament opens with two champions on hand to de fend their crowns in this annual meet which draws Dixie s top Talent. Weigh ins were held late this morning 12 a. M. Est and pairings were drawn immediately afterwards. About 20 fights Are on tonight s card including the two defending champs. A n a attacks Are divided note Tel i the ill la in m series on diseases and functions of the heart jointly sponsored by the Tennessee heart and the Tennessee state medical association. This article is the second of two articles the heart attack and is written 07 or. B. B. Knox Rulle physician chairman of the East Tennessee heart association Board of directors and a member of the Board directors of the Tennessee heart association How often do we hear of some one having had a heart which May have ended fatally on one occasion and yet another person survived and was at work Gina or myocardial terms used loosely and without sure knowledge of their True significance. They Are usually ush ered in by the development of a sudden Onset of Chest pain which May be due to an insufficiency of blood in the coronary arteries which keep the Walls of the heart supplied with blood or on the other hand the insufficiency May be due to a sudden stoppage or occlusion of some to announce Oscar Roosevelt bottle candidates tonight the next Day. How the differ coronary artery which results in Bob from Maupin 160 Elizabethton Pounder Tenn., is Back to try and keep his Middle weight title and so is Carlton Wilson of Biloxi the Southern welterweight King. Georgia s Ken Pruitt who took the 112-Pound prize a year ago is Back but will fight in a higher division the 118-Pound class. Leroy Duchene the Light heavy ruler in 1952, who did t Box last year will try to grab the heavyweight title this year and will be a big favorite to do just that. Alabama experts think Gor Don Van Lee will be the class of the Field in the 147-Pound class. The tournament is sponsored by Che Nashville tennessean. Winners Are eligible to compete in the tournament of Cham pions in Chicago. Other top Tennessee entries include Bill Broady of Knoxville in the Light heavy class which May produce some of the finest fights in the meet. Bobby Harris in the 118-Pound class is another Knoxville lad with plenty of Promise. Elizabeth ton s Charley Cornett is the pre tourney favorite to take the 118 Pound class however. Living Coral can exist Only at shallow Depths in the sea. Ence there Are two Large classes of heart due to or Ganic disease the other to functional disturbances. It is Well to remember that the heart is a muscular pump with the sole purpose of pumping the blood out through a series of pipe lines the arteries and it returns to the heart through the veins the heart is an automatically regulated mechanism with a Given rate and a Normal rhythm. It is governed by a double set of nerves from the autonomic Nerv Ous system one of which slows the action and the other stimulates or hastens the action of the heart. Any disturbance of the rate or of its rhythm May constitute functional heart attack and not be based on organic causes and hence not in any Way threaten the life of the person involved however frightening the episode May be. Heart rates even up to 200 or Over May be purely functional disorders and due to some Sim ple affair outside the As excessive use of tobacco cof fee or excessive activity of the thyroid gland. The organic heart diseases characterized by the so called heart attack May also involve disturbances of rate or rhythm and will need careful and com plete examination for proper classification and hence proper treatment. They Are riot necessarily disabling or fatal. Perhaps the most startling of All heart attacks Are those accompanied by a severe paroxysm of pain or occasionally an immediate death without pain. This is the so called coronary blood an the destruction of some of the Wall of the heart. Occasionally the Sud Den closure of a vessel causes the ventricles of the heart to Fibril late and death rapidly ensues. If not a Long convalescence ensues. Luckily All Chest even though located Over the heart is not due to a heart but May arise from a Large number of conditions. There Are thre Large groups of causes 1. Those arising from the Ches Wall As Myalgias neuralgia neuritis rib injuries Etc. 2. Those arising from the Che contents other than heart a pneumonia pleurisy collapse o the lung or inflammatory Dis eases and finally. 