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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 15, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 871 10 Speed is a killer. You May be next. Kings Ort times vol. Al no. 32 phone Circle Kings pro monday feb. .15, t954 6-8121 10 pages five cents tie weaker today s High in Middle seven ties. Some cloudiness tonight and continued mild with Low in Middle fifties. Tuesday continued mostly Cloudy and warm. Yesterday s High 62, last night s Low 36, noon Reading 56. A governor announces prison Reform Weyland says . Bombers in Indochina fight general sees Hope for improvement in military situation Tokyo ins Otto p Weyland head of the u. Far East air forces announced Day that America is sending Light b-26 bombers to Indochina for use by French pilots in the fight against the communists. Weyland told a Tokyo news conference that twelve b-26s were ferried to Indochina in the first shipment and that More were sent from Japan last sat urday. The american general who spent five Days in Indochina last week consulting with French officials at Saigon said it is my opinion the military situation there can be expected to improve in the near Weyland said also that the 315th air division stationed near Tokyo has extended its far East courier service in order to sup port 250 air technicians and administrators sent earlier this month to Indochina to take care of the stepped up Pace of the Airlift. The general said that two a 54 spymaster transports Are Fly ing daily from Japan to indo. China via Clark Field in the tons 1953, four were found to be disloyal persons under Philippines carrying primarily standards since scrapped food tools and spare parts. The information was Given to House appropriations commit the dispatch of the american tee which published it today by Elbert p. Tuttle acting Security Molotov shows better attitude informants say ministers discuss Geneva meet proposal in secret session by Kingsbury Smith Berlin informants said today that the big four foreign ministers for the first time made encouraging Progress on the question of arranging a conference on the korean and indo chinese prob underground Pentagon near capital finished Washington High command s atom age under ground built inside a Mountain 65 Miles from the National capital is ready. A defense department spokes Man said today in reply to a re sum ably reached at least the at Washington might be wiped original estimate of 35 million out. The Pentagon itself is a dollars. Available information Cates a maintenance Force of j from the air by radar because military personnel now is its Stone steel construction what the defense department and unique shape and its Loca peculiarly vulnerable target for attack easily identifiable Man said today in reply we a re Wie porters question that the its joint supplemental Tion near the Potomac act which started three years communications ago to provide. An alternate com. Jurisdiction of the facility the underground Pentagon was financed through army Mand Post and communications which includes the former a Nalvy and air Force funds Spe Center if atomic attack should tonal guard training site of it. I finally approved after Cong res threaten or destroy the Penta Ritchie As Well As the manmade signal committees had heard Clement claims he inherited penal abuses flies to Nashville from Miami vacation for press conference by John a. Harris or. Nashville prank Clement announced today a four Point plan of action aimed gon is "100 per cent the Cost of blasting out the Cavern under Rock Raven Moun Tain in Frederick county a restricted building housing for personnel boy trapped in ice Box 18 hours James Howard Brick 6, shows How he was huddled in an old ice Box in which he was trapped for 18 hours near his Home in Toledo o. He was sent to a Hospital for a Check up. But was sent Home after it was determined he was unharmed. Apt department reports 4 disloyal dismissals _ Washington Treasury department has informed ing dually from Japan to indo Congress that out of .130 Security dismissals or forced Resigna technicians to Indochina was announced last week in Washington by president Eisenhower but far East air forces head quarters had remained silent on the matter up until announcement. Of i Weyland said that the technicians and administrators Are j its u 7t? 65 1 1 ill in not taking part in combat and Are not endangered. He stressed for the department which has about employees. The committee was considering the department s budget request. A Man does t have to be Dis Loyal to be classed As a Security risk Tuttle said. He might be Given a dangerous rating if he were a rugged individual with see Indochina Page 10 Stassen assures asian support Washington ins the Bricker amendment returns to the legislative limelight today on european prob lems. The ministers in _ conference this morning Dis i above ground cussed the Western proposal for communications equipment pre a Spring conference in Geneva prior to a regular session this afternoon lems. Soviet foreign minister v. Molotov was described As show big a More conciliatory attitude today. This could indicate a willingness to try to find a Compro Mise formula for holding a con Ference. After the morning meeting French foreign minister Georges Bidault remarked to his col Cavern five Miles from the fort j testimony in private session the is under the defense depart spokesman said ment. Its use in wartime would although the spokesman said be by All three the project now is 100 per Navy and air Complete no details were direction of defense and counter Given to show whether this also attack even though Headquarters see Pentagon Page 10 i leagues it is going u. