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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 11, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeWas in such a hurry i forgot to Tell me the news going to be Good or f a Fortune Teller told me i d get news today from a Man in uniform so i rushed right Home i be got news Fop who was 1 Honey its just like the for tester said or and about the news it s not Good o Quick ones ifs sons g can pity that Skret Outon Tuttle. You passed. A full Stop sign Cue i Euise. 4 hat an sos sues an Fox 6otoh so of have if full got me hotel mud Lusk Touton Here Prowty fellow or i put a Tunnel your Backbone Voo re locked in Madre who could have Doire such at hims that d1dtwe Trot. I steered him Sood news and Watt for be Clear of the office. That will give oh1. Or. Rich Vou say Stpere win hour Una met7me to swin6 the Deal wait1 in lotto see theve Rimawi of immediately Wantt see Restos Hatwill with mart1m Wood. You go in and read Deap i Haven t the strength to Vou make the supper i want a Spatula and the deep fat Fryer and then show me How to operate the stove la need the Nutmeg Grater and some Chili peppers and Willou set up the meat chopper for me i guess movencu3sgr now supper tonight where s flour and the cake we cart drive going _ away and leave you of but planned dont a let me spoil. , son. 6ee.w07ta 9ght Fer 7 sore i p buy a a cuppa i had a dime i d like to Altya. The social. Editor phoned wanted to know a Olaf Vole trip South Aniced me to skew Scott woo Pipit set Here too Soow Lieuten Oti Hukki up with the Hose bov51 Crim buy. How p Thev get Here 50 Wock the fire a Mold had time to set St step the fire Bushey vow it pc Law Low till a look atthi5 or fwd collects an l Fella watching from he Cau Aix with Wundt ice t5rhe aip4 u4lf stocks voter about Twe conditions that prevail. Pah be of the Lime size floor Alley top pulled the switch was to bring Back. From somewhere in the 2nd millennium. Claustrdph061a Pear who Cony we co this Oft scandal is the interesting part of someone else s life. Allah has t do is turn the per coca Croump a satisfy to coopt Rosity latin me up alive or so a u. Burth Pitcher-unt1l.ah is on Mah an then Shekiah is a gone anyhow Ahll dp5as Mah Bones Back Here. Hoom1n bean to ook at s it answer to previous Puzzle a rfcs c07v combinations keep Teeth Bright Chew Wrigley j spearmint gum. Chewing helps keep Teeth Bright. Freshens taste sweetens Broth. Pleasant Aid to popularity. Horizontal 59 measure of 61 promptly vertical 1 agreement 2 love god 3 kind of bean 4 decree 5 know Middle English 6 titania and i red Riding Hood and the 9 taxi 12 among 13 musical instrument 14 cakes and 40 guided wrongly 43 at no time 45 places 46 japanese Rice wine 47 stiffly neat 48 rant 24-----and lasses 25 Aid and 7 learning 26 humorous 8 undecided actors the priestly 9 heavy vestment bombardment 30 chills 10 wednesday feb. 11, 1953 k1ngspobt times 15 communist International organization 17 insect egg in vestige 19 retracts 21 polynesian Plant 23 self esteem 24 varnish ingredient 27 prong 29 initial a 32 Homes 34 Hovel or 36 bold or 37 ignored or looks Uke 1ve Sot another is where i make my Home rented a mice room to the Miller. On the Hook but if i Suins a snowball. At Hiya he might quit Takin the paper hmm 10 landed 31 spreads to dry50 Antic 11 wagers 33 deceived 51 within 16 tidier 35 Arm of the comb. Form 20 Active mediterranean52 College official 22 sinks or sea 55 abstract being 38 to the rear of the i would done the same for i cant its Lek notmin6 Tou enou6h for the i of it miss Way thu defended spine Tomb wet at faculty or Ovi of someone what s so sucpcisiw6 about v corned beef a hash 39 smoke and tog left the window Fop Chow Surprise combination 41 worm 42 Lair 44 of March 46 insects 49 hindered or i would have e the same 3peh and the Bow 53 brazilian Macaw 54 february 14th and a 56 kith and 58 icelandic Laga

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