3. Those arising from the abdominal Gas in the Colon esophageal spasm of various portions of the intes tinal tract from various ailment that might affect it. So be not alarmed by the pair that assails the Chest Especial when at rest the chances a highly in favor it is not a hear attack. Triple jeopardy St. Petersburg Fla. Patrolman Al Borque Story of Claude m. Nash 19 who pressed the trigger thre times yesterday the first time nothing happened. The second time nothing happened. Companions shouted Don t do it the third time the .25-Calibe pistol fired a Bullet into his Bod and he died in a few minutes. Borque said he did not be Lieve Nash knew the pistol a loaded. 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Among the performers Burt Lancaster As the Tough ser Geant of eternity is consid ered a favorite while newcomer Audrey Hepburn of roman hol iday is a leading contender among actresses. Practically sure to be nominated for Best director Are George Stevens for Shane and Fred Zinneman for meat production up Washington ins the agriculture department Esti mates that nine per cent More red meat was produced in the United states last year than in 1852. Figures indicate production for 1953 totalled pounds an increase of one Bil lion 859 million pounds from the previous year. Beef production was up 29 per cent in 1953, while veal Rose 35 per cent and Lamb and Mutton 13. Per cent. Pork production however de creased 13 per cent from 1952. Cork is the outer layer of the bark of an Evergreen Oak. In court amid new rumours Pasadena Calif. Ins James and Romelle Roosevelt renew their bitter separate maintenance Battle today in Superior court in Pasadena amid reports that a settlement is near. The suit centers around the 38-year-old mrs. R o o s e v e i t s claims for monthly Ali Mony and child support. She backed her demands with the now famous kiss and Tell let Ter in which her estranged Hus band admitted infidelities with nine women and the separate maintenance suit itself which charged he was intimate with three other women. Reports of a possible Settle ment came from close friends of both Jimmy and Romelle who said week end pow wows were held by respective attorneys in an Effort to avoid further hassling in court. The hearing is scheduled for . . Not just Roosevelt himself but the entire Roosevelt clan is de scribed As anxious to dispose of the Case before there is a further airing of mrs. Roosevelt s sensational charges of infidelity against the 46-year-old eldest son of the late Franklin. D. Roosevelt. The Roosevelt family reportedly is concerned Over the effect any unsavoury disclosures might Lave on the political futures of 30th James Roosevelt and Franklin d. Roosevelt jr., and the memory of the late presi Dent. Bristol native Dies in Roanoke Hospital Roanoke Joseph t. Engleby jr., Long Active in local civic and social affairs and unsuccessful Republican candidate for Roanoke county s seat in the House of delegates in 1949, died in a Hospital Here sunday. A native of Bristol her Large number of interests included work in child welfare the Par ent teacher assn., and Republican party circles. She is survived by her Hus band Joseph t. Engleby or. Two sons Dudley s. Engleby serving with the u. S. Air Force Joseph t. Engleby Iii University of Virginia her Mother mrs. Ger Trude m. Sizer Bristol three Sisters mrs. Lila seed St. Croix Falls wis. Mrs. Marjorie Gray Bristol Tenn. And miss Marie Sizer Tucson Ariz. Kingsport times monday february 15, 1954 t Here s co1 666 Al to Ordinary Pun reliever can make this claim but 666 can. The 666 formula contains n combination of prescription Type ingredients not found in any other cold Medicine. For that extra Relief try 666 liquid or tablets. Remember 666 4oef More because it hat More. Headache saves from Gas you want Pittsburgh save on your Irwin 13, had his first headache last night. Police say it have saved his life and lives of his 5-year-old place to savr is Bill and their Mother Jenny the younger son Broad Street ing after Samuel complained the headache mrs. Irwin petted a leak from a newly stalled Gas Heater. She police and the Gas company. Emergency Crews found a 100 per cent concentration of Bon monoxide insurance feature the boys and their Mother were rushed to a Hospital for emergency oxygen. Hours later they were released Good regular farm medical coverage. Protects 1 members of your family in any Accident driving i and walking anyone else injured in or by your Carl tacks ail Colo symptoms of tutf.fnlfs5 exclusive another great Bate farm the from your it feb farm Mutual vie today. R. 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