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles remained behind in the conference room to Chat amiably with Molotov for a few moments after Bidault and Brit ish foreign Secretary Anthony Eden left. Hopes were rising slightly in i Western delegation circles on the hearing pending in Unicoi killing like reinstates Lindy s rank elderly Man beaten to death yesterday j Washington ins Dent Eisenhower today Andrews sees tax form curb plans More personnel to collect Revenue a _ Washington Revenue had not been set monday morn j Rand berth who in 1927 became commissioner t. Coleman an ing for Luther Bowman 38, of j the Glrst Man to Ray the Atlantic Drews thinks the government Erwin charged with the fatal alone resigned his commission can relieve about 35 million tax bludgeoning sunday of his in i but As a cd Vian adviser payers from filing any individual wife s Uncle George Dili Engejr has Oon unused to play a key income tax return at All next 65, according to sheriff f. C. In the go Gantic development of they would still presi rein stated the air Force Reserve commission of col. Charles a. Lindbergh the famed Lone Eagle and nominated Lindy j for promotion to the rank of Unicoi spa hearing general. Peterson of Unicoi county. Of agreement Eastern conference. One Western delegation source told International news service that Molotov gave the impression for the first time that he might not insist that communist China be one of the inviting Powers to a far Eastern a Mother behind the Iron cur conference. The United states to death i near Gigantic development a s. Military aviation. Tain he added. In a separate report on the customs service whose employees supervise imports into the for a Compromise and debate j scheduled to resume in the sen Date. 1 president Eisenhower May give isome indication of his feeling toward the latest version of a substitute offered by sen. Walter Tokyo fins Harold e. F George when the chief Stassen America s foreign aide executive meets with legislative with new negotiations underway United states it was disclosed chief assured Friendly asian tons of continued United states Corning financial assistance and prom-1 forecast some kind of to give Japan alone one Hundred million dollars in the next four and one half months. Stassen in Tokyo on a far East tour said the one Hundred million Dollar japanese fund will be earmarked for munitions the rebuilding of Japan s armed upon Al amendment As proposed forces. By Gen. John w. Bricker the former Minnesota a substitute version Sug nor who is head of the foreign. Tested by George. Operations administration said however Senate gop Leader that six persons were dismissed last year As Security risks. Cus Toms commissioner David b. Strubinger said All six appeared to have had Contact with communists. Tuttle gave the information about the Treasury department Security dismissals under re has opposed of recognition of red China. The informant said a formula might be found whereby there would be no inviting Power at All but where the big four a Sec meet Page 10 3 men charged in assault Case Bowman s Home in the Marble ton Community Tennessee High patrolman c. D. West said. West said Bowman s brother in Law Thomas Garland 21, is being held for investigation As a possible accessory to the slay ing. Coroner or. R. H. Harvey said death was a result of blows to the Lead administered by a Shotgun. In a. Report to officers mrs. Bowman explained the details leading up to the fatal attack. Mrs. Bowman explained there had been some drinking prior to the fight. She said her husband had left the House to go visiting and when i pay the tax. And he to double the As a civilian consultant to the number of Revelo now u. Air Force during world War combat and shot Down a Japa Nese attacker. Lindbergh resigned his com Mission after a pre War trip to Germany which resulted in a controversial report on the capabilities of Hitler s air Force. Gop new guard raps Tva pick Memphis w3 Republican he returned her Uncle to have a Chattanooga Ger told him not to enter the businessman named chairman of in the Pacific about by Alding ii000 new r ii he report agents a year to Pink up to edly flew a p-38 fighter plane in 2 billion dollars in taxes be says at reducing abuses in the state prison Here which he said arc part of an antiquated penal Complete details of the prov Cranor s press conference will be published in Kingsport times in a special news conference at the Penitentiary the governor told newsmen that recent re ports of prisoners being allowed outside the Walls represented nothing he added All of the practices which this administration eliminating originated prior to our inauguration and were inherited by us As part of an antiquated prison system which we have constantly endeavoured to in Clement flew Here from Miami where he had been vacationing with his wife As a re sult of the fifth of a series of incidents in which prisoners were reported to have been Al Lowed outside the Wall. The governor said Warden James Edwards is definitely not being dismissed. I would dismiss him in a minute if i found he the government is now missing and Check what he called a growing tide of evasion. Andrews outlined these and other far reaching plans during closed hearings two weeks ago violated any order he did make an error of judgment in continuing an undesirable prac Tice which was started before he came to the Clement listed these four Points of action he said is be before a House appropriations i ing taken today subcommittee on his Agency s 1. Appointment of a Captain budget. A transcript of his the guard with the response Timony was released today. I ability of organizing training and the commissioner said con supervising All guards. House. Her husband said he the Tennessee Valley. Authority would enter the House because Drew Sharp criticism from a Sid Erable Progress has been made on a Long talked plan under which no tax return would be required from persons whose entire income is subject to pay j Roll withholding taxes. Employers would file a single report covering both income taxes and social Security taxes. The government would compute it was his Home she explained new guard faction of the Par a lengthy argument nere to Ciao she said but her husband finally a Bill or refund. That would leave Only about heated demands from rep. Gary i a number of Democrat in a Congress have protested that Harlan by. Young Mondosa in any republicans have sought to give woman found unconscious and had dinner pre Shelby county said the move lion income taxpayers still filing proposal n i me of Artyv unclothed m the Obj told men to Stop would a inject politics in returns. Iohp Harry c1. Par and vows shirt 2. Immediate construction of an Entrance Gate at the main Point of entry to the Penitentiary to be operated on a 24 hour basis. 3. Inauguration of an exhaustive guard training program to improve efficiency. 4. Immediate appointment of a prison advisory committee the tax and Send the wide advisory Powers. The new guard association of 20 million of the nation s 55 Mil a that the United states will spend More Money in Asia in 1954 and that appropriations for Europe will be reduced. Stassen predicted that presi Dent Eisenhower s request to Congress for three and one half billion dollars in foreign Aid will be approved. He declared that reductions in Bricker George and himself. Aid to Europe will enable Ferguson told reporters Over government to increase benefits the week end that he planned to today in opposition to v.1c Senate will accept to curb i the impression that most of the presidential Powers in persons the administration agreements with other nations says were dropped from the fed the administration has been eral payroll last year under its flatly opposed to the cons Titu 10 janitor admits guilt in assault attempt Knoxville in a 45-year old negro janitor pleaded guilty in City court today to a charge of trying to rape a 42-year-old City school system clerk. City judge Charles g. Kelly ordered Pless Russell held to the Knox grand jury without Bond. Detective Herman Wayland William f. Knowland has re ported receiving recommendations from attorney general Herbert Brownell jr., on modifications George has made in his proposal. Knowland said Brownell s suggestions would form the basis of new Compromise discussions by for asian nations in the Aid plan designed to fight George s amendment Eyen As communism. Modified. In a prepared speech Stassen assured the japanese people that the United states will continue to provide financial assistance at a High rate through 1954." he pointed out that the american purchases of japanese goods and expenditures of american troops netted Japan eight Hundred Mil lion dollars last year. Stassen told the japanese not to worry about any possible american recession and said we Are confident the untied states will have another very Good year in 1954. We Are not worried about a Clover Fork River with Only her head above the water was re ported in fairly Good condition today. Three men were arrested and charged with malicious striking and wounding after the woman mrs. Sally Burkhart about 25, of nearby Verda was found. A. T. Penley Mill Harlan John William Strickland 25, North Hamilton Ohio and George Dean 33, Verda were in the Harlan county jail officers said. State police said mrs. Burk Hart whose husband is in the army was found lying in a shallow part of the River near Evarts with her head on a Rock. Their arguing. They began arguing again at laugh ithe businessman Harry c. Car Andrews said the plan would the table she said and Dillenger left the table and walked out into the Yard. She said her Hus band got the Shotgun and Fol Lowed him out. She explained that she had taken the shells from the gun earlier to prevent any trouble. Dillinger grabbed her husband see slaying Page 10 Bay or promises Active in help Dallas Tex. Ins presi they added that cuts and bruises Jerlat Celal Bayar of Turkey said Russell who served one indicated she had been beaten pledges that his country will prison term for a sex offence her feet were Bare and her in admitted he beat and attempted clothing was on the River continue its Active support of the United nations in fighting 46 escape injury in Airliner mishap Shannon Ireland ins thirty seven passengers and nine crewmen were uninjured to rape mrs. Lola Winn a Bank. She was taken to a aggression. Las Long been Active in save 35 million dollars a year Republican reduced paper work Lor to Kane Suortti of tax service but add 10 Mil a lilt to a social of arranging a parole. Raising funds. We Are unalterably opposed to initiating the Opportunity which May result in the Tva becoming the political grab bag of the Republican party or any other the association said. Carbaugh was proposed for the Post by Republican state chair Man Guy l. Smith editor of the Knoxville. Journal and rep. B. Carroll Reece and Howard Baker leaders of the so called old Allen Redd chairman of the association s executive commit tee said we strongly urge the Eisen Hower administration to review All possible choices for the Tva the governor told representatives of the Kin sport times news that i wish to express appreciation to your newspaper for focussing Atten Tion on the Roy Stallard Stallard recently made a trip to Cool water Jacksonville Fla. Ins raided a store suspected of Selling illicit liquor and arrested a Man who identified himself As Shady drinks 48. In a apartment yesterday. Mrs. Winn told Wayland she went into an apartment next to her own with Russell to get some clothes. Wayland quoted mrs. Winn As saying the attack occurred after Russell locked the door and forced her to take a Small drink of Pital near Evarts. Officers said they were told the three men were seen with mrs. Burkhart saturday night. A Wallet belonging to one of the men was found on the Bank authorities said. They did not say which Man owned the Wal let. Up clunkers Only Gripe on Cave not Long enough Crystal Cave by. The woman attired in army Khaki fatigue suit and a Miner s helmet with Carbide lamp was descending into the Cave for a week s sojourn. A newsman inquired is there anything nicer you crawling and hiking. They carried 250 pounds of personal effects arid equipment which must be dragged Over the Rock and dirt. Mrs. Sawtelle s bundles include the turkish president and appoint the most his Assurance at a news Confer table and efficient Man Avail ence in Dallas where he and Able g ving consideration in Madame Bayar arrived yesterday such appointment so it can in by train from Las vegas Way set a precedent for political interference and partisan 21, a school teacher from Chevy Chase my. Neither had spent More than a Day in a Cave. Two other women preceded them underground As the National speleological Cave study today when a pan american air would rather ways -6 plane undershot the replied mrs. De the following items a map society launched the seven Day first Aid kit can of Carbide expedition. Ida v. For a two Day visit. Bayar said Turkey would con Sider it her duty to intervene if the in becomes involved in an other situation like Korea. J the chief executive also said that a feeling of Friendship and cooperation toward the United states has become deeply rooted in. The hearts of the turkish people. Bayar and Madame Bayar will leave Dallas for Raleigh n. Tomorrow. Elizabethton Soldier on list of War dead politics in the Ity administration. Told the committee that 1955 is the target Date for put Ting the plan into effect and i think we can he said new Revenue agents can be added Between now and june 30, 1955, without increasing appropriations by us ing savings made in other Fields. Andrews said the tax service also has smacked up against an apparent increase in efforts to claim illegal dependents and deductions and get bigger tax refunds than justified. He noted that refunds have increased from billion dollars in 1949 to More than billion for 1953, the commissioner estimated there Are errors in 77 per cent of individual returns for business income of Between and errors in 60 per cent of the returns on non business individual income Between 000 and Shannon runway and Tore a Sawtelle 47, of Brooklyn n. A two foot deep Furrow in a 150-j to like to go Down for two foot stretch of ground before i notebook and Pencil can opener j they were Nancy Rogers 41, a Washington army emergency rations of Arlington identified 80 More officers reaching the main runway. Mrs. Sawtelle is typical of the the new York to London 155 men and women engaged to plane s left Wing was split the Day in exploring Crystal Cave in undercarriage was damaged the external radio equipment swept away and gasoline poured trom the tanks. T the 23 of whom were bound for London and 14 Lor Frankfurt continued their journey in another plane. The Mammoth Cave National Park area 100 Miles South of Louisville. She bubbled with excitement last night As she accompanied another woman and four men on the first stage of Tion requiring nine hours of knife Kneepad Waterproof match Container 12 pounds of rope and other Rock climbing equipment foot powder clean ing tissues comb hand Cream face Loti ii and lipstick. You know there Are rats in the someone asked. Mrs. Sawtelle shrugged. I be slept with rats running Over my sleeping mrs. Sawtelle who earns her living training dogs was accompanied by Marguerite Klein and Audreye. Blakesley 21, men who Are now listed As Secretary from Trenton n. J. I having died in Korea. They previously had been listed As miss sixteen male members of the exploring contingent were work ing their Way Towar i uncharted portions Cave 200 feet be Low the Earth s surface As the expedition s first Day ended. A dozen of the men together with miss. Rogers and miss Blakesley spent their first night at Advance Camp no. 1, normally six hours travel from the in trance. Ing in action. The army based its determination of death on evidence from returning prisoners and other sources Al though the bodies have not Beer recovered. Solon says u. Pays is benefits to aliens Washington ins As Little As in social Carl t. Curtis r neb., charged today that Many people who never lived in this country Are receiving checks from the u. Government every month in so Cial Security benefits. The congressman charged the u. Is paying 15 million dollars a year to people living abroad. The chairman of the House so Cial Security subcommittee stated in a copyrighted interview with a. News and world re that of 24 thousand beneficiaries outside the u. S., exclusive of the Philippines fewer than eight thousand Are known to be american he said Many of them have never been in the United states. Aging five tennesseans list Curtis explained that under a Edas dead was Cpl. Ray Milton guess son of Raymond r. Elizabeth ton. I 1950 Law a foreigner working in the u. Could become eligible for the maximum a month social Security Benefit by pay this was one of the five recently reported cases involving outside visits by prisoners at the Penitentiary. Stallard serving a murder conviction from Kingsport visited his Home town under guard and in a state owned Automo bile officials said. Referring to an incident last saturday night in which two prisoners and two guards ate in a Nashville restaurant Clement said on saturday night an almost unbelievable thing occurred that demands of every citizen an Hon est appraisal of the True facts. Two guards a convicted Mur Derer and a prison trusty were returning from an errand which was official and legitimate As to one guard and trusty when they stopped at a North Nashville restaurant for food arriving Al most simultaneously with a re Porter and two photographers representing the anti administration press of the Nashville tennessean car ried a Story and pictures of the incident in sunday s editions. Clement said every citizen see Clement Page 10 so lunar tables by John Alden Knight the schedule of so lunar per Lodi printed below Bat been taken from John Alden 3 Solunac tables. Plan Days to thai you will be fishing in food territory or Hunting in Good cover during these times. If you with to find we a Niiori mar Viu Besl us has to offer tie Couit Matiy d., minor major Security taxes. The congressman said that he could then return to his native country and draw that Benefit for the rest of his a Young woman proceed to raise i february a family of children and in and i say edition to his old age benefits we would have to pay a child s Bene in fit until the youngest child reaches 18 if he Dies we will pay a survivor s Benefit to the widow and the. Children until the youngest child reaches 18, and then years later when the Wom an is 65 and still unmarried she can draw a widow s Benefit it is not necessary that any of them be citizens and the wife and children May never have been in this country. These Are distributed by our consular . 1 l . Lake stages Wai aught Lake level monday 93.1 feel Low South Holmon 90.3 feel Low 22.3 feet Low Pierick Henry 4.4 feel Cherokee 55.8 feel Low. Today s skies . Keb. N Moon Robe Moonset tuesday full Moon Pluto the Plant pliant to yet ered. In More than 3 billion Milti from Hie Earth. Now in die Wonhe Llalon. Leo Pluto around the Sun every 341 and pm Only by teen with t we tooth

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